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Thinking about Suffolk University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Suffolk University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Suffolk University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Suffolk University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Suffolk University experience. These Suffolk University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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I've made my home in 10 times by now. So be 28 years of free fall of now. It's a good way now, normally, after your 1st 2 years living on campus in the dorms, which you've seen you kids off to stay on campus. Or you could do what most kids do and talk to the Department of off campus housing and move off campus. Thanks to them, I was able to move off campus to a place that it's only 15 minutes away, started by nice restaurants, a good gym and pretty close to campus to So for those 8 a.m. So I'm not always late. Check it out. My place is a cozy two bedroom, two bathroom that I share with one roommate, and it also has a patio. We furnished everything ourselves. Thanks die here and in my room is You guys could see I had my bed, my desk, my closet, along with some lighting, my posters and my musical instruments and athletic gear, along with my mini fridge as well you see in Suffolk because the workload, it's pretty easy relative to other schools, provided that you stay on top of your assignments and exams aren't stressful either, especially if you study throughout the year. So getting good grades is pretty simple, and this means that you have a lot of extra free time to do other things for me. Example. I like to do sports. I like to play guitar play, you cook and just hang out with friends and have a good time. All right, guys, thank you so much for watching That was it for this video, and it was a little bit short. But stay tuned for the next form where I will be showing you guys my favorite sites on campus, along with a little bit more on academics and which you guys can expect. That's gonna be a little bit more informative and longer. So don't worry if you enjoy this guy's. Please leave a like comment. Hit that subscribe button and I will talk to you guys next time. Peace out. It's an IRA. guys, thank you so much for watching that. Just sticking with me till the end of the tour. I hope I was able to answer all your questions that you might have had just given you a really good experience. Like like a good campus Riel tour of Suffolk. You know, shown you, like all the academics, all of the extracurriculars and everything. I mean, one thing that I'd like to mention is how our program council in our International Student Services they'll do a lot to take students out into just exploring Boston Greater Mass. Like I think recently they just did a tour on taking people to New York for the day. They did a thing where they take you apple picking. They'll take you article sledding. They'll do a bunch of fun things that's personally One of my favorite things about Suffolk is how they integrate you into Boston life into the city life, and they help you out with careers as well. Of course, a couple of things I'd like to maybe adjust and, like, I'm not a big fan off of courses like safety. Sometimes it issue. But of course, if you're out with friends and you exercise caution then, like you'll be, you'll be fine. You'll be fine. And, well, I mean for me from my end here. I've just got a couple of little tips and tricks for you guys to make the most of your time and stuff it. Just go to events, hang out with people, hang out on campus, stay on top of your studies. That's a big thing. And just enjoy yourself. Enjoy the ride. You're here for four years. This is gonna be the best four years of your life. So you know my who will make the most of it. And yeah, if you if you want to hear it from other people well, coming up, you're gonna have to Interviews from other Suffolk students explaining their like whole suffering experience too. You really and I will be back with you guys to say my final goodbyes after So when you're fresh from here, if you were like me, you're probably gonna get clipped in this building. That's right near the door. So 1 50 trump on streets. Now, Right now, I'm in a big way. There's a bunch of freshman because in your dorm you're not really gonna have access to the kitchen. There's also Community Kitchen on the second floor. However, that's been sealed off for the summer next semester and threats semester. Usually there. They've got a little you know, over here we wait wash you have your money on your student cards to you right here, sweetie, and a way out of your account in into the booth. Additionally, I'm going to be showing you guys one of the doors with floors on and you'll get to see what life is like. The floors are set up in a traditional residence hall style with 40 to 60 people floor. Over there, you could see the common area where you gamble had four meetings or events. We could just have a few friends, watch movies. Just enjoy yourselves. You typically being either single room with one roommate to roommate, three roommates, sometimes for other man So you'd be in a suite with 10 people there. You have doubled coming up over there. We have to study room. And although a lot of people used it to study, I found it. Pretty people there, just go there, play guitar. You know, I have my own alone time for us. We have a code system, uh, for the groom. So over there, you just punch in the code and then hope adoring. You're in our bathrooms. Featured. It was shared by, So they had a wheelchair. Accessible stalls, normal stone, wheelchair accessible showers. Well, stick around to see what the inside of it. when it comes to my favorite building here, something I'd have to say. It's definitely Sawyer going where I've had most of my classes. Workload will vary depending on your major. So, for example, me, a marketing management major might not have as much work as, let's say, a science major. But this building isn't just for work, is you guys are going to see so you're probably asking where to? Most students like to hang out here if they're in between classes and right here on the third floor, we've got all of our extracurricular things, what we like to call the student lounge. So over here, we've got, as you can see, a popcorn machine by looks of things. And here, students who can just come and unwind relax. They can prepare for tests, meetings, pitches, product presentations, you name it. Suffolk's got a really good business programs I mentioned before, and there you Khun, people often come here and they practice. I remember my freshman year. I came here to practice my patient that we did for Amazon, and over here you can see our Program council and our Greek life over there. You can see that's our Greek life office and real life is actually a pretty big part of campus, even though you were commuting campus for the better part of things. The Greek life houses, they're kind of 20 minutes commute outside of the campus. And over here you can really just see that this place is more for organizing things. It's the fraternity and authorities here. They do rushes where they'll have wing nights. They'll have retreats. They'll do a lot of things for for just the Greek life on campus. And it's it's a relatively big part here. So if that's what you're looking for, then Suffolk offers that also pingpong table. You'll see more of that. And that's all I'm gonna say. Unfortunately, hear no jazz music in the elevators to keep us company. But what were notorious for years? A little bit of inside joke for you suffer kids the elevators in this building. They're known for being a little bit slow. So if you're ever running late for camp like for your classes, that's the number one excuse people give. But anyways, here we are on the fifth floor of Sawyer, and we're actually gonna be walking to the computer labs that we have. So if you don't have a laptop here, fear not because a lot of the class is over here, they'll like the ones behind me. We also have not an accounting person or a finance person, but we've got stock market stuff there, as you can see and behind me right here, we've got a computer lab full of computers that students can use for anything, no matter what your major is. All right, let's keep going with the Tour. Wait. What is up, guys? Welcome to your campus Riel tour of Suffolk University. I will be your guide today. Ze bad Roman. A little bit about myself. My hometown's originally way, way far out right over here, actually in Bangladesh, Kenya, Switzerland and now to Massachusetts here in Boston, Suffolk University Guys stay tuned for an amazing tour. Learn about Suffolk, learn about our campus or students or culture and everything. Well, stick around. I'm currently 1/3 year studying marketing and management here. It's offic. A cool thing about having a campus that's so integrated with City are the views such as this of the historic Charles River that's not too far from campus? Foundered in 1906 Suffolk University is an intimate campus with about 7,500 undergrad and 3,000 grad students located in the heart of the city and surrounded by such historical things such as the statehouse, the common, along with many, many other things. We offer over 50 programs with the heavy focus on law. We were a law school, after all, to start Business arts and Polly Side. While much of the university is closed in the summer stick around with me to see what Suffolk has to offer as well as what freshman can expect in their first year. We'll be taking a look at some sites on campus, some of the cool things about the city, and finally, we'll have some interviews with some students, and then I'll give you guys a couple of little tips and tricks to help you survive. So what you waiting for? Follow along. Wait. The coolest thing about having the city is your campus is that this is your squad in this video, Siri's, I Hope Toe look Att, some key features of Suffolk as well as what my dorm life looks like. And what you can expect is a freshman coming onto campus. I'll show you in the next video what my dorm room well apartment looks like, followed by what my favorite parts of campus are. Like my favorite academic buildings, the workload and a typical classroom also touch on our Greek life. Yes, that's right. In a university that's so integrated into the city, we've got Greek life, along with some interviews from students and everything. So stick around guys. I promise it'll be worth it. take it slow, but it's not typical. So when I'm not busy studying for finals Oh, are just being another is the campus. One of my favorite things to do on wine is coming into this building right here, which is our state of the art gym. Asian. That's something. Come take a look. Suffolk is currently a D three school offering basketball, baseball, hockey along with other sports. This gym that you see right here was recently put in and accessible for all Suffolk students and faculty. Pretty cool, right? But wait, there's more downstairs, stay tuned. So it looks like we're gonna be in a very padded cell. Guys like promise you We're just on our way to one of the many amenities that Suffolk offers such as So well, it is a little bit messy right now, guys, because of the summer term and everything. Normally this basketball court right here that we've got is not only just a basketball court, but they'll turn this place into a lot of fun stuff with the program counsel. So a lot of times you'll have events like laser tag set up indoor. Yup, that's rights, laser tag and a lot of fun. Other things like discos, you name it. That's our thing. It's offic. Okay, So you remember when I said I was going to show you my two favorite? Well, two out of three favorite places on campus, that right there behind me and to my left? I think so. What's to my left is known as the Ws far for us, and that is our radio program. We have suffered three radio. You'll be able to find a link right here to my radio show. That actually happens every Friday when semester starts back up. And we have we host a bunch of other skills, too, so I'll give you guys a quick little peek. Unfortunately, with being summer, we're not gonna be able to see everything. But you could get a brief, brief look at our station. We've got our station there playing music talk shows, whatever wei have. Well, I like to say we have a little bit of everything shameless advertising for my show called a Little bit of everything. And over here we've got what I think is really cool. Unique about is our vineyard. So this area is decked out completely with everything you want. Expo P s for we gaming, computer and tables tournaments and everything's but to talk about that a little more, we'll have. My friend Steve described a couple of things straight. Hi, guys. So, technically, I am a good enough player to be able to tell you about all these things personally. My favorite games include Tech in Seoul Caliber and Mortal Kombat. These are all finding new uses you Khun, as you can probably decipher from that. And I'm just a player who lost a tournament like a couple who are not salty, your salty. So I'm perfectly fine about that. Don't worry about it, but personally, these are what I like. Thank you so much for watching that guy's. As always, if you enjoyed that video, leave a likely comment down below that subscribe button. And if you're watching this on campus real well, I hope I answered your questions on one of my favorite parts of campus, while a couple of them actually, and I look forward to see you guys in the next video, where I show you guys my favorite academic building and tell you about what you could expect in terms of work. It's offic along with the next couple, where I'll show you the classrooms, the lecture halls and give you a more academic side of things. But then, of course, we'll come back a little bit more fun. Stay tuned, guys. Help you enjoyed.