Duke University Dining & Food

No, no. Basically like. Like really popular. Come on here, there. Really big serving. This's a lie. They have a lot of cars. It's like which is three chicken, like other science, like match between stuff. And that's like, really good and like for a reasonable price and a little R E. I don't know what they put in them, but there's that's one of my favorite places, another one of my favorite places. Is your top, which is kinda like a sushi place you could literally make, like any combination, like make for you. They also like sushi, like pools and stuff. That's it. Like two. About this, right? Salad, right? On a secret. Here, too, it's a little bit more like ninety dollars. But if you have like an upper class and meal plan stuff affordable, there's some other places like Farm seven sprout. They're kind of like Sell it like Southern food. I normally don't eat there not much just because I'm not about to give up coming. And then over here is the catheter, and the cafe has a budget like crepes and smoothies and tease pastries. And like almost everything that you want. I've never gotten anything at the cafe, but I definitely do want to get a crepe one day because you looked so that's basically all of the dining places there. Some other dining places they're picking Mexican place upstairs on. Kind of like a bistro downstairs. Um, and then they're like somebody rushed off campus like I can't express and there is a loop which is kind of like a burger and takes place. Um and there's like a resonant go and everything. I think most times people just come to Western Union because there's only option pretty affordable and I'm just located Brian students. That's it. Aces. Very students. It's expensive here. It's this company this rating. I was here, it's it's. That partitions do store way. It's Sawyer. What? It's incident and yeah, come. You check the box because of a very important mission. You need to make sure. Right here. You could see maybe any lines. That's their response to get. And one of the things that integration is happening in East Campus, which is ours. Coming from one. Thank you. Solutions. Get back to busy with my classes. All right, guys, I'm walking to breakfast now with my friend Kathy. Hey, Kathy. Uh uh, Yeah. Our dorm is kind of far from like, the dining hall, but it's just like a seven minute walk, so it's not that bad. Yeah, so should even food when So I just ordered from countries. Every time we go climbing, we always get like this. Thank you. And I think about like, the movies here. Is that like they used real fruit and on a lot of other things from campus use like fruit juice or something like that. So I really loathe.