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Thinking about Bowling Green State University-Main Campus and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Bowling Green State University-Main Campus in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Bowling Green State University-Main Campus’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Bowling Green State University-Main Campus, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Bowling Green State University-Main Campus experience. These Bowling Green State University-Main Campus video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, guys. So we've about reached the end of our tour. And what better way to end a tour that ended with my absolute favorite thing, which is a bowling green sunset? I absolutely love the sunsets here, B G It might be one of my favorite things about living here is that I get to see such a beautiful sunset every night, and it really makes it feel like home for me. So I want to close this tour by talking a little bit about why I chose B G s U. So b g was the very first college that I visited. It was at the very end of my sophomore year of high school, and I had absolutely no idea to think I was so nervous. I've never been on a college tour before. I didn't know. Like if anything was really gonna be expected of me, you know, I was just super nervous about the whole thing. And when I got here, everyone was so friendly and made me feel so welcome and just walking around campus, I could really picture myself here. Oh, and I think that's my biggest piece of advice to all of you who are starting your journey of, uh, finding where you're going to spend the next four years of your life. Um, or even more than that. Try your best to picture yourself at the college you're visiting. And if you can't do it, then that's not the college for you. And you just don't belong there. You can look at pricing. You can look at, you know, the dorm's student life. What they have to offer in all of that's super important. But at the very end of the day, once you have like your top, however many colleges that cavil of the, you know, check boxes like checked off or you and all the stuff is there and everything you want is there. That's what I think. It's really time, Tio. Ask yourself, Is this home for me? Mpg is definitely home for me. I couldn't ask for a better home to spend my four years of college at. I absolutely love the people here. I love the place. I love the town. I love my classes. I love my major. I just love this campus with all of my heart. And that's why I did. This is because I want other people to know about me to know about BG and to love Bg as muchas I d'oh. Um so really as you look for colleges, look, look for your future home because that's what it really is. Is it's going to be home. Um, thank you guys. So much for watching. I really hope you guys enjoyed my tours. I'LL see you guys later. Bye. Hey, guys. So today I'm gonna be taking you on a tour of all of our major landmarks and super cool, uh, different stuff that we have here on campus at beauties. Who? Excuse me. Oh, we're going to see the Big Falcon, The University seal. I hate rock and the cemetery. So let's get started. So right behind me is the Big Falcon. This is our Falcon that is right in front of the Stroh Center. It has our fight song on it, which is forward Falcons. It is kind of an icon here University, obviously, because how our mascot is a falcon. It's absolutely enormous. As you can tell, it's super cool, and it's one of the very first things that you see when you drive past the university. Eso. Basically, this falcon is what greets you and brings you to B G s U All right, guys. Sorry. Next stop on our BGS, you landmark tour is the paint rocks. So the pay truck, as you can see, is compromised of hundreds and thousands of layers of paint that's existed for many years. So over the years, lots of different student organizations have painted this rock. We like to say that it originally started out this big, and then the layers of paint have made it. It's because it is student organizations and different fraternities. Sororities Freddy and Freed. Our our spirit group called Sick Sick will paint the paint rock with their logo or whatever event they have going on. We'll paint it orange and brown during Spirit Week, so it's a really cool and interesting landmark on campus. All right, So we have now reached the coolest and the creepiest part of our BGS you landmark tour. And what better time to visit the cemetery, then at night? So, um, the cemetery is actually older than the university is. Uh, the university was founded in nineteen ten, but you confined graves in the cemetery, The date all the way back to the eighteen hundreds. So, rather than, uh, you know, moving the residents of the cemetery, the university decided to grow around them. Uh, some people find this creepy, but, you know, they don't really bother us. We don't bother them. But we have the stroke where, uh, you know, you shouldn't really go in the cemetery, because although we do have WiFi all across campus, uh, y find the cemetery is dead. But so I actually think the cemetery is kind of cool because I'm into history. And what better place to film a nighttime video then at the BGS you cemetery. Hey, guys. So our last stop on our university landmark is the University Seal. We have three little legends that we have sensed. A with steel one. Uh, you want to the right of the seal? You're all right. If you walk to the left of the steel, you're gonna tell him your exam is absolutely terrible. S always walks to the right of the seal two, if you have significant other and you want to break up with them, deal and you kind of, like, nudge them to the left and you want to the right. And thus you have broken up. And the last one, uh, if you have a Falcon flame, So another B G s u student who was your significant other And you bring them here to the seal on a moonlit night. Has to be a full man and kissed them exactly at midnight. And stand on the seal when you can. You'll be Falcon Plains forever, and you'll get married in her route chapel right there in the back, Mom, and you'll accompany ever after. And you'll have an orange and brown wedding, and it'll be adorable. So the seal is probably my favorite landmark on campus because I see it every day. I walked past it to get to found this hall always straight back there. Um, and I really like that. It kind of like, represents with the university stands for and everything because, you know, I love bowling green. So thank you guys. So much for coming on this landmark toward me, and I hope you enjoyed it. Hi, I So I'm here with one of my dear friends and neighbours on and I'll have him introduce himself. So, Andrew, sudden for more new hire. So official. All right, Andy, why did you choose B g? Just because it has the aviation major, I want to know about those kids. So And we are one of only two universities in United States that have an airport on campus, The Wood County airport. Fun fact that it's true. Can you describe the student but the student body at BG for us? Um, the very active. Thanks a lot. Very populated campus. You'll see people out on the field and stuff hanging out from the union. You noble you all the time. If you want to find out a little bit more about the union, go check out my union tour where we go talk to some of the groups at the Union Oval. So your major is aviation. Um, can you tell us a little bit about what it's like to be in aviation, Major? Uh, it's a very hands on experience. There's a lot of, like, actual flying the planes, which is, uh you're not getting it right away that the first, like, two weeks of the semester last year. My first master, We're flying. So you get on it right away. Hands on, usually. Yeah, I thought that was really cool. We met last year, our freshman year, and he came home from class one day, and he was like, Yeah, I flew on a plane, and I was like, already, but And he still does it go Annie s. So what is your favorite part about BG A prodigy. Other people like people, nice people. It's a small spark. Me too. I really like the community here for that. Everyone's really polite. I feel like then like, nice, like, almost oddly so. Like, people have really, really nice that you're almost suspicious the first. But then, like, then you're like, Oh, they're genuine. There's really not as people here. So now what's your least favorite part? B G? Um, at least I brought a B G I don't know it's Ah! No, a lot of good things about it. Control. I think someone right now it's not good. It's, uh the snow in the wind, The wind. The problem for aviation. A lot of planes. Flights canceled. So yeah, it was very windy here because it was flat on fact. It's completely flat here, so it's very windy. But get you a winner, Cho. You'll be fine. Right? Right. Hopefully. Well, anyway, thank you so much for interviewing with us. And thank you guys so much watching by bye. So now that you've seen what the rooms look like a bee Gee, let's talk a little bit about finding a roommate. So my biggest advice for an incoming freshman looking for a roommate Definitely go on your school's website. I know bgs you offers a roommate matchup service. You answer a couple questions like two. Super the lights on or off do you play your music out louder. And headphones. Oh, and they will match you up with another student who answered the questionnaire similarly to you. You can also put a little bio in your profile and be like, Hey, like im tae. I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio. I really like this band in this TV show. I really like this movie. I play this sport and you can find someone who has a little bit in common with you. Definitely. Also, check and see if your school has a Facebook page. We have a B G s u class of twenty twenty one page where I actually ended up meeting my remain. Her name is Lexie. Um, we met through Facebook in the way, talked for a little bit and found out that we had a lot in common. We live together last year, and we're living together again this year. My biggest advice when you're searching for remains is to be honest. So if you are messy, say that if you sleep with the lights on, say that if you will be coming in really late or leaving really early in the morning, or tend to make a lot of noise, say that I feel like often we try to make ourselves the most presentable version of ourselves. We Khun B, which is, you know, completely natural. We want to find a roommate. We want to find someone who's similar to us. We want to find someone hill we're going to be able to get along with. And I think we all kind of have this fear that we're like, What if I don't find anyone? What if no one likes me? So we try to make ourselves really likable, and that's completely fine. But definitely definitely be honest about certain habits, so that when you get to school and your true colors eventually come out, which you know they will come out. Sometimes you might say I'm a little bit messy, but you're a lot messy And then your roommate thought you were a little bit messy. So that's a big source of conflict. If you're honest and upfront with your roommate, right, When you first start talking to them, there won't be any confusion or conflict later on down the road that could cost him problems for both of you. So definitely, like, be honest, almost brutally honest with yourself and with your roommate. But don't make it so that it seems like you're trying to drive. No, boy. Just make sure they know. Like, hey, I want you to know that I prefer this. And if they say I don't really prefer that, then you wouldn't be really good roommates in the first place s o definitely find someone who matches up to your habits and honestly, just be yourself. Be Really, are you'll eventually, whether you become ultra best friends with your roommate or you just kind of get along like, say hi. Every once in a while you are going to find someone at your school who you get along with. Uh, I don't know anyone who truly, truly doesn't have anyone out of all of your classes. Student organizations, the people in your hallway and your room, mate. I guarantee you're going to find at least one person that you like, So don't worry. Someone is going to like you. Hey, guys. So today I'm gonna be taking you to see all of our sports stadiums here. B G S U WAY are starting out here at the Strove Center. Other Stroh centers where our basketball and volleyball teams compete. Um, it is also home to R. G s U Athletic Hall of Fame and the Falcon Team store. It's also where we have commencement and graduation. It's really cool. Big building right on East West Street. It's the first thing that you see when you drive to the university, Let's go and move on to the next one. All right, guys. So I'm currently inside Cochran Soccer Stadium. There's all of our bench is right over there, and there's the field. Um, I have been to Cochran Soccer Stadium a couple times because I'm a big fan of women's soccer. So into a couple of, uh, women's soccer games here be just you and they're really cool and really fun and actually got stuck to the president of the university. They right? So I am currently here at Stellar Fields, which is directly adjacent to our tennis courts, which are right there. This is where we have our baseball and softball games, and it's consequently a great place to view the sunset. Hey, guys. So if you can see right behind me, all those little specks running around, uh, those are our intramural fields. That's where Intramural Team's practicing. Right now, our Quidditch team and our ultimate football team are practicing, So that's pretty cool, huh? Tio, get to see what they do. One of my friends, Chris is actually on the, uh, ultimate Frisbee team, and he says It's a lot of fun, so it's cool. We get to see him doing what he loves to dio. All right, so right behind me, it's later family. I Serena. It's where our hockey team and figure skating team practices. Um, B G s U is actually home. Tio, the famous figure skating Olympian. Scott Hamilton. He's actually a bowling green native, and he learned two you see, in this very arena, So that's really cool, You guys. So right behind me is the Doi Perry Football Stadium is actually open twenty four seven. So if you wanna go there, super early in the morning and work out if you wantto hang out to some homework there, uh, even if you want to go like stargazing in middle of the night, it's literally open twenty four seven checked so all students can get into athletic games completely free. Um, you basically just pull up the ticket on your phone, They scan your phone and you're in. Um, so that's really cool. And I think it's something that I really appreciate as a b G s U student that I could just go to a game whenever I want floor completely free and you know who doesn't love free stuff, right? So Like I said, the droit Parry stadium is open twenty four seven and this is one of my favorite parts about PGs. You Honestly, I think this is the coolest thing to be inside the stadium and I'm usually here for football games. But to be in here and to be the only person in this whole place, it's really, Hey, guys, it's about eleven. Twenty on this lovely talking friend. Uh, you're gonna be following along with my schedule today. I am wearing my BD apparel for Falcon Friday. I'm headed to my writing for media class in the Cool In Senate. It's a smaller classroom, so I really like that. And I really like a professor. She's really nice. Let's go there now. All right, So I just got done with my writing for media class. That's how we learned how Tio scrips for broadcasting out abbreviating make sure people who are reading it. So what we're trying to say script. It's about twelve thirty. So I'm headed to the union to get some lunch. I think I So it is lunchtime. I'm not myself a salad and I'm from our salad bar didn't make your salad. It's like chicken, strawberries, maybe hundreds blueberries. Really like summer. Still, like kind of summary outside. Well, you know, it's actually pretty calm for twelve thirty. Problem Friday. Some people go home, but a lot of people say here over the weekend because there's usually running like plenty to do. So after I finished my lunch, I am headed to my communications theory class. My class is an old scam, Paul. It is election. That's a really big lecture when I sit in the first like to row. So it doesn't really feel like that big of a lecture, because I see everybody behind me and it lasts about fifteen minutes. And then after that, I'm done with classes for the day. So I'll see you guys in patient theory. Hi, guys. So I'm in my communication theory class classes and start until one thirty. But I like to get here really early because the lecture hall is open, so I'm into usually pretty quiet. So I will sit here for the first no three minutes, forty five minutes until class starts and just work of my own work, especially since it's Friday to get my homework done with weekend. I didn't get it on camera. But out where Mascots, uh, Freddy and freed a falcon parading around on take off Kurt passing out T shirts. Anyone who is wearing going green apparel because it's fucking friend. I'm wearing bowling green apparel and I got this. It's just getting you with it because, um, Isaac, he's in post like our unofficial fight's on. So yeah, that was really cool. Ends like walking the halls camp. And I saw his two giant birds rounding the corner on the golf cart. Uh, the person who was driving was like, happy fucking Friday and through me, the shirt, and I was like, Thanks. Oh, a little extra creek for this pretty great Friday so far. Hey, guys. So I just got out of communications theory class, which means I'm done with cost for the day and it's Friday. So I'm pretty happy. I think I'm going to be headed home, too. Founders Hall. Next unhand my friends probably do some homework so that I don't have to do any over the weekend. And hopefully Well, let's play some video games with the boys tonight. We'LL see you there. Hey, guys. So I just got home. I'm about to crawl in my cozy little troll hole down there, and I'm going to do some homework, and then I think, later tonight I am going to get a downtown with some of my friends and get some pizza. So it's about five o'Clock on this lovely Friday and me and my friend George, we're going to go get some pizza downtown, so let's go. How's your pizza, Carson? So this is one of my absolute favorite parts of downtown. It's find a record store, absolutely love record and finals. I have absolutely enormous. Right. Hi, George. He and George are here at Eric's ice Cream. I got pumpkin. Where did you get George? Chocolate peanut butter. Milk? Yes. So it was an awesome night. I love walking around downtown. All right, everyone. So it's just about the end of the day. It was a really great Friday. We got to get downtown, Got some pizza. I got some ice cream, Uh, got to hang out with my friends. So I hope you guys really enjoyed follow along with my day today. And thank you so much for watching. So I am headed to the oaks to get some lunch. Um, Oaks is one of our all you care to eat dining facilities that we have here on campus? Um, it's actually the largest one. It also has a Dunkin Donuts in the back. Ah, that accepts your falcon dollars and the oaks except swipes. So here's the way the meal plan works comes in three different sizes, which is small, medium and large bronze, silver and gold. I'm on the website when you go to buy it. Um, and it's divided into two parts, which is swipes and thousand dollars. So basically, the way falcon dollars work, uh, say you go to the Falcon's nest in the union, you pick up your sandwich, you get your drink, maybe a bag of chips or something. Uh, you bring it up to the counter and they deduct that amount of falcon dollars from your total fucking dollars for this semester. So works a lot like a debit card swipes. You have a certain a lot of amount of swipes for the semester. And basically, you go to the all you can eat dining facilities, you swipe your card and that sucks ducks once. Wife, uh, from your total amount of slips for the semester Fucking dollars do carry over from semester dismissed it except for the end of the year that everything goes away. But if you have extra swipes at the end of the semester, they do go away. So definitely use of those swipes, if you can. The menu in the dining hall's changes three times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Oaks Way have shoots, which is our fusion bar. So if you are vegan or vegetarian, we have options for you. And in Caroline, we have eliminate which eliminates the, uh, top eight most common food allergies. If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, you get vegetarian Pesca Terry in anything like that. Um, we have a license dietician on hand at all times. You can talk to them and be like, Hey, what's good to you today? What can I have today? Help you out with that? So let's go ahead and head inside the oaks we have chute, which is our vegan friendly fare. Today many We've got coconut curry begin past time. Looks like a carrot apple smoothie with wheat grass. And then over here we have our pizza kitchen. Got pepperoni cheese, probably vegetable meat lovers, as well as a topping breakfast, some desserts. Our pasta of the day. Breadstick right up here's our ice cream bar with ice cream machine, and then here's the main menu for the Hey, guys. So today I'm going to be talking to you about how to balance your work and your life in college. It's a big question that a lot of incoming freshmen have and a lot of incoming freshman worry about. So I'm going to give you five tips on how Tio balance your work in your life in college and talk to you about how I do it. So tip number one, don't procrastinate. Do not procrastinate. Please, for your sake and for your professor sake, I guess don't procrastinate. I know it's really hard because when you live in a residence hall, your friends are right across the hall like there's always someone who's like, hey, looking to hang out like there's always something going on on campus and it's great. To be involved in campus is great toe, you know, go out and explore the town and go out and have fun. But you need to make work a priority. So as soon as you like what I like to dio. So I take anywhere from two to three classes a day, typically sometimes for on my really busy semesters. But typically it's two to three classes a day, you know, in those very in length. I have classes a shortest fifteen minutes. I have classes as long as three hours. Um, it really depends on what you want. You're scheduled to look like when you choose it. But during the day, in between classes, I'll work. I'll work on homework. So then in the evening, eventually, at some point I'll be able to just call it and say, You know what I'm done? It's like eight p. M. I'm going to go hang out with my friends for a couple of hours and I'm gonna go to bed. It's good to have that separation. Like have your time during the day when you work and have your time during the day when you relax because you're constantly working, you're going to explode. If you're constantly right relaxing, you're not going to do well, so have the balance. My second tip. Get active. Um, a great way to relieve stress and to be social is to work out. Go to the rec. Go for a walk. Take a fitness class with somebody. Go with your friends. Go with your roommate. Go with your neighbors, go with someone from your class be like Hey, you want to go take this yoga class with me? Hey, you want to go for a run? You want to go for a walk, you want to go hiking. It's a great way to be social and also like getting active is good for you. It's good for your mental health is good for your physical health. So even if it's just I'm just go going to go for a quick jog. I'm just going to do some yoga in my room. You know, I'm just going to some weight lifting. You know, Pallotti's fitness videos on YouTube, Whatever it may be, um or even, you know, joining a fitness club or organization on campus Find a way to get active because that's gonna help with your mental health. It's gonna help their physical health, and it's gonna help with your social life. Um, tip number three. Don't go overboard on anything. Don't go overboard on studying. Don't go overboard on partying. Don't go overboard on, you know, eating pizza and candy and unhealthy fried foods all the time. Just don't go overboard on anything, because if you go overboard on studying, you're not gonna have a social life. You're gonna feel lonely. Your brain is going to be fried constantly. Um, you might have good grades, but you won't be making any memories. And college is a lot about making memories and finding who you are. If you're partying too much, your grades are going to suffer. Your friendships might not be as authentic. Um, you know, you're body's gonna physically suffer. Don't go overboard on partying. You know, just everything in moderation is good. Too much of anything is a bad thing. So keep that in mind whether it's you know, are responsible things or are leisurely things too much of either can be bad, so keep that in mind. Tip number four. Make time for what's important. You have a huge test tomorrow. Your friend wants to hang out. What's important is that you study. You have like you have some homework here, some studying that you could do. But one of your friends just asked you to go, Teo. An astronomy viewing, That's what's important. What is important is going to change day today. You know, You know, you're always gonna have your core like, Oh, yes. Academics should always come first. I completely agree with that. And that's you know why I'm in the honors college. Uh, but don't forget to make memories while you're at it. Don't forget. Create those relationships and have those revelatory experience is where you find who you are in college. Uh, so make time for not just your academics. Definitely make time for your academics, for sure, but also make time for the little things, you know, And tip number five say yes. Um, this this was a big problem that I had my freshman year, so we'll be like, Oh, you want to hang out and like, I'd already be in bed and I just am not really feeling it. I kind on a just watching Netflix, so I'd be, like, No, catch you next time, and I really wish I hadn't I really wish I would have gone, um say yes when you could go, but you can idon't want Teo because sometimes those are the best memories. Like I had a friend comes to me and be like, Hey, you wanna go for a walk? And I was like, It's kind of high open, really tired and but, you know, I said yes because I was like, passion. I should go out. I should go for a walk. And we ended up walking to the droit Parry stadium, which is our football stadium, which is open twenty four seven, and we walked in and the stars were out and we were completely alone in this enormous giant stadium, and it was absolutely beautiful. And it's something I'll remember for the rest of my life because it was just a breathtaking experience to see the stadium that I usually see filled with people on game day completely empty and everything was just quiet and peaceful, and the stars were out, and I was like, This is one of those memories that I'm going to always remember. So say yes, Get out of your comfort zone, do something that makes you uncomfortable. Do something that changes you as a person when you get to college, say yes to those things that you know my end up being amazing. You know, study abroad internships say yes, meeting new people, having new experiences, going new places, trying new foods Say yes, because those are the things that you're gonna look back on and be like. That was so fun. So that's how I balance work in life. Overall, academics come first, but don't forget to make some memories while you're at it, I hope This was helpful. Andi, I hope you guys can apply it to your lives when you get to college. So best of luck. Thanks for watching. Hey, guys. So it's about time, Tio. Go ahead and doing room tour and we offer to different kinds of sweets in Founders Hall. It's sweet style living instead of the traditional, uh, community style living that you see in a lot of residents halls. So we offer two different kinds of sweets. Like I said, I live in the two person suite, which means we have a suite. Uh, me and my roommate each get our own bedroom, and then we share a bathroom and a little tiny common room and the six person sweets. There's three bedrooms, so two people to a room and they get a very large common room. Two bathrooms basically half past. So it's like a toilet sink in a mirror and then a shower room That's basically just your shower cubicle. Ah, your sink and your mirror. I lived in both off these sweets. I lived in a six person suite last year, and I live in a two person sweet this year. And honestly, I like both of them. They both have their pros and cons, but this year I'm living in a two person suite. Uh, so let's go ahead and check out the room. So right over here is my door. As you can see, I have a poster on it. Uh, tip number one, bring us and decorations for your room. Ah, lot of college dorms tend to be very small and bland on bringing decorations can really make your room feel like home. Read every year. I just have some water. Pennant. This is where I keep all of my dishes and such. All of my cups, bowls, plates. I have silverware in that container back there, and this is where I put all of my dirty dishes before I washed them. I have a mini fridge that has a fridge compartment in a freezer compartment. I really like this one. It's really nice here. I keep a couple of my snacks, vitamins, popcorn, hot chocolate, all of that. Good stuff. Definitely keeps him snacks in your dorm. Uh, if there's ever a time when you're hungry and you really don't feel like actually going out and getting food for sure get some snacks to keep in your space that you can just grab right up on this top shelf. I have some extra stuff. Paper plates, jars Oh, there's my dishwashing stuff. Filters for my Britta. All of that. Uh, right over here. I have my three drawer dresser. So right here I have, like, some books. My Polaroid, some my jewelry. This is where we keep. I keep a lot of my shirts in here. Shorts and medicine. Toiletries definitely bring a medicine box that, really, really, and keep all of your stuff together. So this little space right in here, there's my bed. But under my bed, I have what I call the troll. So it's just this cozy little nook that I made that has some pillows. That's my dog. Put a poster in there. I have some pretty lights and such, um, this big storage bin keeps all of the stuff that I don't use daily but used from time to time, and it keeps it out of the way, which is really nice. That's my little bit of cleaning supplies and my yoga mat. My muscle roller, my ukulele. My charger. Right here. Definitely bring a laundry bag. Super super important right here. I have a three drawer of, like, some clothes and stuff like that. T shirts, shorts, et cetera Running here. I kind of have my miscellaneous like duct tape, toothpaste, a straightener, command hooks, all that kind of stuff. So right up here is my bed. I have this really big comfy body pillow. A blanket. I have some pills by my bed. I have this tapestry that I absolutely love. I have some twinkly lights, but I have hanging up. I haven't absolutely the beautiful view of campus. I really love my view. I'm up on the fourth floor, some pretty high. I've lots and lots pictures. Another tip. Definitely bring lots and lots of photos from home if you ever get home. Second, uh, you just want to think of your friends and family from back home, Especially if you go really far away to college. Right over here. I have this little shelf and I have a couple little mementos from home. I have my plants have my clock. That's me and my dog. Some inspirational quotes, um, another to definitely bring something from your hometown. I bought this right before I left. Some from Cincinnati, Obviously. Um, and I like to look at it. Sometimes they it just reminds me of home. So right here, I have this hook. Where? Have my hoody, Mikey's, my gym bag, my purse, all of that stuff. This is a drying rack for my clothes. That definitely an essential bring a drying rack because you are going to have clothes that you can't put in the dryer. This is another essential that I absolutely love. This is where I keep all of my stuff that I wanted Night. Like water bottle magazine journal, Um, colored pencils. I keep my glasses right here. It just hangs off the side of the bed, so I don't have to, like, get up and get anything. Andi, if you happen to make your own troll hole or little nook under your bed pool noodles taped to the bottom is super handy. For if, like, you hit your head or anything, you're just going to get your head on a pole in it. Also, definitely pro tip. So here, have a big, big wall of all of my friends and family and my dogs. Um, and I really love this because I print out new photos every year and I add a couple new ones so pretty full right now. But, you know, um, this is my desk. I'd like to say this half is personal care, and then this half its work except for the toothpaste home. So I just keep all of my make up in this little three door thing. I keep all my brushes in there. This is a big Amir. I also have this little three door thing down here where I keep some personal care stuff like cotton balls and all that, you know, hair clips, now polish remover. And then I keep a lot of, like, desk stuff in here. Like he's a binder and a notebook, a ruler, some tape. Definitely bring a lamp. For when you want to study at night. Maybe roommates trying to sleep. And you don't wanna have the overhead light on. Bring the lamp so you could study at your desk and they can sleep. I got this little more keyboard. I think so. Cute and fine. Right over here is my closet and my mirror. Right here's what? The class. It's look like I have this closet organizer we have. I don't really keep a hole on that top shelf for you is I'm really sure, But this is where I keep all of my shoes. Here's where I keep all of my clothes towels go down there, and then we have just some sweat. Shared some robes. So this is our common room area right over here. This is a little kitchenette down there. We have all of our cleaning supplies. We have some little lanterns. Make cute. A microwave. Definitely bring a microwave, if you can. I have some paper towels, ketchup and mustard was, you know, essential. Come, we have cups of tea, kennel, Girl Scout cookies. And we have a couple of photos to dress up the area right over here. We printed out our schedules in our cleaning schedule. Um, definitely do this if you're trying to stay organized and if you I need to know where your remaining is. You know, in case of an emergency. If you're just wondering where they are, here is something that Lexie made. That's our initials, and we have a little clock. There's a recycling bin. There's Lexie. Right in here is our bathroom. So this so shower curtain and shower, man, that's a little tolerance for over tells and we have hooks on the back of the door as well. We used to command Hook to hang up on this little organizer inside our shower. But we keep our shampoo and such in this three George thing red into the sink. It's worked out pretty well for us. And that's just a straight news here. Drives like that. This is our sink, an army. We have a scale in our bathroom. Use your toilet. Super glamorous. I know. So that was a quick look at the two person suite at founder's at B G s u. I really, really love it in here. Founders is actually my favorite resident Hall. It has a lot to offer. Founders is a really awesome resident hall, essentially located and really lucky that I get to call it home, so All right, guys. So we are on the very first floor of the drone library, and I thought I would show you that some of the stuff that drum has to offer for students right behind us is the collapse. It's a brand new workspace that just opened up, I think last year, Um, they have a three D printer. They have laser etching classes. You could learn different computer programs, origami, anything like that and but are completely free for students to use. Right next to me is our out take. We've talked a little bit about it takes before. It's just a convenience store that we have here on campus. So if you're studying, you want a snack? You want a drink? You've been here a while. You can have it. Now takes the news. You're talking dollars to buy something to eat or drink. Right behind me is the computer lab. Uh, computer lab has Mac and PC computers, as well as black and white and color printing and those blue walls back there. Those are the learning comments. Now, the learning commons are really important. We offer a completely free tutoring for literally every class, but is taught here b g s u learning comments. You they walk in hours or you can make an appointment. I mean, it's really great resource because, you know, even if you just you have a being you wanted a You can come to the learning commons work with a student who's taken the class before and who's in direct communication with the professor. I've used learning comments once or twice for like, a big project or a test that I wasn't feeling so good about. And they're really helpful, so it's Definitely. I think the best resource that we have here in the library. Hey, has So I'm on the third floor of the drum library. Uh, this is actually our music library floor. We have lots of different stuff appear from record CD's tapes, headphones for people to listen to it all with the sheet music. We have computers for sound, mixing and stuff like that we have right behind me. There's an old jukebox. All these shelves are filled with music, books, music album. They separated by instrument in the classical music section on It's really cool. If you are interested in music, playing music, history of music or just listening to some cool music for free, definitely come up and check out the third floor. He got. So I'm here with my good friend Batman on the fourth floor of the drum library and the brown popular cultural every in popular culture Library is actually, it was one of the very first of its kind. And still one of the largest of its kind. They have a lot of cool stuff in here. Like movies, posters. They have, like, this entire collection of buttons and all this stuff. Comic books, you know, just about anything you can think up. So it's really cool in his open for students to visit at any time, so definitely come check it out. All right, guys. So right now we're on the seventh floor of the drum library. Uh, this is our group study floor. I'm gonna walk around in just a second, so you can see we have different cubicles with tables and whiteboards, Fetal work on projects with your friends with we've booths. We have tables. You know, there's printing up here. Uh, so if you just want a little bit of background noise, will you study? Come appear or if you like. I wanna study together for a big test that you have with your friends. Come up here or if you have, like a group, work a group project, this is a great place to do it. So I'm gonna walk around the group study first. You could take a look. The next floor that we're going to is thie. Completely silent study floor, the top floor. All right, guys. So that's about it for a tour of the Jerome today. A couple more facts before we sign off here. That's one of the tallest buildings on campus. It's open until two AM during the week, but it is open twenty four seven, except for Sundays the last two weeks of the semester because those air finals week in Dead Week. So students will be here literally, literally, all hours of the day studying. So yeah, that's about it for the drone. Thank you so much for watching. Whoa! Hey, guys. So I'm here at the Jerome Library. We're gonna get on inside so you can see what it's like. Um, I personally don't like to study at the library because my residence hall has studied launches that I honestly find it just more inconvenient cause the library's a little far from where my residents hole is. But I know a lot of people who do like to study the drum and it has a lot of other resource is besides just being a good place to