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Disappearing things going on here. We had a harvest here. A hundred seven three here. It's a lot of school sponsored events here up in here on Kimble. Two residents call there. So people Lord. Go, Please. Nice house. Just walking around now. But yeah, it's very replied. Christ, Juan Oliver celebrations. Here we had. It's a party. Year here really cross. It's a lot of first year students, all floors and a bunch of crystal. I'm not a good time here. What, TJ, a lot of fun. So right now I'm in our rec center is called The Fieldhouse is currently being redone and rebuilt, but I have to start construction yet. But they announced plans and it should be done by next year. For right now, that's what we have in Holy Cross right now. I'm standing in the basketball court of the field house as usual. Neither side this tarp over here that more of the good James left more machines and stuff. Treadmills, wait. Machines, bikes, ellipticals, etcetera. So this is basically we're going to get the field house. There's an indoor track as well. Here. You could run on that if you work out. Ah, lot of intramural sports. Take place here, here on a bunch of and we're basketball games. Baseball games, etcetera. Happened the field house. Because this is one of the average student we'll goto the rec center, toe workout and stuff G one athletes have to go the heart center. So they're going Tio, What's it called? They're going to work out and play sports there. That's much nicer. I wish I could show you guys that, but you'll see it if you come. Holy Cross, I can't show you guys don't have access to it, but I'll show you what if you come into work. But I can't show you that because I'm not. Do you want happen? So, yeah, that's just basically the field house. And if you're the Holy Cross and you know the one athlete than that's what you got. So this is St Joseph's Chapel. It's our main chapel here on campus. We have three main chapels. Here way. Have our St Joseph's. Which is this? We have a merry chapel down stairs. Then we have the Makua Chapel, which is a smaller chapel for daily mass. Behold our main events here. So we're ahead Are seven hundred seventy fifth anniversary Mass at St Joe's. Our high Holy Days air held here. A lot of big main events. Both Catholic holidays. Campus celebrations are held a Saint Joe's chapel. Our freshman convocation was held here, so it's definitely a main spot here on campus. You'll definitely be familiar with it. If you come. It is open. Pretty much twenty percent ever experience a time where I had been able to access that maybe once it was locked. Very, very basically. You're welcome to come here. A flag to pray you never need to do. It is a beautiful spaces you could tell most masses Sunday. Master held here. Like I said, we hold one eleven, thirty mats here too. The other masses air helped the marriage chapel downstairs. You'll see here. It's a smaller chapel way. Haldol. We hold our seven p. M. Catholic matters are nine p. M. Catholic Mass and our four thirty denominational service downstairs. What faith you are with Catholic prophetess and forthe dogs, a Jewish Muslim. Even if you don't have a faith in your want to check it out, It's welcome to, so, uh, yeah, This is St Joe's Chapel. No, it's fine. Everyone, this is Callie, so we'll be interviewing her. See, so All right. So this is Callie. Wait for me. I'm from Avon, Connecticut. Well, how far's the noise? It's about an hour and twenty minutes. So a couple of questions for you. So why'd you come here? I really just wanted a small Catholic school, and Holy Cross just gave me those options. Now be honest. What is one thing You love? This whom? One thing you absolutely cannot stand in the school. I love you, dude. I think the food is. Yeah, I disagree. But one thing I don't like wish that they had more options for classes. Yeah, like it's very hard to get into act way. Had enrollment. It was a right time. Have. So? So, you know, I can't. Well, as you described Holy Cross like their students, like a stereotype. Just really nice. Really? Yeah. I've had a very good experience being honest. Guys, I think that the kids there. So Jen, really, I agree that it's like everyone's been saying that there was a nice three people sent there. If you have to give my advice to student considering Holy Cross process Fine. What would you say comfortable across? Perfect. Yeah. Okay, so that's it. So this is Smith Laboratories, with laboratories won the newer buildings on campus. It was finished and dedicated like in two thousand nine. So I'm not that old, So you could tell it's very, very new and other buildings on campus you can see it's pretty much gorgeous. It's literally a lot come here just to study is not any signs classes. There's a science cafe here. We will come and eat so lot will come here. Just one of labs. If you're in one of our signs, cost is taking on our lab or two hours lab per week as long lectures. I's gonna non major science cause you don't talk a lot, but if you are size major, you single lab with it. So our science programs include a biology, chemistry and physics as long with some of minor and geosciences and also a major environmental studies. So we do have a pretty good science program here as long as you have a career path with engineering convention, and now you'd be in a lot of time here. The Science Library for Science Building this is the Science Library Science Library is one of the three main libraries on campus. Uh, along with dining. The music library is only a condition library on campus. A lot of people come here to study what it's hotter out, actually, other libraries or not. Air conditioned, unfortunately. So yeah, that's basically Smith Laboratories. All right, guys. This Memorial Plaza Memorial Plaza is another quad on campus, kind of the center of campus. It's in between three academic buildings. We have Smith, Fenwick and O'kane was kind of senator of that. Basically, this Memorial Plaza is okay to Holy Cross. Alumni who lives were lost on nine eleven terrorist attacks, so you could see their names right there, says their name in the class. You basically, this quad is more of a peaceful quad. Not much goes on in here. A lot, too will come here now to study kind of hang out the more of a quieter place. Like I said, it's kind of center of campus was in a weird spot. It's on the bottom of a big stairwell, but most were kind of passed by its beautiful plaza. As you could see, there's foliage all over statues found Jin is a gorgeous applause, and definitely greats So this is Diane Library Don. Library is actually one of the main reasons actually came the Holy Cross, because I need to study in the library, and I could not study in bad libraries, so absolutely love this library. It's absolutely gorgeous. This is the main entrance of the library and then coming next, we got the reading room, which is where most people study. If you can get a spot, this is the main reading room, As you could tell us, absolutely gorgeous. There's tables in there, but I want to get a spot so you can fight over a spot and make computers and there as well. But if you can't study in the main reading room, studying in the archives still show you guys in just a bit. But basically done is our main library on campus. A. Tte. The hours are pretty good that usually open on, begins to around one AM Ritu am, and they close on weekdays. Midnight. I think I'm Friday's a closer on. Ah, I, too, am a swell Sunday. The clothes onto external people have papers they do not like about Diamond. Is that there? There's no air conditioning, so during hotter days. It's kind of unbearable to study in there, but this is the archives A lot. People study here. They find a seat. Ah, lot of times what I hate about Diana's Wells. You really can't find a place to study. Kind of find your own place is study and dining, but it's a gorgeous library, this one. Most of books were held. You could take out books as you would any other library we have, um, able to you to take out as well. So there's a loss that you could do it. Dine. And it's honestly a great place. And I love Dina and I go there all the time to write my papers. Study. Even if I want to study, just relax and just kind of chill out. You'll have to bring some food in theirs. That's good. Others individual study desk there. So it's honestly a great library, and I'm so happy we have, you know, Holy Cross sort of reports on So welcome to Fin Stadium. Finn Stadium is our football stadium. Your holy cause. You guys any action? Because the football season is unfortunately over way played Fordham on we once. That's goods. We went on a high note, so I talk to you guys about sports here. Holy Cross. So we are eighty one school. We're in the Patriot League S o. It's just more schools. One smaller schools, uh, sports are big on campus. Twenty five percent of our student body are. Do you want athletes? Eso sports. Definitely a big part of our soon life. Will you have tell Gates Toget. Very typical tailgate. Nothing more. Nothing less than to tailgate. Footballs are main sports for tailgating. Obviously. Don't think you give another sport. Hockey's pretty big here. I wish you guys a hockey ring, but I can't. I can't. I don't have access to its own idea. One athlete s o This is the football stadium. Remain of our football games are played, obviously home games. We tailgate away games. You don't tell you. The only time I tell gave away game was the bc Holy Cross game. That was the first one in about twenty years, I believe thirty years since the nineteen eighties, so I was able to go and tell me that was a big thing. But usually they'll tell you right here. That's hell gate out in freshman field. Just tell you right now that's freshman field. That's what intelligence usually happen. And basically, cultures that you tell James, you can't tell get anymore. So once the police take you off, then you go in the game and you actually support team way. Have a baseball field. It's right over here, you guys, right now. That's where our baseball games are played. Baseball's not very big here. If you're doing baseball player, obviously we want you. Uh, personally, I don't go to baseball games. I don't go to games in general, but I don't. Football games are popular because the tailgates much doing reason, I'm gonna be honest. But if you like sports, definitely. This is a good school for you. Because sports are a big part of our culture. And if you're not, you're not alone. We get something for twenty five percent of our student bodies are athletes. So, yeah, this is a field. The baseball fuel, Daniella. I feel no love my freshman