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I'm not now at the bottom of the hill of campus. Another door president kind of area, uh, over here, admission building where our admissions college people work as well as down there. We had village, which is soft porn up housing. This was the mid years lived there behind the way Bridge one, which is some senior living down the way we have visit quad, which is juniors and seniors think on those air much more kind of community. Living styles of sweet on things more than triples. Let's go take a closer look. Hi there. I'm standing on a muddy street, which is one of the main street of water. Them, um, it's about a five minute to ten minute Bran van ride, which is a free shuttle service that Brennan's office to students. Um, on DH. It's about thirty minute walk, and I'm standing right there in a pickle, which is one of the best brunch places to go in one of them. Well, neat little town has a lot of top restaurant options. It's great, like very high food option. So if you're ever looking for a T is an There s o I'm Carla standing on chocolates field, which is a multipurpose field. When it's not covered in snow, you often find ways. You Frisbee teams are from our school, which you're doing quite well with their licenses. Or so you know, money players running up. Or you'll find in the weather super nice. Just so your study and relaxing on during finals week, you'll probably see a stage or something because we have what's called spring best here, where the school gets performance to come here doing friends, we believe it's a day full of festivities. So don't put it on super fun on a constable's field because there's three different topples over there, and they look almost identical to, like Show Like It's Like You're in a show that, like they're all like equal on it's actually built in such a way that building shadows never overlap so that no religions like hundred overtaking intruding on another, which just really shows how much like Friday's cares about each individual's persons. Yeah, there's a Behind me is Skyline On, which is actually our newest storm on campus. It's it's only for self for housing, Um, and it's a beautiful building, with air conditioning and heating on the recent so called skyline is because from inside the building, there's actually a beautiful view of of the Boston skyline because you're not too far from Boston. Um, and it's very handicapped, accessible on DH. What used to be there was the castle on. There's a little bit of the castle up, including chums, which is fun fact, actually, where? Well, it's not official, but hypothetically, um, the cafe and friends was based off because times is a little on campus cafe. So that's a fun fact about friend ice on its a very nice dorm. I hope to live there next Hey there. So I'm here Eyes another secret spot on campus. I'm near kind of like what I can. Officially, the se quad have only had sake passes in this building, but it's right next to the library on DH. Um, there's just swaying attached to your tree. I really know why, but I do know that my first week like orientation, our entire orientation group took a picture here with you. And it's one of my first memories here on campus on I think it's supposed to be like a sculpture or something. There's a sculpture rape right behind the camera. Brand days buzz ploy, sculpture, wrists. Those who make sculptures as well as displays on the students artwork all around campus. Um, so that's like something nice about like, how our community really tries to like showing up, let the work of other community members that a prominent. So this is a nice little spot. Come first winning. You often find people taking Cuba photos Hi there. So I'm here to show you around like a serious spot on campus. Um, and I actually found the spot while looking for secret books. The show? You guys, I'm in men Tao, which is up there up steps and one of the humanity squads on DS. Like this Really pretty like glass building. I mean, also has a patio where I'm standing outside. Nice glass building with so much sunlight. I'm really a nice place to just come study or got a good view because it's up eye of the campus. Um, it's also in your heller, which is the graduate school, um, on DH underclassmen. Do you have the opportunity to take some of the graduate school courses? It really major, if they're like and they have interest. That's really cool to, um, and if you're on campus, I definitely, like, implore you to explore, um, upper ab on different buildings in different places to