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Thinking about Colgate University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Colgate University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Colgate University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Colgate University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Colgate University experience. These Colgate University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

Everyone game day What all? Here with my friends. Bring your watching Colgate honky, which is one of the biggest. What's with the surprise to me coming from the Midwest? Football, basketball. But hockey's pretty big here, and we do have a pretty good, like a student section, like you don't have a lot of coordinated, but we do have a lot of students sitting Section twenty. I'm sorry. We are your competition in our hockey right now and it doesn't help Tio. Bye, Luke. It's a pencil. Yeah, only six hours. Six hours, nothing. People from all over. This game is no big time, but I like, I think time flies. My Midwest need. So I think it's pretty good, so I'll continue on Everyone. Thanks so much for checking out Colgate University on campus. Real. My name's. Emily. I'm gonna show you around my campus here. I'm a senior here at Colgate with a psychology major sociology miner, and I'm actually from Houston, Texas. So I'm a pretty long ways from home here in upstate New York, but it's so beautiful out here, and I think Colgate is probably one of most beautiful campuses in the entire country. Right here. I'm actually standing on one of my favorite places in the entire campus. Ah, this is Willow Path. Just a beautiful walkway. Frames with trees in the wintertime. They actually wrap the caries with Christmas lights, so stays really lit in festive. Right behind me over here is Taylor like Terry likes actually are man made lake. We don't use this for swimming and boating. We have a boat house that's about a five minute drive from campus for students get engaged and those fun outdoor activities all for free. But I think this game this is absolutely amazing. And the school is incredible. And I can't wait to show you around, so stay Hey, guys. So this is my last video and before we completely parted ways, I was hoping to give you guys a little bit of advice from an experienced expert, obviously. But I have been through this, and I do know what you guys are feeling, so hopefully I can share a little bit of my experience, so it makes you guys feel better about yours. So I hope you enjoyed Colgate University and my virtual tour of campus, and I hope you enjoy the campus as muchas i d'oh because I really love Colgate. But on that note, my biggest piece of advice for you guys is Don't feel obligated toe like anywhere. It doesn't really matter the prestige of the reputation of any school or if you're expected to go there anything. What does matter is if it feels right for you. So if Colgate isn't the place for you, that's OK. If Cole is the place for you, that's great. Catch me on campus next year. I'll look for you, but even if it's like Harvard or something, if it's not the place for you, that's OK. It doesn't matter. Find a place that works for you and you ultimately have a great college experience on the other side of that same coin. Don't don't like hype college up if that makes sense, because college is very much what you make it. So you always have the choice to, like, be involved as much as you want to when you go to college. So try to make it the best you can for yourself. And I promise you that it will definitely be worth it at the end of four years. So if you do end up coming to Colgate, I'm very glad I convinced you. And I hope to see you on campus next year. And if you do, come, try to find me. So thank you guys and good luck in your college search and goodbye. Everybody. It's me again. And I am here and Curtis Hall in my room with my roommate Haley alone. Um, and worry. So we live in Curtis Hall. We live in a double, and we're going to give you a quick room tour and tell you some dormant essentials in just a disclaimer. Curtis Hall has the smallest or campus. That's true, but we make it work. Yeah, we make your so before we do that, Hayley, where you from? I'm from Cleveland, Ohio, so let's not too bad. No, A six hour drive is really good. It's good to get trains. It's fine. Were you able to tour campus before you came? Yeah. Twice. White. When? Yeah. Are you happy with your decision? I'm so happy with so little gained. Great. Agreed. Okay. Part of it's probably because she's really was roommates with me. Oh, no. One hundred percent. Yeah. So let's see. Await. Wait. She's logging. My name is Hayley. Hi. Come on in for the room. Toward. So here it is. We have a mirror right here. First of all, I should probably tell you what the school provides for us, So we each get a wardrobe that looks like this. And this is pretty specific to Curtis Hall. Like they're a little different in the other halls. So you get one of these wardrobes. We each get a desk, and I'm a little salty about these desks. Not gonna lie, because the on ly sort of drawer they have is this which is annoying, like there are no shelves. There are no drawers. But this is specifically, like Curtis Hall. Like the other halls have much better discs. And we get a bed that you can change the hide off. And this is about right now. Mine's at the highest. And it's about I don't know, like waist height, Like right of here. Those target George spin underneath it. Yeah, you have. Yeah. So when you have it high, you can fit like I brought these drawers. And the lighting is pretty bad. Let me see if I can. I brought those drawers, and then these drawers are provided, So that's everything they give you, and everything else is up to you on what to bring. So, Haley, what was your most important thing? Like? What's your dorm essential? That speaker. That speaker right there. It's so much fun when we were, like, all hanging out in here and we can just blast our music. Oh, yeah, like you, everyone has their tastes so nice. But not after quiet hours, right? Are quite hours are eleven on week days in one on weekends. Yeah, yeah, my daughter essential personally is this big fan. And even though it's really cold here most of time, the first few weeks were so hot Fester and it was so nice. And sometimes it's nice to just get the air circulating because Curtis doesn't have air conditioning and all dorms on campus don't have air conditioning except gatehouse. So just so you know, Joey and this is the temperature. Yeah, we'll have a thermostat. It's like hot heating. Yeah, Luke, what's your dorm essential for breeze? So that's true for breathe. Sometimes it can get thinking, but it happens. So this is dorm life. This is your life. And Curtis Hall. It's really Curtis had the most people in it, so we have really good common rooms. So we take advantage of those lot because kind of hard to be in this space. But that's about it. And hopefully you have such a good roommate assignment that I got us, so I'll get you guys somewhere else by now. Everyone. I'm currently standing in heels in New York, in downtown New York, to be more specific, and him to New York is a village, so it's very small, but it is very beautiful. If you look behind me, you can see all the pretty buildings and that big clock tower looking one that is the Colgate bookstore and their two rows on each side. It's to be completely honest. I think this town is incredible. I love being down here, but I don't get to just come down here that much. Living up the hill. I kind of have everything I need there, so I'm not really done here all that much. But I know that's not true for supper. Lived out until I know they're done here live and getting food and going shopping and everything, but sometimes come down here on Saturdays for the farmers, which really thing. It's really fun. And people from the village of Hamilton come and sell all this stuff they made, and it's a really cute and really only has about four. Yeah, that it is really small in a lot of places over the summer, our kind of day. So I'll get you some miles. We're watching. Hey, guys, it is me, Haley, and look again. And we are sitting in first floor Curtis Common room. I'll show you it's just this nice open area. Sometimes we have like bagel brunch is on there and up there, there's kind of like a balcony that's second for common room. So each floor has a cool common room like this, and that's the door to leave. But Way wanted to talk about that sentence. So F. Sem means first year seminar and basically it's like a normal class, except it's a except it's like close. They're people going out, but it's it's closer, and it's kind of like a support system. And one of the important thing about it is your professor of your SM is your academic advisor. Until you declare your major at the end of your sophomore year, it's like ill. He or she will help you schedule on everything. My academic advisor is great. I love him. He's super helpful. He's super invested in our success. So if I'm not mistaken, Haley and Luke actually met. And then we bonded because we're Ruiz and she introduced me to live. So it's there. Somebody different communities like make for you, OK? And you just get connected with so many people. But yeah, that's the main thing with the F ence. Really a normal class. But it's just more conscious that you are new to college. So they, like, make sure they help. And, yeah, other than that, it's just a normal class. So that's it with Epsom and I'll catch you guys somewhere else talking about something else, so I'll Hey, guys. So right now I'm staying in front of the person steps of the person steps. Are these quite large stares right behind me. Okay, It's actually located on a pretty big hill up on top of the hill as well, where you'll find all the academic buildings, first year sophomore residence halls, dining halls, kind of the main parts of campus and then lower on the hill, you confined upperclassmen, apartments. Athletic complex is some of the other student resource is, but the person steps a pretty crucial for allowing students to get up and down the hill. The cool thing about the person steps is there actually heated, so there's no ice or snow on them. Even the middle of winter students can get up and down the steps and up and down the hill really Hey, guys, it's me again. And I'm just Hey, um, of floor of my dorm with Haley and Luke again, I can't escape these guys, But we wanted to talk about culture and traditions. That cold game, so the biggest thing will probably hear about is the number thirteen. And I remember being really confused before I came to campus. Like, what does? Why are we so obsessed with thirteen? And it turns out it's kind of complex. So it's hers out. The school was founded by thirteen men who each gave thirteen dollars in thirteen prayers. And I think that's it. And our addresses. Thirteen Oak Drive. And there are thirteen letters in our motto Day Ock Vera Toddy, which means something about truth but gods. Yeah. So we're pretty obsessed with the number thirteen here. Uh, I think that's about it with it. I don't know. Every Friday, Friday, the thirteenth, you will see alum Colgate wearing there. Oh, yeah. Cold day. Yeah. Every Friday, the thirteenth is Colgate Date. Doesn't matter. The month doesn't matter. It does matter the day. It's got to be Friday, but they all wear their core gate gear all across the country. All across the world is really cool and on campus, I know there's a lot of celebrations. We haven't been here for one yet, but it is the bicentennial this year. So we have been kind of partying and like not so Earth, Wind and fire came to campus, which was pretty fun on the twenty second. I second that it sometimes almost perfect, but more generally with cultural Colgate, I would like the phrase people use to sum it up. Is work hard. Play hard like that is so true. Like one immigrants like Yeah, yeah. One weekend I was in the library for eight hours and like I was still able to, like, go out. You know, God has a friend. I won't get into those details. But there are a lot of for such a small school. I was really surprised at how much you could do, how much night life there is, a lot of it, like centers around Greek life. But there's also a bunch of other places you can go, and a lot of it doesn't involve drinking either, So it's a pretty inclusive campus when it comes to activities you could do at night, which it is pretty nice, because sometimes I don't feel like going out and you know, So what? We saw Rocky horror. Yeah, that was really fun. But likes offer free. They had pizza. So, yeah, the other night they had like a midnight screening of Rocky Horror Picture show, which was really cools for Halloween. So overall culture is, although it's very heavy on academics, there still a lot of emphasis on having fun and building community. So it's a pretty cool place to be. I think so. That's all with culture and traditions. Hopefully, if you guys come next year, you could be a part of making our culture. That was you. But I'll see you guys somewhere else. So right here we have Love Auditorium, which is actually the largest classroom space on campus. It seats about three hundred people, though no class really, ever fills love. The largest class you can possibly find your Colgate is about a hundred people every semester. But after that, all the classes are really small. We do have an average class size of about seventeen and a student faculty ratio of nine to one. So any class here and you're gonna have really individualized attention from the professor's, which is a pretty great, great way to learn. And it's really great how accessible and eager to work with the students they all are. Everybody. I'm here, Frank Dining Hall, which is the main dining hall on campus. And I could see there a bunch of flags on feeling in those lines represent all the nationalities of all the cold pizza, which is pretty cool. And this is what makes this so you can eat to my right. There's all the eating area. And then to the left, there's all the seating. And so, yeah, I'm gonna go get breakfast in the second, so I just got something eat. This is my friend, Dean. We're having breakfast between classes and Dean. How do you like the food here? The food is aggressively mediocre. To say that's a really good way to go like it's OK, But eggs, it's never really great, isn't it? Yeah. You know, they have really nice Sunday brunches. It's true, which is nice, and they have good ice cream, which could be dangerous. But you're from pretty far away, right? Yeah, from from Egypt. So there's a little a little bit of distance between here, but you were able to tour here before you. Yeah. So I I play on the team. Go. Yeah. And I came for my visit. You see the flag different flag up on top of the top frank ceiling. And so I was pretty pretty happy about that. The the flying for every nationality. So it's pretty cool walking soon. Diversity student body. Thanks, Dean. And so overall, I think foods Not bad. Especially here, Frank. And it's nice. That is twenty four hours. Yes. Clutch. Yeah, fine. So that's all for Frank, So