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Hi, My name is Rocky Benjamin. I majored in English with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in film and TV studies. Hair at CUNY Lima College with CUNY stands for City University of New York and CUNY is a system of pub the universities here in New York City. It's also the largest urban university system here in the United States. There are, I think, they're twenty five CUNY campuses that span across the five boroughs here in New York City. And Lehman, when that I gotta do is located here in the Bronx. I know from experience walking to classes, especially when you have two different ones in the same day. And they're on opposite sides of campus that takes, like, maybe fifteen minutes or so to get to the other side of campus. Get class. Uh, it's a pretty big campus, according to Google. Kevin. According to Google, I'm sorry. I feel awkward because of people. According Teo, Google campus is thirty seven acres large big. How do you say that with Capesizes? Thirty seven *** on, with total undergraduate enrollment is about eleven thousand one hundred seventy. I see people you get to see people to work with people. You have those people forget as I was saying, Think of us all the information I have for you right now until we start the tour. But instead of calling it a tour, I'm going to call it a video scavenger hunt. Cat people here, I can't really gave me a list of past the complete for the tour for anyone who might be looking to enroll here. I want to know what school was like. So everything I do this kind of somewhat based on the list that they gave me, but so they're just calling in a task list. It is my video scavenger hunt that makes it more fun and just reading the list. I see a lot of fun things that I want to do. So here we go. I'm going to try to make it is interesting. It's possible you're going to see things that you would not see in the typical orientation house tour. this is Carmen. All I have my classes in here because here is really have all the English classes and usually for film and philosophy and foreign languages and stuff like that. So a majority of my classes are in here. All the classrooms look pretty much the same. Um, on DH there. Pretty small. It's like maybe about twenty students per class and only ones and only one professor. No one really goes. I notice everybody gets attention. Everybody gets a chance to speak, Um A. So long as you participate with us. So professors are pretty cool. They want to make sure that you succeed. The lot of them offer extra credit if you think it's necessary. They encourage you, ask questions and have discussions and stuff in the past Of the class is a very discussion based on what everyone to share their thoughts and opinions. All of them are also very understanding that were called students, and we don't really have for offer careers yet. We're in college to get proper career, so a lot of them kind of like find cheaper alternatives to the textbooks. That way would usually have to go by the book stores on hand, still photocopy stuff for us, or send us somewhere to rent it for cheap instead of going to have to buy the book. So they were understanding. They also have, like, office hours are usually maybe about two hours at least once or twice a week, so everyone has a fair chance to succeed as long as they try. so right behind me is right. There is the Leonard Leaf Library. People go there to do what you do in libraries. They study, they do home where they usually close, like around eight or ten. But I close to finals time. We close at midnight. They're not open all night, but it's not like a I can't with. Traditional campus is not that bad as long as you know how to manage your time. And sometimes leave may well have classes where they teach you about time management and I'LL handle stress on things like that. I know one time a few semesters ago, they had a stress relief from anything was held by the health center, thinking about stress balls and adult coloring pages and markers to color with the head in the room with therapy session type thing where you could mix together essential oils and I guess, create the scent based on whatever you need for your stress or anything else. And I know downstairs in the basement they also had people bringing dogs so that you could make good on stairs and dogs and dog relieves arrests. Before, I thought that was cool, so yeah, it's now been lending library. They do touring here. They have computer labs here. Students can do work and friends stuff here and study here. Also borrow books. No, by me, that's the computer lab. They have three floors. They're for clues with first floor doing construction so we can go up there. One of the classrooms to think for. One of my classes came in here to make learning out to use the online library system. This reference green Sudden. It's quiet here. Come here in the area. Use their books. So I forgot to mention that well, that made her computer labs. They have food, Mac and HP computers so great with whatever make it easier for everyone. This is the second floor just came up from the sea level area. You skipped first floor because they're doing renovation. Right now. More computers or books. School structures like a little mini women college campus, this little city exiting Marion's protect little private station, having less cool your books from the others. More people having a set way over yonder. Now we're on the third floor. Ince's Celeste. There is the top floor. Four people sitting for yes, depending on what? You're looking for it. But that's the level you have to go on. No, well structured. Pretty much the same way alive. wager for one of my favorites. Wait right now. Spring Wait. Somebody, like, welcome events for new students with school year. They also also with some clothes to wear. Wait, wait, wait. This is what it's like on an average day today, they're having a big festival thing. So they had about Advance Castle. That and all school personnel that thought usually looks like. Sometimes professors will have classes right here on the stairs. Sometimes when it's really weathered. I thought you'LL see a lot of students just sitting around hanging on here. There's not a lot of people out here right now because it's cold. My hands are cold, blushing green. That's a big that building over there is the letter D fly wearing this building right here. Next to it is the concert home. There's this really cool looking area. This structure was made by someone in our department in the art department right here. Under here is the entrance So now I'm going into the sonic blues like your little hallway in between Carmen and Cafeteria and the empty building dancer sensors here that makes noise When you passed So right now I'm in the tunnels. The entire campus is pretty much connected through underground tunnels except for the library. The apex That's the gym in recreational center and student life building. Oh, so you can use the tunnels to get to class if it's really cold outside. Or, I mean, I didn't even know the tunnels were a thing until I think, like last year, and I've been going there since I was. But since twenty fifteen, I found out from one of my friends who found out from one of their friends who found out from one of his friends. So I guess the only way to find out about this is if you have a friend who knows, because I don't know anyone who, like I learned about it from the tour or from a professor or something, they're usually empty. I guess most people don't know about them or they've never been through here. Haven't ever actually have been down here by myself before. I'm usually here with a group of friends. I'm going to try Tio, get to Carmine under here about myself right now in the tunnels underneath the old gym building. I'm going to try to get to Carmen, which it's all there on the other side of campus we'LL see how that goes. This's where I'm coming from. Action. I'm not going today. This home. It's right down here. OK? I guess I should be going to Davis called area. My bad. My bad. I didn't even see that sign. Wait, Let's try it. I went there only We're trying this again. That last again? No, I don't know. Yes, yes, yes. Definitely going the right way now it's just too creepy vibe. I remember I just watched us a few weeks ago and I still have the guts to come down here by myself. so right here we have the baseball field, also on the other side of campus. We also have tennis in the gym. There is volleyball and basketball. There is swimming there. Something else I'm probably forgetting, but we do have the options. If you want to join like a big sports team won a scholarship or something, this isn't school to do it. Even being honest, it's not a bad thing because we do have options. If you're interested in scores, it's just not a leader thing here, you know? Leaving mascot. Uh, is it a squirrel? No lightning by giving it a lightning bug. Her likeness? Yeah, the squirrels everywhere. Yeah, I even know that was the mascot at Google. It hot. There's a hot guy here. Family comes out and take this girl on a raccoon