Mckenna explains how the meal plan works at BC | Campus Tour 2019

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McKenna Foy

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The meal plan at BC is price based, so you start out with $2500 on your normal meal plan money and that amount is mandatory if you're living on campus as a freshman and a sophomore. You pay for everything as it is priced, so it's not a system where you swipe into the dining hall and can eat all that you want, you need to pay for each thing you get. So, this money will work at all the main dining halls on campus as well as in the Rat (a dining hall in Lyons Hall), as well as at Eagles in Mac, and Addies in Lower. You also will have $175 that you can refill for other places on campus where you can buy coffee. If you have extra meal plan money at the end of the fall semester it will transfer over for the next semester but not for the next year, so spend whatever money you can.