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Hey, guys, it's been here, and I'm gonna be taking around the Walker building, specifically the fourth floor of the walker. So this is just, like one one of the classrooms. Looks like, uh, just up here, We got some people just kind of chilling in here, but you can reserve them, and you can also, just like, you know, it's kind of what the average room here looks like. It's a good time. I'm also currently passing what is known as the Advanced Projects Lab. It is one of the computer labs that are here in Walker. So if you ever need do some stuff, there's that. And then also, we got some study rooms on the fourth floor. We also have some on the fifth floor and on the sixth floor, too, on DH. There also just really good quiet places for you to get work done or meet with people if you have to. So right over there, behind me over my shoulder is the Student Life Office, campus life campus life office. I was wrong, but in there you get stuff for, like, stuff about organization, stuff about residents, life. That's where you go with any questions for stuff in that regard, and it's a good time. I'm a good friend, Ian. Kind of sitting over there to wait for a meeting. Um, yeah, I've gone there. And that's also where you get, like, posters approved and whatnot, so very important resource to knowabout take advantage of otherwise. That should be it. The Walker Building General. I'll be back here for some other stuff. Valley journalism and whatnot, but, like, hey, that's generally gist Guys. I'm doing this because I love you, but I'm walking more through the library, going to show you some more. Did you get so what I'm walking past right now are some little study rooms. They're really good. You can preserve them. And they're really important for just getting work done with people and for doing little meetings and things. And then over here. Oakes. It's a good time. Like I said, we got a lot of everything and goes back pretty, pretty damn farm. So pretty cool. But that's really all I can tell you for now. See you guys. Yellow guys. That's been Nadler, and I'm here to tell you right now that I'm not a lot be filming here. It was sake library. But I'm going to be sneakily doing that for you anyway. So over here, I'm sitting over by the window seats, which are coveted, really good study places for people. And this is also the area that could be loud and you talk and you can, like, do whatever and whatnot. And it's like kind of shell. We also got computers over there that you could work on only if you want to the library. And we also got tons books. We got stuff on queer literature. We got stuff on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Essays like It's Crazy. We've got a little bit of everything, So I just want to let you know I tried to take a video of the place. They didn't let me try and see them take a better one, so we'll see. But it's good library. If you also want to get other books that are here, you can access thie other libraries in the area from other schools and whatnot, and you can actually have them bring a book to you. They can actually send it here to the library, you configure, which is awesome. And I've done it for multiple papers, and it's a resource that you should really take advantage of. So that's really it about the talking library. Hey, guys, welcome. All right, but it's really far away. Patient. Yeah. Austin help. Yeah. Can't you tell him? I get it. Let's go. Place. Offensive from here usually take funny pictures. Yeah, that's it. I just wanted to show you guys. That's what it looks like. Hey, guys, I'm gonna be taking you off around Tremont Street, which is down here and over here. And I just walked past the crazy intersection of Boylston and Trauma. You're gonna be seeing a lot of that if you ever come in person. So first up, we got this great You a little building under construction. It's also very loud as you can tell. And, uh, over here, actually, is the Cutler majestic theater. It is the nicest theater that Emerson has used to be like a vaudevillian theater, like one hundred years ago. It's crazy, but it's gorgeous. And I know the Emerson stage like musicals go on there. And they're, like, a big, big deal. So, like, definitely. Go see those. I think that you're in town this semester, which is pretty cool, but yeah, there she is. Right there. Right here. God, it's loud way. Got to sixteen from on is the Union Savings Bank building with our classrooms. We got academic. We got the counselling and psychological services and we got, uh, health, wellness, billboard. Peter, a lot of important stuff is gonna get you guys out of here. It's really loud. I feel like it's worth it. Dolls. Just like you guys know right now that, uh, like Emerson is in the middle of Boston, and that means that, Yeah, it's exciting. There's a lot going on like construction and all kinds of different people, and it's, uh, something that sometimes takes getting used to. It's loud, it's boisterous, it's exciting, but it's, uh, it's a really good time in Boston is just really beautiful. You get stuff like this just all over the place, which is great. Right now, I'm under the building. Henson is where there's also a lot of classrooms and stuff. It's also where radio stations or Emerson are located there, right? Actually, right here. That's why there's all this music like being piped out here and let's see, Oh, there's also a lot of like a, uh, stuff that goes on here. We got some back at the offices of the president, lived on the top, and that would have left. But his office, WeII just kinda pretend you what's that? But, yeah, that's Anson. Basically, it's also worth mentioning because so many people would come here. Film people, we got the an C lows that's right by campus, and it's fantastic. They always got some really good stuff playing, and everyone loves to go the movies while they're here. A lot of people in Movie Pass and they just reinstated it here, which is great. And every Saturday night, eleven p. M. They do the Rocky Horror Picture show and I haven't been yet and I need to go because I've heard incredible things, but it's totally worth going. Teo, Uh, definitely a unique thing about Emerson Boston that you really don't get anywhere else. What was that? Was it a Quidditch shirt? Well, yes, it wass Dear viewers, it is acquitted. Shirt has been I've been He's like, What are you doing then? I'm blogging anyway. Yeah, You saw quitted shirt because Emerson is known for its British team. Yes, dear viewers, everything has a credit to you Has actually gone to the Quidditch World Cup. I think here in the United States, I think it's a world of the national. I don't know. Point is yes, that is the thing. But Emerson has other real sports way. Haven't undefeated since eighteen eighty. Fun fact, we don't have a football team. That's why we're undefeated. But anyway, yes. So we have, like soccer, we have lacrosse. We have softball way, have basketball. We have baseball, bunch of good sports and whatnot. And I would show you them, but a lot of them are out of season right now and also don't really go to them that much. Sports is like a thing that people do recreational Ian stuff here, for sure as well. But I know very few people who no one really comes here with, like a sports scholarship or anything. Um, anything of that nature. Very work again. We're communications school. We're not, like a big, like, hot, You know, We're not like one of those giant schools at the crazy football teams. Like crazy game days. Oh, no, But Wei have things like, you know, Patriot's day where there's, like, entire where it's like Patriots win the Super Bowl. There's entire parades that come down here also, I don't like the Patriots. Sorry, I'm from Pittsburgh, so I love Steelers, but don't tell anyone, but yeah. Anyway, um, sports and Emerson told you a lot of B like sports ball. What's that? Who is she? I've never met her. Anyway, that's really it. So, uh, that's it, guys for Already, guys. So I just came from trauma, and now I'm going to be showing you a very street and paramount, which is located in a Washington street. So let's do this. We're gonna be walking down this way. First up on Avery Street, we got the Emerson Urban Art Centre, which is located right here. There's all kinds of like avant garde or exhibits and like student exhibits and like things that go on in here, got some cool looking art in there. You can't even see it. I think you're all only you could see reflections. But I can see some pretty weird stuff in there, and it's pretty cool. And then, right next to the Emerson Urban Art Center, we have the equipment distribution centers known as the CDC. CDC is where you can get all of your equipment, has cameras, tripods, sound equipment, everything for the visual media, arts majors as well as the journalism majors who need to get things for their projects and whatnot. You can only get equipment here. However. You are in a class that requires you to use that equipment and whatnot, but you can also get a friend who's in one of those classes to get equipment for your personal projects if you need to. So keep that in mind A little pointer for you. And I forgot to mention also that the equipment distribution center is not the only place you could get for projects that ever since you can also get them at, uh, student organizations such as Emerson Independent Video, Emerson Channel frames per second women emotion Any of those film related organizations. You can also get equipment from them if there is. Equipment isn't being used for Project Currently. And our crowning jewels. Paramount. Paramount is a building that is probably what the prettiest on campus. It's where a lot of like theater stuff goes on there. The Paramount Theatre. We got other stuff for Hello. Hello? I poured a week. Just some awesome Bostonians. Just, uh hello. Everyone's really nice here, but anyway, more about paramount. Paramount. We got rehearsal studios. We got the dorm. That is Paramount is actually a doremus. Well, and, you know, it's a place I'll be taking you around as well. For more details and what not. But basically, that's Avery and Paramount. All right, guys. So last on our itinerary for Emerson College is the campus fitness center and the cabaret theater, So right back there is paramount. So this is actually walking toward what's called downtown Crossing in Boston. And then you make, like, right, I think I'm on Summer Street. Yeah, Summer Street. That's the street. So it takes a little bit of a walk to get there. So I'm just going to magically appear there, and you guys will be like, what? Poof, poof, up getting nevermind. I'm actually going to show you guys a little bit just further down the street. Now I'm just gonna show you guys downtown Crossing You'll quickly here's downtown crossing It's a fun time There's all these really cool shops. We got Macy's way Got primary where you could get really cheap clothing. We got corner I think I got from court. Of course. Well, it smells really good right now. It's like, Okay, something exciting is happening, but, yeah, there's just got all these really cool shops right here, and it's really, really fun area to lock down. This is winter street food, and this is Summer Street right here. We're just continue down this way. And this is the street where the fitness center and the cab are located. The cab is cabaret, but yeah. Anyway, like I was saying, you still currently, I am defense center in the cab, and it's right over here. It's basically it's kind of hard to find, but I'm showing you guys, um it's right by this place called St Anthony Shrine. You see these little flags, And then here we go. We got some people just coming out. We got you from the fitness center and whatnot, and I'll be taking you guys around there a little bit, but, yeah, in the center, all your gym needs and what? Not if need to work out as well as, um, cabaret, which is where a lot of like, performances and shows him what not go on. I've seen some pretty good stuff. They're last year's dance marathon actually happened. Great. That was done by my friend. Anyway, you tell you more about these things a little All right, guys, I'm going to be giving you a tour. The ends of the building. Yeah. So nice thing about Anson. It has the biggest elevators, which is great. Also, I feel like it's the Ministry of Magic because of these things. This is in a door, but I think it's the door every time. It's hysterical. Okay, guys. So on on the eighth floor of Anson and only you, we got the editing suites who's over it. Just like you down here in these rooms. And you don't like it over. Yeah, so it kind of looks like, Got some computers and things in there, and you could do some editing and what not to do. Yeah, Basically, they've sound ones on the seventh floor that are specific for audio recording and whatnot, which is nice right here. We've got the DPL won. The appeal is one of the computer last year that doubles as a class real. I have one of my classes here into the game design just kind of, and it's a good time. I'm not gonna go in there because there's people working and whatnot. But, yeah, it's just another computer lab, and there's some labs that sort of doubles classrooms like that, and you can only go in and specific times when there's not a class, but they have the schedules right by the cost of doors. And just look at them just kind of nice. Convenient. So, to give you more of an idea of Anson, I'm also on the fifth floor, and right here, I think, is like the photo dark room for, like, photography stuff sailing. Yeah, like in there. That's kind of cool. Like people want to do photography and stuff. You got all the really cool photos of people take, which is really, really, really Yeah, do that and we also have classroom. See if I could get in there. We'll see. So I'm not in this class, but there's a class right in there. You get a little bit, get a little. There you go. Yeah, Just more classrooms and stuff here. And handsome, too. Just so you can have regular your average class thing here, too, Which is nice. Um, yeah. So a lot of stuff. Regular classrooms, faculty offices. Further up.