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What's up, you guys? It's Friday morning, and I don't have classes today. Who? So I'm gonna take your own Lincoln Park a little bit and just show you the area. Uh, but first I have an appointment to get my hair cut at Teased. It's about five minutes away from my dorm, so that's pretty cool. And they give discounts to DePaul students. So check it out. So, yeah, I'm running a little bit late, so let's get going. There is no choice. Three. So shadow to Daniel at Tease. It was only like seventeen dollars five minutes away from campus. Took, like, fifteen minutes. Definitely ago, too. If you're looking for somebody to hear down on campus. So one of my favorite parts about living in Lincoln Park is it such a safe and pretty neighbourhood. There's so many gorgeous brownstone house is here. I love to just walk around like seriously, Can I just live there anyways? I'm headed to a coffee shop right now. One of my favorites nearby, kind of nearby, about eighteen minutes. Walking distance. But that's the the plus about living in the city, so I'll take you guys along with me. Kiss, kiss history list and rest above your war. You can't relate to me. From the floor two hours later. In addition to coffee shops, there are other places around Lincoln Park like Jenny's ice cream, which is said to be one of the best places to get a sweet trip in the city. Flush where you can get all your homemade face masks and back bombs. Serena and Lily for all your bedroom essentials. Warby Parker for that new pair of glasses you've been needing Marine Layer boutique for those cute fall sweaters and Los E ton if you want to blow some cash on a nice new perfume. So I just finished up at the coffee shop, and I'm headed back to my dorm right now. Um, that's kind of wraps up today's adventures showing you guys Lincoln Park and I only showed you just a liver of what DePaul students have the advantage of being in the city, for I didn't take you down into the loop because I feel like that be a little too crazy. There's so much to do in downtown Chicago, but I just showed you a little bit of what's here in Lincoln Park. There's also the Lincoln Park soon, which is totally free. Um, there's a bunch of bars. If you're over twenty one, there's restaurants and a lot of fun pop up shops from time to time. So that's it for today. And I'm headed back to go study for my midterms next week. But thanks for joining me and I'll see you next Let's up everyone. I'm currently outside the student center right now or what we call the stew. It's probably the most visited building on campus, and I think it's crucial that I show you guys what's inside. So let's go right. When you walk into this, do you'll notice a big area with lounge chairs and tables? If you have any questions about where things are located, you can always ask the desk receptionist. Still, you can always find tables of organizations like Radio Paula better promoting themselves just really. They're three main force to the student center. On the first floor, you confined many offices in organization centred around cultures, ethnicities and religions. Since two Paul is a Catholic university, there's a chapel on the first level of us do that has mass every Sunday night in rooms one o two A and one o to be. There's a large lecture hall where many conferences are big. School events are held. You could find a student favorite cafe on the first floor called brownstones. With your flex dollars, you could buy anything from ice coffees. Two sandwiches, two doughnuts too. Can heat to cereal you, Khun, basically find it here in brownstones. Now, when you walk up the stairs to the second floor, you confined the dining hall, which I've shown in a previous video, as well as the Office of Student Involvement, which is in charge of holding many deposed fun events like Welcome Week, Demon, Jon and Vinny. Now you can only access the third floor by going through the elevators, which are notorious for being very slow when you finally reach the third for the fine, many offices that cater to the needs of students like the Office of Health and Wellness, which offers free counseling services for the dean of Students office, which is in a scary as it sounds to close out this tour, I'll take you to probably my favorite place in the stew, the mailing center. I want to. When you first arrived here, Paul, but give you a key to your very own mailbox. If you're expecting something, those send you an e mail and put a slip in your mailbox. They'll search through the bins for your package, and then all you have to do is sign. It's super easy. So I ordered stickers for my laptop because it seems like everyone here at Paul greats their laptop with these cute stickers from red bubbles, so I'll show you guys make it back.