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Thinking about Boston College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Boston College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Boston College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Boston College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Boston College experience. These Boston College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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McKenna Foy

New York, Environmental Studies, Class of 2021


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English Communications, Class of 2020



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Hey, guys. So I just wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about the actual classes here A B, C. And have touched on them in a few different videos. But just to answer them all in one video to make this easier for you guys, I thought I would tell you guys about them now. So the first question is about the student faculty ratio. So as a freshman, you're probably going to be in a few classes. There are about thirty people in a class with, like one professor and those air for some of the classes, mostly for like philosophy and theology as well as some of the English classes. Um, yeah, and then for some of the science classes that you have to take, or a bunch of the other intro level classes, those will probably be more lecture hall style classes with a professor who has office hours as well tia's, or teaching assistant, that you can go to or email who also have office hours. So if you have any questions, you can also talk to them. So the next question is about your relationship with your professors. So I think this really is what you make of it. You can definitely reach out to your professors and get a better relationship with them. This will help if you're maybe struggling in a class to go to their office hours, or if you just really find a professor particularly interesting and you want to get to know them, they're really open. Tio having relationships with the students and all the professors here really love being professors and teaching the students at BC. So they're definitely really open to getting relationships on. Also really good, um, mentors. For if you're in the field and you want to learn more about it, all right. So next, his office hours. So I'm pretty sure all professors are required to have at least three office hours per week. So those Khun B at any time throughout the week, and a lot of the ways that professors will do it is they'll have, like Two Days week, where they have two hours each. But a lot of the professors will also have office hours by appointment. So if you have a class during the office hours that your professor has available, you can always email them and um, ask them to set up different office hours, or you can just email them if you have a question, but they're really open to giving help. And if you definitely need help, I would definitely go to office hours or just reach out to your professor to see any advice he has on helping to clarify the material for you. So last is definitely as you progress in your academic career. Here at Boston College, classes definitely tend to get smaller, So as a underclassmen, your classes will predominantly probably be of larger sizes. So you'll definitely have teaching assistants, and they might be more lecture style. But as you move up and this obviously depends on the major butt, um, as you move up in your academic path, your classes will generally get smaller and more discussion based, which is really nice, especially when you're getting Mohr like specific classes as post like Inter to psychology. Um, there'll be more specific, and those All right. Hey, guys. So I just wanted to explain a little bit kind of how the meal plan works here. So it's not like on a swipe system like it is in other schools. Every, um, food that you're gonna buy has a price attached to it. And you have, I think twenty five hundred dollars or start off the semester as a freshman or a sophomore, and that's the mandatory amount that you have to have. It's just automatically put onto your card, Um, and you have that money to use for food for the semester. And so that works at lower, um, Mac and Stew as well, a CZ at the Red Eagles and at ease. So the rat eagles and daddies are, um, not like the main dining hall sections, but your normal meal plan money will work at those two. So in addition to that, you're also going to have one hundred seventy five dollars that's automatically put onto your card, but you can refill that throughout the rest of the semester. But you can't refill your normal your normal meal plan money, so one hundred seventy five dollars will work at Hillside, where you could get, like sandwiches and salads and coffee as well as the chocolate bar, where you can get coffee and pastries and stuff like that. So a lot of people run through that money really quickly because those were the best places to get coffee on campus and you don't have that much money. So how's Ng? A B. C is pre diverse, where there are a lot different options for places to live. Most students live on campus for three years there. Junior. They live off campus, but some have four years of housing. S O. I live in traditional South housing, which means that I live in just like a room with one roommate and a hallway in a shared bathroom, which is how it is when you come to BC and the rooms are like nice and clean. It's definitely enough space on DH, so as you can see, that's like all the storage space for us behind me. And that's my bed and my roommate's bed. Um, and this is the kind of housing that freshman would have. So I had the same situation last year with the same roommate, actually, but we actually have a third roommate and like a force triple, which sometimes you get if you live on upper campus. But it's not bad. It's just a little bit cramped, but it was fine. I really like living on Upper Campus, which is one of two campuses for freshmen. So lots of sophomores, living traditions that housing like this, um, and we're actually on lower campus, which is really nice because it's, like, right near where a lot of the student activity is. So we have that a little bit over the freshmen housing, which is like on the other side of the academic quad. All right. Hey, guys, today is the student ball bit fair here B, C and a beautifully, ah, lot of people do clubs. And that's one of the main ways that people make friends because we don't have Greek life on campus. So all the clubs just have a table in there set up on the stokes lan, and everyone can just walk around and see what clubs they want to join. It's a great way to, like, see till, like, feel out what you want, Teo? Hey, guys. So I just wanted to give you a note about the club fair. It might seem a little intimidating, but I think the best way to approach it is probably just to sign up for a bunch of clubs that you think you might be interested in. And as the semester of the year goes on, you can see what clubs you really mesh with and which ones you don't and you can always like stop going and dropped the clubs that you don't want to go to and just find the ones that you really like, they really click with, and they're an amazing way to meet people. I met some of my best friends through some of the clubs that I've been in here, and it's definitely the best way. I think Teo, make friends and integrate yourself until, like the social scene here in So right now I'm going to go to the rat, which is one of the dining halls on campus. It's only open during the week, Um, from breakfast to lunch, but it's really good. They have salads, and then they have a different, um, like hot food every day of the week. They also have a ton of different cereals and coffees and pastries that you can get. Um, if you just want to grab something quick, this is what the inside of the route looks like. It's really nice because they just redid it cereals and they have no bunch of different stories, and the food will generally be there, and salad Station is there, and they have a bunch of different flavored coffees as well that people really love. They also have a bunch of different soups over here and then dreams So I personally love coming to the rat to grab coffee or a muffin because it's the closest dining hall, too. Um, all the other buildings that had classes, so it makes it really competing. Also, the rat can typically but get pretty crowded during lunch hours. So if someone gets out of class early, I would definitely recommend having them go grab a seat so that you can guarantee that you get one. So this is just the Stoke squad. Grass is kind of dead right now, but it's just another area that people like to sit in this squad as opposed to the other one. A lot of people will play different games like Spike Ball or throw around football our Frisbee. And it's a lot more of an active Claude than the one in front of gas in um, but also you can see people just hanging out, but it's a lot more open, so it's a lot more conducive to like active sports. The Stokes lawn will also hold the student activities fair that I also showed you guys as well as some other events on campus that air hosted by BC, because it's just a large open area that can put a lot of students. Also, As a general note, students typically aren't outside or just like hanging out on Main Campus during the weekend. Um, for some odd reason that, honestly, I couldn't tell you. But definitely Main Campus is a lot more busy during the week when people have classes because this is the area that holds the classrooms, but typically on the weekends, people either come here just to study, or they'll just hang out on Upper Newton or lower, which is where all the residents halls are. So I'm just going to say some quick back about BC I think that undergrad size of the school is roughly nine thousand undergrads, which is a medium size school. There's definitely always people that you'll run into that, you know, or and you can always still meet new people that you don't so it's never too small where you know everyone. But it's never too large where you never see anybody that you know, the student body here is super involved, and they're super career oriented. So everyone is always getting involved in clubs and trying their hardest and studying during the school year to do well in their classes. So it's really nice to be a bull to be a part of a student body that's so driven along the same lines. The academic culture is pretty strong here. BC everyone really tries to do their best in their class is, and people are not afraid to ask for help. So if you're ever having any difficulty in any of your classes, definitely don't hesitate to ask any of your friends and your classes or the professors or t A s because everyone really wants to help you and everyone wants you to succeed. So some of the most popular majors here B. C probably biology, nursing and the business school, um, and the nursing and the business school, our schools within itself. So obviously those attract a ton of student. But the main school in this College of arts and Sciences is probably biology, and especially as a freshman. Pretty much everyone you meet is either going to be bio premed or in season, which is the business school. But definitely don't let that deter you because a lot of people end up switching their majors, and all the majors are equally as strong here. B. C one of the major defining factors about BC is definitely the campus. I have never seen such a beautiful campus as the one that Boston College has, and also the community here is just so amazing. Everyone makes you feel like you're you're at home, and it's just so amazing to be able to walk well us and just appreciate the architecture and the different buildings because they're so beautiful. And even if you're stressed, you could just look up a gas and and just, like, appreciate that you're here um, in such a beautiful area. So Boston College doesn't not have Greek life. Which means that a lot of the social culture here BC revolves around clubs, so there are tons of different clubs. There are, like arts clubs where you can sing, dance, involve yourself in theatre. They're dumped a bunch of different clubs sports, um, but there is no Greek life. So I would definitely say that if you're coming here to get it as involved as you can, because that's definitely a major part of the social life here B. So right now I'm standing outside of gas in which is probably the most famous building on campus. Um, everyone loves take pictures in front of it. It's really pretty. And in here, you'll just have, uh, arrangement of different classes. I had my perspectives class in here. You can have discussions in here. Like, basically, any class that doesn't have a designated building for it could potentially be in this building. Uh, this is what the outside of the building looks like. That is the top of gas in with the infamous gas and Graham. And then it's just the same on both sides. So this is the first word. There is kind of a library section over there people can study in. And this is what it looks like when you walk in from the side. But if you walk in from the front, um, this is that you get So there's a nice little sculpture over there about on each side Yeah. Conference room here, and then this's the other door. Fickle library. Go down, both of youse there just a few classes, but so on the first floor, there are few classrooms, but not that many if you have class and gas, and it'll probably be on either the second or third floor, which are set up basically the same, and their third floor also has like a lounge area where people can sometimes sit and do work. They're just stares on either side. The building has watts an hour later, and if you're just not feeling it, just classrooms along each of these walls and as well as on the other side. It's kind of like, um, H shaped so that in this hall they're just pretty much bathrooms and of you into the little the area that I should No. So this is what it looks like when you walk outside of gas in and this is London Lane. So you're gonna walk down this during commencement and then also for graduations was nice, wayto kind of book. So this year I'm living in an eight man suite in the building ninety St Thomas Moore, which is one of the better buildings on lower. It is airconditioning, and it's a bunch of sweets, which is ideal sophomore housing. And I'm going to take you through my room and show you what the sweet looks like, including my bedroom. So this is what it looks like when you walk in and you just have your closet here where I have lunch, my sweaters hung up in a bunch of other sweatshirts up there. Then I have my bed, and in this building, we can rise our bed. So I have a bunch of under the bed storage under there. So I have a bunch more clothes and some laundry and cleaning supplies in there. Then I have this ottoman right here where I just have extra bags. And then I have my desk over here, which just has three drawers where with a bunch of storage. I brought this from home, but I find that it's really great for providing extra storage, um, for on top of your desk. So there's that. And then in this building we have these drawers, which just have we have three drawers on them and a bunch of space on top of it, where I just have my books and a few pictures. And these are extra books that I actually have to return because I ordered two of every book on accident, and then I just have my laundry basket over there and then this is my roommate side of the room, which basically, is just identical to mine. Just flip. And she has the same under the bed storage. She also rose her bed, and her closet is just over here. So I actually met. My roommate, threw a club on campus, which I already told you guys about its Boston College dance ensemble, and we both are in that club, and I actually met her like one of the first weekends last year. She's one of my best friends, and I'm so excited to be rooming with her. But last year, my freshman year, I went random, and I just let BC decide who I was rooming with based on this servant that you have to fill out and they'll just randomly assign you to a room, mate. We got along pretty well. It was just we weren't really that close of friends, but basically it's just someone to live with. You don't have to be best friends with your freshman year roommate. Most people aren't, and it's not a big deal either way. Whether you are, you're not. So once you go into the hall, we just have another room on the side, which is another one of my roommates rooms. It's set of exactly this name, and then it's really nice because this year we have our own bathroom. So so your freshman year, you don't have your own bathroom. We're going to have a communal bathroom and you're either going to live in a double, a triple or quad. And in any of those settings, it's all traditional housing where you have either one, two or three other roommates that you're living with and a communal bathroom that you have to share with everyone else on the floor. It's not ideal, but it's just a situation, and it's probably going to be the same wherever you go. So in our bathroom, we just have our sink, and then we have these eight little storage cubbies for us. So everyone in that shares this bathroom gets to have two copies where they store all your bathroom stuff. We also have this shelf right here to store that stuff, and then we have a separate room for our bathroom and shower. So we just have all over title singing there, obviously the bathroom around. We built this little story draft, put all of our shower caddies on, and then we have this shower, which is really nice. Then we have our common room, which is really nice because everyone just can ping out in here, and we also have a kitchen at. So I'll show you guys we're not done decorating our room. We sell to put more posters up there and some of this stuff, and but we just bought our own TV. You have to bring your own B C doesn't provide it. But they did provide all the furniture in this room, except for what's obviously wasn't provided to all of this furniture. We have two chairs, and then we have two big couches, and we brought the beanbag, the mini trampoline and the chair. We just have a lamp in there for extra lighting and this tapestry. We also have a kitchen at which we have this table with four chairs on it. On, we have a full size fridge, which is really nice. So we have a freezer in here where we store some stuff and the fridge below it. So that's really nice because you don't have to bring your own fridge then and we just have a bunch of cabinets up here restore like printing plates and things like that. We brought all of the appliances here besides the big fridge. So he brought the toaster oven, the microwave in ha plate, which were left have in this building, but not as a freshman. But your laptop of my career best freshmen and you just have a sink and more storage underneath, and the other side of the room is set up the exact same way with just two rooms and their own bathroom. And then we have a storage closet at the corner for just random, big things that you don't want to Hey, guys, today is the first game back at BC. So right now I'm going Teo, one of my friends tailgates and the way that that works here is basically someone's parents will buy a spot and then a bunch of people's friends kingo. And it's not like one of those crazy like Syracuse tailgates. But it's fun nonetheless. And then people can either go to the game or not, depending on whether they like football. BC has actually gotten better. So I'm excited for the game. Um, but, yeah, I'll show us the delegates, so right now we're walking to Brighton campus. That's where a bunch of people tailgate. There's also a museum over here of art. I believe the, uh, theology library and a dance studio. So if any of those are something you're involved in, you'll be venturing over to Brighton. No, all right, so right now we're in the mod parking lot tailgate, and it's also like the same kind of style as the one that we were in before. But this one has a lot more students. It's like closer to the stadium, so it's a different. It's more like a hype. Fine. Like is the outside of Ponti. And in there is the inside where you have football. Basketball. I mean, where you have basketball and hockey games and this is the ball in front.