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Thinking about College of William and Mary and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting College of William and Mary in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet College of William and Mary’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to College of William and Mary, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the College of William and Mary experience. These College of William and Mary video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

Ben Wagner

Virginia, History and Government, Class of 2021



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Now, far, in a way, this is one of my favorite parts of campus to study on, to brake on and to play at s. So this is the amphitheater Adam Atocha Lake area. So right here we have a beautiful amphitheater, the thousand seats down there and during the summer. This whole thing is a huge white dome that holds concert venues. Dave Matthews was here like, ten years ago. Put a lot of big names, come to this and the perfect site behind it. We have our own lake on campus that you can kayak on, canoe on, go swimming in, take power boats out and they're all free. If you go down to the ER, vote, doc. But it's a beautiful lake down here and how beautiful it is. Here. Some drone footage off Lake Patoka. Anything which nation the bill. There now. This is more active, Accurate building used sixteen ninety three and surprisingly many believers. This is not what it looks like here. It was used by Thomas Jefferson in the seventies, No. It has Spencer's people in the change of So the college William area, situated in Williamsburg, Virginia, which is about five miles from the first American settlement in Jamestown, about seven or eight miles from Yorktown with the British rotten to the the colonists, the Revolutionary War and lose work itself is no small feat. It's one of the original origins of American history and was the first capital of the United States. So it's a pretty cool town all reconstructed toe look like a little Colonial town. She got some favorites, like Cheese Shop right here. You got the dog street tapping over here really is a lot of shopping, a lot of high end shopping, lot of restaurants, pubs, all made to look like you're back in the seventeen hundreds, and one of the coolest parts for me is all the way down here. This is called Duke UCLA Chester Street. Right here it goes all the way down for another mile past here in that building, the way its very end house, Virg, sixty, original capital of the United States. And as we're walking back towards the actual campus, I will point out one thing that's kind of cool. Um, Williamsburg doesn't have the money chains, at least in the old part of town. So I'm going to see a lot of more of a unique kind of stories you wouldn't see back home. So we do have support way. We do have a burger came Donald's and all those chains. We won't find them close to campus. Why take a car to go find him? Which is cool, because then you got Mohr unique food that you So in place that a lot of students like to go after class to grab a meal or just study your hanging out between class. That costs all that is the south of Senator. So the Saddler center has our post office. It has the largest dining hall. It has some great social areas, has a cozy inside of it, and it has our student states like our little grocery store on campus. It's all housed in the south of center, so I'm going to go over there right when you go there right now and check it Hey, look, it's me, huh? Oh, you got me so hot coming in the sky I'm saying deniable. Hey, guys. So welcome. Welcome back to my channel. If you're new here. My name is Brown Elliott, and you get tough with 10 of the video. You're watching my movie block my college, my end of my freshman year college about flogged. So basically, it's finals week. I'm supposed to be studying. I had about 45 minutes to study for my tutoring session, but I haven't been there so long and distributed that I really, really wanted to do so I decided to go ahead and get this started before I did anything else. So, yeah, I'm just gonna be showing how I pack up my room and all that kind of stuff. As you can see, my little practice at all. That's not 100% true, but yeah, so I'll just show you what I have to do and what I've already done and all that. Let's just get right to it. Okay? So here there's, like, three bins. You can only really see two of them, but there's three of them. That's like the majority of the clothes. They're in my drawers. So what's in here now? Or just the clothes that I know I'm gonna wear before I leave or whatever. And then I still have toe somehow get rid of like, this food. It's like applesauce and soup and race and stuff, and I still also have to defrost my bridge, which would have to get rid of the applesauce. Get rid of my milk. My really has to get rid of her milk stuff like that. But I have to defrost this. I think, by tomorrow, since I'm leaving on Friday and today's Wednesday and then I have most of my closet packed except for my shoes and like my coats. So it's almost use still there. And I liked your jackets and like all my hangers in trash, and then I have all this stuff that still needs to get packed away somewhere they don't know. I don't like my hair stuff are my books and papers, my dishes. So I still have a lot of stuff that I need to pack, and oh, and I was saying to take all this stuff like off the walls off of my closet, you know, Hey, look, it's me, but yeah, some was commissioned. You guys all how I do that I'm not doing that right now. I just want to go ahead and get this video started before I forgot about it. But yeah, for a number to study, because I have a bio test tomorrow and 1/2 tutor and I Yeah, so I'll get shot in the next quick. Okay, guys, honestly, I have no idea where the camera is pointed right now, so please, giving this general area, but I'm done with my tutoring session. I've been done for quite a few hours now. I was kind of in chilling. I I'm so, like, emotionally mentally drained that I just needed some time. I'm associate packing, but I didn't, So I'm gonna take, like, 30 minutes to take this stuff off the walls, and then I'm gonna start studying and yeah, I'm just about to take Is that, uh, my wallet? So Yeah. Okay, so these are all the command ship from all the pictures that were on my show is like 50. Okay, that may be dramatic, but look how crazy I think that thing down and then start taking this stuff down off of my Yeah, As you can see, I'm taking him. My room looks so bare. Now. That's so gross. Um, okay, well, I'm gonna cut it because I'm running out of surgery. I d card, but I'll come back eventually. Hey, guys. So it's currently Saturday? Um, I don't actually, Jonah, but I wonder if not leaving Friday still suit just because I I was so tired. It's my dad. I was not enough time to pack up all my stuff before Friday afternoon. So it's Saturday at around 11 o'clock, and my dad should be better at 1 30 So I'm almost packed. I just need to finish packing like my kitchen stuff. And that's like my everyday stuff. Like my hair said my makeups. I just came back from brunch with my friends, I guess, was breakfast. It's not even happening, but yeah, for the majority fruit. For the most part, all my stuff is packed like my clothes. My cleaning stuff, my shoes in Amish is my books have, like how to show you. So I have clothes here. This is like miscellaneous stuff, those in my closet and like on top of my closet underwear, books, cleaning stuff. Uh, let's see. Yeah. So right here on my desk, I have, like, the kitchen stuff ending to pack up, and that's gonna go in that bin. It's down there. And I have, like, everyday stuff like my hair stuff. I make up just a few things, like up off of there. That's more clothes under there. But my jars are empty. My refrigerator is defrosted. The only thing I really need to D'oh! It was like, put my filter and my Carrick thing. And then, like my my dad is bringing stuff to put my shoes. But otherwise I'm pretty much packed like it's kind of weird. I don't, but yeah, I'm like, I'm so really tired. I can't wait to sleep like 12 years. I get home. So yeah, that one. Things I've left to do is, like, crack my kitchen stuff. And then my dad gets here practically shoes and stuff away. Everything else is it'll get done. I don't really know, but basically, I'm just gonna cut till my dad gets here. We'll start loading up the truck and everything all my way. The cake up. Did you ever throw in a cake. Occasionally a beautiful metaphor. An empty closet. Wait, George and closet open. No, Ugo. If I knew, it's official. Guys moved out of my freshman dorm. Which means that I finished my first year of college. Get literally those of the whole car. But yeah, I guess this is it. I'm leaving college next. How common this campus? Obvious soft. Anyways, thanks so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it like commandant below a chance meeting with friends. I will cut show in the next one Now we have a lot of traditions here on campus, ranging from everything from sports to academics to how to stay for finals to have your roommate true but far away. My favorite tradition on campus is that of the criminal bridge. Now this bridge may not seem like much. It's very small bridge, but what it represents is a joining together of two parties. So legend has it that if you walk across it alone, you're bound to be a blown for life. You will cross with somebody else. You have to get married. And if you want to break up the only way to reverse the curse, it's the third one on the end of the bridge. Really romantic. It's really quite a sentiment. But as the when you graduate thie entire class, walk down these steps and across the bridge together because uniting as one try one William married tribe. It's a really cute sentiment, and honestly, it's really picturesque. Point two. I'll bring you to the point, see it Now we have a lot of famous alumni that went too well. You're married, but always one of our favorites. It's our good friend Thomas Jefferson, now Cool thing about this statue. So a bunch of economic students were married back in nineteen ninety eight, realized that Eva or the University of Virginia voters over fifteen million dollars from alone that Thomas Jefferson took out to make the University of Virginia. Now you wouldn't pay us back, but instead they gave us a statue, and they're only stigma with It was that it had a face towards his true home for Monticello. Come on. So we did, instead, was facing directly towards the run building. But what they didn't what the people who placed here didn't realize. And what some physics students later figured out is that you take his eyes and look directly where his eyes are looking. He's actually looking at the third floor women's bathroom of Washington Hall, or is which calm the original So we'll marry being a liberal arts school. We have a good mix of every kind disciplined you could think of. And most of the English history and government buildings are held on the soaking gardens. So we have three buildings on this side and three billing underside. I still miss my time here like guards as a history of a government major that second guards itself. It's our this is our quad or one of our two quads, but it is the main one. This is the really famous one. Know why it's called second guard? Because it's sunk in. Ha, ha. We had little slopes and decide on a good day and not, you know, the torrential downpour we had yesterday you'll find soon is playing Frisbee throwing around baseballs playing spike ball stuff like that. Or you also see, on other days, major sorority and fraternity houses are not housing authority and fraternity get togethers meet and greets all that kind of stuff as well as last November, we had a petting zoo right there without packers, goats, llamas, sheep cow is like we had it all here as well as a Ferris wheel. Uh, a roll occurs a little like mini roller coaster, all here on second gardens and all in the shadow All right, So this is the dorm. We haven't eighteen by thirteen foot, square foot living space to live in and share with two people. And that is exactly it's finds it sounds Stop tour. We got my beautiful desk. It's a bit messy, but you guys were natural. So I'm giving you natural right over. Next, you've got the TV with the PlayStation attached. It's really nice. Very nice social setting, you know, get the people in here. You got the fridge with the speakers on top. Also get the social scene. You need friends in the storm. Then you got my half the closet by clean supplies and all that. And then you've got my roommates part the claws with his cleaning supplies and all that very, very cool. Part of the storm. Fact that we have our very own sink in the hall in the room, which is really nice to put them again. The bathroom is down the hall, so we shared it with everybody else. But we get our own sink. Then over here, I got my roommate's bed and Oh, hello, my room, mate. How you doing? Okay, well, this is Peter. Quick question. For you. Your favorite. And you released their part of the school. My favorite part of the school would definitely be the history on campus. Just walking around the rent building is very old. Very nice. My least favorite would probably be the bathrooms in the dorms or just storm conditions in general. But the rooms are very cool. Yeah, moving on. Alright, remains bed. He's lofted. So he has more space for his desk underneath. Not my water down. So it gets a little more space as an option. I didn't go for it. My bed is unlocked. It so I got a little side table right here with all my meds. Because as you can tell, I'm sick and dying. All right, That's the room. Welcome to Jefferson.