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Hey, everybody, Thank you so much for clicking on this video. I'm really, really excited to film this one, because this is something I think that I really would have appreciate it and took a lot of notes from when I was entering college. Also. Sorry. The lighting is, like, really weird. It is, like insanely bright outside today. Don't know why I can't even look out the window. But, um, so I just went to Whole Foods on the epitome of begin eatery. I don't know. First of all, I'm sure you've heard the title. This is gonna be how At least I kind of make sure I keep up my vegan diet in college because it could be a really tricky thing. One because of food available into just expensive, often V in food or more of a vegetarian option is more expensive than, like the traditional, let's say like meat or non organic kind of thing. And so, at least to me, it was really important when I went off to school that I sort of kept up with my dad because that's not something I really wanted to change. I chose to become begin just for more of the health reasons, of course, for animal rights. Additionally, for me I was just more energy and clear my skin and just to make me feel a lot better because at Friends of Vegan, and that's the kind of recommended Medio on Guy did it. And I've been vegan for about two years now, and I absolutely love it. And so it's something I wanted to keep up when he went off to school. Luckily for me, at least I live in Boston right now. I go to Boston University and I have a lot of food options available to me, which I'm really, really thankful for. And so I kind of understand, if you're watching this and maybe go to a school where there may be, isn't like a whole foods around or I go to Trader Joe's. A lot as well you can really find begin things almost wherever you go. Just because it's such like a thing now it may not be labeled or advertised as like all vegan. You just have to check out the greens. Think about these are just some of the things that I buy the things that I get for all three meals a day. I also have a dining plan and likely the dining hall, Like literally just a couple floors down from where I live. I don't even have to go outside to get to. It always hides like half of their options. Label this vegan, and I'm really, really grateful for that. And so this is kind of just the snacky stuff on the side and mostly breakfast. I usually do breakfast on my own, so first thing that's incense essential. This is the absolute worst to carry back with you from grocery shopping. Um, but just some good like almond milk, at least for me. I don't invest in the very expensive almond milk. Um, I know there's like kinds out there that's, like, eat box or something like that. I appreciate this was, like $3 taste the exact same to me. I Usually we use it for any sort of maybe on rare occasion cereal, but their replacement of coffee cream where I don't really like my coffee sweet or anything like that. But I don't necessarily always wanted just black, and so I'll just use a basic car. It's perfect. This is what I sack on a lot, just some good Thomas and even usually I'll just buy anything of baby carrots. But if on this today and it's just celery and carrots and I'll do this Thomas and this is the perfect, like studying stack for me because it's really simple. And those are things that just gonna make me feel talk. This may not seem like as healthy, all but in college. We get desperate. Um, have these were at Whole Foods? I'm trying to say I've never tried these, um, begin frozen burritos, beans price. Honestly, which is really just good source of protein. That's like the number one thing people ask me about is like how I get all my protein and just nuts, almond butter and just beans and everything. And, of course, like, I just need some general snack stuff. These are really, really good potato chips and not like the best for you, but like they're just well, what I get. They remind me of home because I have all the time. I haven't tried well, this specific ones, but the Eagles are really, really good idea for being a dorm, at least for me. I don't need to toast my bagel. I can honestly just beat this street. And this is a really good option for mornings, because often I'm not gonna wake up before morning class to make breakfast. I'm just gonna grab whatever I can take it on my way. It's like this maybe with a little bit of almond butter, peanut butter, a granola bar, coffee and maybe, like a little bit of fruit. That is like the perfect breakfast for me if I do have times in the mornings, I didn't get anything for it this time, because the frozen for at Whole Foods is a little bit more expensive. I'll do an OSS able I have ah, Blender, which I'm not supposed to have technically in the dorm, But nobody's called me out for it yet. Um, and I'll just put like frozen fruit. Almond milk on the butter have vegan protein powder that I use, which I can actually just show. You still have some of that. And in the end of a banana, which I take from the dining hall because the bananas in the dining garage and that's like our stable, it's without the Aussie. Everybody makes fun of me because I call it impossible, but it's really not like it. And then normally actually don't give, like, just fresh fruit like this because it's really, really expensive. But, um, thes looks really good today and it is the start of second semester, and I need some just good quality food because I'm not gonna get sick right off the back of a snack. I love just friends. ALS. I don't eat these A lot of these. They're kind of just like a mindless kind of stack that you need. And then I have a bunch more about not take him all. I just got some good, solid apples. The apples in the dining hall suck, so I just got some good organic apples here. These are going to be perfect with his own mother that I got. It takes me a while because almond butter is really expensive, and I like it significantly more than peanut butter like I would definitely pay the couple extra dollars to get specifically almond, but it's really expensive. And so I'm trying to find like a brand that's really good isn't as expensive, and I think this one was the I think the cheapest one had whole foods today on. This is just really good with apples. Okay, so that's what I got. Foods. I'm going to be going to target tomorrow and Target is actually really good spot again. You would like to think there's a lot of good, like vegan food there, but I get a lot of granola bars and I'll get it just like popcorn. And that's where I get my K cups of coffee. I'll get frozen fruit, my, ah, sables there. I'll go to Target tomorrow and I'll take footage. You know, at that this video you can see a little bit, but also I do go to Trader Joe's a lot, too, but it's a little bit further out. It's more downtown, so I don't know, go as often as they go to Whole Foods the target. But Trader Joe's is a really good spot to get. Being in food. It's actually relatively cheap Earth, then Whole foods. There's a lot of good fried rice, which we can do in the microwave that I have those air really good lunches. I get a lot at a mommy from Trader Joe's as well any sort of crackers. Promises. They're really good there too. Okay, uh, orange shoes. Pine up there pining. Oh, my God. The trader Joe's pineapple juice is my absolute favourite. Just sucks to carry it back. But anyway, I guess this video's gonna continue tomorrow. That target? Okay, Sorry. Oh, my God, That's too much light. I'm eating a bagel, and I just got back from target. Um, Bob Yoshifumi shamsher Too high. And I'm just probably show you what I bought. Just so like, if you need ideas. And I got some purely iced tea using my absolute favorite there for, like, four year olds. But they are the perfect snack we got apple, strawberry, apple, apple, apple, banana. You don't need a good kid, and we got some pretzel. Chris, uh, dip in the homicide got yesterday way I'm a trout. This real special K red buildings and then for breakfast. I'm really working on getting better at breakfast this semester, so I just have some oatmeal that you put in the microwave, and it's already, like, all done up. And this is actually just really goodbye itself usually like to add fruit everything, but this doesn't really need it. I've had it before and I finally found it again. Target so that this semester this is also really good. I could just add hot water from a cure stirred up, and it's already put together. This is why I'm being so for smooth balls and stuff. I got a bunch. He's improved. I think I mentioned when I feel part of the whole foods yesterday that I like to get wasn't targeted significantly cheaper. It's so you actually get, like, a lot of meals. All right? So normally actually like to drink my coffee black. But I found this. The creamer at Target, that is almond milk, hazelnut. We got more frozen free scum. Good old fashioned orange juice. This stuff just always tastes really great. And there's already, like no room in my fridge. So we're gonna put that Laura bars. These are expensive, but very, very good and a perfect on the ghost snack. I say that there's some Clif bars again. Just have some quality. Like granola bars. Oh, this soup is really good. It's like the yes brand. Um and this is the only kind that is vegan. The rest of vegetarian on Lee but it's Italian vegetables with pharaoh, so it's really good life do is put it in a bowl, microwave it up and it's pretty good meals. Pharaohs like a rice kind of thing. It's like a really thick rice. It's great. Yeah. Oh, right. We got some a ga ve because I had a really hard time tracking it down Last time I had a sore throat was gonna prepare for next time. Now, just the coffee I like to get, um this is just one of the brands. It was cheapest today, a target. So we decided to go with that one this week. That's how I So I guess that's what I eat in school when I'm not eating in the dining hall. A lot of it's breakfast stuff because breakfast is really just something you want to do on the go. You don't have time to go, like, sit down in the dining hall and eat. And so I'm just gonna have a lot of things that could just be ready really quick or even I can take with me. And that really just helps me preserve energy throughout the day. Um, share with me. What you like to eat, and I'll definitely try that out because I'm definitely looking for more variety And what I eat this semester too. So thanks for watching. I guess I'll talk to you. So I'm finishing up lunch at the Union Court inside the George Sherman Union. Right across past this wall, you would find a food court that accepts dining points, which are part of your dining plan way have Retz, which is kind of like more fast food. We've got burgers, fries, the word. We have a Starbucks around this corner and a city co for all your snacking means and accepts convenience points. And this is just our students under kind of in the center of campus, a really great place to grab Besides the dining hall's, there's a ton of places on campus that you can eat things like to pull away. We have a place pizza, auto pizza, bunch of cafes got life alive, which is an organic cafe reason canes, which is really big after sports games. None of them take our dining plan point, so you're gonna have to pay on your own money. But there's a lot of good food to explore. So now we're on West campus and just leaving blaze pizza with my Monday night soon, because that's how you over here unless we also have Paradise Club that everyone should definitely get to. It's a nice, small venue on campus, really convenient, and you can get here on the tee from East campus. If you don't want to walk like a crazy person like I'm doing, it's just a nice area with a bunch of stuff on campus. So this is just an example of a meal that you can get here at Bay State. There's so much good food. It's amazing. We've got rice cookies. Uh, what's that? Broccoli, fries, fruit and pasta and pro tip. If you swipe in and bring your homework in, then you don't have to leave ever and you can get more food. Really great food options here at the GS. You way have Pinkberry, where you get, like ice cream and smoothies and stuff like that. And then we also have Starbucks, which is amazing, which I feel like you don't even need to really explain Starbucks. Starbucks is the best ever keeps Ugo and keeps you alive and well, so just a quick one right now, here are some areas first. Very path on. This is Grand one of our restaurants on campus. We have scanned well and then over here is hard to kill area. Just pack up some snacks on the go here. Salad like that and that some of the other options replacing. This is where you get sandwiches and soups. This is really great salad place. Come on over here at taking it to the street. It's kind of like a rotating food Options that we have different restaurants come in here every week and it rotates. And so it's really nice to get a ride. It's usually a lot better than all the others and express pretty self explanatory. And then this copper kettle. That bread, Danbury Farms is kind of your fault. Some needles with plate chicken and, uh, sandwiches and potatoes and stuff like that. And then this is she's ology, which is a poor girl. A favorite of mine. You could get grilled cheese. Mac was here. I tell you, it is a bomb. What's up, guys? How's it going? This video? I've been wanting to close the window. There we go. You can probably hear me better now, This video I've been wanting to film for a really long time. I just went into some groceries. My number one food stop, Trader Joe's. I hate saying this because I'm gonna say it and you're gonna courage so hard, but begin even just I'm cringe saying it was the weirdest connotation in today's world. But Trader Joe's is an excellent place for tons of just really good, affordable vegan food. So that's probably where I go. What I eat in the day, of course, today is almost over, so we're actually gonna start it tomorrow. But I wanted to start this block because I'm not gonna have energy in the morning when I'm eating breakfast. So you guys are going to see that couple like, just repeatable stuff. I live in a dorm, so I don't have a kitchen. I have access to a kitchen, but I don't always use it. Will probably go cook something tomorrow. Actually, I have not gotten avocados. Yeah, it all this year, so I'm really excited to make some work, Molly. And such for a snack. So let's go ahead and get this video started. Here is what I eaten day at Boston University. Did it way. Wait me. Good morning, everybody. It is 7 15 I'm off to do my new show. That happens every morning, But first, I'm gonna make some old male. So did some overnight outside those out overnight or in the fridge overnight. And I made those add some of this chocolate granola that I got gonna be kind of interesting. Um, but I'm gonna grab a banana on my way out, too, because I will go over eating a banana a day. I don't know. I think potassium good to have, I guess. I don't know. All right, I'm gonna make this breakfast, and then we're gonna go. All right. Thank you so much for watching this video. I am editing this video right now, and I realized I didn't do an outro whatsoever. Gone are the days when we just skip over that. You guys, it's gonna be quick. Go to D. C. That's gonna be another vlog for one. Sorry. This was kind of short. I wanted to keep it fairly simple. Just because I wanted to be like what you knew you were getting. Thanks for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed. Hopefully it was somewhat interesting. I don't know. I got a couple of requests for this video and I'm not entirely sure if I did it justice. Or did it what you wanted. I will see you all real soon and in the next video. But if you want to wait that long, you can hit me up on Do people still say hit me up? You can reach me on any of my socials. Those will all be in the description. So make sure to connect with me there and I'll I'm Sampson pick and I choose to be you because it's a massive, you know, competitive university in the city, which is very close to my heart. I'm from New Hampshire about two hours north, so loss has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember what I like about the student body abuse that everyone is kind of special in their own way. They really do a good job of taking people from backgrounds different, you know, walks of life. So she's so interesting compared tto. You know where I'm from to see such a different person every single day. So I'm a biology major here. I'm on the pre med track to go to med school, and I find the academic climate to be very competitive and rigorous, but always up for a good challenge. And, you know, he's been educated by some of the best in the country. Favorite part of you is over the dining hall's offer a good place, you know, fine cuisine. Female people launch telling. Get some work done. Get some. Get some grass in your belly. Their ways. Favorite. Probably be the lack of maybe like an open space for me to settle down, spread my wings, or maybe run around every once in a while, which is offered by a few other colleges in the If you guys want to know a pro tip about being dining, make sure you get the three thirty meal plan at the first semester and then switch down to two fifty for the second. So Master, because you'll get crazy amount of dining points. So I started off with, like, three hundred dining points first semester and then I had a lot of meals that I didn't use. And then they converted over and I have a thousand dining points for second semester, so you know, we're eating So upstairs. We also have healthy blends on the first floor where you can come and get some snacks. They're really great. Smoothies also show that's pretty nice. So now we're at my favorite restaurant on campus, which is place family run, locally owned and so so well priced. So good. It's right across from Marcia Plaza, and you should definitely check it out if you end up Right now, I'm in basic dining hall, which is the biggest starting on campus, also known as Marciano Commons. It has two floors and a ton of good food there stations like there's a vegan station. There's always pizza. There's gluten free food. There's always sharing options to every student who lives in a dorm style, uh, living arrangement. Not like an apartment, but a dorm doesn't have a kitchen is required to have a dining plan, and dining Clint is like five fifty two hundred dollars. I believe about that. And, uh, you can either choose from plans that give me more dining points. If you can use things like Starbucks on campus, the GS, you choose the kind of a food court or you can choose friends that have more meals. If you got down a whole lot on, you don't want to spend them on individual foods. And they have a lot of like meals like editions. Your salads meets or you know pretty much everything. And there's a really good selection here. Chefs are all really nice, and they try to make really good food. Everyone. Some of the most famous items are the Lobster Night as well as the armored lady and Warren, who makes amazing omelettes. Some of the best items in the dining hall are the Mac and cheese, which sometimes they have made to order. And you can add other toppings. Thie, Eminem blondies are a personal favorite of mine or any of the little high things that they have filled with different creams on because he was really into your sustainability. Recycling. They do a lot, too, with the small portions they get too much on your plate and then not finish it a cz. Well, as they have like a lot of composting and recycling option, especially the G S U. I got fried and I got Moroccan Su casa process grounds. Uh, cream eventual. So I'm currently at Thai dish, which is hands down the best food in all of these cabinets. You have amazing food. I'm so right across the street. My dorm is just high plays me, my friends love. We get it all the time. We also have things like blaze pizza and canes and chipotle A and a bunch of really cool, authentic food as well. So there's so many different food options in Boston, especially here at you and Andi used campus, which is really great. Also not so good from the wallet. But, you know, it's still pretty awesome. So definitely like the food here. Good. Oh, my. Just gotta meet Ellen. Ready to go all the way to western. This is a water station in towers your morning. So I've just left the towers on my way to hospital costs in West campus. And I'm gonna wait for the bue bus, which is like a free shuttle service cross common. I've and my campus at BU. It's really nice. And it's free for all students. The only downside to BU bus issues really late, but surprisingly, today it was on time, ready to go. We're in a hospital waiting for a professor to show up. I'm just going home. Our favorite professor. He's great. We love this class. So I just got a hospitality class. And now while I'm on West campus, it's I live on East. I'm gonna do a bunch of errands. Was that right? Over. Um, I'm gonna go toe ods And which officer Disability Services because of a type one diabetic, I get accommodations like extra time on tests and the ability to have snacks in class, like my cheeses. Just think he's not sure it goes low. Uh, yeah. I'll go put in my papers and and turn into things that student health services, Yes. And now started rating. Typically, this happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For some reason, I don't really know why, but here the rain is way different than where I'm from. Portland, Oregon. Um, it's a lot more like torrential and you step outside for five seconds and you're soaked. So I got a friend an umbrella. So it's a common joke. But there's always construction com. But the more Joe is that this metal strip at BU Bridge is always frozen during winter. And now entering the GS you for some delicious soup for lunch. It was a cold and rainy basis is perfect the best thing about the GS you is that all the restaurants you paid with your dining points, which is included in your meal plan. On my way, not my calculus lecture. It's next giosue, which is where there's a bunch of restaurants and things. You can eat it with dining points, and they also have a bunch of clubs and organizations heading up free stuff. I just got some empanadas, and I am a happy Colombian. I just got back from the longest calculus lecture ever. And I'm gonna can I Smith Day not before going to work. This is a torrential downpour I was talking about. I thought out for my not ready to go to my interview. Reigning Cats and Dogs on Base State Road One of my jobs Tele Fund is to call up alum and asked about their experience would be a swell is to donate to the scholarship fund. Finally, the end of the day, leaving the question building from the telephone. I'm going the last stand of my day. Thank you. Days for following along today. I hope I could help you see what a typical day at you looks like with a mix of classes and meal breaks and Erin's work eleven p. M. Now. So I'm just going to study a little bit. Genomics. Mid term next week. Now a little bit around like twelve. Course not. All right, this here is Ivan. He's a freshman school theater. Ivan, What do think about the dining hall here? The, um, I think architecturally, it was really designed. Good ventilation. Never divided too cold. I appreciate the beverage options very much. So I like how the police kind of found their sections is really no tension anywhere wise. Oh, right. It's It's kind of astounding how diverse these culinary options are. Like I'm just overwhelmed with flavor. I don't even know how to receive the goodness I'm receiving. It's that good, you know? Like salads, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, soup, kids. So thank you so much, really. They were here. Come in. Okay. Based all you gotta do is tap and life. Okay? Didn't work there. It did. And now we are in face. Day is one of the best D halls on campus. Actually, arguably the best E hall on hand. Everybody loves it here. Actually, top rate And you ask for all the food you've got some pretty cool leg. Could these pastries and stuff like that Amazing. Yes. Yeah. And then it actually two stories. Yeah, like that is so cool. All right, Here we are at the which is maybe debatable E, the hub of Boston University student life and give you a quick tour of what it's like to be inside of the although oddly empty right now suspicious. Maybe it's just because it's a Friday night people are doing G s U has a food court, which is one of its best and most exciting features. You can pretty much come here and get a little bit of anything, and you can use BU dining points to pay for your meals. You don't actually have to use human money. This's Retz, which is used very own cafe. Oh, yeah, just a little tidbit of knowledge. Rhett is be used mascot. He's a terrier bulldog, and he's really ugly. Just so you know, he's a real dog. And I met him several times behind the GS. Who is a beautiful greens or a lot of students come to do homework and relax. Um, the GS. You also houses the library, which is called Pool Guard library. Second issue, you quick peek in there. The cool thing about move our library is that it has a really cool archive like we have Willem Dafoe's journals. Willem Dafoe, famous actor. Good hugger came to visit you last year, and he gave us all of these journals from when he first started acting way also have Alan Cummings journals. We have a lot of famous actors, entertainers, original works here. So here is the library, Teo. I forgot to mention that Martin Luther King also went to BU and we have his archives. I feel like that's a little bit more impressive than Willem Dafoe and now incomings Archive. Because, you know, Martin Luther King led the civil rights movement and Alan Cumming played them. See, in Cabaret, which is cool. Also don't hate, but also Martin Luther King. Big deal. Here we are in another part at the It's really Beautiful architecturally. It's like a beautiful mix of modern and also old Boston architecture. I'm so let me show off the chapel and also the BU sealed. All right, here we are at the Vieux Chapel, which is a nondenominational chapel that a lot of students, I think, do religious services that it's also right here next to Martin Luther King Memorial as well as the seal of BU. Now, the legend is, is that if you step on the seal, you're not going to graduate on time. So here it goes, nothing. It's like I'm not stepping on Mount a graduate. Are you crazy trying to make me not graduate? Yeah. Here's some more of that beautiful architecture that I was telling you about. Not that this as well as this building. All right, well, that's the way. It's a great place for student life and for hanging The best part. I'm sorry, Bangles right here in the basement. This place is insane. Twenty four seven people are always lined up out the door. So if your class gets out early, run down here or else it will be waiting forever. Welcome to the Fresh Food court. Marciano Kami. I'm just swiping inside. Go get some food. The way the diamond has work up BU is that it is buffet. So there's a variety of options you can choose to eat, ranging from the grill to Vegetarian International, Gluten Free and Delhi. Each student that lives on campus has to have a built in and the tools properly. Your friends are the unlimited and the two fifty the only one. It gives you Oliver Amiel swipe suit and come to the dining halls as many times as you want. Where's the two fifty? Gives you less meal swipes. However, it gives you more dining points that you can use at Starbucks of hand expressed her various restaurants. Look it on, and here we see my favorite. Well, bring me a sandwich station. It's a toasted hand letters. It's so nice to come to the meal hall with friends and in between classes and even to Southwell and study and eat some food. The gluten free pantry is an important location for me within the dining hall, as it has specialized use for people with seo ecstasies such as myself as well as appliances set aside to make these foods to avoid cross contamination. As for my review of the gluten free kitchen, I do think it is a bit redundant in the things that they serve. However, the rest of the time cause so many options, and I typically find myself eating from the other stations. Since the dining hall is self serve, you take your dirty dishes and trust to the conveyor belt, so it's an easier time for the workers to clean up. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Marciano's my favorite. One of the four finding holes here.