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Thinking about University of Pennsylvania and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Pennsylvania in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Pennsylvania’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Pennsylvania, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Pennsylvania experience. These University of Pennsylvania video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Computer Engineering, Class of 2021



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All right. So right now I'm gonna take you guys back to see another view of the same place. You saw it earlier. This view is spectacular, like for soft looking this patio. Looks like something from Star Wars real quick. I'm not gonna lie. So as you can see over there, this is still a part of the war in schools. This is in John and Huntsman Hall. Take a look. It's just another view of the same place you saw earlier, but still a great beauty. Cool. So now we're going to head out with John and Huntsman Hall. Ever get a chance to show you guys a classroom or anything out? Definite. So you already know what it is. Your boy, Jelani, We're back. Guess we're about to get into the truck. So, Patrick is a gym here on campus. At least one of the major ones around campus. Um, and if your student here, you have completely free access to it and all of its resources. No paid membership, nothing like that. Everything. All access to you. So what we're about to do me and my homegirl Stephanie in the background saying, We're gonna take you on this whole one time. One time. You come in here, OK? Gets a card out. Cars in the back of the phone. Give me a second. Hello. How you doing? Wonderful. Thank you. Right now, you come up in here, you figure out what you want to which we won't get on the. The thing is, when you run on home behind you. Okay. See, we all these machines here, let me come over here. We're gonna take a little look behind me. You so that he was working out harder. Look at all those other empty machine. So much room for you to be in here. Oh, that's not your thing. Well, there also some snacks in here that you can come in. Snagged yourself. Take a look from the side over here and then from the front, get all those goodies. Okay, so they got shakes. I didn't know that. So that's new for all of us. You're not staying up. Their videos only last so long. Cancel. Anyways, you can grab your shake. Allah, continue the tour CSO pretty once, and we have, like, outdoors adventures. Part of tension, as you can see behind me Got this big climbing wall, right? You see that? Okay. And in their people will stay here and watch you as you go up the climbing wall. So you got a They even got the jams of me here. Just All right, we're gonna go upstairs. No, you're not. I'd like to see you try. It's a lot of walking in this place, so I'm going to cut and we don't come back. So I was on my rocky flow, Max. Then we cut the video short for this part, too. All right, we're back in. All right. So behind me is with Riel lifting goes on. Okay, so as you can see all these machines where they put in all the hard work behind me, Okay, I'm going to see me left a little, Okay, which is really a lot from me, but, you know, they try to get me. They say I can't lift a lot. But you see all this stuff going on here? Nothing. I'm approved from the met. All right, So, coming up, you can see how high that wall goes on. We're on the second floor now, which had a bunch of steps. Thank you. People out here bawling hard. They don't know I'm the best. I don't want to break any. So I come out here, you know, just I'm the best she's laughing because he knows it's true, and I would like if I take this ball right here. Hold on. I just dribbled around someone Take it. Who? Oh, between the legs. I'm nice with. Okay, here's me. Shoot my shot. Oh, it's close enough. Okay, so that's that's all right, but we're gonna keep it going, Okay? Obviously, that shot was missed, but, you know, I see This is where people out here be grinding. Okay? Work hard, play hard. Okay, So they can't even lift that much of me. But I'm getting one. Wait. I'm gonna show you how much I could live. Hold on. Yeah. Here we go. Proof I got this. Yeah. One. That's it. See, I told you I'd be out here driving. Okay, so that was gonna go to the next floor. All right. So here we are again on our rocky flow, climbing up the stairs because there's a lot of stairs in this place. Don't ask me why, but Well, all right. Now we on third floor. Okay? And so here are all the things offered on the third floor fitness center cycle in studio. They got a dance studio, golfing. Pallotti's polite. He's got to get your stretches right. No. Okay. I don't think that a session going on, but try and get a little preview on water. Quick. It looks like a busy in there. Working hard dance. I like it. Pallotti's. No. Okay. As you see, there's a little golf simulator behind me. You get the little Tiger Woods going. That's because she'd been in the gulf and simulate All right, back on our rocky flow. Well, no. Who lost this? Both local? No. All right. And lastly, we have a yoga studio group, exercise room and more fitness center. So take a look behind me. Face it. You all that? Oh. See, I'm working back there getting okay. Okay. Wi I I don't think I want to interrupt that class because they got it. I don't. But it's okay. See? Because you could come here. You can learn that we're not signing up for nothing a little enough. Not with it. Not today, okay? My car won't. Okay, get it? Okay, but this is something you could do it. You come, learn cultural dances for free here and not culturally appropriate. Hey, don't that sound all right? Enough. Lastly, here's another view of the fitness center or another part of the fitness center. Extension of it coming here real quick. Excellent. So, uh, that's pens Pottruck and hope you all So as a freshman, here is one of the housing solids you could live in, which is a place notice. Mth A new college house right now. And Heman Courtyard, which is just a space where you can come out. Chill, relax with some friend. Know this seating all around. Beautiful lighting. Check it. Look at the structure. Look at the architecture, even show you from another side with architectural looks like images. Absolutely amazing. So this is one of the places where you can come and live in, and I'm going to get ready to show you a suite in new College House. Let's take a look at the architecture of the scenery, all that. Okay. And ch might be the move for me next year's right by the engineering school too. Texas. So what else is new? College house offer? This is big, so they're six rooms. Living room be goes A C, D E and F. And in this room here, you know anything about this? You they provide light people in shit for you. Stable and stuff for you. So, like watch TV indistinct Get out of here. Space where we will keep our dirty dishes. I must say this being with you. Give us two bathrooms. So this is like bathroom, eh? It's like the decent size this way. It was like, really nice, though, like not a communal showers. The leading us kind of like it. Yes. You live here? Yes, I hear you like it. Killer. If you live in of the quarter someplace where there showers are feeling for you? No. This is the other one is just like the same as the first one is just reversed. And no, you don't laundry, which is like a big thing. Live here. No. We have a media room on the first floor. We have group study rooms on the first floor. We have music practice rooms on the first So here He'll designing you, Khun. Engage in getting things like from Penn's. Berg, get a hamburger, fries, hot dogs, whatever. Whatever they got on the menu, so may I please have a hamburger and fries? Oh, I bet everyone's nice here. All you have to say, please and thank you. Hello? What more could you ask? Look, Fergus, it's a nice fries course. Be tender. Oh, lovely. Thank you so much. Have a great game. And now onto the condiments. Okay, get you some cheese, Look, He's our favorite friend, Landry. She's Ah, also glorious flex on him, Landry. Okay. Oh, look at that lighting. Anyways, here we are in Houston market, so pretty much there are variety Option. So here's the wall. You get a bunch of veggies, Anything like that, if you're interested. That so there's a vegetarian slash vegan options. Then over here, we have the grill and the pasta bar. So pretty much what you do is you come over here. You could take a look at the menu and then over here we have these low slips that you fill out. What? Your order. Okay, take one of these. Pencil. John's real quick. Fill it out. Write your name. Boom. Take it. Put it in the box. Okay, Go. All right. That's your order. Then you wait for them to call on you. Boom. Now we're going to check out some of the other options again. You pick up some chips here. Okay, Sam, grab on to go some part phase over here. We got the pizzas. Option to get some good fried foods again. Some more sandwiches, panini press. OK, you get those heated up bone. Okay, some more grabbing for May options. Check that out. And finally we got the whole okay. Step is back because you know she's by the gate or food trying figure out our options because there are boundless how many options she has looked these cupcakes. Scrumptious, delicious. And finally, Wei have the sushi bar. Okay, you get it? Freshly made, or you can get it prepackaged. Okay, See, I thought it was over, but if we go up the stairs got a little surprise for you. Insomnia. Look at that. Come getyou something Insomnia. Cookies. Also, insomnia delivers all the way until three in the morning. So don't even worry. They've got you. All right. So one of the biggest things I think you should take advantage of is the shopping period. So I don't mean you're going to the mall. You're not going to king of pressure mall. No, no, no. Not out here. Not yet. Okay, But what? I mean, you take advantage of the opportunity ghetto, try all the different classes that you can. It were, if you'd like to, because some people come in with the mindset thinking that their schedule is set in stone and they find out that the teacher they have is really not that great of a greater gives them test every day. They have twenty thousand pages of reading every night. So really, you don't want that? So what you should do, Take advantage of the fact that you should or you can switch in and on it, classes for about three weeks in the beginning of each semester and try out different classes. Trialled a different section. You know, if you can don't go to your class and go to another section of that class. And maybe it's a different teacher. Different material. Maybe one of your friends in that class, so maybe you'll be better off with a friend who could give you nose. Okay, if you miss a class, okay? Even though I don't advise it. But, you know, everyone does their own thing. You know, everyone, Mrs Glass. Every once in a while, okay? Sometimes you just happen to sleep there. Sometimes you just sleep through the entire day. It happens. You know, you can't blame anyone but yourself. Okay, but it's good to have those resources. And being able to use the shopping period is something you should just take advantages right away. You see that light? Okay, so right now I'm leaving work. But, yeah, Shocking period is definitely something very important to take advantage of. Because if you don't, you could end up in a situation where you're stuck in a class and you find out that maybe the grating isn't gonna go your way. Okay? And then you're stuck with limited options, because afterwards, the shopping period ends after those third weeks than you have about two or three more weeks before you can only drop in class. That means you can't add a class. So if you're in the College of Arts and Sciences that means you're a freshman year, you'll have four classes, and if you decide to drop one after the ad drop here, you'll be considered a part time student and not full time versus someone who's in the College of Engineering. They may have five classes, so it's okay for them to drop a class, and they'll still be continue a full time student. So bet four class policy really works war students in the school of Nursing Warren and the college Arts and Science. So what I mean by that again is just the fact that most of time, those schools only allow. So the school nursing Warren and College arts and Sciences really only allow their freshman student to take four classes in the beginning of their freshman year. And as a result, if they decide to drop after the ad drop period, then they won't have an opportunity to be considered a full time student anymore because they'll only be taking three classes instead of the minimum, which is four. So please be aware of that. Well, we'll stop, Everybody. Hi. Are doing today. My name is Jilani Hudson's Bell Grip. I'm a current freshman here at the University of Pennsylvania in the engineering school, and I'm a current intended major computer engineering. Check it. Okay, See, I get software side of things and I get the hardware side. Okay, So I'm making sure I get the best of both worlds. All right, So check it. Anyways, I'll be your host today. I'll be taking you guys on a tour of the University of Pennsylvania. All that it has offer we're from some students were here from those students about their living. We'll see some of the classroom. Some of the dorms will learn about how things work here on campus. What it's like to live on campus was liketo walk on what it's like to eat on campus. All of the good stuff that you guys want to hear about. You guys want to know, Because I'll be answering some of your most important questions. Make sure you got to run down this entire place. No questions, not answer. Okay, so I'm gonna make sure you're taken care of, because same way people differently. I want to do for you. All right, So let me give you guys a few quick facts on the University of Pennsylvania. So first, for those who don't already know, the University of Pennsylvania is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. So it's right that smack dab in the city get a real nice urban setting. And here at the University of Pennsylvania were separated four schools. But it really doesn't matter which school you're in because you can take classes across all four. But the only difference is that you can major in something in another school without making an application for it, or being in a coordinated dual degree or uncoordinated dual degree program. We'll get a little bit more into that later on. Pretty much the four schools that we have here at the School of Engineering, Wharton School of Business, School of Nursing and then the College Arts and Sciences, all for which which brought great options for majors. Miners. Anything you really want pursue. So it's all just a matter of picking out What do you want? And they're also under cleared options in all four school. So if you don't know exactly what you want in either of those four schools, feel free to just take your time. Like why, rush? We'll see this view road. You get that light him who? You could shine here when you're here at the University of Pennsylvania. That's another big fact. Pretty much some other good facts you all should know. R mascot is the Quakers. So pretty much where the pen quick. Okay. And pretty much we'll be going on the tour right now. What's known? This locust walk, which is the main part of campus. So you walk along locus walking, you'll get everything you really need.