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Hey, Dead ranking. So Kane, your student film lorries. I just went there because I wanted to relax. Duke, it's something you especially two guys, then the clever girls. Yes. Trust me, you'll need to relax sometimes, so list things. The student health center. Me please gets medical checkups stirs, of course, that places there is the second for the first floor is it's just that's just a peaceful place. We have the nutrition races such a I'm sitting places. Why am I sitting outside police this center? Because I just came from there one of the reasons why people I just feel peace. Course, God like waiting people of a first year there's there's this. Really I'm with you. Just yeah, like me going there for the chair. Because first of all, Miss Ashes expensive. Could you get if you're a dude, which is incredibly huge campus. Yeah. Yeah, Here. Just Freemason, You're in high boots filling. It's not about it. It's it's. Just come to city. Take it. It's on its four. So behind me. It's always gonna be something happen, right? Yeah. Here and I meant it. When it's a very expensive, it is incredibly, incredibly expensive. Where we actually are. So I'm standing in front of the store, and part of me is civilian witches cardio about Chris take place. And right ahead of it is the Duke's student health. So, you know, just in case you're not feeling well, maybe every issue you want to talk about it, just relax. Give get this thing out. Really luxurious massage chairs. All right? You know, just down there in color books, whatever. Whatever makes you feel good. There is a dutiful last center and your student health where they'll be trained practitioner on, of course. You know, people who are trained and just making you feel as if Duke is killing you. Been pretty much of my favorite places. So it's around like seven at night. Andi just walking around campus because I'm heading over to meet someone in Fitzpatrick. But I want to show you guys Perkins, which is the library over here in both stock, which is another library on West. I don't really study in libraries because I have like a pretty big room. Andi, it's like, really comfortable just studying there. So I normally like to study in my room, but I'll show you guys around Perkins because there are some really, really pretty places in the library. Right now, I'm just headed to my engineering design class, just like a new freshman class for I'm Engineering and its and like a new space called the pod. Um, it's like, really cool because it's kind of like a tool space. So there's a lot of like, um, it's less like a classroom setting and more just like a bunch of tools and like tables in, like, team working space socially, you when I get inside. Cass was Weston, and I'm going to show you guys one of my favorite places on campus, like study and just like the LAX, It's like the Student wellness Center. It's like a new buildings that looks really modern and inside is like super pretty and just like they haven't always center, which basically spent like it's like a place to meditate and just like relax, which is like, really great. So I'm going to show you guys be inside and where I like to study. So this building on the way over here that's Perkins and then the side, his boast off that's, like, literally one of the prettiest places ever. It's called Bondi. Er was like a full name, but I'm not sure what it is, but it is so pretty also, you guys inside, um and then I'm just gonna, like, walk through the library. So that link that many people here tonight? Like a Thursday, huh? But still a decent number of people. And literally never gone past this point. This's Bondi t what I would love just like still be here on Monday. Men. Like some sort of exhibit. Come in here, some other places and this's elections, and I think there's like, more stuff upstairs. I literally have never studied Americans before. Just super pretty usual like that on my planet in a post doc. So I will show you there. So I'm just gonna go ahead with my morning routine. I normally just go to the bathroom, come back from some clothes and then get out the door. Um, but me, my friend Kathy are gonna head down the marketplace pretty soon, which is our dining hall. Um, we're gonna go get breakfast, so I'll see you All right, guys, this is my breakfast. They haven't really great, like, make your own on Live are here. So I did that, and then I got a bunch of money to do, which is like, what? I'd normally d'oh this'll look happy. Got she gets like yogurt every single day. So that's her breakfast. And this, my friend Patrick, that's normal. Magic is a lot. They have, like, a lot of, like, American food for breakfast here, See? Like eggs, bacon, hash, browns, biscuit and, like, French toast. Then this is my friend Jerry. Um, and then Jerry also got, like, a bunch of, like carbs, So yeah, that's pretty typical breakfast here, like Okay, Just just came out of the chapel. And the reason why I took your parents. Because anything you have everything you want to get involved in the culture. That chapter is incredible. First to take, so turn around slowly to conceal a little bit loose around the chapel. The trouble actually is. I know it's very, very tall tonight, even at the end, yet try to back out that. Okay, so all the way up there, that's the Duke chapel. So this place is incredibly special to make me do students. As you can see, it's a place in a very central place on campus, and it's very special to many students because it's just a place where you can come and be relaxed. Feel free two, three and and meditates if you feel like you stress or you just want a little bit of God in your life. And incredible thing about the Duke chapel is that has non denominational masses every Sunday where you can just come by here regardless, like what religion you are. And, you know, just pray. Those things are so essential people and looked up just that well. Duke Chop was also where many of Duke's incredible ceremonies happened, including including the first year congregation and a lot of the incredible speakers that come to speak. Harry Duke also use the Duke's Chapel, but off course. But any religious activity, the Duke chopping is just an incredible place to come. So yeah, that's it. I made it with five minutes to spare. Yeah, Took Chapel Chapel is a stole, as it normally is, and we're preparing for President's inauguration. Still, things are getting a little bit wild over a year. And, oh, these chairs is for us. The people are going to going to his inauguration cats a very exciting time to be here. Duke. His now have cameras rolling around and extra grass. And let's see what else we have over here. A lot of new people in campus. So if you do student, you noticed the grass is always mode. There's always gonna be rice, grass, grass, grass. It was one of those moments where we actually have more aggressive two It is. You get fed up of it. But it's one of those Duke things. Keep kicking off. Here. You notice beautiful Gothic architecture. Deuce Chuck. And if you look over there, it's pretty much the West campus. Quiet bend a little bit further in the back is the buses to those buses. Run in the three of Duke's campus is We have the West Campus East campus. We're freshmen, aka Classman lived and pretty much has all the classes on the big libraries. The best places to eat at is that in West campus, which is where we are right now in the central campus. I wish is okay. Really. Classes on it is just on new apartments for upperclassmen. So if you must get live in central campus for old fence no Yes days. A very exciting day, Duke. It doesn't always look like this. It's one of those moments where you get to be happy and enjoy being Duke students. All right, guys, I'm walking to breakfast now with my friend Kathy. Hey, Kathy. Uh uh, Yeah. Our dorm is kind of far from like, the dining hall, but it's just like a seven minute walk, so it's not that bad. Yeah, so should even food when No, no. Basically like. Like really popular. Come on here, there. Really big serving. This's a lie. They have a lot of cars. It's like which is three chicken, like other science, like match between stuff. And that's like, really good and like for a reasonable price and a little R E. I don't know what they put in them, but there's that's one of my favorite places, another one of my favorite places. Is your top, which is kinda like a sushi place you could literally make, like any combination, like make for you. They also like sushi, like pools and stuff. That's it. Like two. About this, right? Salad, right? On a secret. Here, too, it's a little bit more like ninety dollars. But if you have like an upper class and meal plan stuff affordable, there's some other places like Farm seven sprout. They're kind of like Sell it like Southern food. I normally don't eat there not much just because I'm not about to give up coming. And then over here is the catheter, and the cafe has a budget like crepes and smoothies and tease pastries. And like almost everything that you want. I've never gotten anything at the cafe, but I definitely do want to get a crepe one day because you looked so that's basically all of the dining places there. Some other dining places they're picking Mexican place upstairs on. Kind of like a bistro downstairs. Um, and then they're like somebody rushed off campus like I can't express and there is a loop which is kind of like a burger and takes place. Um and there's like a resonant go and everything. I think most times people just come to Western Union because there's only option pretty affordable and I'm just located This is Cola. See all these people working on stuff. Christine, are you happy? You know? Are you trying to file it down? Are you trying to file it? Okay, Good luck. Sadness. My friend just printed something, and I had a little bit of a defect from other thinkers, just like Yeah. I come here all the time to So this is Wilson Jim. It's like the main gin on candidates. But we also have like a gym like dress for freshmen. That's the climbing wall. This is. And, like, protein, um so, yeah, this is like the main Jing. It's currently not busy right now because it's a Sunday afternoon, but normally there are a lot of work here every time. Stairs and treadmills. And what's causing all that? But the colonel is really awesome because it's like free. Everything is free. The lending would have to pay for it. If you want to learn howto belay, which means, like, you learn how Tio kind of, like, be the person who, uh, spots the person is claiming, Um, that's just, like ten dollars. But everything else is free. And they have people here who will believe you if you want. I'm so Cassie, Patrick and I come here all the time, and we all went to belay each other, so it's really cool, really fun. So I just ordered from countries. Every time we go climbing, we always get like this. Thank you. And I think about like, the movies here. Is that like they used real fruit and on a lot of other things from campus use like fruit juice or something like that. So I really loathe. So I'm gonna head over to the co lab now. It's called, like the Duke Innovation Cola. Um, and it's like, really cool. It's basically a space where you can like three d print or work on like machines or like carve into wood or bend acrylic. It's literally like a project space or anything but each, like, build anything that they want. Um, I like three D print a lot of stuff there because it's free, which is like the best thing. Um, and it's really simple. You just unload like the three different a software, build something, and then you can print it, or you can even just, like, find it off the Internet. So I'm gonna take you guys there and fun fact. Duke has the largest three D printing, um, largest collection of beauty printers and like all economic institutions across America. And they're actually building like another Collab on East Campus, which is very love in that super Please. Just night. It's just just outside right now. That building to see down there. It's closed presents. That will do it. No. What? Much. Okay? No pretty spaces. JJ over place to be right. Posted there Shield with your friend. Our doors West campus. Ever worry here. So this is our lecture hall. You can see it's like, really big. Just a lot of people on them like this is drying projectors that everybody can see. So this is more like the lecture style and then, like my classes, like discussion style, just like smaller teamwork based come. So it is kind of like the two kinds of classes, but you're gonna see in college is just like like really small classes, like ten to thirty and then like really, really big classes at three hundred So now I'm in my computer size, like your hall with my friend Patrick again on this, My friend Tiffany. Um, yeah. So we're gonna learn your science. Hey, guys, We're going to go rock climbing now. And Wilson, June. It's like one of my favorite places on campus. And I was going climbing with, like, Cassie. This is my friend Cassie. This is my friend Patrick. Uh, yeah. We're going to show you. We're going to show you the rock climbing wall. Patrick's going town to the blue route. It's a five nine plus, which means it's like hard they go on like a five five to five scale. Every time I try to do, he's warming up. Yeah. Change your fees. What? Yeah, and then put your right foot up. You can do others out. Now he's taking a break. No project takes breaks at least three times every round. I'm going to keep the video going until you reach the top. God, you can do it. I believe in you. No. Right? You got it just reached for that big boom. Yeah. Yeah. Reach for the one on the star like I'm just getting warmed up. Yeah. You get it. Yeah, yeah. Now Yeah. Here. Okay. There. It was like very you Hey, what's up? So Maddie and I are gonna head out to psych class. Um, we're gonna have to take the bus, but we'll show you what the bus looks like, and then I'll show you what, uh, what your I don't know what's going on here is that I guess, kind of there. But I got myself some free Okay, Cass. He's gonna attempt the blue one going up here. No. Yeah. Spot. Wait, Wait again. Finding it's fine. You put your left foot on that one. No. Like the one that's like in between blue and green. Yeah, right. Natural. You got it. You. Right? What? But your feet. You're. Such a feat. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. But your drape it on that one and then get your left. Yeah. No. Thank you. No. Put both your feet on this. Yeah. Yeah, no. Yeah. Right? Here. No. You see one? Scandalously. Yeah, no blueberry one like corruptible. Wait. Raspberry? Yeah. But you're the one. Well, you're right. Yeah, yeah. I green like the blue and green roads are impossible that you see what? There. Yeah. Yeah. Get your right. Hi. Get your butt up. Yeah, Isn't our next year. Right knee is not blue. That's great. Thanks. Okay, I I can't no. Hi. Get there. I think you could use it. There's really no Yeah. Well, get it ready. Now I'm just headed to my computer science to one class, one twenty five. I'm gonna show you guys around the lecture room and what it looks like. It's like a big lecture, and then you also have, like, smaller discussions. But this lecture hall, it's around like four hundred people. Maybe so it's like, really big thing that's going to show you around and catch up with Oh, yeah. That was B Student Wellness Center and the Oasis room like one of my favorite places on campus. Just like, relax, um, and study and whatever. So if you ever come to geek, I definitely recommend going there and getting massaged. His last chair is incredible. So, yeah, that's the student on the center and the Oasis room. I really love going to the oasis because it's, like, really relaxing. Just like, sit there. All right. Here we are, approaching our final trek to grow tall with very, very under science drive. And it's literally the furthest building on West campus from which anything. And there are lots of stairs. Yeah, lots of stairs is literally like a hodge going up to this building. Such a pain in the butt. That's okay because we love psychology, right? Yes. We're in the basement and this is it's. But this is a very cool building. They're people who study all sorts of things. Really? Levers. I can't do you credible and I think it's is the largest. Come on, Bhaskar! So if you're kind of believers, don't even know what they are come to do. I really think we suppose this thing like energy save jobs and the planet turn off the light. Okay. And this list, but you a bit early. This is I'm taking a video for Duke. Yeah. Sorry. Hi. So this is one of the smaller classes. You can take big glasses or small and you look at this big, big poster. I don't even know what it talks about. Understanding couple of human. It's pretty interesting, so you can take classes small. This is one of my small classes were only seventeen students in this class. That's the famous Duke Chapel. Walk by it every day on my way to class. Never been the top. But I really want Teo. But apparently like losses school. I have like a giant celebration, Just like going top What? Oh, and class Everybody on campus can't wait and the best kind of balls get up in its wait. So this is the stock. It's just like another library on the other side come and on the bottom floor, there's like a lot more study rooms. It was like edge and has a bunch of rooms we're studying in this morning. Princess. Yeah. You can look just like preserved project rooms in here. I'm just sees them. He just reserved them for, like, a year like super cool. Or you could just likes to Donna table music. I have definitely met a lot here were like clubs and stuff times. I haven't said he's here, but I've Okay. So now I'm in the GR one ninety class and we're currently brainstorming ideas on how Teo create brainwaves, which is like the product we're working on my team. This is Phil. Hi, Mar. A lover. So, yeah, that's their product that we're working on it.