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So no, no. I'm in front of Helen Human Hall. And it is one of Cornell fitness centers, sir. This one is our main one on North campus on DH has a swimming pool. Bowling alley. Uh, danced in years. Like. For two years. No. And a possible court. And, of course, came upstairs. Cornel Fitness centers offer funny stress relieving faith. Enjoy the exercise of opportunities for the Cornell community. And so we have five fitness centers around campus. So this is the first one Helen Newman hole and we've got a pel noise and Tiegel up and keep it down. Right now I party hall, which is one of the main sporting centers. How? So, Macy here this corner there should, um we have come here possible for Cornell a track and field. This is where I take my conditioning class and also have track practice with my Frisbee teen with thorny roses. Here we have the U. S navel. Unit. I'm not allowed in there. What it looks like it's just typical office on it. They're which they work out. Yeah. People in the U. S force there standing. But honestly, why on earth with Jim? And we've got D'oh. Fruit. We're always you want to work out your muscles, Then we've got five teams, all every campus, two Hello, everyone. Welcome to Cornell University. I am currently standing in front of the iconic clock tower. My name is Justine and I am an international freshman here at Cornell University. I plan to double major in music and performing media art in the College of Art and Science. If you thought that corn aliens study all day, well, you're almost there. But we also have a fantastic, thriving culture outside of al academics. So I will be your died and follow Yeah, killer. This's Medina. And she is also a recruitment chair over Cornell Court. You got questions. Please introduce yourself and explain why parts of my name's Medina. I am a psychology and government major with a cognitive signs and music minor miners. I chose Cornell because I really like the atmosphere. I really liked the environment that would be. And it was kind of similar to the town that I grew up in in that it's a little bit local in the city. But I like the diversity of people that I found here, and I really liked the academic environment. It works best for me. What experience could you describe the student body yet? Just like I said before, I'm interested in buying extremely diverse. There are a lot of difference Thinker's allowed different minds that you will come in contact with here, and there are so many different perspectives that you may not ever have otherwise encounter. I personally for me, I came from very small town, like five thousand people. So I was with the same people my entire life. And then as soon as I got here was a little bit drying just because there were so many different people on campus, and there were a lot of opportunities to like, make new connections. But I think that's probably the best part about being in L. A. It feels very large at first, but over time you get to see realize that you see the same faces a lot and through the little clubs and communities that are male and really like fine. Your major in psychology. Can you describe your Yeah. So psychology specific? Well, specifically, I think no. I mean, it's not okay. I'll bring better way. I didn't take any psychology classes when I was in high school, so it was kind of just interest that I had in the back of my mind. And then when I got here, I found that I've really enjoyed all the different classes I was taking. And there hasn't been a psychology course that I've encountered that I haven't enjoyed yet. So that's definitely a positive. And government has actually been a recent addition to my academic career, and I am enjoying it extremely. The professors are also knowledgable in their fields, and they really challenge further the way that you think about different. Think. Okay, can you name your favorite and least favorite part of the school? My favor definitely have to be. I just coming from high school. I saying, you know, my entire career then and I really was looking for an environment in my college search that had, you know, not only course that was like, very well, like they execute music well, but that felt like a community and something that I would be able to feel like I was a part of, not just like a singular person. That makes sense. So I think it's definitely a great community. And family aspect is something I've enjoyed a lot. And then my least favorite part Cornell going to say my apartment. I have a lease. Your apartment, I mean, I mean, the typical answer would be the wet. There isn't because it's cool, but I don't really mind the cold per say things. Only a good code says so. Hi. So we're curly. And if common, just like downtown. If you got this, my friend Reyna Hie thee get college cave is really Basseterre. Whoa! So right now we just got out of having Chinese food, which was still flesh. No, I'm not. Ten come to Ku Commons as much you can do so much to do. I'm about a month ago. There's the opera festival here. Comments where there's like apple, Everything Apple cider fries, apple. What else? What else? Way Like apple chips, chairs, cheesy cheese? Yes. Yeah. We also just had a visiting weekend here in comments just over Hala weekend, which was really super duper fun. A lot of fun there. Yeah, well, look, Do it right now we're gonna get bubble tea. So we just got our bubble. Teo, I got Taro, You got strawberry? It's great flies. It's OK. But there's much better Babuji places in college town itself. I really like you t They have really good creme brule eighty there, which I really enjoy, But this is pretty good. Yeah way Love bubbles here six Hello, everyone. This is Justine, your typical Cornell student. And today I will be showing you my dorm. So I live in a forced triple. Which means there's meant to be two people living here. Except they forced another person in me. Ladies and gentlemen, we are going in. So this is our room as soon as you walk him. It is so clean because we clean it once a semester, so there's a desk there. And then there's a bunk bed there. There's one wardrobe, and this my third roommate is This is Bunk is like a bunk bed with that, its lower body. So they put a disc there, and then we've also got a printer, and this is my laundry bag off. Jeez on we've got a beanbag. I usually sleep there when I don't want to climb up my bed. Come. And that's my wardrobe. And that's my roommates wardrobe. So this is how big the wardrobes are. Andi, this is how much they come out. Oh, Deena's two beans per person and you can rent a micro fridge from the door. I actually got this microwave fromthe Helen Newman dump and run sale, but it doesn't work. So what I did was I transformed it into eighteen deposit facilities. Heller. Yeah. Hi. This is my teapot called Barbary Ape. Bubbles on at Cornell. We don't have. We don't really have fresh order, so you have to fulfill your filter up at the think. So here's a closer shot off my disc. So up here for a calendar I love Miss Saigon actually played or during high school. And this is a pot plant my ukulele and my blender. Okay, so I've got books here and oh, bio fourteen. Forty five, which I dropped within a week on DH. Oh, look, he keeps me sane. And I've got some managers and a picture of my parents to remind me that I won't be homeless, no matter how bad my greats get some ways to be stress. Because corn aliens get very, very stressed. My laptop and my shower bag. At first it wasn't that bad. Other than the fact that my bunk bed was this close from the ceiling. But they lowered it. But then other people that Cornell started telling me how I got the worst room that I can possibly get at Cornell. Who I kind of agree. Now, do not choose triples or quadri pools. Choose a double or a single. I swear to God, you won't get lonely. Just don't do a triple. Don't do it. So thank you for joining me on my dorm tour. And if you have any questions, leave them in the comment below on DH. I'LL see you very soon. What man give. I'm from state of emotion of third on your shirt kind with about what? What? Wait. Are you excited? Wow. Thank you. This is Irene. She's my friend. And what? Going to class together, fire you. Fall way go pasta every day. It's great. So, Irene, what class you have next Have our introductory macro economics. Five way are heading to Rocker fella? Yes. Yes, we are. I feel like I'm going to be talking about Oh, yeah. What is your favorite and least favorite part of Cornell of my favorite, I guess, is that there's a lot to do people to meet. Yeah, I like it so much explorers on, but I guess my least favorite stress. A lot of you're gonna fail. You don't want to fail in the school. What's your major's? I'm buying the statistics. Nice. Okay, there's another question, but I forgot. Oh, yeah. Can you describe your academic alive? I feel like my act on the time is pretty thin. Crust whose dress? Cool. In what way? Like, stop. We're not doing stuff. Really? All you've got to think about stuff like this my time. Oh, no. Maximize that time, Okay? I have to fail. You girl. You every week. Okay. Oh, now, this is one side of it. Help. Fornell may be very stressful. Yeah, at the same time, it can be very funny as well. Okay, we will end with you. Have any advice for prospective students? Like I would advise before coming here over the summer? Really? Trying to look over your coarse material like first semester? Because there's also adjustment going on That could be hard to get good grades of adjustment. So, like, if you like a study of it before. Right? Okay. Thank you for being part of the interview. And if you want more of Irene, Oh. So right now we're in Mary Donlan Hall, which the largest freshman dorm on campus, Mary Donlan, is a co ed dorm, which means that every single floor there are both female and male students, which means that this is also the most social door on campus, which means that every single hour of every single day it's a little bit noisy in here, which is fine. So now I'm going to take you into my dorm and show you around a bit, so let's go. Now, as you can see, I'm in a double. This is my side of the room. This is my room. One of the cool things about being in Donlan is that I can room with anyone. I want a meeting with them, actually been with a girl, which is great free because I've I've better with girls in general was quick tour. This is my bed. We actually purchased a microwave and refrigerator combo with getting of school, which makes things really easy to microwave and refrigerate. Obviously, on the wall. I have lots of pictures of my friends that I can look at every single night before I fall asleep. I also lots of pictures on this wall as well. And since there's actually no overhead lighting in this storm, one of the great things that you never made side to do was hang up all of these lights to make the room a little bit brighter, since it is very dark. Otherwise, um, we each have also have a desk. This's my desk, my roommates. We also each have a dresser, remember mates Bujji with her smart TV, um, and and one of the things my roommate and I opted to do is actually raise our beds. Originally, they were pretty low to the ground, but I wanted personally to be ableto fit my dresser underneath my bed and therefore it's a raise. And I really like that because I'm ableto have more room over here next to my closet. And it's not as cluttered. And yet there's a lot of options for your room. And this is how my roommate tonight, in terms of dorm essentials, I feel like there's a few things that I would definitely recommend every single Cornell student to have the first being at these cute little unusable plates and bowls. If I used non reusable plates and bowls, I feel like out just generate so much trash, so much waste. So it's great that I have these three plates and bowls that I can use and their microwavable, which is amazing, and I used them every single day for food. Any food that I have. I also have my little thing a detergent. I just use that wash him up in the sink and I'm good to go. So those are always great. Second, I would most definitely recommend little fan if I can pull it like us. Hello, Because this dorm is not of air conditioning, which means that in the summer months and hotter spring months, it can get really, really hot the dorm. And no one wants to be sweating in their sleep. So I definitely recommend a fan to make sure you're cool year round. Even in the winter, it can get a little bit hot in my dorm, so I would definitely recommend a fan. Third, Something I would most definitely recommend is a college student would be this cute little coffee maker with my cubicle for a no knock every single morning for the first few weeks of school, I would be going to the dining hall using the meals, wipe and getting some coffee in the morning, which would really seem like a waste of a meals wipe and always to me, waking up earlier to go to the dining hall. So instead I decided to purchase this single cup coffeemaker, which I use every single morning to make coffee. And it's Greeks. They don't spend extra money going to Starbucks or someplace like that. Buying coffee. I also don't have to waste a meal swipe on Just buy a cup of coffee and those who are normal essentials. As a freshman, there are multiple different options for housing your freshman year. Of course, I'm living traditional dorm with mostly doubles and some singles and some quads. But there are multiple different options for freshmen housing, including one residence hall, which is centered around performing arts one residents all that's all women, which is called ball tall on DH. Then there's also town houses for freshmen, where you can live in a single dwelling with one kitchen and four different bedrooms. So you're sharing the house with three different people, which some people really enjoy because because the more independence personally, I really enjoy living in a professional dorm since I have my own space. And then there's communal bathroom and communal kitchen, though I don't use it too often, considering I have my microwave and my friend. So now in court, which, I would argue, is one of the nicer doors on campus, since it has air conditioning lighting and it's very, very quiet. You're going to visit my friend mine. Here's the door, still Halloween decorations and put you all through, all right, she has this cute little pull on her door. A conference are PCC, the two dining halls on campus. My, uh hello. How are you? He was Maya's room. She's in a double and she's very nice decorations. Tell me a little bit about your dorm. Well, I live in court. Power your dorms on campus. We're fortunate enough to have lighting a C and just really great facility is stuff like that. Hi, everyone. So right now I am in front ofthe college town staple location ofthe college town, which is, uh, sort of, like, city eat out area that we have here at Cornell. And so if we look here, this is what it looks like from the outside. No and so calling. People know they're amazing from and also you're make your sandwich. My scream Well. With things like hear it coming of every year. Hi. So I'm with Michelle and syrupy and we're in target. And it got right now with Christmas season's all that's about and we come to target all the time because we always need food and snags and dorm decor, because that is a necessity. Holland Right now we're getting stuff, of course. And I'm so excited. Hi. So right now we're going to one of her friends a cappella concert. She's in hearsay, which is an all female acapella group, and we have tons and tons and tons of compelled your campus both one gender Aniko acapella groups. They're all super duper greed, and they all perform a lot. They have lots of performances a year round, and it's really great. Just go see them perform and support all capella and support the arts here, Cornell