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Hi, guys. Okay, we're gonna pretend like a dinner he set up the came right there I am. Good morning. Um, this was really early, so yes, that was indeed a real young. I start my day, we're gonna open up the over, not opening up the blinds, that we're gonna be lazy and get on my phone. I guess I usually check Twitter instagram stuff. I'll respond any sort of de EMS or comments or anything that's happened overnight. And then I open up the window because it's a really good way just to get natural light. I'm going in running. Everybody can't believe I'm doing this video because it's really early. But the morning is probably one of our most proactive times the day. So I wanted to do this video because I thought it was kind of show you how I like to get ready. Started today. Um, is actually nice. It's a day to sleep in a little bit later. Typically, everything's moved about about an hour. I would have backwards because of the show we produced in the mornings after be somewhere at 7 30 But today is my day off from the show and so I just have work starting at nine. Um, so we're up and running it moving, and I'm excited. So the first thing I like to do in the morning is just rehydrate cause I keep my room really hot overnight because I like the heat. So I wake up dehydrated and she's my britta filter and get some nice fresh water. Um, and they were to set my bed setting my bed is really this sounds probably crazy, but just like the first productive thing that you can do in a day, I'm really started off. Make infinite year. Just checking things off, and it just makes you feel a lot more put together. And yeah, if you want to see more of my room too. I did a room tour video. That's gonna be my last video. Go check that out to talk about everything that's in my room. Um, in my new little space in my dorm at Boston University and the clothes and stuff in the comforter from Hargett Amazon. They've lasted a long time. How you recommend And that's a terror blanket I got from my mom for Christmas. Yeah, and then Yep, there's my bed. Cool. Okay, let's move on. Okay. Oh, this is the really cringe apart. Oh, okay. But it's really an actual part of my routine, I swear. There I am. What am I doing? Okay, so I have a couple of playlists that I like to listen to in the morning. Ones like a wake up playlist was just good upbeat music. And then there's a workout playlist. Listen to my wake up playlist. As I started to stretches, I definitely forgot. I was recording right here and was trying to get a kick out of my neck. Okay, um and then this is the worst part. Don't judge my form working out just a really good way to get my blood moving and my heart raised heart rate go in and make me feel awake and ready for the day because I do wake up really early, almost every single day of the week. I try to do 100 push ups, squats and crunches every day, and I was complaining about the weather. Okay. And now we're gonna take a shower. I like to shower twice a day. It's weird, and they're gonna pick out my clothes. Normally pick him out the night before. But that usually doesn't work out. This is the little bathroom routine. I definitely forgot. I was recording not too long into this video. My sister is studying dentistry, so I really have to keep up my oral hygiene. That's why I'm going ham on my teeth right now because she will notice if I do not, Um, you know, that's gross. Probably should have shown that. That's all right. Um anyway, let's see what I do next. Because I don't remember hope I'm gonna do my Nope. That's not my hair. I have to look on my face because it's cold. Is Frick outside? So my skin's dry, and then this is my hair. A lot of people ask me how I do my hair and I'm going to do in this video because this is literally it. I learned from Queer. You chose to start in the back of your head and then move forward. I don't know why, but it actually works, and it makes it look a lot better. Um, and yet I'm adding more unnecessarily. Don't need anymore, Jacob, but I did it anyway. There we go. Okay. Now I'm done. All right. Good job. Take it. All right. And now my favorite part of my morning food and coffee. I love coffee so much, I think about it all the time actually brew my coffee the night before because I really like my ice coffee. And if you add ice cubes to my cool down hot coffee just makes it watered down coffee. So we add a little bit of my favorite almond milk. Sometimes I like vanilla almond milk. If I have a little sweet tooth typically like my coffee black, though, this morning we're filling the almond milk, I guess. Shake it up, Put it in a mason jar so I can shake it up like that and a reasonable straw because we love turtles. Okay, um and this is my overnight oats. I just get those little oatmeal packets and put him with some almond milk and then cut some strawberries. It really just blends the flavor altogether. And it makes it sweet without adding too much sugar. It looks like vomit, and probably not that appetizing, but it tastes really good. And it keeps me full for a couple hours at least. Until lunchtime. and then we get a spoon or eat. This is the time where actually do a lot of like the work, as I kind of mentioned. My mornings are probably the most productive time of my day because it's when I'm in bothered and there's really nothing to Dio. Um, obviously I was confused about something there. I'm working on a plane for internships, and I have a couple cool stuff coming up. I just hosted a conference with my magazines. I was doing a lot of e mails and things for that. I like to do a good job at responding to things quickly. So that's why I'm like, always on my laptop checking things. And also emails are such a funny thing. Like I always hear people say I need to send emails and what does that really mean? Like, I didn't get a lot of emails, but now I do, because I'm doing a lot of networking and collaborations and stuff, so it's really exciting, and this is my time just to really keep up on it, because then, since I'm up earlier, when people wake up and check, um, they can see messages from me all right. Hi, guys. We are almost done with the night morning routine, but the last thing years wouldn't take my vitamins. I want to talk about that just for a moment, because I got a couple questions about him Not like a lot, but like, enoughto address that, I guess, Um, since I am, I'm saying I begin, I'm saying I want to be a diet better because it kind of takes away from stereotype line vegans. But, um, I do take supplemental vitamins because they don't get a lot of nutrients that I do need with that come with animal products. And I think I think I take something like a fedora. Liam, that's not right. Um, and I take but you mega B 12 iron and magnesium and the rodeo. I'm something like that. Um, I don't really know each do individually, but I take him every day and it makes you feel actually a lot better. And then finally, I just take a classic men's multivitamin. It tastes horrible. Are you don't know the taste of human, but like, it has like this, like smeller. Something to it. Just the people. Yeah, that's what you get with coffee because it covers that up. I'm just gonna finish up a couple quick e mails plan kind of the rest. I mean, typically, what I do is I planned my whole day literally hour by hour the night before, and then sometimes in the morning, I want to readjust that you've got what if something more pressing came up to work on that. That's what a thing. But I think for today our schedules fairly stacked. It's a Thursday and Thursdays are work class meetings like it's very structured, like, doesn't really change a lot every single week. So it's gonna be pretty simple day, and I'm just gonna fit homework and other tasks in between, and we're getting my shoes. I'm denying the cold in Boston and not wearing my boots were in advance. It's a bad idea. I regretted it later, okay? And we're packing things up. Always have my laptop with me always have a notebook, but in this video, I forget my notebook, and I wondered what happened when I didn't have it in my backpack. Later in the day, you are going to see me Forget it, and I always bring my charger because I always regret it when I don't. Because my body always dies anyway. And I always have mints and gum in my water bottle. All that good stuff with me always because I tend to be out of my room for essentially all day long. And Oh, this is when I realized that I actually didn't know how to spray cologne, I realized that maybe people were gonna judge me because I think I did it wrong. But if there's a right way and then I'm leaving my building, I'm walking to work and we're gonna take the T toe work. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Subscribe on the left side. And you can watch more for me on the right side and let me know what you want to see next. So another reason why West is best If you take a look right over here, we have target. Keep on walking. We have Amazon, which is kind of a little spooky. Seven. Eleven Starbucks is coming up and my all time favorite ship. Holy right here on West campus literally like a five minute walk away from my house and I can walk past it and I see it and eat out and spent all my money when I'm walking to and from class, which probably isn't the best thing. But you know, it's right here. Everything's in West West his best. We're here now at the Boston University Bridge, which is one of my favorite places and all of you. It's so beautiful out here. Sometimes I like to come out here with my friends and watch the sunrise or watch the sun sunset. Um, it's really cold outside right now, but you know, it's amazing. It's definitely one of like the best sites that you could ever see. Highly underrated. This is the view. It's incredible. You can literally see like all of the city, and it lights up at night, and it's absolutely breathtaking. Boston is such an amazing city, and I love living here. Over here we have with their sailing. Civilian teams go when they're sailing during the warmer weather way. Also have beady piece for sale, which is really nice because you can learn to do it during a semester. And then over here. I don't know if you could see it, but this is Boston University. Do will vote House, home of abuse crew teams for men's and women's such a beautiful place. We have a really great crew team here about diversity, and during the fall we have the head of the Charles, which is one of the coolest, coolest events that you can ever experience. That's when all the different teams rowing down the child's river. It's a competition, so much fun and one of the things that you're going people experience at your time here at the U. All right, So this is my morning walk to class. I'm pretty centrally located on campus, and most of my classes are in our College of Arts and Sciences building, which is actually right around this corner. So I start my day with a beautiful walk down state road. All of these houses are residences for the school, so that's really awesome. I live in one of those have since my freshman year, so I'll take you through my room a little bit later and we have arrived. That's our building. It's really a quick walk for me almost every day. And I've worked my schedule out so that I start a little bit weak, which works really well for me. You definitely at a bigger school, have a lot more class options because there's so many students. So you have this opportunity to figure out how you want your schedule to look. And usually you can work around the things that you really want to. So that's our door. I'm gonna go to class, but I'll talk to you So this building is the College of Communications. This is where I have all of my classes this semester and taking three classes there right now, taking storyboarding, editing, the motion picture and sound design, which are all really cool and very hands on production. Based, I'll take him inside calm, but basically it's a big classroom building. There's costumes on every floor. This also is where you will find your calm advisors and all of your department heads. Um, Com lounge is a big popular place to study. We also have the TV station and the radio station. I don't think I'll be able to get into the TV station because it's pretty locked access, and I don't have access to it right now, but I will be able to play the radio station. There are people broadcasting live in there every single day, the weak from six a. M. Two a. M. My show is currently a ten to midnight show, so it's kind of ah long Trek back after my show at midnight, but totally worth it. I love the radio station. It's brand new. It's uh, too. No, it's one year old and, uh, very excited. Let's go check it out. Of course, I've decided to shoot this on a Sunday when nothing's open. But this is the film production services. It's in the basement of calm, and it's where any calm kids can who are in production glasses can rent equipment. So you know, audio equipment, cameras, tripods, whatever you need. Lights, that kind of thing. Teo finish earlier projects. These are the slowest elevators on campus. I swear it takes thirty seconds to get up three floors. It's ridiculous. This is the classroom where I have my motion picture editing class. As you can see, it's a pretty big room with a lot of desks in a big TV in the front. So one of the sucky things about calm is that they actually took away all except for two of our computer labs. And if you know anything about a video editing desktop, computers are a lot easier to edit and render an export video on. So you kind of had a little controversy income because they took away our meter labs and this used to be one of them. And then when we use classrooms like this that used to be computer labs we have to use. This's a giant like power strip that goes on the wall. We have to use that to put our laptops into, so it's kind of fresh during. Obviously, this class can hold a lot more people, but I think my classes only maybe twenty people total. This room is used more for meetings, but obviously you could have a ton of students sit here if you need it like a giant lecture hall type classroom. But come after you have come one, the one you don't have any more lecture type classrooms. Here's a little insider's tip. Com lawn is right next to Warren Towers and there's a parking garage underneath Warren, and if you go in there, it's a short cut to get back into the building. Com could use a good upgrade, but I love it here, and this is where I would like to sweat Hello, everyone, and welcome to Boston University. My name is Caitlin. I'm going to be taking you around campus for this little adventure a little bit about me. I'm a sophomore in the College of Communications, currently studying journalism with a focus in radio. So I'll definitely be taking you to my little home away from home, the W TV radio station and just all the main hubs on campus. On my favorite little gems. We'll see where you can get a bite to eat, where you can work out where you can hang out with your friends, which I'm sure you will have plenty of here on campus. And I hope that you will enjoy this little taller and you will consider coming to Boston University. So this is another one of you could consider me. Uh, this is Marsh right in front of Marsh Chapel, and you'll find a lot of organisations just joining together here. So we've had some protests and rallies way also, just have whenever they're freshmen here, you'll find them here for their orientation or their tours. Uh, this is also where you'll find the seal of you. Make sure not to step on it. That's one of our superstitions here. Is that if you step on the seal, you won't graduate in four years. So be careful. And it's right in front of a beautiful statue in memory of one of our most notable alumni, Dr Martin Luther King Jr. So this is it. Besides the dining hall's, there's a ton of places on campus that you can eat things like to pull away. We have a place pizza, auto pizza, bunch of cafes got life alive, which is an organic cafe reason canes, which is really big after sports games. None of them take our dining plan point, so you're gonna have to pay on your own money. But there's a lot of good food to explore. This is where a lot of the equipment ISS. I'm just gonna do a quick walk through, so it's pretty nice. We've got a lot of different equipment, and we have it scattered throughout the fit back as well. On an upstairs, we have a track that people can run on. It also has some pretty cool, secluded notes if you want to do some more of your own stuff there. So this is just like an overview of kind of like the gym looks like. Obviously, we have, like a file staircase that you can see kind of downstairs in this area. So the gems were really nice place. It's a free for all students if you are a full time student and then you can also get additional So then This is just one of the general fitness areas. We have lots of cardio equipment down here on the first floor, and then over to the other side is a weight room that I'm not gonna take you guys in, but you kind of get the gist of it. So this is pretty much all we have on the first floor. Really, really nice. And then we also have a second floor, which has some more like the weights and also equipment. So I'm gonna take you guys up there next. The weather in Boston has been kind of crazy. This you're not gonna lie. We had a very, very mild winter. It definitely gets all four season, so that's kind of a plus, if you're more of a season. So I'm a person. I'm from Las Vegas, so I have no idea what season they're like. So I'm very happy that we had about winter. But yesterday it was like seventy degrees. Thought is so nice. Today was sixty and then the sun went away and it's freezing. So you got all like the snow and the colors of the leaves changing get sun and you get sideways rain. And it's kind of crazy was hailing a little while ago. So it's definitely very indecisive lately. But it's so beautiful here, really, just to see, like all of the different seasons that are happening, so you definitely get a lot of different weather. So this is what the inside of the College of Fine Arts looks like. You have the School of Music, the School of Theater and the School of Visual Arts. Really, really awesome program here at the U. Hey, we're walking back from class on. We're going to talk to you about what? Fine like we do for fun at Boston University's the sailor Liam. Well, one thing that we did a lot like freshman year was going to museums. We went to Teo and the a lot. Um, also the what is it? That Isabel Gardner museum? Yeah. That one was really cool to Actually. Earlier this year, I was able to go to the JFK Museum. Well, that would be really fun. Um, it's a really cool museum, and they actually have this new exhibit of Think there's, like, a hundred year anniversary or something. So they did like, this hundred kind of facts about JFK, and it was like a really cool walking exhibit. So there's a lot of cool facts about it. It's a really cool spot. Check it out. And if you're not in like a museum type and more of like shopping, like I am, um, Newbury Street it's really nice to get to a place. Every shop you could think of. Even designer, they have a gap and H and M Zara Barnes and Noble restaurants. We also do a lot of eating here. Boston University for food on DH. Lastly, there's a lot of really fun parties at the U. There's most of the schools like we're in the cfd way. We throw a lot of parties that are usually seem so what? A lot of construction, like respect. And I got out and I just about, uh, riding bike lanes anyway. Does anybody want to close? Was saying something for like, what if some a student is looking some important piece of information? Explore Boston when you have the chance. It's a really cool city. It's really easy to get stuck in a bubble butt. Do your best to explore the city and see what's out there. There's a lot of stuff out there, yeah. A lot of people come to the Esplanade, which is a big park along the Charles River, and they come here to study or to hang out with their friends just to see the view. On a really nice day, there's a pool docked at the end where you just sit in the sun in the winter. You're not supposed to, but you can walk out on the ice. Apparently, this bridge is the only place in the country where a boat can go underneath the tea, going underneath cars going underneath an airplane. O'Hare my team. Hey, Harvard, all the way Somewhere down Hi. My name's Ricky. I chose you because I love this city. I've grown up here my whole life and I didn't want to. Does he want to leave? Beautiful city student body, Super welcome. And I've made so many friends here just the past three years and asleep. No other better place to make friends. Right, Sam? That's right. Some economics and Spanish major. I'd say the climate is repetitive, but the same time there's so many resources available for you to succeed. And you honestly, you don't feel stressed because students around your super welcome super helpful. So my favorite part of you is how such a big school could feel like such a small school. That's obviously the best part, however, said Smart is the fact that we have no greens. Look, just st for that. I'm gonna throw a Frisbee I'm gonna give you some fast facts and stats about BU. Our current total student body enrollment is about thirty three thousand students. That's about sixteen thousand undergrad students. We have a higher ratio of women to men at this school. Our average class size is twenty seven students, but very few students have large lecture hall classes. After their first year. We have seventeen schools and colleges between our undergrad and graduate programs, and we have over two hundred fifty different disciplines You can study. B was both a professional on a research school, so a lot of our majors are geared towards professional development as well as research projects in all different areas, not just in stem. We have over four hundred fifty student organizations that includes Greek life clubs, sports publication's arts and performance, and many, many more. We have over thirty club sports and twenty two varsity sports teams are top five majors here. Our business administration and management, communications, economic psychology and health care Administration of management. While Boston's known for having over ninety colleges in the greater area, BU is one of the most integrated schools in the whole city. We're known for being next to Fenway Park. The Citgo sign is a huge landmark, and we call it our North Star. The BU Bridge is a direct connection over to Cambridge in the Harvard area. Our campus is not only active with students, it flourishes with working professionals, families and local businesses. There's not a lot of pressure on campus here to join Greek life. Only about thirty percent of students are involved. But that's kind of where the big party scene is especially of freshman year. The arts are also really central to our campus. There's a group called EBU Arts Initiative, and their mission is to inform all students about performances, local concerts, museum opportunities around the city. If you can't tell there's a ton to do here on campus. The student body's really involved in active as well as professional and really engaged in their studies. All right? Right now, Met fit rack. I can't really go in and film. I'm gonna have to go and do that sneakily. So let me talk about it. And then I'll show you some clips of what it looks like inside that wreck is a state of the art exercised facility that BU has. It has four floors. It has a pool. And as workout rooms, it has elliptical machines as a rock climbing wall. It has, uh, tennis court. It has table tennis courts. It has basketball. It has ropes. It has. What's that thing called re squash? Sorry. As squash, it's a beautiful facility. Every BU student gets free access to it twenty four seven, and it's a really great place to work out. Oh, Trey, What are you doing here? Staring into the void was something you might have a interview real quick. Yeah, sure. Campus through. Let's do it. There. Okay. Tracon the introduce yourself. My name is Trey Shields on and I chose you because I think it's a really cool campus. I'm here in the acting program, which is really phenomenal, and they have some amazing resource. Is that Let me get done what I need to get done. Trey, why'd you pick BU for at your acting major? So the acting major B you are really like how there's a huge variety on the stuff that we can utilize in the stuff that we can learn. I love that it's on the East Coast. It gives us a chance. Tto break into different kinds of theater. There's a lot of things going on here. We're close to New York, still the influence of a lot of local artists. And it's just it's a really solid acting program. Some great people have come out of here, and I think it's really productive from what's your favorite part in the spare part of going to school here? My least favorite part is that it is a super mini campus, so we don't have like grassy, Open Green hangout space is the favorite part about BU is just how much stuff there is here. There's so many buildings on this campus that I've never even gone into before and so many libraries that I've ever seen and I might go in there over my four years, I might not, but it's like great snow that all that stuff is there. And there are so many resources at my disposal. One last question. What do you like about living in Boston? Boston is, it's just a really cool place to live. I'm in history, minor, and the history, specifically the American history in this town is incredible. I mean, I can walk, you know, a mile downtown and find, like five things that were made in the eighteenth century. If there's a lot of museums in Boston, they're supersweet a zit be used to do. For example, you get a free entry into the Museum of Fine Arts, which is like this massive, sprawling museum like you can't go in there for probably like two weeks straight, not see everything, which is like an art major, super sweet that I could just like go in there free and like hang out the museum for a weekend and Boston is a lot of cool stuff, so So for those of you who don't know, Boston University is located right in the city of Boston, which is the most amazing city in the entire world. View is a very, very large canvas. It stretches down Commonwealth Avenue, takes up like the entire street pretty much and you have you on both sides of the street. So it's really just one long road. I live on West Campus, so trekking from West all the way down to like Central or East really takes a long time. Um, I can walk to class from West, probably about fifteen to twenty minutes if it's in Central. But it's further and further and I've walked to get to class is probably like half an hour to thirty five minutes s o The walk is definitely something to get used to. But honestly, the way to like him not make the freshman fifteen A thing is to go to BU. I don't know anyone here who's like said that the freshman fifteen Israel, because here, like and bu we walk so much it's like, ridiculous. But you know, it's really nice to just get up early in the morning and walk to class so beautiful were integrated in the city of Boston. So everything that you could ever like need to go to is so close. We're right by Cham Bridge. We're right by a mighty and Harvard were like a fifteen twenty minute walk from like Newbury Street, where you have a bunch of shopping and dining. We're right by Copley and the Prudential Center and buy a bunch of different reasons and stuff, so it's pretty freaking awesome. Everything is pretty host by, like, a T ride. So the tea is like the kind of subway system of Boston. You can pretty much write it for, like, two fifty or two seventy five each way. And we also have semester T passes, which I don't recommend you get because it's kind of a rip off. But the tea will, like, take you where you need to go. Um, so that's one way to get around Boston. Um, a lot of people just uber or walk walking is really big here. Ivan knew my friends pretty much walked everywhere we are there, walk or uber, how much are the big ones? And that the tea is Right here in the center of the plaza is the seal, and a huge thing about the seal is that you're not supposed to step on it. If you want to graduate in four years, it says that if you step on it, then you won't graduate in four years. And if you want to know a secret, I accidentally just stepped on it while trying to film the monument over here. So there's probably a good chance that I'm not gonna graduate in four years, Dex. But anyways, it's super awesome over here. You know, it's just so much history, and it's really amazing. And people, when they graduate, they will jump on the seal and take a bunch of pictures and a bunch of people who want to graduate in three years. We'll definitely step on the seal because they don't care, but I care a lot, so I'm really afraid that Morning, everyone. Today is a beautiful day here at Boston University. Right now, I'm going to be showing you a little bit around West Campus to show you what it's like to live on the best side of campus in the world. So right now I'm standing out by Nickerson Field. This is where we have a lot of our sporting events. Boston University is a de Juan Spartan school, so we do have some pretty decent teams here. We're really big on ice hockey, which plays at again this arena most of the time. So not on this field. But this son campus is really awesome because you conceal everybody playing sports. There's always a lot of music going on and teams practicing just pretty cool on. And then also over here in West Campus, I'm going to show you a little around. Like I said before, we have three dormitories over in the West campus area that constitute kind of what West is along with. Suit. Villages one and two. So right over here, this is Rich Hall. This is one of the dorms at freshman can live in, and a lot of freshmen live on this side. Of campus. Over here, we have Sleeper Hall, which is where I live. Looks pretty much the same. And then this attached to the dining hall, and then that is Claflin. And then all the way over here. Those are the sort of villages a k like paradise. You are going to be so lucky if you ever lived there one day, but hopefully you will. This is what the centre of the college in art and scientists looks like. Here we have the side performance center in the center of the cloud of trains is right in between all the classrooms. So the cyber form its wonders where a lot of different artists come to play. And we also have a bunch of different advance happened here. School. I'm sorry. Coming coming way also like that going on all the time here at BU. But he was a great place for, you know, people are artists, a common showcase, their work. It's a really inviting and it's a really great place for artist of all different natures to thrive. Right now, I'm on calm one, which is the big lawn outside of the com building. Which kind of makes sense. Um, it's the building that I have all my classes in this semester, so I spend a lot of time here, but this lawn is probably my favorite green space on campus. As I've said, there's not many, but we take advantage of this. And especially on a really nice day like today, kids come out here and that homework or they'll make their friends. People bring picnic blankets and they just hang out, and it's really nice. There's a big fountain here that's kind of always under construction and then not and that it is again, the fountains really nice, and it creates a little bit of white noise for you to study and kind of block some of the noise of the road because combat is a CZ usual right in front of us. Okay. Here we are at the Booth Theatre, which is a really, really knew, really giant awesome theater that BU just got added It's Ah, four story black box theater. Ah, look. That's me on the poster of the boot. I'm Julian and I'm famous. Lookit, all of the boots, Majesty. Look at that. It's so big, so cool. Booth also functions as a classroom space for Boston University's designed production students. There are many classrooms in the building, as well as art studios, design shop and costume shops, lighting rooms. It's very state of the art. Very beautiful. I'm gonna show you inside really quick. So here we are inside the booth. I've I require your help because they're setting up for an alumni event. Here we are inside the main theater. It's huge. It's a black box theater, which means that you kind of set up any space you want. I've seen proscenium shows in here. I've seen Thrust. I've seen three quarters. I've seen the round. It's really a versatile space. Also, the floor below me completely comes out, which means you can have a whole underground level, which is amazing. Therefore, floors and the ceiling moves up and down, which allows for a lot of really cool stuff. All right, I'm gonna take you into the scene shot. Let's go. So I got asked to leave because there's an event going on right now. But you just have to take my word for it that the classrooms were also really beautiful and really amazing facilities on the third floor. There's this really cool room that I wish I could show you that has a place where you like test flights. It like, has this really cool wall that moves and has all these light manufacturing pictures that you can hang up on it and test it out. Also a sound booth that's beautiful. There's music practice rooms. It's a really beautiful facility. It opened last year, so it's still very new, and hopefully we're gonna be able to start doing shows in it. I think we have for opening this year. Hi, My name's Brian McCormick. I'm a rising junior at Boston University, double majoring in advertising in film and TV, And today I'm going to be giving you a basic rundown of all the need to know facts about you. As I mentioned, I am a rising junior and BU. But this is actually going toe only be my second year of school because after my freshman year, I actually transferred from a much smaller college to BU, which was much, much bigger. BU has about 17,000 undergraduate students, and when you add on grad students, that makes about 30,000 people and then take into account the fact that it is in the middle of Boston and you have thousands of more people just walking along the street every single day and you are really probably surrounded with felt like 50 75 maybe even 100,000 people every single day. I know that is a big number. It can see kind of scary and overwhelming at first, but I promise there are lots of ways to make a large campus like you feel a lot smaller. The key way to make a big school like you feel like a smaller community is to get involved. Joining clubs and extracurriculars is a great way to really find your people and find a small community that makes your school feel like home. I've been able to find my own sense of community at BU by joining a Knock Apollo group on campus, but that is only one of so many diverse options of clubs and extracurriculars that you enjoy. That really helped make again such a gigantic school feel like just a small community, small family, you know, however cheese if you want to get one label. Other thing about BU that helps it feel a bit more small is that the school is actually broken up into lots of smaller individual colleges, for example, as an advertising and film and TV double major, I'm part of the College of Communication, but you also has other colleges, like the College of Arts and Sciences, the Question School of Business College of Fine Arts. Me a lot of school of education development, so many and you being broken up into all these smaller colleges really helps create a lot more consistency with the people you're seeing every single day and the people you're interacting with, because again it breaks down this 17,000 undergrad student body into lots of smaller clusters. The great thing about large schools like BU with qualities, expansive academic offerings, is that it Really? It doesn't matter what you want to do specifically because the school is probably going to have a program for you. And if you happen to change your mind, it means probably don't have to transfer it to an entirely different school. You could just change your major within the same school. For instance, If you go to a smaller school and you decide after your freshman year that you want to change whatever program you're in, they might not actually have it there, so you might have to actually transfer to an entirely different school. The other great thing about going to such a big school with such diverse academic offerings is diverse student body that comes along with it. You get to meet people from all over the world, all different walks of life, all different passions and interests, and they teach you so many things and help you grow so much as a person, and you really wouldn't be able to get that at a smaller school. I'm sure you've put two and two together at this point, and you realize that in order to have such a large student body, you must have a really big campus. And you do. Our campus is stressed out across several miles, interspersed throughout Boston Commonwealth Avenue right alongside with Charles River. In between all abuse classroom buildings, you'll find different restaurants, shops, concert venues really everything that you need right at your fingertips. This is what makes being out of really large school right in the city. It's so convenient because if you go to a smaller school, might have to take a shuttle to, you know, target or some sort of convenience store to get what you need. But if you ever need anything when you're at BU, really, anything you could possibly need is right within walking distance. Bu maybe isn't as flashy as some other schools in certain areas, but what our school really pride yourself on is our accident. Our programs are really, really strong, so if you're a terminated by maybe going to a city school or the size of such a big school and you really just want to pursue a certain program? I would say Give it a chance, give it a shot and just go for it because our programs, a lot of them, are some of the best of the best in the country. If you want to learn more about you and life is a college student, feel free to check out my other campus, real videos or if you have any specific questions, you condemn me on Instagram and I'll be sure to answer any questions that you may have. Thank you for watching I call this video is helpful for you and good luck with your college shirts by. Hello, It's me, Ryan. And welcome back to another bu T full video. So I talked to people from all different majors at you, and they can all definitely speaks to the quality of the education you're getting regardless of what you're studying. And you I think a general consensus really is that we are getting a very high quality education, and we do definitely feel like it is the time and effort that we're putting in. That being said, I will warn you on many national rankings, BU is ranked the number one hardest reading school in the country because a great deflation on campus. For those of you who don't really know what great deflation is, it's basically a sort of practice where what maybe you would see as a level work professor just will always a sign that any sort of a level work is actually be level work. And any B level work is sea level work. It's centered. Etcetera like that is kind of an unattainable, perfect standards that you just never going to be able to reach. Now this isn't every single professor at BU. It is certainly very possible unattainable to get days and a lot of your classes. But this is something to consider. Academics are going to be pretty challenging when you come to be you and maybe more than you're looking for. If you really want more of a balance between the social life and academics, you might not be the school for you. But if you are really focused and really want to get stuff done, learn a lot, make a lot of improvements, you know, you really prepared for the professional world. I would say that he is a good fit because it is really helpful having a student body that is so unilaterally focused. I think everyone is kind of on the same page where we're all really hard working, not really getting that distracted. You know, we're all just moving on chugging along, you know, to our next goal. And that makes it really easy to be productive, get stuff done on campus. So that's really helpful if you do want to cut that kind of person. But if you maybe want more of a balance, you might not be the school for you. Anyways, that is all for this video. If you have any more questions and wants to know more about BU campus life. Be sure to check out my other campus real videos or feel free to D M E on instagram, and I will be sure to answer any questions that you have. Thank you for watching and best of left with all Hi, My name's Brian McCormick. I'm a rising junior at Boston University, and today I'm going to answer all of your frequently asked questions about going to be you. Welcome back to another video today. I'm going to dress for main topics food, housing, athletics and the social scene. At the benefit of going to a big school like you is that with a big school, you get a lot more options for food. BU has three main dining halls that are open all day and all night, and then two smaller dining halls with more limited hours. I actually transferred from another college, and I visited a lot of my friends at their colleges, and something I've noticed is that for the most part, all college food is kind of the same, so you don't really have to worry too much about it. Sure, there are differences from school of school, but honestly, it is pretty similar across the board. You aren't going to get anything super amazing or super terrible, regardless of what school you go to, so you don't really have to worry too much about it rather than food quality. I maybe try looking into the types of food options that schools make available. Because while the quality does remain pretty consistent across every school, something that really does change is the amount of, you know, vegan options, vegetarian options, gluten free options. And that's everything. BU actually does a really good job at a common eating that, and they're very diligent about listing all the ingredients. You know, all the calorie counts and that sort of thing, and it's pretty great. Okay, so for housing, BU has so, so so many options. And I can't really describe to you how many officers they have. Like you really just have to kind of go to the city of Boston and see just how many buildings have a little like Red Square on the front of them that says, like owned by Boston University, because be, who has bottle? Like probably 1/4 of the city? It's crazy for you. How's traditional dorms? Sweet style dorms like semi apartments and then, like, full on off campus departments, so many different housing options. And, you know, I really do think you can find whatever you need, what's ever in like your price point. You're not really limited to one thing, which actually is pretty good thing because of how many options there are at view for housing. You don't really have to stress that much about it when trying to decide whether or not he used the right school for you. Another great thing about the use housing is that they're one of the only schools of this size that guarantee your housing all four years. Most colleges kick you off campus after, like, two or three years and make you have to go find your own apartment in your own place. But BU guarantees that you will have housing on their campus for all four years. So you choose. College athletics are really important to some people because you know, they really like that feeling of school spirit in school pride and, you know, rallying in support of their team. So I just want to go over a few like the basics, I guess, about BU sports. The only sport that I would say the school really does, like, come together fully. Support is men's hockey. We don't have a football team. Soccer and volleyball don't get much attention. Hockey is just really where it's at for a school. And if you're really looking for, like, a sporty school with, you know, football team, a lot of school pride and that sort of thing bu maybe isn't the place for you. Okay? Finally be used. Social scene. Now, this is a topic that I'm sure you have a lot of questions about, but I know you're not gonna be able to find any information about on abuse website, so I'm happy to address it here. BU is definitely not a party school. If they just mentioned, you know, we don't have too much like school spirit like rah rah rah like that sort of like sporty school of I've. And as I mentioned, it's, um, my other videos Soapy you. We are very academically focused school. So there isn't too much, you know, letting loose during the week on week days, like you might see it. Some other schools there aren't really like parties in the dorms and like that sort of thing, not being said like there are still parties. But we're not really like a wild school. I'd say it's ah, it's a tasteful balance. I guess people are really working hard constantly through the week and then, you know, we do reward ourselves on the weekend when it comes to, you know, have a little fun. Let this little bit, but definitely. You know, I think people are still very conscious and, you know, celebrating within their means, because they're really trying to keep in mind responsibilities that they have. You know, the next day, the next morning, that sort of thing. So it doesn't really get too wild or too crazy. And if you're someone who if you're someone who likes that sort of thing, you know, you can always go to, uh, neighboring schools that are maybe a little bit more wild than be, you know, kind of maybe get involved in their night life. And if you're someone who's like, really not about that, it's kind of great because you don't know a lot of like the parties and things. They don't happen in the dorms. So if you just wanna spend like a night and that's quiet just studying, like to yourself, you are gonna be distracted, disrupted, So that's great, too. I think it is really like a healthy balance, like if you do, if you do want to go out and party and, like, do stuff like that, You'll their options for you. But it's also like if you don't want to do that, you're not forced to. You're not pressure too. And also, I think everyone is kind of pretty responsible about it, because again, as a school as a student body were pretty unified in the amount of like, I guess, just academic focus and like the positive work I think that we have. So I think whenever anyone goes out, no, no one is really, like letting to lose going crazy, being too dangerous or anything. Because, you know, we're all keeping in mind that probably the next day we do have, like, a lot of work that we still have to do. Anyways, that concludes this video. If you have any more questions or want to learn more those of you experience or just the college experience in general, you started check out some more of my campus real videos or feel free to damn me on Instagram, and I will be sure to answer any questions that you might have. Thank you so much for watching. I hope this video is helpful for you and take I'm Sampson pick and I choose to be you because it's a massive, you know, competitive university in the city, which is very close to my heart. I'm from New Hampshire about two hours north, so loss has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember what I like about the student body abuse that everyone is kind of special in their own way. They really do a good job of taking people from backgrounds different, you know, walks of life. So she's so interesting compared tto. You know where I'm from to see such a different person every single day. So I'm a biology major here. I'm on the pre med track to go to med school, and I find the academic climate to be very competitive and rigorous, but always up for a good challenge. And, you know, he's been educated by some of the best in the country. Favorite part of you is over the dining hall's offer a good place, you know, fine cuisine. Female people launch telling. Get some work done. Get some. Get some grass in your belly. Their ways. Favorite. Probably be the lack of maybe like an open space for me to settle down, spread my wings, or maybe run around every once in a while, which is offered by a few other colleges in the This is pretty much what most of the Force look like aspires. The books go, but it gets really kind of like did you and creepier the higher if she also so, I usually stick to like the second and third. Sometimes I go up to the fourth floor. Five. A lot of work to dio. Just because I'm the type of person who can't really work, it's really loud out. So if I have like a bunch of stuff to do that requires a lot of focus her sculpture like the fourth floor and sit on a desk and just kind of tune out by All right. Here I am at the BU Beach. This is a big hangout spot for BU students when it's warm out your homework called the B beach. Because if you close your eyes and listen to the traffic, it almost sounds like the waves of the ocean. Sadly, we're nowhere near an ocean right now. But if you look over the hill, you can see the esperon, which is Charles River Path. It's a beautiful running path. Beautiful biking path, beautiful walking path. It also goes straight to Harvard. If you ever want to go out for a weekend, which is super fun to do, Cambridge is a great town on the beach. Whoa! Surf's up, dude. Hi. I'm Isabella. I'm a junior at you and I'm a journalist. Hi, I'm Lena. I'm a junior at U and a film in TV. Jay, what's your favorite thing about you release here? You do least favorite person, please. And why my least favorite thing about you? Although the campus is really nice, it's a little bit long, so sometimes very loved. It's very literal. So sometimes walking to class takes a long time. But honestly, I love it because gives me exercise. And it's so beautiful here that you can see all the scenery as you want to cost. Um, my least favorite part of going to you in part because I'm from Miami is the weather. I don't fare too well in the cold in the dark cold, but it's actually really fine. It's really nice right now. It's just the second semester sometimes gets too cold for me just because, Yeah, favorite part, I think my favorite part. Um, it's my least favorite part. So because these campuses so spread out, everybody's walking everywhere. So you always run into friends and new people as you walk into class, and it's just a very big community on the strip. That view is just very trump. Oh, and it's a good thing I really like the people that I've met Definitely. When my favorite parts of you I love my professor is here especially. My minor isn't compared to literature and some of the professors that an encounter within my mind had been so phenomenal. I've learned so many things from them and from the film professors that pad these people are people that I've been studying, what they love for a very long time in a really passionate about it. And I've been fortunate to have professors that really love to be re sources. And I want you use them as a resource. No. Yeah. Perfect. Two a dozen questions. One. Could you describe the student body at you and then to Could you describe what the academics and you're like? I think the academics are very rigorous, but they also have very cool classes that you can take for electives when you're done choir mint. So think you have to work hard. But you can also take classes that are very interesting and very unique. Yeah, as faras the student body goes I feel like whatever community like you're attracted to you, Khun. Definitely find it at you, even if you don't. But first, see if it's definitely there. You're like more of a person who likes to be artists. You could definitely find that the people, if you're gone really interested in, like, social club, like any sort of, like, active activity that's like a social activity on campus. He could definitely find that. So it's really finding your niece. Well, thank you guys, so much prayerful. Wait, What's up? I just got back from a very long day of class work meetings and all that good stuff, but my day is not over yet. I want to film for you guys a night routine. One because my morning routine did actually pretty well. And two, I've got a couple of requests to do this specific video. And three, I've kind of kind of newly developed a sort of night routine that really works for me. First thing to do, so it's like it is 7 40 I just got back to my room. I I only came back one time today. Want to work this morning? I was there for a couple hours and I had class for a couple hours. And then I came back here and I went to an event which I was gonna be part of the log that I'm doing that to separate video on. Guy had a meeting tonight, and then I just came back here, so I've not had dinner yet. Um, but I did do some groceries today, so we're gonna do a night routine. See, that's probably backwards. I do have a little bit of work to do I have to sign a contract for a job that I just got excusing? I'm also getting a little 67 Probably make myself a cup of tea and was Come show you guys, What a night in my life Looks like first thing. These pants are so tight. Let's just get into something more comfortable. I might try one of those things where you like, like this, and then I'm, like, in something different. So let's try it. Okay. Good luck. IDing this chicken. Okay. 123 and running from the room. And just a little bit of homework. Sam's gonna go over a little bit. We're gonna watch. This is us. Thursday night. Thursday night, sir. When we watch, this is us. Oh, I need to get dinner. I'm probably gonna go to late night like dining service that you has. Because if you don't know, have you? We have a dining point system, so it doesn't. It is real. Money was technically already paid for it, but it's like a point system so I can get food with those points. So on a Thursday night when I'm waiting for the paycheck to hit on the Friday morning. Um, we're gonna spend since tiny points that I watch my morning team. You know that I like to, um, brew like any sort of coffee to make my breakfast and stuff the night before because it to them can sit overnight and then, like the overnight oats and its hopes up like them open stuff and then the coffee get cold without putting ice in and watering down. Hey, it's light and this look and everything and I look really bad, but it's okay. I'm giving a talk on Monday in my presentation class about why political campaigns need to focus more on social media campaigning because that is where this new target demographic of youth voters is gonna be. So I'm doing a bunch of research on that and creating a presentation, of course, have to practice that because it's a public speaking class. So we're great and I'm just like everything that we do, and I really want to make it sound like it's still really good Ted talk. I also have for my P R class way, have a project that's kind of ongoing throughout the whole semester, but it's we're doing like a mock a PR campaign for my group or a bike or blue bikes. Wow, I should really blue bikes. It's cool bikes and we're doing at appear campaign for them. So we have to, like, outline a whole like research plan. And that's like my parts. Finish that out because we told everyone it would be done tomorrow. I have an accounting mid term on Monday, but I'm studying for that this weekend with all my friends in accounting, my other classes stats. I'm not gonna lie. I'm kind of killing it in stats right now. I just understand, and I get really into, like, the math of it, and I literally got 93 on like the exam and like a kind of cruising through, and I'm kind of doing just fine. So not to worry and our next exams after spring break. I do have to edit a couple of videos for my magazine because we need to be uploading some of those videos you have to do. I'm so glad I started talking to guys there. I would have done this otherwise, if you didn't know. I produced a news show on Boston University's TV network. It's part of my job every single night is well, okay, like every other night. More so because of the incredible co producer. And she's like the most incredible person ever. Just, like alternate the stories, like every night. So I have to research like all the top stories and what's gonna be our headline on the show in the morning. So just send all those moments of them to our anchors so they can write their stories and stuff. I've been taking care of my skin really well lately. You should be really proud of me. And so I actually got a face mask today. Target and do it It's this one. My Adam's apple was like, huge in that shadow. Um, I want to say the whole idea of like, a face mask being like a feminine instructed face must be like a favorite thing that I cannot say. A face mask being a feminine thing is the weirdest know literally. I don't know why I like your skin is the same. Like skin doesn't change between, like genders. What works differently for your skin and what doesn't work that changes between people but like face busts are like people think they're, like, limited to just females, which is ridiculous because my skin needs loving care too. I don't know the films. I can't get your head. And it's okay. What do you making? Oatmeal. I was making cereal. Is it gonna grow into a beautiful flower? What people do at 60 on the arm. You started it? Yeah. I sent you the introductory Grady at crazy. Usually that could be the end of the okay. I could get so Sam just brought dinner. That's what we have. It's a veggie burger. So actually does have some protein. And it is It is 10. 40. Come on, mate. And I'm eating dinner. But you know what? That's that's the college lifestyle in all honesty. Hold it. Way to go about Theo e. They did what? They had to do it. He did what they did, and they did that. And that's what I wanted. What's up, guys? It's almost 2 a.m. I have to be up in there a couple of hours, but I want to talk, like, really, really quick about this book because I have loved reading this book for the past couple nights because it puts you in a really interesting mindset before you go to sleep. I do like to do like a little bit of meditation, like my name is always like such a big Lake ordeal, and I didn't delete and studying really late. And it takes a lot for your brain just to kind of switch those moods. Also talking really quietly because they're different people. Start. It's a June essays that will change the way you think actually got it in a gift from Abercrombie and, like Why we subconsciously love to create problems for ourselves. So I laid out. I think about that when she fell asleep. In the result, Will you read it in the morning? It was every day. A new one in the morning is going to start my day. But this is a really, really good book, but highly recommended by Rihanna. Least twice. Do you have the esteem mentee? And then it's all right, guys. It's a little bit past two o'clock right now. It's so I know it's so bad I'm gonna get so many response to this video saying that's just bad. This is in all honesty, what Maine night essentially always look like I'm actually think I'm gonna meditate quick and to do that, I literally just listen to, like, one of those APS. I think Abe's head space right now. But I'm not gonna film that because I've just been sitting there. Yeah, so I guess this is the end of this video. Hopefully, I've got enough. And hopefully this was interesting enough. Just like a little bit of like, a routine things. Of course you didn't see, like meditation. Sometimes I do my work out at night instead. Just kind of depends sometimes. Psych. It really depends really depends what I'm doing for dinner and holy I'm actually out and about for class. It's like some days I've done it like three o'clock where some days and done it, like seven area to clock. So just depends things. Watching this video makes you give it a next hold thumbs up. Subscribe for content That will be better than this. I promise. And I guess I'll talk to you soon. So right now, I'm on base T Road, which is one of the most picturesque parts of our entire campus. It's a big road that's parallel to common off avenue, and it has a ton of storms on it, which we call brownstones. All the brownstones have rooms of two to three people, and they have shared bathrooms on the floor. Some of them do have private bathrooms, and there are some apartments. At the end of the road is based a dining hall, which is more formally known as Marciano Commons. And it's the biggest dining home. They have some really good food there. We also have to be You castle, which was actually used in the second Ghostbusters movie, which is really cool. It used to be a bar, but it just got turned into the alumni center, which I believe still has a bar. And it is. Well, I wanted to show you Baystate, because it is a beautiful part of the campus, which we don't have a lot of really beautiful areas because we're so urban. But this is the part of campus that you would come down if you wanted to see. Pretty much you know New England fall. We're just a week shy of the really beautiful trees, you know, turning different colors. It's much quieter than the rest of the city because you can see combat is behind me right there, but it's usually very quiet. You can actually hear birds, which is rare in Boston, All right, let's talk Boston winters. Gonna be honest, the Boston winters or a lot. It gets really, really cold here. We missed a lot of school last year because of snow days, but I'm not gonna lie. It's not as bad as people make it seem by a good winter jacket. Get some tea and like, get some vitamin D pills and you will survive. I remember last year. I mean, I'm from Philadelphia, so I'm like used to snow. But I remember last year that it just got, like this place that I I had never experienced that level of cold before, and my hands felt like they were going to fall off. But that being said, I survived and everyone's been surviving. And it's kind of fun. Like last year, with a lot of snowball fights we miss. Schools were like movie nights. It's not that big of a deal. It's also kind of beautiful, like I was making a documentary last year during winter, and I got so many shots of the snow and like felt really magical and a lot of these kids, they're coming from like the West Coast and like Deep South and they, like, never seen snow before. There's like, this magical aspect of watching people never seen Snow before. Yeah. Also, the best part about it is that you're away on break for maybe the worst of it. So you just get like the beginning and the end of the cold, the light, awful stuff we're like the Charles River freezes over. That's when you're like, on break and stuff. Yeah, Boston winters are doable, but sometimes painful. Good morning. Time to go a day with me at Biu. Let's go. All right, Let's head to class. Hey, guys. So today's a Friday, which means that I have a pretty relaxed schedule. All I have is movement in the morning, which I'm going to right now and then I have acting class in the afternoon. I have my academic classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm taking a class about social politics through the lens of HBO's the wire. It's amazing. My bike is locked up. Let's go to class Today I'm having class in the eight o eight gallery, which is the sister school of the College of Fine Arts. And it's an art gallery as well as dance studios. Let's go. Okay. All right, So we're a movement class. This is one of eight o eight studios way. Have movement and acting in here. This is our movement, Teacher Melody. Hello. She's amazing. And right now we're working on. We're gonna be heading outdoors today, working on transformation on the street room. Body characters right there on the street. Thank you, Mallory. Here's our lovely view from the classroom. All those students on their way to class. You got to watch the train go by every two minutes. This room also serves as a rehearsal space for Angels in America, which is one of the many shows this Globe Theatre puts on. You could see some of the crops, such as hospital chair for Roy Hospital chair for Prior. So, everybody, we're on our lunch break right now. We just have a movement class. Go on, tell us a little bit. About what? We didn't move in today. Yeah, I went to the street. Eight Try to get better d'Oh am and apply it to the world. They lighted to character for information A super bark next week. Acting class. All right. I just got out of acting class, and I'm going to go toe event at the Booth Theatre. And then I'm gonna go to the gym, and now I'm going to go. Been a long day. My plans for the rest of the night are as follows. First, I am going to go to my friend Lena's house, and we're going to cook dinner, and we're gonna do some homework, my homework being editing these campus riel videos. And then I'm going to go home and have a movie night with my friends, and we're gonna watch American animals. But I want to watch Jurassic World too. But sometimes you've got to make compromises. See you soon. He made me Deanna. Hey! Boss University's campus is very large, and a lot of students use bikes and scooters to get around campus. There's a pretty good bike lanes, so it's easy to get around. Another thing people do is take the team, which is Boston's subway transit public transit system. It's super great, super easy, and if you get a pass, it's not that expensive. I highly recommend it. That being said, it really only does take like, twenty minutes to walk across campus, so it's never that big of a deal. There's also public shuttles that run for free all along Boston's campus for students, Transportation's never really an issue or just buy a car. Chaos. Can each of you describe your UC of experience in one word? Liberating. Explosive with crazy spo dee O dee dope Delicious Barney. We're here at Drama Lyn Drama Lll is a class that surveys cedar history and we research plays that are from the Greek era to modern times. It's a really fun class way. Just read a nocturne and the octa rune, which is a play written by an abolitionist Andi was rewritten on the twentieth century. Brian, are you inside this glass? Yeah. You excited with you? Yeah. Angela, you are excited, but it is really fantastic. Fantastic boats. You heard it here. Hello. This is my teacher. And I'm gonna ask you a quick question. Why did you choose to work with you? And what you think it's special? Get Teo. I chose to work with you because honestly, I was so impressed by the students and their dedication of the arts and also you thinking about impact of our life and the history are part of theater on all the work that we're doing. I'm thinking about how that let us past today. We're going to do so somebody, like, use special. I don't think they're very few institutions like this where you have such a fantastic research university in an incredible cities like Boston in one of the best conservatory. Awesome. Thank you so many times. Now we're out here at the Bue Beach, and we're right over here by the rock. We found this guy over here painting the Rog spray painting. Why don't you tell us about what you're doing? Okay, so my name's out. First of all, I'm Miss Semel Turkey. I'm a sophomore in the question School of business on this's a long lasting tradition. Be agreed by Comey. I'm pledging for the fraternity on. Basically, the meeting of the rock is Greek life. Since that Aaron involving Greek life, come here to paint the rock to represent their colors. That's pretty much it gets painted several times today. It's more about getting to know since that are in your life, mostly. Yeah, rumor has it that this rock was a really small but layers of came to me Hey, I'm gonna talk to you a little bit about what it's like to live as a student off campus at Boston University. So I live here at this house, and it is a amazing It's very different than living on campus because you have to cook all of your own meals and you don't live so close to your classes, but I think it's personally worth it. It's a lot cheaper to live off campus because you don't have to pay for a lot of the accommodations. It's also a lot more fun. You can have more people over, and you kind of do whatever you want. You could decorate and I'm staying on campus for the next three years. So I have some stability there, which is really nice to have. I live with four of my best friends also, which is super wonderful compared to living freshman year with a complete stranger whom I love. But it was a very different experience. All right, I'm gonna give you guys a little tour of my house s. Oh, come on, let's go. All right. We're at my apartment. I'm gonna give a quick tour. Here we go. Come on. Welcome to my house. This is the yet to be named household of me and my roommates Clinton, Ryan and Ransom Here is the living room, which still needs to be decorated a little bit. We have our lovely couch, lovely tapestry and lovely Jewish holiday colored string beat. We have a television here. If you follow me, I'll take you to the kitchen. This is a kitchen. A lot of times we entertain guests and we actually put a lot of food for our friends who happen to live right across the way in those houses over there. Super fun to live with next to people you like. This is Ransom and Quentin's room. They lived together, but they also pay a super reduced rent Here's ransoms room the bathroom. Hey, I just want to give you a little quick personal tour of my room because I personally love it. Here's my poster wall, which took me a really long time to make, and I'm really proud of it. It's built of all posters of art, pieces of graphic novels that I found on Free Comic Book Day last year in Boston, and I collected them all up cut them up and taped every single one to the wall. Here's my fireplace, which you can't actually put fire and it's illegal, but it's the thought that counts. Here's my desk, which is a total mess right now is where I do most of my homework when I'm not doing my homework, which is where I always do it on the couch, because that's more comfortable. Here's my book Shell. Here's the ladder that lives in my room right now, which will probably go in a minute. But you know, every good room needs a ladder and there's my cow Best good old Bessie. Also, my room looks beautiful at night. I set up a ton of lights and I'm gonna pan to the right now when I edit this video later and put in a bunch of beautiful shots of my room. Looks like a knight. This is the classroom where I have my motion picture editing class. As you can see, it's a pretty big room with a lot of desks in a big TV in the front. So one of the sucky things about calm is that they actually took away all except for two of our computer labs. And if you know anything about a video editing desktop, computers are a lot easier to edit and render an export video on. So you kind of had a little controversy income because they took away our meter labs and this used to be one of them. And then when we use classrooms like this that used to be computer labs, we have to use this's a giant like power strip that goes on the wall. We have to use that to put our laptops into, so it's kind of frustrating. Obviously, this class can hold a lot more people, but I think my classes only maybe twenty people total. This room is used more for meetings, but obviously you could have a ton of students sit here if you need it like a giant lecture hall type classroom. But come after you have come one, the one you don't have any more lecture type classrooms, so every school of the sides come at you. They have specific advisers that you get when you come into school to talk about, you know, study abroad, your plans for next master. How your classes were going, switching, picking classes, all that kind of stuff in calm you don't get, an advisor told Junior year. Not really sure why. But I go to Bill Taylor, who is one of the I think he's the dean of admissions, and that's where the Dina administration, whatever it is. And so I go to him. And he has helped me immensely, really good guy. If you we need someone to talk to, talk to him. Absolutely, very helpful like sports, too. So all of those professors I have had in calm have all been very experienced in the field, which is, I think, extremely important for field like communications where sent really look a clear cut path to where you want to go. So I have had some professors who have done you no documentary nonfiction, filmmaking and some who are theory, you know, feminist media professors and that kind of thing where, um, all of them are scholars in their own way, and they impart all of that was about to their students. Such a good community. I have loved all of my professors. Incom, anything. There's no concert. The teacher student relationship in college. I'm guilty of not going to office hours. It's a lot more important in other subjects, like in science. And I know my friends were bio and Cam and all that. They go to office hours religiously. I'm one of those people who doesn't go, even though that's kind of where you form relationships with the professor's butt. When I have gone, you know, they're super, you know, encouraging and willing to help just chat. Um, and so office hours generally works in view where I think it's as many classes as the professor teaches. They have tohave one hour of, um, office hours time. So, like one of my teachers this semester, Healing teaches one class, so he has one hour of office hours. But if someone teaches, you know, four classes have four hours and so, you know, make your scattered around that. But if your schedule doesn't coincide with their office hours and we need to meet teachers will absolutely making exceptions. Come on to campus when you need them or meat right after class, that kind of thing. So definitely rejecting professors. They're all great here. Right now, I'm in the College of General Studies or as we call it, C G s. Uh, it is another classroom building, and it's basically the reason I want to show you is because I've had classes here, even though I'm not in cogs. One of the interesting things it's not really good or bad about you is that they don't always have their classes in the buildings that you would think. As I've said, I've been calm, but I still had classes in the photonics building of classes. The engineering building see? Yes, pretty much every building on campus. So the reason I want to show you this is because you very well may have classes here, even if you don't live on that side of campus or, you know, if you just aren't in the school. This classroom with typical as to what I showed you before desks, projector, screen and chalkboards and all si jest is on the west side of campus. So it's closer to things like West Campus storms to be, too. It's right next to the CF Building culture Fine Arts. So it is kind of a hike ticket over the bridge to get to this class from where I used to live when I would take these classes, but obviously everything on campuses within, like, a twenty minute walk. You know, everything's in a straight line that bu, so it's kind of her to get lost. There's nothing particularly special about CGS. Um, I don't think I could get in there right now, but there is an auditorium in the basement where which is technically the first floor of this building. Um, where I've taken some exams for my com classes. Um, there's a nice library in here that I'll show you, and it's pretty much just classrooms for the whole building. The CGS program is a little different on DSO. Here's kind of a warning on your application. It will have an option to say, like I'm interested in the College of General Studies program or something like that. My recommendation is not to check it. Um, because CGS is essentially like, you have to take all of your requirements first. It's very communities based not very like You don't have much choice with your classes. So if you're interested in the humanities, you know, social sciences and his histories and um, you know, writing cost was in English and go for it. But you basically spent two years on ly doing those classes. You can't really take other classes except for the intro class to whatever major, the other college or going into. And honestly, everyone I know that's in it hates it. I don't know a single person that enjoys it and be used, changing their policy, where if you get into C. G s, you have to take the semester fall semester off, go for classes in the spring at you and then in the summer, take six weeks of London classes. It's very weird, Um, not a fan. I don't think it really makes sense. A lot of schools do similar things, but in a better way to my recommendation is to not check that box. It's not a good program. So now we are outside our fitness and recreation centre in here, Uh, located on less campus. You'll find a gym, you'll find a pool track and tennis center right across the way attached to again. Issue will find an ice skating rink, and it's where everyone goes to work out. It comes with your view admissions. So it's really nice and handy to have no Right now, I'm in basic dining hall, which is the biggest starting on campus, also known as Marciano Commons. It has two floors and a ton of good food there stations like there's a vegan station. There's always pizza. There's gluten free food. There's always sharing options to every student who lives in a dorm style, uh, living arrangement. Not like an apartment, but a dorm doesn't have a kitchen is required to have a dining plan, and dining Clint is like five fifty two hundred dollars. I believe about that. And, uh, you can either choose from plans that give me more dining points. If you can use things like Starbucks on campus, the GS, you choose the kind of a food court or you can choose friends that have more meals. If you got down a whole lot on, you don't want to spend them on individual foods. And they have a lot of like meals like editions. Your salads meets or you know pretty much everything. And there's a really good selection here. Chefs are all really nice, and they try to make really good food. Everyone. Some of the most famous items are the Lobster Night as well as the armored lady and Warren, who makes amazing omelettes. Some of the best items in the dining hall are the Mac and cheese, which sometimes they have made to order. And you can add other toppings. Thie, Eminem blondies are a personal favorite of mine or any of the little high things that they have filled with different creams on because he was really into your sustainability. Recycling. They do a lot, too, with the small portions they get too much on your plate and then not finish it a cz. Well, as they have like a lot of composting and recycling option, especially the G S U. I got fried and I got Moroccan Su casa process grounds. Uh, cream eventual. Right now, I'm more towers. I'm on the floor that I used to live on last year. It's one of the freshmen dorms. It's in East Campus. All the rooms are singles or doubles. There's a one quad for floor Warren Tower says three towers, but it also has one dime, one mail room and three laundry rooms, one per floor. It's obviously not the most glamorous storm, but you make a lot of friends on your floor like I did. And it's really central campus, things like home CS. All right. Now I'm gonna give you a quick look at an alumni event at the Booth Theatre. Oh. You wait for this small tio? Collecting my tears in a bucket and poured it on his face so he could taste so. Then I went back home and got on the horn to God. I doubt, right? Yeah. Your son tried giving me a holiday because same stage one. You know what? Please. You just Um Wow. Okay. All those people are my friends. All of them were in the sea. Eh, eh, No. Only had an hour to rehearse and put on that whole number, and it was fricking brilliant s So thanks for stopping by this little alum event. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to go to any sports games. But since I do live in West Campus, I get to see a lot of practice is happening. You could see them from the windows. If you live in West Student, too. Sports are pretty big here. You love hockey team, especially. We have the Beanpot every year, which is the big final championship between B B C harder than Northeastern. We don't have a football team, but we do have soccer, basketball, rugby, lacrosse. You know pretty much every sport tennis, that kind of thing. And if we don't have it as a major score, we're definitely it was a club sport. Definitely make it a priority to goto at least one hockey game. It's so much fun, especially for playing one of our rivals, Northeastern Harvard or B. Good. Oh, my. Just gotta meet Ellen. Ready to go all the way to western. This is a water station in towers your morning. So I've just left the towers on my way to hospital costs in West campus. And I'm gonna wait for the bue bus, which is like a free shuttle service cross common. I've and my campus at BU. It's really nice. And it's free for all students. The only downside to BU bus issues really late, but surprisingly, today it was on time, ready to go. We're in a hospital waiting for a professor to show up. I'm just going home. Our favorite professor. He's great. We love this class. So I just got a hospitality class. And now while I'm on West campus, it's I live on East. I'm gonna do a bunch of errands. Was that right? Over. Um, I'm gonna go toe ods And which officer Disability Services because of a type one diabetic, I get accommodations like extra time on tests and the ability to have snacks in class, like my cheeses. Just think he's not sure it goes low. Uh, yeah. I'll go put in my papers and and turn into things that student health services, Yes. And now started rating. Typically, this happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For some reason, I don't really know why, but here the rain is way different than where I'm from. Portland, Oregon. Um, it's a lot more like torrential and you step outside for five seconds and you're soaked. So I got a friend an umbrella. So it's a common joke. But there's always construction com. But the more Joe is that this metal strip at BU Bridge is always frozen during winter. And now entering the GS you for some delicious soup for lunch. It was a cold and rainy basis is perfect the best thing about the GS you is that all the restaurants you paid with your dining points, which is included in your meal plan. On my way, not my calculus lecture. It's next giosue, which is where there's a bunch of restaurants and things. You can eat it with dining points, and they also have a bunch of clubs and organizations heading up free stuff. I just got some empanadas, and I am a happy Colombian. I just got back from the longest calculus lecture ever. And I'm gonna can I Smith Day not before going to work. This is a torrential downpour I was talking about. I thought out for my not ready to go to my interview. Reigning Cats and Dogs on Base State Road One of my jobs Tele Fund is to call up alum and asked about their experience would be a swell is to donate to the scholarship fund. Finally, the end of the day, leaving the question building from the telephone. I'm going the last stand of my day. Thank you. Days for following along today. I hope I could help you see what a typical day at you looks like with a mix of classes and meal breaks and Erin's work eleven p. M. Now. So I'm just going to study a little bit. Genomics. Mid term next week. Now a little bit around like twelve. You splash is a great way to find activities and clubs on campus. There's like four hundred clubs here in a ton of fun stuff, so make sure you check it out once it's Messer. Did you say? Quit it. Contact Sport time. Northeast regional champions. You could travel around the state country and present exciting places like Rochester, New York, and Round Rock, Texas. Hey, guys, I'm Caroline. I'm a current junior sitting film and TV in the College of Communications at Boston University. I'm originally from Westfield, New Jersey but I love Boston so much that I had to make you my first choice. The campuses really integrated into the city, which is exactly what I was looking for in a college. And I get to take advantage of a lot of what the city has to offer all the time. I'm also pretty involved here on campus. I do a lot with the radio station. W th you as well as the TV station BU T V ten. I'm really excited to show you guys around campus this week. I hope you're excited to, so As you can tell, it just went to fit, right. I'm kind of afraid of fit, right? But you shouldn't be. It's actually really cool where so many things there's different basketball courts, racquetball, entire pool, which is next to me. Ellipticals. They've got everything. And you can take classes there. You can take what are called P GPS, which are essentially gym classes currently taking yoga one, which is super. Yeah, if you like to work out there in the West campus, not his communion, ifyou're in East, especially the middle of the winter, but eleven west right now, All right, Here we are at the which is maybe debatable E, the hub of Boston University student life and give you a quick tour of what it's like to be inside of the although oddly empty right now suspicious. Maybe it's just because it's a Friday night people are doing G s U has a food court, which is one of its best and most exciting features. You can pretty much come here and get a little bit of anything, and you can use BU dining points to pay for your meals. You don't actually have to use human money. This's Retz, which is used very own cafe. Oh, yeah, just a little tidbit of knowledge. Rhett is be used mascot. He's a terrier bulldog, and he's really ugly. Just so you know, he's a real dog. And I met him several times behind the GS. Who is a beautiful greens or a lot of students come to do homework and relax. Um, the GS. You also houses the library, which is called Pool Guard library. Second issue, you quick peek in there. The cool thing about move our library is that it has a really cool archive like we have Willem Dafoe's journals. Willem Dafoe, famous actor. Good hugger came to visit you last year, and he gave us all of these journals from when he first started acting way also have Alan Cummings journals. We have a lot of famous actors, entertainers, original works here. So here is the library, Teo. I forgot to mention that Martin Luther King also went to BU and we have his archives. I feel like that's a little bit more impressive than Willem Dafoe and now incomings Archive. Because, you know, Martin Luther King led the civil rights movement and Alan Cumming played them. See, in Cabaret, which is cool. Also don't hate, but also Martin Luther King. Big deal. Here we are in another part at the It's really Beautiful architecturally. It's like a beautiful mix of modern and also old Boston architecture. I'm so let me show off the chapel and also the BU sealed. All right, here we are at the Vieux Chapel, which is a nondenominational chapel that a lot of students, I think, do religious services that it's also right here next to Martin Luther King Memorial as well as the seal of BU. Now, the legend is, is that if you step on the seal, you're not going to graduate on time. So here it goes, nothing. It's like I'm not stepping on Mount a graduate. Are you crazy trying to make me not graduate? Yeah. Here's some more of that beautiful architecture that I was telling you about. Not that this as well as this building. All right, well, that's the way. It's a great place for student life and for hanging Right now I'm on Marsh Plaza, which is one of the big open spaces on campus. It's right in front of the Marsh Church, which is why it's called Marsh Plaza. View uses this space for a lot of events, such as career fairs. We've got a farmers market. Sometimes the vendors come and sell things. There's a club BU called the Free Hugs Club, and on Fridays from I think noon to two, people stand outside with free hug signs, and then they give everyone free hugs. It's a really nice way to spread positivity. Harsh Clause is really well known for our peace stands in the middle. It's representing of Martin Luther King, who's one of our alumni. It's a giant statue. There represents peace. It's covered in dust and essentially stands for the fact that when we achieve world peace, the dubs will change from metal to real doves and fly away. There's also a bit of you, Laura. Over here, there's a giant seal in the middle of the plaza, and legend has it. If you step on seal when your student here, you won't graduate within four years, but I accidentally stepped on it. One of my first week's here as a freshman and it was right in front of a full career fair, but I think I'm on track. Right now, I'm hanging outside of the library because I don't want to interrupt anyone but moved Our library Is the library on campus? We only really have one central library. But there are others in the law library like the law building, which is right next to my car and CS a small library. But move, Gar is pretty much where you don't want us to study If you want to go somewhere quiet outside of the dorms. I'm personally not a fan because it's really, really quite and I can't really study in that level of quiet. It's also kind of old and gross. Not gonna lie, Um, basement especially. And there's kind of a rumor that on the fourth floor, people took up a lot kind of a joke. But it does not really know if it's not so. There's been a lot of time there, but I'll give you the tour. Uh, video clips. It's basically a basic library. Books, books, books, computers as well. There's the little section. Martin King's Well, some other famous, you know, figures who went to BU Associate ID. You don't from writers? Um, I really don't spend a lot of time there. Everyone has to go there for one of the rating classes reading one hundred, writing one fifty. But I don't work. Life balance is pretty work heavy here. You. I would have to say that, you know, there's that triangle of, like, pork, social life asleep. BU is definitely not on the sleep side, especially kids. We're in stand majors, pre law, premed. Um, they do a lot of studying all the time. They have a ton of exams, whereas people who are easier. So they say majors like calm don't have as many exams, but they do a ton more project. So I'm really swamped with films and projects in group working essays and all. But I'm not as usually swamped with exams per se, because be was a professional university. Grades are really expected to be, you know, excellent all the time, which that's a lot of pressure on students and were usually really, really stressed. But of course, like any university kids find ways of law, Steve, either it's Jim some party, some just, you know, take some time children themselves. Of course, there's all that view, and BU tries to provide a lot of social events, cultural events, arts events to make sure that kids have a way healthy way. Tio, you know, spend their free time. Personally, I'm not a stress tas most kids at this school, but that's kind of just where I'm coming from. Everyone's got a different experience. I'm pretty secure in what I want to do. What a lot of kids who come in who are decided a much harder time figuring out, you know what is that you want to do, and it's a lot of pressure on him. Oh, not We are in a marsh plaza. This is one of the main clauses on campus, where you usually find more of our student organizations. So here you might see protests. You might see clubs publicizing their newest event. There's a random act of Kindness club on Kansas that sets up here and gives free hugs once or twice and money. And we also have this beautiful statue in the center of Marsh, which is in memory of one of our most notable alumni, Dr Martin Luther King Jr. And we have the Marsh Chapel, which is beautiful, and you should definitely go check out. Even if you're not religious, it's just gorgeous. So this is pretty much what a normal class and maybe you looks like this is kind of a big one. Um, it's got a bunch of chalkboards. It's got a protector on top of a bunch of desks. This classroom in particular, is in the College of Arts and Sciences, which is a pretty big building that you're very likely to coin have classes. And I've had writing classes here. Religion classes. I've taken philosophy in this building. You pretty much have anything that you're going to take his requirement. But some classes are held in other buildings, too. Here's another classroom. It's pretty typical again. Chairs, desks, whiteboards, projectors, that kind of thing. So we don't know as much about CS in terms of teachers and students packed with ratios, that kind of thing. But I do know that all the teachers that I had c s are really informed they're all really experienced. And, you know, like my Korean teachers have been super, super great. I've loved I had a religion class. That was really fun. You know, the professor's as a whole, it bu they choose really professional informed, um, you know, really inspiring people and every single person that I've had as a teacher here, you know, whether or not I liked their class. I think everyone here has been a really, you know, has shown me a really different side of education. These people are super passionate. I hope you guys have enjoyed your tour of BU and beyond to leave you with one final piece of advice. I would say that no matter where you end up, you'll be able to make it your home. When I came in to BU, there were thirty seven thousand students enrolled, which is bigger than my entire hometown. But instead of seeing that as an overwhelming number, I took that as an opportunity to make friends with people of all different disciplines, backgrounds, interests. Any school of any size can feel like home if you find and things that you love, and you find people to do them with. Good luck on all your college applications that I hope to see you guys here Here we are at the College of Fine Arts. Okay, here we are. We're in the College of Fine Arts right now, and I'm gonna give you a quick tour. The College of Fine Arts has a music school, a theater school in a visual art school. And I'm gonna take you to each floor and show you a little bit of each. Here is the gallery in the lobby. Just beautiful our inner right now. And it changes up every month or two. And then in here, there's an art gallery that you could pay to go into and see really exhibits by local BU artists. Pretty cool stuff. Who? What's this currency in this before? This is a theater that's primarily used for orchestral performance here. BU. There's not a lot of theater in here, but the walls are built to bounce musical sound off very well. Also, I'd lecture in here last year for drama lit. This is studio Wanna one. It's one of the EU's main small black box leaders. Right now, it's set up in thrust for Angels in America. Part one. A small issue I'm running into as I try to show off the CF is that every room has a class going on it or a rehearsal. But I will try my best out in the music area. This hall is all music practice rooms, which looked pretty much like this. They'll have a piano or another instrument in it, and the cool thing about it is that you can actually record sound, other background vocals that play through the speakers out of the wall. It's a really high tech new program, and I'm never going to use it. But I can't play an instrument, but I can appreciate it as you go upstairs in the elevator. I'll tell you an interesting fact. The calls of fine arts actually used to be an old car manufacturing factory. So it's a super old building, and a lot of the rooms haven't been renovated. That, much like one o for one of the main feature spaces, is actually an old show room, so it has a giant glass windows that the cars would be shut off. I'm currently on the fourth floor of the CF right now, which is where a lot of the classrooms and administration is. Behind me is the freshman head shop wall. When all the new freshmen come in, they put on the head shot wall and they're assigned to a sophomore and the sophomore shows them around and kind of takes care of them. So it's kind of like a big little situations that every freshman, the C f. A. Has somebody to go Teo and has someone kind of looking out and taking care of them. It's a really beautiful tradition, and it actually was really helped for me coming in because I knew nothing. And my sophomore Nick brought me over, cooked me dinner and taught me a lot about the school. He's off to a meeting, but I just want to say hi to Jim Potosi is the head of the CF. A high there. We got a great place here. We hope you'll come and see a school of Peter's See. I just you because I wanted a change of scene. But he has a really strong sense of community and everybody be cool. Incredibly lepers so interesting and everything yourself. No, they wanted to. So really? Yeah, there's just so much happening Just makes you more Someone just entered the college finder and I think it's a lot of where a lot of ours. But it's really fun, too. Hurry, put it on stage. And in this booth, you would think that a lot of competition. But there's we're all there. Just create amazing car. Do it together. Look you, but it's when you get there. People want. It's so brick buildings, it's my favorite. No. Definitely. It's very suddenly. Not you. On a night out. We like to go explore Boston. No. Oh. Let's eat. What? Take it out of this one. This Cannoli from MySpace. Excellent. The whole way. Well, that was a successful time in So I just stopped at Duncan. I have, like, four minutes to get to work, so I'm pretty much cutting it close. But good thing that Duncan was right around the corner from my dorm and also my work is probably like a four to five minute walk, So hopefully I get there right on time. It's not like one or two And here's one of my favorite gems of Boston University, hidden in the basement of College of Arts and Sciences, right across from a classroom, which I had a class in and sent away. Too much money here. Einstein's bagels. You could get your coffee in the morning before your A M and grab a bagel in the middle of the day between classes. So B U is a really large campus. We have a huge student body. I think our undergraduate student body is between sixteen and seventeen thousand, which is definitely a lot of people. So it definitely changes the experience that you're gonna have here at B U Um, I would say that there's a lot of students, so it's gonna be a little bit harder to find like a whole group. And it's going to be different because you're not going to be able to know everyone in your class, which might be a little bit of a different experience if you come from a smaller class size in your high schools. But one thing that's really great about having such a large student body is there are so many different things that you can do to get involved on campus to find your specific niche on the group of people that you want to be with. So the more people there are. Personally, I think the better, because then there's more opportunity to meet new people. There's so much diversity here at B U. We have a large population of international students as well, and everyone you meet here is probably going to be from somewhere different, which is really, really awesome. But having large student body just kind of makes this place feel really full on really crowded and stuff, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I think it's really great to see such a large student body on campus. All is active, always doing something, so it's a really great and, you know, even though there's a lot of people, it really doesn't feel like that because our campus is so big. Um, there's on ly like small groups of communities in different sections because we have like West Campus, Central, East and self. You're definitely gonna be able to find people make friends find a group in a community just might be a little bit harder than you would say at a smaller school, But personally, I think it's a lot better. And I think you're gonna find more people like you when you're in such a large And now Julian will perform a movement piece based off of the photos and drawings in front of him begin. Come on. No. No. Oh. Thank you. Hey, all I have in the office here with Brian and Gina and they're going to tell us a little bit about, like, for the productions that are put on it. Bu each year in the c f A. Great. So I'm Brian. I'm a staff member here at the School of Peter. We do about forty shows a year, give or take a handful across one, two, three, four, five, six or seven. Theatre Spaces classics, new work, musicals, devised pieces, comedies, tragedies, everything. Everything you could possibly think of everything is totally designed, built and performed by students. You're guaranteed casting twice a semester's drawing in your sophomore year. Um, which is a pretty exciting thing, right? Yeah. It kind of eliminates all thie. Negative, competitive talk, sing energy that can exist inside a theater program because we all really much support each other on. We all get to see each other's work in school theater. Pretty cool. Yeah. Awesome. Thank you guys. So much for talking. Now here we are at another social hub of You were on the com line in front of the com building and next to Warren Towers, the freshmen dorms, one of them here, you'll find a bunch of events towards the beginning of the year where we have all of our com groups come and just show off what they're doing. We usually have an ice cream social. We got a lot of good things going on, so make sure to check the calm one. Whenever you're passing it, see what's up. Where are we? The bus way are at the Boston University shuttle, okay. This is one of the ways to transport at you. It's free. It's awesome. It's unreliable, all reliable and way to go. So now we're here at the Boston University Fitness and Recreation Center. A k a. The gym. And I'm gonna take you guys on a little tour. Fun fact. I actually work here. This is my work study job. So I come here twice a week. I don't work out that much. Right now, I'm in one of the classrooms of the College of Arts and Sciences also known the C s not cast. It's probably the biggest costume building we have on campus, and definitely most versatile. It's right across the street from calm, which means that is really accessible in all of East Campus. And because the College of Arts and Sciences is home to a wide variety of majors here, BU nearly every single student will be taking classes here. A typical classroom is pretty much like this looks sort of like a high school. Desks and chairs have taken a ton of crosses in here between Korean language classes, philosophy, writing classes. And while most of the costumes are pretty small, like the ones I've shown you pretty much Max thirty people. There's also the Side Performance Center, which is a massive lecture hall, which most people will take a class that has maybe five hundred to six hundred kids in. And there are some smaller lecture halls that fit probably sixty Teo one hundred kids. CS also has a study lounge, which is pretty cool and knew a swell as on the fifth floor. There is the World Languages and Literature Center, which is like a library. It's got some computers. That's where you can rent, Um, foreign films, and they often have screenings. And in the basement, there's Einstein Rose bagels, which is pretty much at most college campuses. The like campus bagel place. And the riddles are actually pretty good, which is coming from someone who's from New Jersey, which is kind of a hub for bagel quality. Uh, so I'd like to think the bagels are pretty good and they're on your dining plan, which means that pretty much any student can buy them for an affordable