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Justine Kim

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Communication, Class of 2022


What's up, guys? This is Ben, and I'm going to be doing an overview of one of the common rooms at Muse Hall. You *** is shaped like a U. N. At the very bottom of that. U is the London Lounge. Here it is. So one lounge is pretty much the biggest common room in Music Hall. There's quite a bit of common room's in use, all but this is definitely the biggest you can see. You've got a grand piano. We've got some comfortable soft chairs. I'm not entirely sure what type of you know that is, but I mean, no other coming has that you've got some great table for studying. It's a nice, calm area. Teo, do your work or study for an exam. You can see you've got some pretty nice windows over here. There's a view of Helen Newman Hall. You can see either side of Muse Hall over there. So, as I said before, there's a lot of common rooms and Muse Hall. But Lund Lounge is by far the biggest and the cleanest, and it generally looks the nicest honestly, like the atmosphere. A lot here, compared to a lot of the other con rooms. Now that, uh, the beginning of the year is way past us. There's not as many events that happen in one's lounge as often, but there are still times when the Rays will have a party. They'LL have some free food, I think on Valentine's Day they had a huge event at Lined Lounge. There's a lot of stuff that takes place in London Lounge. The only problem is it doesn't have a TV like some of the other common rooms in my ears, all wage I'm about to show you. So one last sweeping overview of London Lounge before we move on to the other common room's in use. All you've got a beautiful piano over there. But unfortunately, no TV, which someone other common rooms actually do. Hey, you can see we've got that side amuse all over here. The Westside is all the way over there and being along. We have a kitchen over here. We've got a common room over here. I don't want to disturb people studying there right now, huh? There's a water fountain over here. There's a gender inclusive bathroom over there. Here's the laundry room. Here is the main entrance for Eastside amuse home again and shaped like a U and that's the side. Here's another common room. This is We're also a lot of events are held because it does have a TV, but there are people sitting in their teeth, so I don't Here you can see there is yet another common room. It's a general trend and use all there's only this one has a spiral staircase that goes up to the second floor kitchen. It has a refrigerator, and it has a TV inside. And there's one last common room on the end here that you can also do your stuff. So, yeah, that was a general overview of Muse Hall and it's common rooms, even though I'm not entirely sure that the ones I went over are the same for the other floors of Music hall or for the other half of me, ***, since this it was the Eastside of Muse haul. All of them are generally pretty comfortable. Nice places that study or chill out because Amuse Hall is one of the newer dorms on North campus and for freshman means there's air conditioning. You'LL never have to worry about it being uncomfortable while you're studying or while you're hanging out with friends, whatever it is you're doing and that's about it from your What's up, guys? This has been today. I'm gonna be doing a tour of high rise five, one of the doubles. Their high rise five is right across the street from our PCC on so you can get some nasty really quickly. You can get some printing services really quickly. Went to a brief overview of the room. So, as you can probably tell, it's relatively big room. A lot bigger than I say, my place setting Yu's home. It's kind of a mess right now, but this is in my dorm, so don't play me. You might be able to see that their computers here, these air not provided with the dorm. My friends brought them up here themselves. But you can see each person gets a table, gets a bed and gets a wardrobe. You have a main, you're and you have coverage here. Uh, over here, you'LL see that they're to waste baskets provided the thing about high rise five, though, is that there's no air conditioning. So for most of the year, it's not that important because it is difficult. It is snowing and cold most of the time. But when you come to campus in August and in September it gets pretty hot, actually surprisingly hot. Since this room is relatively high up, you could get a pretty beautiful view of the rest of North campus, or at least east of high rise. Five. Over there is the low rises. You know, he's got some other residential buildings here. You might notice some music playing that's not part of the dorm, either. They made themselves at home, added a speaker out of computers, added this mirror, which is not provided either, having now you can see that each suite has won triple one double and two singles, and they all share one bathroom right here. His greatest amused bathroom. But as you can see, it's pretty standard. One light for the main bathroom. One light for bathtub over here overall. Not too bad, but it could be better. So moving outside of the bathroom, you can see that there's a window here on your way out of a building. All rights five is pretty far north, so you can see that a good portion of the rest of north campus there's Amuse Hall over there. There's darling all over there, and if you look far enough. You can see moving on to the kitchen layout of high rise. Life is a bit here, but you can see there's a study around here s O right here is where the kitchen is. Here, the elevators that take you downstairs or upstairs. Skylar, you can see the kitchen is pretty cramped, but has all the necessities. Gotta Still, you've got a kitchen, Better refrigerator. You see, people have loaded up their stuff here. Got some paper towels. Not too bad. So I asked my friends what they think about living in high rise five. They say it's a pretty decent experience. Maybe not as great as, say, muse or ck B, but a lot better than the low rises or Donlan, which are much older residential buildings. You've got no way you see here, but it's not too bad for most of the year because it is cold and snowy, and the fact that it's really close to our PCC and nasties is really convenient. So right now, I'm in front of Willard's straight hall, and it's one of AL landmarks as well of a fantastic place to chill and hang out. Um, mercy chills. We've fought like an art gallery and browsing library. Computer labs, dance studios. Most of the time I got here for dance, um, resource center, meeting rooms, thie Ivey room. And there's also a dining room court. Okay, Fields, which is like the name dining hall, as people like to call it, so and right across is Cafe Jenny if anyone's hungry. So right now I'm in front of you and their sandwiches, Father. And here we have maneuverability, Cornell offers. And people come here to chill, often study and right on the other side. Since it's the Cornell store, you have Cornell merch, rows and rows with Rose when he almost dies, right? Right here is a hall. And often the the most memorable moment that I've had here was that we had a protest for black lives. Matter on DH Uh, I remember hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of students to sitting here or crammed in here and protesting. And that was the first time I met the dean. That's pretty cool. See, this is why I love this. Forget that they we also have event procrastinate at St what free This time. It's pirate themed. Last time was winter theme, and it has a pirate photo booth painting trail mix and, of course, up and listens the a popcorn room when you get free popcorn and purchased movie tickets. There's also Cornell cinemas in here as well. Rating. I mean, the Cornell store. This is where I like to chill. Ford so re read. Free and all those in here. And here it is my favorite section where it's the new and Murderball. These books aren't available. Um Oland years. So we need some grizzly for entertainment purposes. I come here and you don't? Yeah. Hello, everyone. Welcome to Cornell University. I am currently standing in front of the iconic clock tower. My name is Justine and I am an international freshman here at Cornell University. I plan to double major in music and performing media art in the College of Art and Science. If you thought that corn aliens study all day, well, you're almost there. But we also have a fantastic, thriving culture outside of al academics. So I will be your died and follow Yeah, killer. This's Medina. And she is also a recruitment chair over Cornell Court. You got questions. Please introduce yourself and explain why parts of my name's Medina. I am a psychology and government major with a cognitive signs and music minor miners. I chose Cornell because I really like the atmosphere. I really liked the environment that would be. And it was kind of similar to the town that I grew up in in that it's a little bit local in the city. But I like the diversity of people that I found here, and I really liked the academic environment. It works best for me. What experience could you describe the student body yet? Just like I said before, I'm interested in buying extremely diverse. There are a lot of difference Thinker's allowed different minds that you will come in contact with here, and there are so many different perspectives that you may not ever have otherwise encounter. I personally for me, I came from very small town, like five thousand people. So I was with the same people my entire life. And then as soon as I got here was a little bit drying just because there were so many different people on campus, and there were a lot of opportunities to like, make new connections. But I think that's probably the best part about being in L. A. It feels very large at first, but over time you get to see realize that you see the same faces a lot and through the little clubs and communities that are male and really like fine. Your major in psychology. Can you describe your Yeah. So psychology specific? Well, specifically, I think no. I mean, it's not okay. I'll bring better way. I didn't take any psychology classes when I was in high school, so it was kind of just interest that I had in the back of my mind. And then when I got here, I found that I've really enjoyed all the different classes I was taking. And there hasn't been a psychology course that I've encountered that I haven't enjoyed yet. So that's definitely a positive. And government has actually been a recent addition to my academic career, and I am enjoying it extremely. The professors are also knowledgable in their fields, and they really challenge further the way that you think about different. Think. Okay, can you name your favorite and least favorite part of the school? My favor definitely have to be. I just coming from high school. I saying, you know, my entire career then and I really was looking for an environment in my college search that had, you know, not only course that was like, very well, like they execute music well, but that felt like a community and something that I would be able to feel like I was a part of, not just like a singular person. That makes sense. So I think it's definitely a great community. And family aspect is something I've enjoyed a lot. And then my least favorite part Cornell going to say my apartment. I have a lease. Your apartment, I mean, I mean, the typical answer would be the wet. There isn't because it's cool, but I don't really mind the cold per say things. Only a good code says so. All right, so we're on our way to ah, bare necessities with my friend. I don't know his name, but we're on Roy Toe bare necessities, also known as nasties in Robert Purcell Community Sensor. So we're here at bare necessities. Last nasties much too. Why we call it that is pretty good right through here at the counter. Kind of dry a lot throughout the whole place. You've got a lot of snacks that you could get those chips over there, uh, almost whateveryou need. Honestly, it's a lot like a convenience store on campus. So right, Here's freezer section is a general overview of the area. It's pretty small, but there's a lot of snacks enough. There is the menu. You get whatever food you want, you've got burgers, sandwiches, heroes, calzones. So, as you can see, we've got the bear grill, which has a bunch of different burgers and sandwiches. We have a breakfast menu and nasties. You've got a bunch of different sub options and we've got councils here. We also have beverages. There's a super day over there. Honestly, there's a bunch of different stuff that you can get a nasties. Um, I would not recommend getting it every day that the food is not known to be that healthy. I'm pretty sure that's where the name comes from. What's, uh, overall, I mean, I would highly recommend it. So here is where you order you bring your items up here, or you can order the hot food up here, and what you do is I could beginning of the year you have a meal plan, you put in a certain amount of big red bucks, and that's what you spend when you give them your car. So after you order your pizza over there, where the grilled station there absolute order the asks your name. That's how you know that that is open until two a. M. So you'LL find that a lot of late night party goers on their way home. We'LL stop by and get some food back home, my friend doing at a meatball sub. As I said before, the food here at Cornell is honestly pretty good. If you're looking at nasties of the whole, I mean, you've got some pretty beautiful floor to ceiling windows, just generally really nice place to hang out, Maybe to study, though there are better places to slaughter you on campus. Bathroom is all the way over there. So the thing about nasties is it doesn't use meal swipes like, say, Appel dining hall or North Star dining Hall when actually uses big red bucks. So at the beginning of the year, when you buy your meal plan, you have a certain amount of meal swipes every week. But you also have a certain amount of big red bucks, and it basically works like a debit card. Here's my idea. And every time you go up to the counter at bare necessities or ah, place similar to it, you hand them your card. They swipe it, and it takes out a certain amount of money from your account. Now you can add funds online whenever you want to, but I think the standard amount you start out with his five hundred. So that was a general overview of nasties. Like I said, you swipe your card, tell them your name and wait for your name to be called. Or if you're just buying an item from the store, you swiped that and and you should be good to What's up, guys? This's been And today I'm going to be doing a brief overview of physical sciences building, which is a great place to study. Plus, it has a cafe and a bunch of different classrooms. So this is the view from the second floor of Physical Sciences building. We're overlooking the atrium right now. As you can tell, I got a lot of really nice natural lighting. The building structure itself is honestly pretty beautiful. I think it's one of the newer buildings on main campus, and so you can study over here and up here on the second floor is also a A really nice view over here. You've got some pretty great study years over there, some bathrooms. Honestly, it's just a really peaceful, quiet place to study. And, as you can tell, it looks really nice. Oh, we're here on the first floor. Here's the Clark atrium Over here is yet again, and more studies last dining areas. This place over here is called Goldie's, and they also take Ben very bucks as part of your meal plan. They serve soup, some cold foods, they serve sandwiches, coffee. So basically what you do is go up to that register on the left. You order your food, they give you a ticket and you show them the ticket over here. And that's when you pay for it Over here. Some comfortable couches to also do some studying. As you may have guessed. Sometimes they holds career fairs over here, and you can see that the physical sciences building is connected to Baker Hall, which is, well, it's right over here. So this is a better view of Ahh Baker Laboratory. As you can see, it's connected. The architecture is very, very different. But walking through to Baker Laboratory and see it's for chemistry and I think biology. So through here you can see the building is a lot older, maybe not as attractive, also not as many study spaces, but it is still a pretty old building, so you can't really blame him for that bunch of offices. And there is one big auditorium in Baker where they hold a lot of lectures, but unfortunately I cannot show that. So here's one final view of the physical sciences building behind me, and over there is Baker Lab, which is connected to honestly a really beautiful building a great place for studying. There's some good eats at Goldie's Cafe. It's one of my highly recommended studying spots on Cornell's campus, actually compared to the library's even, and that's all Hi. So we're curly. And if common, just like downtown. If you got this, my friend Reyna Hie thee get college cave is really Basseterre. Whoa! So right now we just got out of having Chinese food, which was still flesh. No, I'm not. Ten come to Ku Commons as much you can do so much to do. I'm about a month ago. There's the opera festival here. Comments where there's like apple, Everything Apple cider fries, apple. What else? What else? Way Like apple chips, chairs, cheesy cheese? Yes. Yeah. We also just had a visiting weekend here in comments just over Hala weekend, which was really super duper fun. A lot of fun there. Yeah, well, look, Do it right now we're gonna get bubble tea. So we just got our bubble. Teo, I got Taro, You got strawberry? It's great flies. It's OK. But there's much better Babuji places in college town itself. I really like you t They have really good creme brule eighty there, which I really enjoy, But this is pretty good. Yeah way Love bubbles here six Emily, the publicity chair off the grid marching band. And she'll be telling you about on how well the bigger and marching band is the Larder student run organization on campus. We have a lot of members, basically even just come during orientation week this Saturday and Sunday. We have auditions from props before. What man give. I'm from state of emotion of third on your shirt kind with about what? What? Wait. Are you excited? Wow. Thank you.