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Let's up everyone. I'm currently outside the student center right now or what we call the stew. It's probably the most visited building on campus, and I think it's crucial that I show you guys what's inside. So let's go right. When you walk into this, do you'll notice a big area with lounge chairs and tables? If you have any questions about where things are located, you can always ask the desk receptionist. Still, you can always find tables of organizations like Radio Paula better promoting themselves just really. They're three main force to the student center. On the first floor, you confined many offices in organization centred around cultures, ethnicities and religions. Since two Paul is a Catholic university, there's a chapel on the first level of us do that has mass every Sunday night in rooms one o two A and one o to be. There's a large lecture hall where many conferences are big. School events are held. You could find a student favorite cafe on the first floor called brownstones. With your flex dollars, you could buy anything from ice coffees. Two sandwiches, two doughnuts too. Can heat to cereal you, Khun, basically find it here in brownstones. Now, when you walk up the stairs to the second floor, you confined the dining hall, which I've shown in a previous video, as well as the Office of Student Involvement, which is in charge of holding many deposed fun events like Welcome Week, Demon, Jon and Vinny. Now you can only access the third floor by going through the elevators, which are notorious for being very slow when you finally reach the third for the fine, many offices that cater to the needs of students like the Office of Health and Wellness, which offers free counseling services for the dean of Students office, which is in a scary as it sounds to close out this tour, I'll take you to probably my favorite place in the stew, the mailing center. I want to. When you first arrived here, Paul, but give you a key to your very own mailbox. If you're expecting something, those send you an e mail and put a slip in your mailbox. They'll search through the bins for your package, and then all you have to do is sign. It's super easy. So I ordered stickers for my laptop because it seems like everyone here at Paul greats their laptop with these cute stickers from red bubbles, so I'll show you guys make it back. Good morning, everyone. Happy Tuesday? It is finally October. And I'm so excited because hashtag, today we're in the quad and I'm just gonna show you around. Scattered throughout the flawed our benches with outlets powered by solar panels so you can charge your phone or laptop while you work. So typically, there'd be a lot of people here. I like playing football, frisky, linking hand mix. A lot of times there's like a tipi affairs here, but today it's pretty cold, bringing chilly, so he's really out. Sending out. I like to go Claude and work on homework or hang out with friends in my lunch here. It's a lot of times there are dogs walking around, too, so that's a plus. Hi guys. I'm here with my friend named Been. He is also a fellow being the dart, and he's going to talk to you guys about how dipaula students get free transportation and a little bit about the red line. Yeah, so basically, the they'll stop that's on campus. The red line. We get a venture card. It's like a second. I'd kind of that you can scan bus stops or else stops all around Chicago on you get free transportation. I believe it's included in tuition. It's pretty, pretty cool. I use it all time. It's amazing and it works on the weekends to. So when you don't have classes and you want to export Chicago, you're free transportation to go literally anywhere as far as the bus and or train will take you run up the stairs. It is time. Hey, guys. So I am at Fullerton. Stop. Which is right then the fortune, Alvin, which the university isn't on. There is no train coming yet. Oh, there we go. Yep. But if you get this app called Ventura, it tells you how long it will take until the train comes on. DH. Yeah, it's pretty nice. Use it all the time. Hey, guys. So this is the conference room on the fifth floor, also one of my favorite spots simply because of this clipping view. Oh, my gosh, Love it, Love it, Love it. And if you adventure over to here, there is beautiful, even go out. You can get a view of the whole campus, and it's so beautiful. The best part about Thi s is Oh, I'm Chris Kharkov. I'm from Memphis, Tennessee, studying journalism here to Paul. And I chose it because they gave me money on, uh um, beginning. I was programming being classes with her honor students. Academically, people are driven. They're always get us up ahead. Challenge themselves on a daily basis on somebody So far has been a really diverse like everyone's there are, like, unique individual, but they all kind of come together and collectively have this real sense of community here. Every part of Paul has to be the fact we're in one of the coolest cities right now. Take the subway to from where? In that aspect of this police report. Captain here's your crew could be better. What's up, everyone? It's Belle back again. Um, sorry. I know I'm looking so rough, but we need to go to the gym this afternoon because a lot over the weekend. So I'm going to show you around at the Ray Meyer Fitness Centre and it's one of the coolest places on campus and I can't wait to show you guys. So let's go. No, no, that the rain, my fitness center or the ray is just a short distance away from the student centre and it's free for all DePaul students with their student i ds. Just up the staircase on the second floor, you confined literally any cardio or weightlifting equipment to suit your needs. You want chicken? What a guy's got a booth. You got a brain? On the move. There are also three large studios met for yoga, Zumba work, body pump or cycling classes. Students can be made aware of these classes. They're downloading the ray app or just picking up a monthly flyer at the front. If the classes and schedules for the day, you can utilize the open studio space for work up by yourself or with your friends. That. After your workout, you can pick up a healthy smoothie or protein shake to revitalize your muscles. For you can skip the line with Philip, one of your water bottles through Paul's waste free water. Now that my workouts done, it's back to lectures in the classrooms and readings from the textbook. See you next time. Okay, Open the mouth. So one of my favorite spots here. TTs. It's the Terrence on the fourth floor because it's outside and I love outside and also you can see sit. This. Oh, I love this love this love this. Love us. And here you can see all the chairs and stuff behind me. Students could come out here and study or chill or talk or each or sunbathe or whatever you want to do between classes. Money's daily I am assault for on Major with a minor. I chose to Paul because it's close to family and like I am from Washington. So I wanted to city where it wasn't familiar. Paulson is very into it. We kind of have to be me. That's where the city so like I'm like a state school where everybody gets to know each other and we're always on campus like DePaul students very much. So go on, do their own things involved in things which, like, leads us to your divers there. Why? Catholic hobbies falls. Academic climate is very competitive because we're on the corner system. We very quickly. But like me also, Felix tried for like there's a lot of student groups sadly require a or like take the fact that they have a hygiene, which I think is really boring and like, really reflects how Paul takes that seriously. Mike, the fact that we're in a city so we have, like city, our campus, if we have to go, do things, things like experiential, where experiences companies that around here, like the arts and culture going see. But my police report about Paul is the fact that we are in the city, that we tend to feel a little disconnected from each other because because we have, like way, don't hub to come, Teo and like all together, because we have some communities and somebody people that live far away. So yeah, on count three hours, be Why did you guys choose to Paul? Most importantly, teeth? Yes. Um, I got in. You know what? Because it's it's in a great location. First of all, to be in this city that has so much theatre and so on resources available, and it has a great program and great faculty. Yeah, I feel like I chose to Paul because it's in Chicago and there's so many like, different, wonderful opportunities here. And the facility is like, beautiful, like the building is beautiful. I'm sure you guys see that in the door, but I feel like everybody here like really, really advocates for everybody else here, and I feel like the care, the awareness of like, who's around you and like what people are feeling is what really drew What's up, you guys? It's Friday morning, and I don't have classes today. Who? So I'm gonna take your own Lincoln Park a little bit and just show you the area. Uh, but first I have an appointment to get my hair cut at Teased. It's about five minutes away from my dorm, so that's pretty cool. And they give discounts to DePaul students. So check it out. So, yeah, I'm running a little bit late, so let's get going. There is no choice. Three. So shadow to Daniel at Tease. It was only like seventeen dollars five minutes away from campus. Took, like, fifteen minutes. Definitely ago, too. If you're looking for somebody to hear down on campus. So one of my favorite parts about living in Lincoln Park is it such a safe and pretty neighbourhood. There's so many gorgeous brownstone house is here. I love to just walk around like seriously, Can I just live there anyways? I'm headed to a coffee shop right now. One of my favorites nearby, kind of nearby, about eighteen minutes. Walking distance. But that's the the plus about living in the city, so I'll take you guys along with me. Kiss, kiss history list and rest above your war. You can't relate to me. From the floor two hours later. In addition to coffee shops, there are other places around Lincoln Park like Jenny's ice cream, which is said to be one of the best places to get a sweet trip in the city. Flush where you can get all your homemade face masks and back bombs. Serena and Lily for all your bedroom essentials. Warby Parker for that new pair of glasses you've been needing Marine Layer boutique for those cute fall sweaters and Los E ton if you want to blow some cash on a nice new perfume. So I just finished up at the coffee shop, and I'm headed back to my dorm right now. Um, that's kind of wraps up today's adventures showing you guys Lincoln Park and I only showed you just a liver of what DePaul students have the advantage of being in the city, for I didn't take you down into the loop because I feel like that be a little too crazy. There's so much to do in downtown Chicago, but I just showed you a little bit of what's here in Lincoln Park. There's also the Lincoln Park soon, which is totally free. Um, there's a bunch of bars. If you're over twenty one, there's restaurants and a lot of fun pop up shops from time to time. So that's it for today. And I'm headed back to go study for my midterms next week. But thanks for joining me and I'll see you next It's good. Power. Hey, guys. So I am currently sitting outside of the library right now. Um, I'm not gonna film myself talking in there because number one, it's a Sunday and it's super PACs and I want to protect people's privacy. And two, it's a library. So I don't want to be loud and talk. But I'll take you guys in there and I'll show you what it's like. The library on campus is a great resource for DePaul students to use whether you need to check out a book, collaborate with friends on a group project. He did quite space for work or need to use the laptops. The library is the place to go, yeah. Raise. Yeah. The first two floors of the library are collaborative Zahra allowed to talk pretty loudly while you're on those, But as you travel up the stairs, you want to get more quiet. To check out a book. All you need is your student ID card. If you don't have enough time to run to the library, you could always check out the course reserves on the online database. Shit. It's a little too crowded inside. You could always bring your book to the courtyard outside Hey, everyone, Bell back again today? Saturday Pretty windy and chilly out, but I'm gonna take you to the athletic center to show you kind of what the sports and the athletic scene here is at home. So let's go. No. Located right next to the gym, the Student Athletic Center is home to both the basketball and volleyball teams. I had a pretty open schedule today, so I decided to stop in and watch our women's volleyball team play market. I will try to. Now I'll take you guys over to catch Hitori Stadium, where our soccer and baseball teams play in practice. And if you look to your left underneath the train tracks by the stadium, you'll see some really cool murals that deposit humans have painted on the pillars throughout the years. Now for some dip. All history. Long ago, we used to have a football team who wore jerseys with Big Letter D for DePaul on the front of when announcers would refer to them. They called them the G Men, and that's why our school mascot dip All Blue Demon's comes from. So I know you might be a little disappointed with the lack of sports here at DePaul. But really, we're like a liberal arts school, so we focused more on the arts in the film and the writing and all that good stuff. So sports isn't really our main focus. But we do have, like basketball, soccer, softball, baseball all across. And there's a hockey team, too.