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Hello, guys. My name is Colleen. I'm a student at Bridgewater State University. And I'm so excited to show you my dorm. Let's get started. So here we have a common room. I'm just kind of hang out and do our homework or whatever. Plenty of seating. We brought all these pillows and decorations. The view is just kind of people walk to get to class of buildings. That building over there is actually Moakley. Andi has three separate buildings inside of it where you could possibly classes. Have a schedule with all order classes on it. Just so we know where everybody is at what time, and then we have my room. Cause it's a pretty nice size. This is how high the beds go. So, um, you can fit the dress or that comes with it and a little bit of storage underneath. But this is my side. Obviously, I have a kind of rolls gold marble theme going on here. They also give you a chair and a desk, which I kind of turned into. I make up station by self school supplies, like in the drawers and like, I have a calendar here like Just keep everything organized, and I have a roommate name's Jill. So this is her side, and then we also have two other roommates in that room. So it's technically a suite with just two Romans in it, like four people live here. So too, in this room, too, in the other room. And then the whole thing's like a sweet kind of This is what our booth. Yeah. So. Come in. Watch here quarters. For insertion quarter, huh? Sister act? No. You come over here to this path right now. Both. But you will come over to this panel crest. Like saying Washington wants one name, Swipe your card and that was the best enter and that will pay for So meal plans here are interesting. You can't have a community you can have a resident plan on. There are multiple resident meal plan, so there's the Sprinzen. Yeah, bronze, gold and platinum or the by the resident male plans. But the silver wanna believe it is is the one for community. So that has, like the most amount of dining dollars with the least amount of meal swipes. Um, so they're certain dining halls that used meal swipes and their mothers and used in dollars. Some of them use both, Uh, like, for example, think it's easy. See that used, Which is the captain's commons? Um, I believe that one uses meal swipes and dining dollars. But yeah, also, we have a Starbucks on campus. There's, like two. Yeah, there's to dunkindonuts. Um, and yeah. So Starbucks takes dining dollars. But Dunkin Donuts is not well, not currently on DH. Starbuck's taking them dollars. This new thing, I'm a senior, and this is the first time in, like, the history of my four years of being here, that Starbucks has ever taken nine dollars. So that's cool. And yeah, so we have to. So actually, we have four dining halls. So we have Tim and Gasol, which is called Tilli by the cool kids. We have, Uh, so, yeah, there's Tillie. There's bear's den. Which eye level the dining hall's has probably the best, most palatable food. Um, then there is the CC. Like I mentioned before, uh, their foods. Okay, it's okay. It's not because not Red Lobster, but like it's okay, um, and there is Crimson. So Crimson is where you go, like, late at night. Like, if you like, comes in is where you go to Greece. Like, if all you want is greasy fried food, that's exactly where you go. You make a beeline to Krypton that they have the best smoothies, smoothies that Crimson are quite possibly the only thing that has sustained me for my last four years of college. So it's fantastic. And anyone that goes here will tell you that comes in Smoothies are phenomenal. So shout out to the people who make this secret. Look, no. Hey! Up there is the freshman dorm. Most people have a bear could of seven hundred students. It's too hall. Shea Hollander did call, but it's just one building, and then this is kind of the east side of campus. This is another hall, and we have the East Common campus. That's Ah has the bookstore and a place to eat over. Here's another upperclassmen dorms, and then inside of it, we have the health center. And as you keep walking, it's another upper class from dorm, and then on the lower level is a dining hall. We also have a community on campus so you can go into Boston. This is called University Park. It's the transition from East Campus Toe West campus. And this is the underpass from East Campus to West So I cannot give you a detailed tour of the library just because it's very hard to film and a library because of noise restrictions. But I will say the library is important on this campus. A lot of people spend copious amounts of time in the library. It's humongous, so that's fun. I do enjoy being in the library, you know, to get books and things of that nature. However, I don't like sitting in the library for extended periods of time. I feel like I can't get any work done in there just because I feel like I'm always shifting so that because I'm trying to find the perfect space because I feel like I shift a lot when I'm in the library. So I don't do any homework in there. I usually just go to a library to get books. Actually, I found Tom the coaches between the world and me in the library today, and that really made my heart happy. So, um, yeah, but the library is very important. And if you are one of those people that can't do work in your room, then definitely go to the library or I wouldn't just going toe like a dining hall to get work done just because dining halls could be very noisy. But actually a lot of the dining. Not damning, but the residence halls on campus have. Common areas so you can have you can actually study in the common area of a time of it. I don't know why I keep saying dining, but you can study in the common area of residents. So this is the apartment that I live in. This is our kitchen slash living. Um, we have drawstring anything. There's my purse on the table. That's our kitchen people. This's a refrigerator, uh, want me thie inside of over. So there's a sink Condemn. Eric leave. Um, Like I said, I think I said this earlier. Um, I live with four five other girls. Um, very nice girls. Um, those air to their rooms. There's a bathroom over here. The stairs up some course. I will show you in my room, but I'm not gonna play myself like that, so, yeah. So, Yeah. So I am currently taking five classes right now, and I know that may sound like a lot, but in context, Um, my first four semesters of college I took a look seven eight classes this semester. And those were not fun times. So if there's any advice that I can offer to any incoming freshmen, it's take a look at the amount of class that you can handle. I mean, there are some people that can handle seven, eight classes a semester. I know some of my biology major friends were taking nine costs semester just thinking graduate in four years, but do not stress yourself out trying to take four thousand costs this semester because it's really not worth it. Like your mental health comes first, and that's with anything, period. But yeah. So, uh, yeah, I'm taking. So I'm a psychology major with a double minor in Middle East and African American studies. Um, I'm taking a mixture of classes. I'm taking it like, well, of the classes that I'm taking this semester. Actually, they all kind of coincide with each other. So, like, I'm taking anthropology of race, class and gender, which fits not only into my psych major, but it fits into both of my miners. I'm taking African American literature, too, Even though I didn't take African American one, there's some professors that we're kind of like if you know them, they'll override that prerequisite because I think they know that you're capable of doing the work. So I'm not gonna say cut corners. But if you can handle upper upper level work, take it up. A little class actually took a four hundred level history class. That was pretty much all history majors. I was the only outlier. My psych majors. No, I'm talking about I was the only lawyer in that class, but it was fun. Um, I learned a lot, and that's really all that matters. So yeah, take his money. But I'm not taking many classes as you can. But like, if there's something that interests you, take causes in it like we offer classes. I think there's a cost for like everything here. I took the cost on information security That was really fun. Way to talk about the killer and how computers were instrumental and finding his whereabouts way. Have like we have classes on drawing and painting to my friends that art majors are in that class on. They love it. There's literally classes for every guinea and everything, and if there's not a class for it, you can petition the have a classmate for it. So it's really easy to kind of get what you