Football Tailgate | Campus Tour 2019

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Bella Branham

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So this video is a little interesting, I wish I could have gotten a better perspective for you guys but as I said I work for the football team my boss was generous enough to allow me to use my film for that job to give you guys a look into what an Elon tailgate is like. Generally the tailgates aren't as packed as this because of frat parties that go on at the same time as the game, however today they were required to have tables there for the first home game so its a little more fun than usual. Elon is NOT a big football school even though we have good football now. Hopefully that will change as the years go on but if you're looking for that southern football feel of 30,000 students tailgating and getting in their school spirit for a huge game this is not how Elon does football. Personally, I love the games and now that we are really on the rise its so fun to be working for them as they keep getting the W's. Incase you're curious we ended up beating Furman 45-7 :)