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Welcome to Colgate!

Welcome to Emily's tour of Colgate University! We start things off on Willow Path, which is one of the most scenic and famous parts of campus.

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Emily Griffith
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Thanks so much for checking out Colgate University on campus. I'm a senior here at Colgate with a psychology major sociology miner, and I'm actually from Houston, Texas. So I'm a pretty long ways from home here in upstate New York, but it's so beautiful out here, and I think Colgate is probably one of most beautiful campuses in the entire country. I'm actually standing on one of my favorite places in the entire campus. They actually wrap the caries with Christmas lights, so stays really lit in festive. Right behind me over here is Taylor like Terry likes actually are man made lake. We have a boat house that's about a five minute drive from campus for students get engaged and those fun outdoor activities all for free. I can't wait to show you around, so stay tuned.