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Hey, guys, is Daisy Welcome back to my channel and welcome back to Fragments. I did start of all this morning, but it was like 7 a.m. And I do not function at that time, But honestly, I'm more tired now than I was then. But today I went on the Harry Potter studio tour, and I've been looking forward to this also, Master, because it's part of my personal culture costs I call to go, like with the class for free. And it was honestly, like it was so cool to see all the behind the scenes stuff and see all the original like props and costumes and like, sets. I think that's so cool and took a lot of cool pictures that will insert here. And I'm probably overlaying clips as I'm saying this, but it was really cool. We spent, like, five hours there, and it was like an hour and 1/2 bus ride, So I left today at 7 a.m. I just go home now. I also just got this package in the mail from Boo. They have this romper that was on sale, and it's very christmasy it. So I decided to get it. And it was, like, £20 or something. It's this green, Robert. And I think it'll look really good with a short layered underneath it. So I'm gonna bring this home and hopefully Christmas, it's so difficult to pack for this trip because I'm packing for two different climates because Florida obviously way warmer than high. So I've got nothing today. The five at it, um, log the weekly logs that is up by now. And right now I'm face timing my family. I'll be sending my little sister Violet. I spent the whole day watching YouTube videos, doing stuff for my essays and everything. Would you feel like is my life recently, But, um okay, you have to show you how I was gonna go to hell. I have my leftover kraft cheese leverage. So you're Hi. It's, um, Monday. Yeah, Monday. And first of all, I'm breaking out. I'm not really sure why, but I mean, whatever weird flex, but, uh, I just got out of organization. Was my last organizations, cause I don't that class I can't believe it's over, actually. Really? Like that costs a lot. There really wasn't a day that I wasn't interested in the lecture room today. New Street, And then I'm going to do my laundry. Finally, after, like, literally a month and 1/2 of not doing laundry, I successfully made two breakfast burritos and t has cooled down to drink. It's just a great time happening over here. This is the finished product, my laundry, and separate them into dark light laundry only to tide pods left. And I need for So I'm just gonna go and get more in town. And I guess I'm not gonna talk tonight. I actually really wanted to go since it's the last session of the semester. But, I mean, I'm gonna see everyone on Wednesday for Christmas dinner, which is really fun. But right now I'm going to go into town. Okay. I'm gonna go and wash this load first. Oh, yeah? Me. Oh, my God. They're so squishy. Hopefully there are people there. I don't want that whole social interaction thing. Uh, just a penny in my pocket. Like what? Another open Get more. Many times. Many ways. Work done on my essay. And I'm gonna go get so chic with my flatmate to Melissa and Matilda and my camera's gonna Guys don't leave here. It's now Tuesday and it's actually like four o'clock or something like that. Last night I went to Yo's Sushi with my flatmates and everyone to others so much fine and my phone died so I couldn't film anything at all. My laundry actually wasn't even dry when I took out of the dryer last night, but I was in such a rush to go into account of my friends because she was clothing. I brought it back in my room and I really come yet all over the place. So now I'm going thio, literally. Just go through all my clothes and see what's still wet, and it's really not that exciting. But I'm not promising you two in the background because one of my not watching YouTube, honestly, my room is an absolute mess, but I just sleep all of the clothes that I have, and it took up my entire bed. I'm going to use as a flat light for a video that I have coming very, very soon. Stay tuned for, and I'm going to film it tomorrow because it's dark out now. But I want to get my clothes out and organized. So I film it. I have to do and say, Well, I don't have to write the essay It's like my final is writing. In that case, why at least wanna have the outlaw on so I could know roughly what to do, But I'm gonna work. There comes a point in every semester where I just mentally check out when I'm like, I I'm done learning for for a little bit. And that point came last week, and that's really unfortunate timing because I have so much to do. I'm putting my phone on the other side of the room, putting my camera away. I'm focusing on my schoolwork and eating my oatmeal. It's Wednesday, my dude. It is Wednesday in my duties, and today I am filming a really big video. Yeah, I only have an hour to film this because I have class because I slept in because I was tired basically what I'm doing this. But he was trying on all the clothes that I brought to study abroad because I never did a packing video, So I want to do something like this before I went home like chain shot a bunch. Michael's Okay, so I just finished filming, actually didn't finish filming. I didn't do it after a little time to fill in my room and absolutely destroyed. I'll tell you, I have literally almost my entire wardrobe on my bed. And then this is a mass I've started packing. It's just not a good time. So excited for this final to be over. So I just got back from class and I'm done with that class now. Only a semester long. Okay, So I hope you like this angle, because I don't, um Final went well, I didn't know some of mobile choice questions, but it's fine, because may I say it was really good only way out. Me and my friend both got these bags Kingston University because they had a open day, and so they're getting them out inside here. I have so much candy that I guess I'll show you right now. John Warren Stripes have these in France, and I really like so of course, had to get those Can your surprise Thanks. Because they made you feel like a rebel. Whatever. I bring them home to factors, munchies. Because I love these. I got some twinings English breakfast fingers, jelly popping candy, Smarties celebrations. I think that has Mars, Galaxy, Galaxy, caramel Bounty, Milky Way, Twix teasers and stickers. And we do have some of these home. But there's no way we don't have a home to a hot chocolate things for my mom and Dad. I thought I got two different kinds of pastels, but I finally got one. I got the regular ones and then I also bought random. Now I'm going to get ready for Christmas dinner. I'm so excited, So I'm just packing. I've made a lot of progress, actually, a pretty much filled this entire half the suitcase. But I want to show you guys these phone cases of this company sent me. It was so nice of them. And I'm so grateful. So this company called Burger, sent me at these phone cases, and it was so, so nice of them and that their so Gordo two guys, I'll show you the ones I got. But they're in this really like Bujji packaging. And so I got this one that's like black and floral, and I think this is so gorgeous. I also got this one, which is like a black and gold marble. And the last one I got was this red and white one, which I've been using for a little while. But they're so nice of super productive, which I love, because I do not trust cases that are not protective, but they're like dual layer shells and yeah, they're really nice. So shadow to burger for sending media's was so so myself. Obscenities. And I'm so grateful. A lot of these are very festive. So I'm really feeling the spread one for the Christmas season. I never got any phone cases for this phone, because before this, I had night five, So run to five on five gazes, But clearly those will not put this. So now I'm all stocked up. I'm so sorry about this. Apartment is, like, three times now, but I love me some English breakfast. It is stuttered, but I love English. Breakfast. Tea. Why do you think I moved here? Just getting I'm gonna do a time lapse because I'm in a time lapse kind of mood and my cameras will charge down. So I hope you enjoy this. Make sure you give us a thumbs up. I need that Christmas dinner way. Just ate our food and finally really good. I don't know. I'm not gonna know you have Good. It was good. Now we're gonna go to prison after this. Hi. I'm currently having really bad anxiety and I don't really know why I feel really shaky. That's that's my life update for you. Today is Thursday and today I went into Central London with my American friend Julia. We went to Sky Garden, which was so incredible I was in a state of pure bliss. I'm so happy and honestly, it was everything. Everything and more. And I loved everything way went and got t at police near Leicester Square. And then we went to the Christmas market in Leicester Square. I didn't like log Log because I didn't charge my camera last night because I for us, Logan. So I didn't want to die while trying to take pictures, but also in thirds and pictures. But I had a lot of fun, and Julia is actually only here for this master. So she's leaving on Saturday to go home to United States again. And I'm leaving tomorrow. So this is our last time we could hang out and is really find it. So Julia Erogenous, shout out. You're a pal. I need to finish packing my cameras flashing on low battery. And this is why I didn't block. Well, see, you're about to find out. I don't even know yet. I'm freaking weird. Hi. Is you hated that I'm no. Okay. Starting over. Okay, it's 3 30 in the afternoon. But I just finished editing yesterday, flawed, going up a lot later than I originally wanted to because I slept in this morning because I was tired. This is going to be the start of my first weekly log. I kind of explained it in my block from yesterday, but I'm going to be doing this weekend is weekly long just so I don't have to have the pressure of filming, editing and uploading on top of schoolwork because the semester's wrapping up. So I have a lot of deadlines today. All I've done so far is edited the ball. They literally woke up, start anything I haven't Even I had, like, a little bit. But I need you to make little proper meal now, but I have some work to do for a few research. Aziz, Um that are due very soon that I hike. You haven't started, so I feel like I should make progress on that. You know, that's all I have planned for today. I was gonna kill my room toward today, but I wasn't intending to editing this Lee, and it's already getting dark because, uh, England is just really trying to rain on my parade here. It really is really gloomy again. I feel like that's probably just how it's gonna be for all wonder. It's just like this, but I mean, I'm not opposed. Fine square go. There's nowhere in the entire e make anyone still talk. But I'm also too easy to do that on asleep. This only also beautiful. But this bowl is burning my hand today. I basically did the same thing that did yesterday, but I also added Chia seeds. Hey, guys, is not Tuesday. Oh, no, it's Monday. What am I saying? It's 1/3 0 that lighting changes not anticipated. I just got out of class a few minutes ago and then I got back in the room. I tell you a bit, I'm gonna fill my room tour today, and I'm really excited to go because I want to film it for a long time. But it's not coming up for a little while because I want to save a bunch of stuff to add it on the plane to Florida, because that place is gonna be nine hours in 30 minutes, and I'm actually gonna probably want to die. So I need things to do. And so I'm gonna film a bunch of south and a bunch of stuff, and they have all that go up. After all, this is over. Yesterday I didn't look, I had, like, two clips to superglue me and I was gonna go to Starbucks. But then I realized the evening vessels are running, so I'd have to pay to take the bus. So But today I worked on a group project, and that's going really well. We're gonna hopefully finish it before Christmas. So we don't have to, like, FaceTime are like escape with all the weird time changes. Because other people, my group of going home to what they're going, like, the other way, so it's gonna be awful time difference. So we're gonna try to get everything done power through before the semester's over. So now I'm gonna film my report and then grab something to eat and then check back in with you after that. Okay? So I just finished filming in my room door, but it's gonna be really hard not to edit that because I'm actually feeling really motivated at it right now, but I have nothing to it. So I made this for lunch. It's whole grain Rice and Kim want with some chicken tomatoes, like a levy green mix with like spinach and kale. There's some onion in there avocado, and then I put some salt in lemon juice. Oh, I basically been doing schoolwork and then watching YouTube videos, and now I'm gonna go to hockey practice. I was of a migraine like it's it's happening. It's coming. I can feel it. So I don't know how that's gonna go. I'm at practice, but I'm gonna take the medicine and go and drink a lot of water. It's like I didn't really Oh, Emily didn't realize they even had a I can't speak. I knew I had a headache, but I didn't realize I had like, a migraine until the late just turn on the light. Because I wow well, this since I didn't realize I was going playing field hockey when I first got here. They obviously don't have any of my field bodies up, so I've been borrowing people steaks, and I asked if I could borrow zone stick and nobody answered me so dissuading. It's really bad. You're angry. So blogging I'm in a parking lot. I feel like there's people in these cars with their probably aren't. Um I just got on hockey practice. Hi is now Tuesday, and it's also almost to a call. Obviously. I just woke up, eat breakfast in lunch and got ready for the day. And now I'm gonna go into Central London, and I'm gonna go with this thing called Winter Wonderland, which is like a Christmas fair on crack. So I've heard, but, I mean, check it out and just don't always spend the day in central London. Even though it's already two o'clock, I'm gonna just by day pass for the tube and just explore because I love doing that. That's my favorite activity. Here's my little bit of day. This sweater is from 21 structures from Paxson, my top shop dance, and then these sneakers. They're just like football. I'm back home now, So basically I went to Winter Wonderland, but I walked there from Waterloo, you know, always gotta take the scenic group. So I walked from Waterloo to Buckingham Palace, stopped there for a few minutes, casual and then walked with borderland. And then my feet, my feet start hurting so bad because number one I was wearing soft my shoes. So that was a big mistake, but on a clean socks. So it's a struggle. And also the issues, I guess, aren't the best for walking. So I learned my lesson there. So I took a tube, literally. One sob to Oxford Street. I looked up this macaroni cheese, please. Okay, Really wanted to go there, but it's in Camden Market, and that's like, way too far away for me to go because they closed the time I got there. But then I looked up and they had one on Oxford Street. Debenhams. Then I couldn't find it. So that was really the Russian. I was like, Mark, it hurts so bad. Like, I probably looked weird walking because my feet are like, not doing well so that I used to go to back to Waterloo, hung out star work for a little bit, ate a ham and cheese toasty on, then to the train back. Oh, no, actually, in Waterloo they have some carolers and like a little worker shop, just like in the middle of the train station. It was really cute. I took the snap video. It was so, so cute. It was, like, very vicious period. Everyone smiling. Everyone was so happy. And I was like, Wow, this is so magical. I love this so much, but now I'm home and I'm really tired. Good morning. It is now. Wednesday is about one Any afternoon. I have to leave her class in, like, 2030 minutes. I'm looking for my camera charger. That's what I'm doing because I haven't turned my camera all week, and I'm actually really proud of this battery for not dying. I just made myself breakfast. I mean, myself, some breakfast burritos currently here wrapped in tinfoil because I did this. Um, yeah, I'm just gonna put my camera and make sure I don't have any work to do before class, and then I'm gonna go to class. Okay, so I just go home from class. Um, after class, I went to Starbucks and sat in there for a while to do some research for two papers I have to do for my birds. Like the culture past, one of them is on football and one that is on subcultures. So I had to do some research to prepare myself. Next week is my last week here for, like, a month. And that's crazy. I can't believe this semester has already gone by and I've already go home again. E mean, yeah, I do what I go, but same time. I really don't want love it because I love it so much, but I'm gonna go make some dinner. I think I'm gonna make that case of D. I think I made the other day was dropped on the floor, Which go watch long. Missed a one, if you want to see you get really upset about that. Okay? So this is what it was supposed to look like the other day. I had dropped it last time, so it didn't look very pretty, but I made it two separate halves, just in case I drop one of them, and I think they came out pretty good. It sounds like 11. 30. I basically dishpan actually looks pretty good. And I'm really proud of it. I get distracted too. Okay. So I'm just indulging bombardments. As you can see, we've been watching Hannah Melo. Sh more like Catherine right, I'm watching. Mm. Enchanted. And then I also was watching my friend shy and who has a channel. Let me know who you're washing for. Bob. Miss Clements. Because I love watching logs. They're probably here videos to watch. But anyway, uh, while I've had those on, I've been going through my clothes. Look how empty my causes. What? It empty it partly because I have so much laundry. Like I do my laundry so bad, Like my Amber's literally full with brim, and it's gonna be, like three loads honestly, and I'm not really excited to do it. My sister is about facing me because I'm going Thio. What I'm doing is having my siblings. They signed me from my bedroom and like showing you what I have for some are closed because I'm going to Florida with my family and I don't have my summer clothes here. And I didn't think I didn't have time to pack a bag before I left for London. So myself at home, I've been making some piles. This is my pile to bring home and stay home because I have to warn the middle. This one is for Florida and then the one over here. You can see it is stuff that I don't need. I'm home because it's really difficult to pack. Like to go home right now because I'm going from here in London. I'm going to Orlando, Florida, where it's going to be like a warm climate like it's going to warm in. The wine. Needs to hear Lenin. Definitely want more more than isn't name. So I can't just pack like one set of clothes. I need to pack for two trips, basically down. Maybe Daphne will help me, but probably not, please. Rude. I had marketing and a really boring and teacher knew that no one was really having a good time. And you let us out early. I was gonna do laundry today. Like, seriously, I actually do Audrey, but I think I'm due tomorrow because the high pod things that I used are in my body. Truman, I think she's here. I'm going to go into town and number one make that return because it's been sitting there and taunting me for, like, over a month now. I'm gonna go and take pictures of the curse of market with my father because she was really nice camera right now. She's an art student. So normally around this time of year, I usually go for Dogville of sick. But recently I've been wearing this like, later pink one and is actually the one I wore. Uh, I went to prom, which was two years ago, almost two years ago, which is kind of crazy. I didn't belong at prom, and I really wish I did, because it would have been such a fun video. But I didn't have my camera yet. I only had my iPhone and then I had, like, a big r. So I didn't I didn't belong. And I really wish I'd like regrets. It's from a poor reflection. I'm not sure what the color is. Oh, it shade number five. This company I loves for function left six. I love liquid lipstick. It's my favorite to use, and I really like this for collection. I have two of them, and then I was won by Kavandi and then a few from actually have a lot from tart and that if you mix but for close with my favorite, also the cheapest, I think Oh yeah, I'm wearing the same thing. I'm or yesterday. I'm running out of clean clothes and I feel like nobody saw me with this outfit, so Oh, my God. Also today, I booked a reservation to go with my American friend Julia to the sky garden, which is like a public garden. That's like a rooftop easily. I'm very, very excited. I've heard the views of London are spectacular from there, and it's free to go to some Definitely lost there. Obviously, I think we're gonna go soon. So I'm gonna charge you care about her for a little bit, but Okay, I'm here with me until the animal fell over. We just bought Starbucks, and now we're gonna take pictures at the market is a nice I read the camera from school, so I'm gonna help. Easy out of it on her. Look, Mass begins underground. You see, a real power e returned my jacket and then way Haven't no cell signal. Apparently in London. Yeah. Defense Central, like the biggest under Doesn't have any wife e I get something. Little happen now. Probably the apocalypse. No, no, like a I don't think so. Go home. Wait. Sorry, But it's do you know, just full speed Yes, that's my You went grocery shopping, and Matilda bought bags. But guess what? I didn't. Okay? Probably here told music in the next room, but it's fine. I got home and liquor feet away and made dinner. I mean, burrito bowl and was so good. I didn't get any part of it because I was too busy living in the moment. But, um, now, me and my friends are gonna go out tonight. I think I'm not sure where we're gonna go or what we're gonna do. We're gonna go somewhere. It's, like, 8 30 or something. No, it's probably, like 10. 30. I don't know. I really don't know what time it is. Who am I? I Yeah. All right. Okay. Oh, hey, there. It's, um, Friday, Actually, technically, now it's Saturday. It's one. AM, um I was about to put my camera in, and I literally dropped almost nothing today because I didn't do a single thing. Really? I'm going to bed right now. There's people outside of the soul out, and I don't wanna tell him. Be quiet, because, I mean, it's already wake up 6 36 30 in the morning because I need to be at school by eights, because tomorrow I'm doing the Harry Potter studio tour, and I am going to end this weekly walk here and then pick it back up in the morning. That's the end of this week. We both really hope you guys are enjoying long Miss. It'll get more interesting once the semester wrapped up. So So you guys next time Jack Frost snipping. Hey, guys, Daisy. I'm looking back to my channel today. I'm starting my first day of classes at University here in London. I'm running a little bit late, so I go to class now. But so it's like three. Allen's later. I just go out of my first and only lecture of the day. It was business organizations and entrepreneurship, and I actually really excited. I didn't think they would like it, to be honest, but I'm I'm very content right now. I love it here if you know me personally, you know that I didn't like my school last year and I really didn't have a good year. But so far I've been really loving it here. Like everything like I love living in soon accommodation. I love going to lectures, even though we've under one. My flatmates are super nice, so I'm just having a really great time. Eventually, you know, maybe l like crash and want to go home. But as of right now, I'm never leaving. So right now I am currently trying figure out what's wrong with my laptop because it's currently stuck on the software update. I'm also counting up my coins because I still have no idea what any of these coins means. I'm gonna see how much money I haven't changed, and then we're gonna go into town. So this is the plan right now? I just can't. I change. I'm gonna go into town first. We're gonna go to the Apple store, see if you have any appointment available for today. Then I have to go grocery shopping. I'm really low on food. I'm gonna listen to a podcast. I've been too previously gifted by Tiffany Ferguson. She's also really funny. YouTuber. And I really like your content. All right, little old TD. I have this sweater which I thrift it with my Conkey backpack. These genes from each of them at more this belt is from and my chucks let's go to the Apple store and hopefully I'll have to spend money. So I just went to the apple store. They're really salty. I guess they probably didn't busy all day with the release of the new iPhone, but that doesn't mean they could take out their anger on me. Then I went to prime or um Oh, my God, I forgot. I need to get school stuff and I forgot. I don't have any notebooks. I'll go tomorrow. Okay? I'll go. A little hole for you first. I got this. Do they cover? Because I do not have one. I got this letter board. I'm really excited. One of my friends, Skylar, She quote fines on letter board and honestly, put those inspirational. I spent a lot of my time alone watching buying compilations. Very, really trendy. Corky. It's fun and relatable. You know, the last thing I got from my mark is this hand sanitizer. Then I went grocery shopping, so I mean, I guess I'll show you. When I called, I got a pizza. I got some tortillas, water, two bags, tortilla shit, chicken because I've been living off wraps. Mature British chance. I get good to great Michael. What? When my thing microwavable right things Chris on Wait green. Because I'm all about that well balanced like tomato. And last but not least, I have these two things the flavor water with I haven't been able to find anywhere recently. I'll show you I've been doing I've been doing a fruit infusion with strawberries and lemon, which is pretty good. Try this out. This was only £16 Bruh. If you are something brought in the UK go to all the my dues. It is so cheap and I'm living for this. I'm living to the prices now. I'm just gonna put these groceries away. I'm not bringing you to the Titian number one Dirty number two. Not everyone knows that, actually. Yeah, they all know I just wouldn't be awkward. People ate some food and I put my new do they cover on, but I'm pretty sure I did it wrong. I didn't know you could mess that up, but, you know, I can always find a way to do that. I'm gonna get a break from Park, but I've never been there before, But I want to go for a run because I feel growth. We're just gonna go there and see what happens. I'm not gonna bring my camera, obviously, because I'm going for a run. And why would I do that? Why are you running? Why don't I have not run like run run since like last year? I'm not even lying like I'm starting so much. The 2.8 miles, probably miles that was walking. Yeah. So it is now Tuesday. I kind of I was long last night, but I basically just hung out with my flatmates for a few hours in the one bed, but have to go into town. I'm gonna write a serpent, a gym there, and I have to get some school stuff like I have to get no books. Oh, also, I wanted to show you guys. I put me first. Fine on it. It's very festive. It is. I had a grat Tim. When I was a hypocrite. I had a grat Tim. When I was check a crit, I had lost the mock up on my boss very festive because it's fall now. Live love, chief of Crim. We're taking out the trash because nobody took out the trash at all. Since the entire time I've been here, Look at us. We're such good people. This is until she's Mike, my flatmate from told I can't open doors going into town and we're gonna sign for gym memberships. We're gonna go to primary and nobody first thing is getting that Starbucks coffee, Starbucks, or both way are in Diagon Alley just pretending we're taking a shortcut. But it's really not a are you having fun back there? You just got so quiet. They were just arguing so loud. And now they're so quiet. Yeah, that's what got to me, Mike. That's like a government. But, Melissa, where are you? I'm gonna cover her. I'm calling things by other means. My mother, Because I met her. So hee log the blood first? Yeah, well, laundering all day. They're all taking pictures and some pet because it's pretty. It is. You can't see it. It's so beautiful. Beautiful. So I probably cry alive. This'd Ted and Victor, and we just went to the movies and we saw the nun. Don't go watch fucking really good. And then I want my girls and I thank God I gotta go. I got back from movies and we obviously went in the kitchen. First of all, we cleaned the kitchen, which is something that really had to be done. Now I am decorating these notebooks like lost A If you wash my California Bulog's, you know, I got all these secret to Brennan male, but with the exception of you, But right now I just have, like, these just gonna be so American, you know, I'm gonna go to bed after this. So see you tomorrow. It is Wednesday in my duties, so I'm about to leave for class. It's currently 12. 24 I've cost won the pennant campus, which is like down the street. Oh, I don't know if I mentioned that I'm going to Kingston University in London. I have British Lee from culture today, which is with all other international students. I'm probably gonna be a bunch of other Americans. It's B pretty sick. Um, I'm gonna go grab some lunch and then make their way down to the bus stop. I think after the Boston five minutes actually takes 20 minutes. Get down there and I can't take this. Okay, so I have five minutes with yourself. Lunch? I'm gonna have to you only way there. Yea, my chemistry with batteries. I just got back from class. It's now 5 30 I think so. It turns out my classes at two and not one. So I got on the bus. It was like rushing to get there an hour early. So I ended up going to the apple store making an appointment, and their next available appointment is even until next Monday. Which is so annoying because my laptop's literally like how I do my YouTube site. How did my school stuff like how we watch buying compilations like what? As well without it. But hopefully it's not dead like all right, because I can't afford a new laptop. But this moment in time. But my cock is pretty good, is basically all Americans. There's like people from the U. S, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands and I think a person from a pole to that's gonna be like all field trips. And like just learning about British culture's, I'm gonna try to add another class as well, because I feel like I'm not being challenged at all. Like I only have two classes really die. Major Cohen, you're really heavy workloads. I want more work. Should be like nobody ever says I'm gonna make some dinner. And then me and Melissa and Mitchell that are gonna go to the gym because he signed it for memberships yesterday. All right, be like all my computer working. And now we're gonna go to the gym, Can't see me. We're going to the gym. Good morning is now Thursday and today's my last day of causes for the week is currently it's almost 9 30 and I've cost 10. So I'm just gonna quickly eat breakfast, get dressed and head to class. But last night, when their friends went to the gym and actually do walk with some surprise Iran two and 1/2 miles and like Core and I did some up the machine, I don't know, I don't got a chip this morning. I have a draft for marketing I'm actually super excited for because I love marketing. We'll see how that go from. Actually, I just want to acquit O t t time wearing this really oversized Corrigan. I've tied T shirt from primary. Could be changed for American Eagles and my chucks. Let's go to class for three hours again. Okay, I've been more than a little while. It is now 45 p. M. I basically have been very productive today. Went to class and we had, like, a 30 minute break. I went to the fake Starbucks on campus, and they literally put a tea bag inside of cold water. Um, it's a fake. Starbucks is all I have to say. I actually really like the class for the first hour. I was like, Wow, this is gonna be so boring and nobody's talking at all. But then there was basically, just like the teacher was just explaining the syllabus. And then after that, we did Cem fun stuff, things and stuff, You know what I mean? Yeah, exactly. So that cross, actually, it seems really fun. All my coffee sing really great. I need to look to see if I can add another classic. The only thing I love to do I put all my dates in my calendar for basically every assignment. That's do every test I have every field trip I have. I think you're gonna have to start calling some food if I want to eat soon, because both of our producer broken. I don't have said that, but both fridges are broken, so we all had to freeze. All of our food is kind of hard when you don't have a fridge in the only a pleaser. But you have food they need, you know? I mean, it's just like really noise. Hi. I'm still sitting in the same spot and it's now 5 30 I'm getting really frustrated because I don't think I'm gonna be able to add another class. And that's like, really annoying me because my schedule so light, like, actually bothers me. I get selling such an overachiever right now. So now only having three costs week is kind of tripping me up. I just ordered some Polaroid film and a textbook I'm used for class and then struggling, trying to get another class. I feel like this log is so boring. I'm so sorry. But, you know, I hope you're enjoying it. If your New Year's subscribe at shameless plug, it is now 6 45 I'm waiting for me minutes to get ready to go. We're gonna go get sushi. We're gonna go to Yeosu shaving because that's where you want. The other day and it was really cheap and a great time. I just cleaned my room and I would show you. But I'm gonna do a dorm for so you're gonna have to wait for that and leave you in suspense. The sun is saying that it looks really pretty. Looks kind of like a Creamsicle. You can't really see it, but it's like nice hombre. It looks nice. Good morning. It is now Friday and last night, a bunch of gold from my plot and the other black came over and just hung out for a little while a long while. We were in here too late to that. I don't have any cost today, so I slept until, like, noon ish made some breakfast burritos. And now I'm just catching up on YouTube and all the sudden, for some reason, I think he's just because I've been your furry little while and I haven't had, like, American snacks for a while. But I'm craving Cheez It. I want cheese. It's so bad, like the extra toasty ones or the white Cheddar ones. Yes, it's almost Halloween. It's not holding. It's along the way. But I really want small in candy. And I know I know that it's already being sold in the U. S. Because it was already being sold there when I left in the beginning of September. Oh, my God, Wow. I've always been here for a month. That's kind of things. I hope you guys enjoyed flaws and getting a little peek into my life here in London. I'll do another weekly once I'm more settled in and like my classes and stuff. And I'm simply doing a lot more videos in London blocking a lot of it in some damn videos. I'm gonna do some, like, tasting British candy. Like comparing the UK United States things like that. So statement without so like home subscribe. Hey, guys, is Daisy and welcome back to my child. I'm gonna do a bit of a moving block because I didn't really do anything yesterday because I don't want shopping to do today. I got some more things that will help me, like, actually decorate it. All I got yesterday was like sheets and pillowcases and stuff. So they're gonna be actually making their move Pretty, Because look at this discussing wall, it is a lime green. And I'm not a fan of head, huh? I'm gonna try to make my room as homey as possible, but it's kind of hard to do when this wall is the most disgusting shade of green I've ever seen in my entire life. Like brighter than my future Green. That's what this is called. So the first thing we're gonna do today is bring my kitchen's after the kitchen's. So this is the first time actually, in my kitchen. And there's also that nice green color in here. But just know this. There are a bunch of dead B and I'm very confused. My bed open. I'm confused. Oh, Oh, I just kept the corner. I bet it hurt. Okay, so it's been a little while. Um, excuse put everything that I thought, and I'm gonna do a little. Okay? It is now high key, like, three weeks later, and I'm still not done decorating, But I could give you an overview of what I have so far. And here's got to wait for a full dorms for Okay, So there's a video statement for a drop for coming very, very soon. And I will see you guys next time. Hey, guys, is Daisy and welcome back to my channel today I'm coming, actually with a room tour. Currently I am setting abroad at Kingston University in London and I'm staying in their student accommodation. I have a single on Sweet and that's produced the norm for all of the dorms here December. So anyway, in the United States is different. Usually you have a bathroom and you have one or two remains anything here and I am very happy about it. So it a single room. So I have no direct roommates, and I have my own bathroom and shower. I do is share a kitchen with my seven other flatmates, which it's okay. It gets kind of dirty. But we have one jobs that we have to do, and the cleaning people will come in once a weekend like assess. If we've done our jobs or not, and you have done your jobs, you get fined. I was trying to do my job because I'm not looking to be find £18 So this is an overview of the kitchen. I hae keep filming this right after the cleaners came, so it would be the cleanest, but this is just what looks like and we have this seating area, and then we have two fridges and two freezers, and then it also came with a microwave, a toaster and the kettle. Then it also has a two ovens and stove tops. And then this is my cabinet, where I keep most of my like, nonperishable food. And then I also use these two drawers. But you just keep more like dishes. And my American food that I brought back with me and then in this fridge is where I keep my food. And I just claimed this drawer so you won't get mixed up with anyone else's. And then this is the little seeing area breakfast bar area where we just chill out sometimes when the kitchen is clean. So this is just an overview of my room. You're so you can get like, a feel for it. Also, something worth noting. I bought pretty much everything in this room when I got here. Besides a few things, so first you see, when you come in my room is my door. I got to use the door hangers from Prime Mark for literally like £1 I keep my most used jackets here. And then this is my light switch for this late right here, which, actually isn't that bad is pretty good after I've logged a little bit that night. You You know, if you walk to the logs, then I just keep most of my shoes here next year. This is my biggest suitcase that didn't fit in storage. And then right here I have my Polaroid wall that only has three Polaroids on it. But it will be full at some point because I bought a lot of film and I intend to use it. Didn't you come over this way? You have my mirror. It actually used to be over there. But then I moved over here because I wanted it to be straight up and down. It was kind of getting warped, leaning against the wall, But I just have it hanging over the bathroom door. This is the bathroom. It literally looks like an airplane bathroom with a shower. But this is the shower. And then I have the toilet and then the sink. I just keep obviously my toiletries in here. At first, I really hated this bathroom because I thought it be really small, uncomfortable to shower in. You could literally shower while you're on the toilet, but I actually really like it because you could just wash the floor while you're showering and it's I don't know, that's that's convenient, you know, to clean your bathroom as much. And then I have a little towel rack right here, moving along this way. This is my bed, and I have my Polaroids I brought from home. I put all up right here. I think it looks really cute. And then I got this washing tape from I think Wilco. And just put that around the corners. I thought it was like a cute little touch. And then I have some very late so you could barely see that go right here. That you just kind of like a late at night when I'm not a night light. But I like at night when I'm just like, sitting on my bed. But I still want some light on If my glasses This is my room, P. I got this little jar thing at T. K. Maxx and I keep all my scrunchie zen hair ties in it. And then this is my bed and my bed actually opens up. If you watch my moving in vogue, you saw me discover this my bed open, but I keep my two other suitcases in there. It's kind of annoying because it's literally the mattress on top of a box, so it moves around if you like sitting on it. I think it's super annoying, but I got my sheets and my debate cover and my pillow cases all at Prime Mark. And then I got my do ve a tiki Max, and it was pretty affordable. Then I have this throw that's a peon throw, and I love it so much is the perfect fuzzy blanket, and I'm so glad I brought it. I brought this from home from T. J. Maxx and I bought it right before I left, so I wanted to make sure I brought it with me. And then another thing I brought from home is this tapestry I got off of Amazon for literally, like $10. I think it's so cute and actually works really well with this hideous green wall that I hate so much, and I just have some fairy lights around it and It looks really pretty at night. The fairy lights really work wonders. Oh, my God. Thes grocery bags just tried to attack me. Okay, so this is my wardrobe. And in here it's pretty empty right now, except a lot of laundry to dio, but obviously have, like, my jackets they don't wear is often slash war when it was slightly warmer out that I have my sweaters and then I kind of like a long sleep short sleeve And then, like this or my fancier occasion outfits and then down here Oh, this jacket fell off the hanger looks like. But I have some more shoes that I don't really wear and then have my winter stuff here. So I have a few scarves and then a few more like reusable bags, and I brought my shoes in. And then in this top compartment, I just have, like, a bunch of stuff in the bathroom. There's no storage in there, so I'd just like toilet paper cotton pads. I'll have my film by Polaroid in here, some stain remover, and then my sweatshirt. And then back there I was with my winter jacket, for when it gets really, really cool, but I'm obviously not gonna need it because this winter is actually super mild here. And then over here, somebody left this little hanging thing stuck here. So I guess that's cool. I have my wallet that has euros in it. And then I have this person I literally never use and then moving over here. I have my notice board, and then this stuff really annoys me because I'm not allowed to take it down. But I think it's so ugly. And then I have the academic calendar that they gave us, um, at the fresher spare. And then this postcard my dad sent me from Hawaii. And who's ever work? This is from Pressure's weak. And these are my flatmates Matilda, Melissa, Ted and Victor. And they're interviewed. My blog's. If you've seen those, then I have an American flag because, you know, you gotta stay patriotic. And then I have a two map over here and then appear I have this thing which I bought to do a D I y. And then it didn't end up working out. But it's fine. I keep my camera on it. My little sister gave us to me and then I usually keep my camera that I'm filling with. Usually. Keep that right here. And then I have my school stuff. So I have all my folders and notebooks for the class event, taking my YouTube notebook textbook and then my agenda. I have two tripods that just like many tripods, my deodorant, my ipad. And then this is like all the stuff that used to add it. So I have my hard drive and then my S D converters and my camera charger in here. And then over here I have my ukulele. And then up there have, like, my socks, underwear and the my pajama stuff over here. I keep my reusable bags for grocery shopping that I also keep my extra letters for my letter board in here, which is right here and usually quote a vine on here. So this is my current fine And start buying here. Yep. This is a bucket. And then I also have some paper towels. Also on this little desk area. I have this return that I need to make a new look, but as relevant. So pretend this out there. I have my back back here. It was my failure, even conch in which is my actual child. I use every day, not just for school. So it's usually like empty because I switched it out with stuff all the time, Then moving on. I have my little chest of drawers, so this was like a drunk drawer. I have like, medicine. I have some extra makeup and, like technology stuff just really random things about the back and cheese that my mom sent me. And this one I have all of my pants. And then that's when I have stuff that I don't wanna hang up slash Don't have enough hangers for, and then to the side. Over here I have my sweat pants that I sleep in, and this is full of there's like grocery bags that he used as trash can liners and then coming up here you have my scenic view of the Kinks in Hell campus. Very scenic, I know. Also, the student bar is down there, which is really annoying at night. When I'm trying to sleep in, people are like screaming, but I mean, I guess it's fine. I counsel here everyone's conversations, so it's pretty funny, too, just like people watch over here. I do that a lot during the day and then I also get a nice sunset view, and I always keep my window open to get that air circulation and then on my window. So I just have some random stuff. I have all my change in this little bucket here. I have this jar that should put a bunch of light in that I use the lamp, some sticky notes. I have this little mirror here that they do make it with my laptop, and then I think this is so hopeful. It has these little holes in it so I could put my charges through it. But I have my makeup. This chair is very uncomfortable, but I spent a lot of time sitting in it. Then under here have my laundry basket, which is extremely full because I need to do laundry. It will be nice to look back on, even like at the end of the year, because I know things around more. I've already moved things around since I've original, seldom make sure to leave a like comment and subscribe for more videos. I'm going posting a lot more this year, hoping there's air having enemies and gay angle it.