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To call library. This is one of my favorite places I campus to come and study and relax and sometimes hang out with friends if I don't have too much stuff to do. But they have a lot of resources, bucks that you could go and look through. They also have computers you can use in case yours are ever not working. All right, guys. So this is going to be a super cool reaction video because they just renovated the library, and we haven't seen it yet, so we're really excited to see what they did. Do it over the summer school. Okay? See what they did? They put some computer stations. In fact, that's cute. Hey, I like it. How terrible. Look, we ran into another friend. This is all really new, so I'm going to show you guys what they just edit it. Natalie and I are now headed Teo, our absolute favorite place on campus. This is actually very spent most of our first year just because it's a great place to study. And also it's really close access to food, which is so important when you're studying later, it's another little cafe that they also served Starbucks big, um, and also have things like salad. If you're also on the go, because it's close to a lot of other academic buildings, this is one of the study. Space is in the library where you can meet with your small groups and work on projects and other stuff like that. So this part of the library is actually open twenty four hours, which is really nice, because if you're up late doing homework, you have a nice, quiet place to study. So Natalie and I are about to head upstairs. We can't talk when we're up through, though, because it's an old talking zone study area of the library. So we'll just show you around and then hope you guys enjoy Are you stuck? Yes. Are we supposed to be talking in here? One of the really cool features about the library that they actually offer writing workshops and tutoring, which are free to students. And it's a really nice place to come if you need help, anything paper just help researching and stuff like that. They have a lot of resources that you could use for any major, so if you need help with any kind of mark, they have a lot of resources. So we're about to head into a home said, which houses a copy shop. It also houses the underground German, which is like a smaller size bell center, which I don't know what the Bell Centre is. If you click on the video now, we're headed to the school store to get some cool apparel for game day, which is Saturday. Um, it is Thursday right now, so we have a couple days to get ready. So we're gonna go see if we could get some apparel for the game. Wow. Look at these fancy mannequins. Natalie, Did you find something you like? I do, and it's on sale. School store's a cool place to come. They have a lot of different apparel, and this is also where you can get your textbooks and other school supplies for the year. There's Natalie. She's picking up her textbook now. So while she is doing that, I'm going to shop around and see if I can find some cool Parral for this weekend. As you can see, there is a lot of blue and white in this building. You having fun? They're not shopping. So the next part of our tour is in lower quad rape below the Quad Creek Cafe. Click on that video if you want to watch that. But this is the lower kalata. So let's get started. A great bathroom and elevator for all your bathroom and elevator needs. And here she is, ladies, the lower quality. These tables are perfect for a little study party with you and your friends. You could even get the Quad Creek Cafe and bring it down here as a little snap. And then there's games. Okay, these Ping Pong tables so far, I love to come down here with friends. Pool is a big pastime here. A drink. I always see people playing by this pool table. It's a great way to bar with friends and just like have a little social time, take a break from studying and pull it up. Down here is also the Student services center. So if you need help with, like, let's say your enterprise car share or anything relating to student services like you lost your i. D. This is the place to cool. Calm, lower, Loic want also has these three conference room. Some are being used as offices right now. But when not, you can usually do homework in here with friends or just come to chill. Great place we love that was lower quad, a place to hang, play and just have some fun and maybe No. And welcome to the re lax ation room. This is one of the hidden gems on campus. Well, still, even if they've been going here for a few years, it's a really nice place to come and just relax and chill out, especially when the school year is kind of stressful and feel overwhelming at times. But this is a great place to comment. They have sand garden, and they also have coloring books and lights and relaxing music and yoga mats and stuff like so. It's a really nice way and just kind of decompressed from all the stress of school. Here we are at the Roger Nap Tennis Center. This is the home of the Drake tennis teams, so we're gonna go inside and check it out. So it happened again out of this building because I'm not soon athlete, so That's all I got for you. Okay, so yeah, I'd have unplugs is great on campus. We have six quarts in a tennis center, so we have nine five. It's really cool on weekends and watch the dust. Also, if you are not on the tennis team of the Nap Center is open at night that you can come in with your friends and play some Hey, guys, it's game day. So we're headed to the Drake Stadium right now to go watch the football game. I don't know who they're playing, but it's gonna be a fun game. So let's so, guys, um the game was cancelled because of a severe thunderstorm warning. And I'm very sad because I love game day. So I'm sorry that you don't get to see the fun. So here we are at the Drake Football Stadium and this is where they host Drake Relays every year is also where all the football games are. It's really fun to come to football games with friends and the first game of the year is also the The Bell Centre. Let's check it out. Welcome to the Bella Centre, one of the workout centers and also home to Drakes Arena. The Nap Center. Let's sit in. Here is the first workout room for students. The Bell Centre comes with fully with machinery to help you work out a statement while you're staying at Drake University. Bell Center also comes with Jim and Basketball Court. Stay active. I personally love attending the group acts fitness classes That drink, which reigned from Zumba to kickboxing, too. Hip hop. I recommend all of them. Drink also has these rooms to play Pickleball tennis or any others forthe involves a racket. So here is what it looks like on the court of a basketball game at Drake. Students love attending these sporting events. They get a really high turnout, and there's usually a lot of free stuff in them, So I recommend coming and watching the game. Here are the locker rooms, both of which lead to the Drake Drink is committed to the bulldog weight, which, as you can see, means we act with integrity. We demonstrated an uncompromising commitment to excellence and several other principles. Is the Drake Pool Drake Pool, which is open for swimming. Swim team will practice here and there's open swim, as you can see right now. That was the Bell centre. I know I really enjoy working out there getting active and attending. The group backs classes so ten out of ten would This is Drake Stadium. Now it is winter, so Drake Stadium isn't open to the public or really at all due to the snow and cold temperatures. But it is the destination for all football games and also the Drake Relays. Our main event. Here's a poster for the Drake Relays were Speed has no limit. They take place in April. Every year, the top athletes and Olympians from all around the world come to compete in the treacle relays. And it's something that we really pride ourselves in. Which is why it's kind of one of the gems of Drake. So, yes, drink Stadium is located right over this barricade. You can kind of see the drink plaza, which is where they sometimes have tailgates before the games. But, yes, this is the destination for drink, relays and all other events of that nature. A gem of drink. If there ever was last year, I was given the opportunity to work as a cameraman for the Drake Relays, and it really helped me and changed my perspective on filming for a sporting event. So, guys, this is helmet. This is one of my favorite parts of campus. This is where a lot of people hang out and promote different kinds of clubs on campus. And it's really cool to hang out and no bridge. Here are some and come in. Oh, uh, introduce yourself. Tell me your name. Your your pager. Well, I'm a nail stamberg performance in Minnesota, and I'm a theater major. Panic coming from tonight. Be a family. My name is their father's Galina and I have a strategic political, communications and digital media production double major with a minor in theater. So you guys like to hang out home, Akane all the time. Whenever I'm not glasses and I'm here, You heard it here first. So as you can tell from that little cameo, you are always walking by this part of campus. And I also really like this part of campus because it's really central to a lot of a central location. Like to my right. Here is the dining hall, which is always good to be close and then behind the dining hall are the freshman year dorms. And there's more academic buildings in this area. If you guys clicked on the video that says Reflection Pond, you'll see more about my favorite part of helmet This is the home, said Coffee Shop, and they serve Starbucks products and smoothies and mother baked goods throughout the day. It's really nice to come here in the morning and get coffee before class. Or, if you're running late, grab some breakfast. You can also use your flex solid here, which is really nice, because if we don't have your wallet on you, you can just use your student I d. To spite for flex foot. Scholars are basically like monetary amount that are automatically uploaded to your heart every year. So depending on your meal plan, you'll have a different amount of flex dollars. But there's a certain period throughout the school year where you can transfer meals into flex dollars where we hid How you doing? You said the game big. I can't tell him. I very sad. So anyway. But why here? Awesome. So name your hometown Major. Coming. I'm empty. You described the student body at Drake University. Student body. Uh, lovely people. All friends, all family. Why did you decide to come to drink? Drink is actually Hobbs so kind of post on which is nice personally, that program for me. Perfect fit. I met some people back. Everyone cares about everyone. No, Philip, you have any favor? At least favorite parts about Drake. Be honest with people. Drink it. Not in a very college town type area. So there's not a ton to do straight like, But you get Newberg. You could go anywhere. Thank you so much. Day. Thanks. Hi guys. My name is Emily Mitch, and I'm from Huntington Woods, Michigan, and I'm a musical theater major here at Drake University. I'm thrilled to be able to show you guys around the campus today, so let's get gone. This is underground, which is our secret fitness center is in the lower level of Homestead and it's a nice place. You just come for a quick workout and meet up with friends and, yeah, hit the treadmill. Homestead, as you can probably tell right now, is under construction just because drink is always trying to improve their campus, which is really cool because you get to see how it changes over your time here. Underground is actually scheduled. Teo, finish with construction within the next couple of weeks, so I'm really excited to get Here we are. Outside. Meredith houses different departments like history, world languages, religion and politics. We're gonna head inside and check out one of the larger lecture halls on camp. Welcome to Marriage Hall. This is the university can lead to hundred people. But I've never been in a lecture with more than six years people. So you still get that nice? Yeah. This is your typical discussion based classroom physical science here last year, and it was a great class and I really enjoyed my time. I really liked it because since it was discussion base, you have to bounce your ideas off of other people. And I feel like that really helps with the learning process. So if you click on the video is that, say, Olin Hall and Meredith Hall, you can see some of the different types of lecture Hey, guys. So I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to take you through game day. That's why I look like this in our last video. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to show you around campus. Just leave you guys on. No. Just know that even if you didn't really feel a good five with streak, you're gonna find whatever school was meant for you. And everything happens for a reason. So you're gonna end up where you're mental. I wish you guys all the best of luck applying for colleges and see you soon. Shit this campus. Things like that, So let's head inside. So we're locked out as we found out why and The next stop on our tour is Spike's convenience store. So let's head inside. So as you can see, this store has anything that you could really want way have all of your pharmaceutical needs and any household items such as batteries, ChapStick, deodorant, all the goods. You know, you could get a rate here by spending your student flex dollars which come apart of your meal plan. This is kind of crackers. Own granola bar. Ours like that. I'll in the supermarket. We've got fresh salad. Sandwich is ready to go on a moment's notice if you need a quick fight on the go beverages here, guys are galore. Anything you could want. I'm a personal big fan of peace, T. But, yeah, you can get any beverage here. We've got cereal. Can ships dump more candy, more chips and then they're also is There's also this organic section or a little bit healthier, which I really enjoy. So you could get granola bars, gluten free foods. Honestly, all the goods are right here in this section. There's also this freezer section, which has like ice cream or a meal which you can get to cook at home. All in all. I love C store, as we call it here, Drake, because you can just spend your flax dollars what you're paying for on your dining plan and get like snacks and just stuff on the go. It's very convenient, if you will. Are you sad that game day got cancer? My purse. Tell me was your first game Because I'm a transfers. So it's my first year. Yeah, I'm like so from. And what is your I am from the south suburb of Chicago, and I'm So can you tell me about your first impressions of the campus? Like, what do you think of the environment? Yeah, well, I was a little apprehensive. First I had a visit a drink before, but everyone was really welcoming support. No, we integrated, honey. Favorite least favorites. You know, it's only been a week, so I can't really tell. But I feel like there It's time to talk about another gem of Drake, which is helmet comments. So it's a winter right now. But this is the reflection pond. If you can believe it over there, it's usually a pond and a waterfall, which just makes for the perfect summer study Spot overhears the Agora, perfect for a photo shoot, taking headshots. Any other event in college doing homework is obviously really important, and the Agora is kind of the perfect setting for that. I personally tried to go there as much as I can. When the sun is out and there's a little bit less snow to get in some study time and to really relax, it's really important to manage your time in college in the Agora, scheduling a little agora time and you'll be relaxed. Am prepared Helmet. Commons also has lots of trees, perfect for ham, mocking once the weather is not this cold, am I right? But for real, I love to hammock out here, read my book. Even just listen to music and hang out with friends is super fun. And then here is the helmet Commons field, which is really great for doing, having a picnic doing from studying. A lot of sports teams will play like Frisbee there or something. I really enjoy it. And when it's not all covered in snow, it's a really great place to relax on campus. So what have we learned? How Mitt Commons, a gem. Check it out at Drake. It's honestly the perfect study spot, and what more could We're entering the area of Drake, known as Dog Town after our mascot. The Bulldog. Um, dog town is not a part of campus. It's an area to hangout shop. Grab a coffee, grab a bite and really like, take a break or study. So let's go explore it, shall Here we are at the Fine Arts building, which we also called back on campus. This is the building where I spend ninety percent of my time. MOSES MUSIC Wait, What isthe fact stand for back stands for the Fine Arts Center. The full name is Harmon Fine Arts Center, but we all just call. Welcome to Paw Paw stands for the Performing Arts Hall. This is where we have classes during the day, but it also houses our main stage production, the operas and other various things throughout the year last year. And this is Patty, a senior and and It has been really fun. It's slowly coming to an end. That's making me very sad. Thank you. I've enjoyed working at the costume shop where we are for the past. Here, have. Your drink is great. What? Thank you for your time. Wow, it's me again. This is the Studio Theatre. It's a black box theater. Full name is Koman Studio pewter. And this is where we do most marsh metrical season. And it's really cool because the seats you could, like, rearrange seven different styles. And it's a very intimate space. So when you're doing Peter down here just, well, it's really cool to be in a show in here, something that is also that studio. Yeah, no set building here, setting of the sun something. So just look in there doing that. This movement room. This is like our dance kind of area. It's really nice. It's really easy to move on. One of the really nice elements of the movement room are all the mirrors. It's a really nice place to come practice, even if it's not for dance. You can come in here and to yourself reform, which is really helpful because you can see the habits and those kind of things that you have. Every academic building on campus has relaxation. Areas were like lounges. And so this is one of the fine arts center's lounges. Tonight has computers and tables and a couch that you can sleep on, which is really helpful. The area is just less private. Do your homework and hang out and wait for your classes and then behind you. There are some vending machines, which are really nice when you are on the go quick and down this hallway. We have the practice rooms, which are essential to any music major, a theater major, because it's a great place to just go on practice on your own and being your own space hero. Practice rooms on the second, third and fourth floor. But the second floor practice rooms are mostly for theater and music majors like vocal performance majors, whereas the practice rooms on the third and fourth floor are more for instrument majors. Why, Hello there. Welcome to my practice room. Every practice room on the second third floors are equipped with pianos and piano matches. And also they have mirrors which are really nice because when you come in here to practice, you can let yourself Hello. I also really like in the practice rooms that when I'm in here practicing, I liketo open the window and just enjoy the view in the natural sunlight. All right, folks, we're about to enter Homestead Center, our student union here at drink. There are three different parts to Homestead. So this video is for Middle Homestead. So here we go. So here is middle home status. As you can see, we've got study tables and student life office, which is for anything related a student life meets, and you see all the posters for events happening at Drake. This is also where the Homestead Coffee shop is located. It is a Saturday, which is when it's closed. But I stopped by here almost every day to get my cup of coffee. You can spend your flex dollars, which are part of your meal plan, so I would recommend the Olmstead coffee shop. There's also this great lounge area where students do homework, study for classes or just hang out. Another part of Homestead in the middle is tune, inclusion, involvement and leadership. So this is where that office meets, and this is also the office for the student Senate. Over here in Middle Homestead, we have the store and we also have the Pomerantz stage. So there's a lot of events here. My acapella group performs here quite often. And then the bookstore is where you converges clothing or your books for classes. Hey, I brought up my acapella groups. Let's talk about that. I am in from out of the blue drinks on Lee Cohen acapella group and we perform around campus and in other places in the De Moines area. So come to Middle Homestead and you can check out our acappella group when we perform here. We do shows and also perform in events. How? By the Student Life Center, so please check it So here we are on one of the central parts of campus behind Painted Street, which will get more into later. This part of campus surrounds a lot of different types of buildings. We have a couple of residents fall to the side of me. Behind me is the library, and then we have some more academic buildings behind you. All right, folks, we're about to enter Homestead Center, our student union here at drink. There are three different parts for owns Dad. So this is for lower owns that. So here we go. So here is a lower own step. Here's the Sussman Theatre. We have all of our free movie Fridays and other lectures and events in here. Drink. Postal operations is also located in Lower Homestead, so if you need toe, get a package. Sometimes the lily usually go to your residence hall. They could come here. It's also full of couches and common spaces to do homework like many other areas of Homestead and also has all of these conference rooms. These air perfect for studying. I'm on the executive border from out of the blue. My aka Paella Group so will often have meetings in Lower Olmstead. It's really good spot, get together and get some work done and have some fun in the process. So I recommend coming here. It's also home to underground fitness and the re lax ation in which I talk So, guys, Natalie and I are headed for a quick snack, so we're gonna head to the C store, which is like our market or a school store place on, and they have a lot of cool options. They have a bunch of ice creams and frozen foods that you can heat up in your microwave on, and they also have like drinks. And one of my favorite stations is for real station, where you can make milkshakes. Also, they have a new flavour, which is cotton candy, and I'm so excited to try it. But other than that, they have a lot of snacks and drinks. You can also come here and use a swipe from your meal. Plan to get a meal to go for the day. No also, I have. Hey, they're too sometimes with my friends and I come here to play games. We'll have a bet that the loser has to buy the winner snacks from the store, All right, folks, we're about to enter Homestead Center, our student union here at drink. There are three different parts to Homestead, so this video is for upper own step. So here we go. So here we are on upper Homestead. There's a couple different areas, so let's just go through it. This is the parents hall, so there's a lot of events in here. Such a split stay. Other student events and also orientations actually does double in size. That is a retractable wall, but this is where a lot of meetings and events are held. I just went to the career for which was held in here. Homestead also has all of these classrooms and meeting spaces. There aren't any classes taught in here, but workshops, student meetings and rehearsals will be held in these rooms. There's a lot of them, and they all have little retractable walls, So that's not even the end of this little hallway. But see, there's these little walls, as you can see in that little doorframe. I guess this is another part of upper own Staten. Upper Arm Said also features lounge chairs throughout for homework or gathering. There's also that grand piano. So if you want to make some music, come on So right now we're outside of Olin Hall, which houses environmental science, biology and psychology. So we're gonna go inside and take a look at some of the classrooms and likes your help inside. Okay, so now we're inside of Poland. You know, some of the lecture that are in here. This building is where I took my psychology course last year, which was one of my wise, but I'll get more into what a wise later, let's go. Right now, we're in one of Olin smaller. Personally, I really like this size lecture hall because I feel like I get more individualized attention during class. It's also really nice because it's within a close proximity that you could see anything on the board, so out of different style labs so they have, like computer labs and chemistry labs and stuff like that, so they're really well approach for any force that you're trying to take