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So along the walk, it's always important to stop Show. Um, if you're ever looking for someone who just relax, even if you're not studying, just come out with friends. We have Felon Pond here. It's surrounded near the quick centre of the arts. There's benches all along the pond here. Um, you can just come out, sit down, read a book out. You and your friends want to come down here and get a coffee on the morning. Just looking. Watch. There's always ducks here. One of the best things about fair university. With that, we have turkey's here. The turkeys are famous for attacking the students. Uh, I remember I went out the wake of a five o'clock every morning to go to practice, and turkeys have rid outside my dorm. And when you see the turkey's, everyone always wants to run towards them. But invest opinion, you're not. They will chase after you. So it's just it's nice to take a step back from the classroom like I said before and just engage yourself in the beautiful surroundings that we have. Take every dead of environment that you can program it. Okay, So behind me is the quick center for the arts. And right now there is another play happening. So unfortunately, we will not be able to go in. But basically, what's inside is there's a larger auditorium where they do do place. Actually, this Wednesday night, I'm going to see Auntie Annie, which is a play for my philosophy class, Um, and then also inside. We do have a black box theater, so that is a smaller theater used for close place. And it's really just our center for all of our hearts. I did, eh? Video Forever university last year for our seventy fifth anniversary, where we use drones and slow mo cameras to film for a promo, which is super fun. So if you're really interested in the arts, there is a place for you here. Affair for the university. Um, my roommate who lives next door to me. He actually is an art major, and he spends much of his time here whether it be class or on stage. So, like I said, if art is your thing, um, the quick center for the Arts is really gonna be your space and Yes. So don't be afraid. Art is very welcomed here and yeah, so that is the Regina, a quick center for Okay, so right now I'm outside the library. No, the library is a quiet space, so I'll explain a couple things out here. Um, there are three floors to the library. On the bottom floor is our learning loves. So there's little individual rooms you can rent out going with your groups and do whatever you have to do. No. The second floor is just a general studies face there's resorts, resource aids, upstairs reference desks. You could rent out books. Never taking a book out personally. Um, and then the top floor is our quiet space, so that is specifically designated to be zero noise. You have to study for a test in there. The library has about ten to fifteen rooms that you could rent out. Mom, these You do have the reserve come finals. They back up weeks and events. So it's important to preserve those pearly. Those are great for practicing presentations. And yes, so I'm gonna take a walk in. Yeah, I'll film everything. And you'll just get to see what the library is like. No, there will be students Get so one of the last buildings here, uh, on campus and south campus is this building right back here. And no, it is not a building from Star Wars. It is actually favor hall. And what it is is it's another one of the living and learning communities you do want to apply to get in here. Uh, multiple friends you got in here. This is all about creative life. Um, so there's a retreat that is involved with living here on the rooms are much bigger. And there is a cafe actually inside that serves prise. Mozz sticks, chicken nuggets, drink smoothies. And that is called the Southside Cafe. There's massive lounges in here. One of the best and most attractive parts of the building is the lounge, actually, but the rooms are much bigger. I know everyone who's lived here has been so happy with it. And yes, this is favor home on South Very good. To another thing. Um, you know, we do have a cafe here in the library. There's extra studies reason there there is a cafe does serve Starbucks copy on bagel sandwiches and then also to the right, which was closed off is our twenty four hour library media room. And basically this is just a room where you can go and I have access to computers twenty four seven come finals time. Like I said, there's always tons of people in there, and it's just nice to have it in case you have to pull those late night study sessions. It goes, It's awesome again. So today I'm gonna show you the Bano Signs Center here in Fairfield. So this is where you have all your science related classes. Any of the core curriculum classes such as language, English history. You can have here, Fairfield. Um, So the Bano Science Center, home to all the signs is biology, chemistry, physics. Um, so there's four floors here. I'm taking the stairs. I should take in the elevator, but this is one of our slightly newer buildings here. A Fairfield about five to ten years old. It does house more of our modern equipment here. Personally, being a sophomore have had probably five or six classes in here, mostly because I'm a communications major. So a lot of my classes there Maur core base right now, I haven't really narrowed in on my curriculum I guess the next I'm gonna take you into one of our second dining options, which is called stag. The stag is basically three or four restaurants. We have salad bar, sanchez sushi. A grill and a deli, so walking through the nose and then we'll move out from there. Okay. So behind me is this big statue of a deer. This is actually our school mascot. His name's Lucas. He is a stag. Fairfield University. Here we are, the Stags. We pride ourselves in our school pride. Every Friday we were we were red. One cool thing to know about Lucas is it is tradition that within your four years here at Fairfield, you do ride the stack. So on my first night of school here, I got up and rode him. Um, so, yeah, something to look forward to. If you come to Fairfield, you know that within your four years you will ride the stag. Okay, so right now we are currently in Alumni Hall. Our alumni stadium. This is our basketball stadium on campus. Um, the Fairfield Stags basketball team does compete at Webster Bank Arena. I'm so games that are local will be played there. Um, that's always something to look forward to, walking all the way up here and looking down. This is our basketball stadium. It is outdated a little bit, but I'm honestly it satisfies all the needs of a basketball stadium. Gorgeous floors brand new specific basketball gear, and it just makes a great place to come out of the friends. Go watch game sports teams. Like I said earlier with Lucas, it really does emphasize supporting our teams. I am a member of stags in the stands. So sacks in the stands is basically just like a pep group. Don't we go out support all the teams? Um, and if you're looking for ways to get involved with school, there's plenty of groups that are all about just getting out and supporting your the local school. So, yeah, one final look at the stadium. Stagger on that side away on that son. And yes, this is Alumni Hall at Fairfield University. Okay, So behind me, you see this big brick building that is our quick center for the arts. And right now there is a Glee concert going on, so I couldn't step in. But when walking and I noticed these newspapers, This is the Fairfield University Mir. It's our writers newspaper. So if you guys were interested in writing, we do have a big English program here. Um, myself. Last year I was a blogger. I'm a have my own block I wrote every day. It's just really great to relieve stress. But if you're interested in writing, you can become a part of the mirror. It's a club. Um, if you can see last week we had T pain that is part of our Red Sea madness events. So it's just a big pep rally. They bring in a big artist and it's a ton of fun. It's kind of like a homecoming for our school. And then after there's a big dance, we bring in a big artists, like I said, and it was a lot of fun. I'll have to come back later and show you the inside of the quick center. And yes, we're going to move on to the center of campus, which is the dining halls, And then from there we will go to the freshman quad and then we'll show you a couple special buildings on campus. I'm going to show you a classroom here. We're on the third floor. Um, I'm gonna show you three. Thirty four. So this is where I have one of my exams last year, Right now, let's turn the lights on. Okay, So this is a pretty basic classroom here. Fairfield. You'll see this in all of the buildings, Mostly concious. I'm a little bit in Vano and then in Dolan, the business school. So, like I said, the classroom size here. Fairfield's. Usually under thirty. Close to twenty for every time chalkboard. As you can see. Presentation monitor over here it is. Some people would say unless more outdated, um, room. But it It has everything you need here. The chairs are comfy. They're easy to sit in their recline. And, yes, this is just a walkthrough of a basic classroom here in Fairfield, a little different than in the nursing building. How the classrooms or a little bit more modern. Yes, This is a more better expectation of a classroom here. Fare for diversity. Okay. So here at Fairfield, besides the stag shop which is located on campus, we do have a bookstore. It's run by Barnes and Noble, so Yeah, yeah, we do have a full service Starbucks here. So if you have any tea, coffee and get away from school, this is definitely a good place to come. We have all kinds of books here. Everything in from school or just pleasure reading over there. We haven't information dust. So if you ever need help with anything, people are here to help. One of the best parts about this store we do have and huge apparel store here. So all your school spirit stuff you can get here, how we have our winter stuff. Vineyard vines, which we have it deal with. Everyone likes that Wei have baby clothes for your little siblings, everything from men's and women's clothing. You can basically find it here we have Nike, Colombia under armour and champion. Yes. Anything you need. School, apparel, books. We have a little bit of grocery items here. It's all available here in the fall. In spring, when registration comes up, everyone's allowed to go upstairs and they have all the books you need to rent. Super easy to run. When you're done, you bring him back here. They offer good prices. It's the best deal. So, yeah, this is our town So here. Fairfield. We have a student association. It's called KUSA and Bruce A is in charge of running student events like tonight. We did the pumpkin carving. Got my two friends here. It's just great, because kind of like student council in high school, you can get involved all the events or student run on administration. So they're always fun events. You have outdoor slides. Tonight we did psychic readings poking, carving. Um, they do other events like poster sales and just fun things to get the students involved. So it is currently eight o'clock at night, so there's tons of fun stuff to do. It's during the week. And yes, that's just a little bit about the student environment here. And what to do with your friends. Okay, so my fair place on all campus is the pool. This is what I spend more time than I do in class. I'm an athlete. So kind of is demanding for my time. But this. Just look at the pool. It is eight lines, twenty five yards on. We do have diving boards. There is a Jacuzzi all the way down. Um, this is open to anyone. Not just athletes. Spectators. You can come watch the meats and yes, this is the aquatic facility here, a favor. Oh. Yeah, that body body. You get it? Wait that way you get here. Get him out. Okay, guys. So, good morning. I'm here behind one of our statues here on campus. So if no one knows who this is, this is Robert Bella Mine. Hey, is the patron saint here at Fairfield? We are a Jesuit as institution, so we have patron saints. And yes, this is just one of our cool statues here on campus. It is right outside of our beautiful library behind me. Next, I'm going to take you inside the library. Um, I can't talk as much because it is quiet space, but, um, I will make note on the video just interesting facts about the library. Hey, guys. So right now I'm going to show you what is called the village. So after freshman year, um, you have the option to live in the village, Or you can stay into the freshmen quad and there's certain buildings you live in, but so the village starts out like this. So this building behind me is actually a senior junior dormitory. It's called Mahan. So basically what it is, it's a newer building. Like I said, five to ten years old, they are apartment style dorms. So you have your own kitchen bathroom. Every person, either four or six gets their own bedroom, which is great. Um, it's the alternative to living off campus senior year, which you have the ability to. Here at Fairfield University, we offer all four years on campus residency, which is great, so you never have to feel like you had to scramble to find a house so right here. This is the door that I live in. This is Kostya Ho. So this is a sophomore dorm? No, it has around twenty to forty rooms per floor. There's four floors. Um, I live on the third floor and yeah, so these air just basic sophomore dorms here's Gus. Yeah. And yes, So I'll be taking you into a dorm here. Actually, I'll show you my dorm. No, the village is great. It's kind of like a community. All the sophomores get together. We have campus events out here. This is our little, like walkway through storms behind me. This building similar to Costco. It's called clever, John. It's the same thing as Costco. Just a little bit different in the rooms are a little bit bigger. One of the great things about the sophomore dorms here. All right. You see this little triangle up here? These are the floor lounges. So in all the lounges, we have tables and couches. You can go and study every on sometimes on Thursday nights. I'll come in there with a group of friends, and we'll just sit down and study. Um, if you walk through the village, have these expenses, You come outside. Chill out here. We have the village lounge. So this is this building right here. This is the general lunch. You could go in their vending machines, tables to play ping pong on and everything. The first day when you get here, That's where you pick up your ki um And yes. So this is the village. Another view of clever hall behind me. This is that. And then behind me right here is Hey, guys. So right now we're in costume and I was gonna quickly show you my room so you guys can get a feel for what I saw more. Looks like so. So behind you can see. So every room has two beds. Their doubles. That's my girl. Two beds. Every room comes with a microphone on. Michael. You get a desk, a desk, a chair, and then you also get a dresser That's all included with your room. One nice thing about these dorms sophomore year is that you come with a restroom in them. So double sink, toilet and then there's a shower. So these are just nice because it's kind of a step up from freshman year. Do you have the responsibility of cleaning your own roof? Andi, it's just a little bit more independent. Yeah, this is a sophomore dorm and Hey, guys. So if you're ever wondering what you can do around campus Aspira student engagement, um, you don't always have to leave your room. Uh, here, Fairfield. You have this great thing called org's sink. And what it is is it's a website using your Fairfield log in, and it tells you all about everything. Everything that's going on on campus right now. So you have to do is you go over to your computer, you go on to Orcs Inc. And this is the home page. So you can look at all the organizations that we have events, service, opportunities. If you're looking for a job on campus, you can go in here. So let's say tonight I want to look for something to do. She go down? Look at all this stuff we have. You go to the twenty fifth and look at all this stuff. So tonight we could. Tickets are on sale. We had an apple fest, Halloween candy, Grams. Wrong. So, daily mass couple seminars on student commuter students. Uh, network effectivity. Uh, it basically just told you everything you need to know. That was the Jackal enters we went to and the psychic fair. All right, now there is a soccer game going on. So just something important to know if you're ever looking for any thing to do on campus. And you don't necessarily, uh, I haven't seen any flyers around. You can always go on ork sync and figure out what to do and has all the information Times locations. Yes. That's just another way to find something to So right now, we're in one of the labs here in Vienna. I'm currently it is closed. But this is just what a lap looks like. This is a biology top secret basis. What's over here? A lot of tables. Bunsen burners? Yes. So the labs were fairly small. Probably a little bit bigger than your average high school of, uh, you are required to wear the proper peril, shoes and everything. If you, our bio camp major, you will be taking multiple labs. There are at least five or ten laps in the battle science center, so on. And each of them have different uses. Some of them are just simple exams under microscopes. Some of them we have, like all kinds of crazy equipment in them. I'm not about what can, Major, So I don't know all the names of the fancy materials. But if you are, you would. Yes. That's just a look at one of our simple Something kind of need on campus if you're into the outdoors are just like getting outside way. Do have a campus garden here. So I recently learned about this, but it is a student run this part of the Garden Club here. So we have raised beds here. They do grow fresh produce, which is used at certain times inside of the Kelly. So just a quick note. If you're interested in gardening, there is something here for you. There's tons of clubs here on campus. They always say, There's something for everyone here. So just for you, a fun fact for you to know that there is a garden here on campus. Hey, welcome to Fairfield. My name's. Austin, Kenyan. I'm a junior here, Fairfield. I'm studying communications with a minor and marketing. Basically, I'm gonna be your tour guide here at Fairfield. I'm gonna take you everywhere you want to see. Show you all the nooks and crannies of our campus. Come and tell you why I love it. And why you should love it too. Is that final results of our pumpkin carving contest? Yeah. Okay, so I'm making a way around campus right now. Behind me is the library. I'm about to take you to the quick center, which is our art center. Just a quick note as we're walking around behind me. Um if you've ever been on a college tour before, if you're just beginning, we have these things called the Blue Light System. It's basically a safety protocol. We have. They're really simple. If you're walking around, you feel unsafe. Click the button. They say within twenty seconds there'll be a campus police officer there with you. Our campus police here are great. I know plenty of them. Officer Ed, One of our favorite officers. He's great. If you ever get you ever feels unsafe on campus, we have an escort service. So you called GPS on? Bill, come around, pick you up the walk. You back to your drama. If you feel unsafe. Campus here is really safe. We are located in Fairfield. So we have, Ah, statistically low crime rates here on campus, which is great. Um, personally, myself, I feel that I can walk back by myself from class late at night. They do recommend the buddy system which is always great. Yeah, that's just a quick note about campus security. Um, number one thing about campus security here is no matter what you feel. If you see something unusual, always call campus security. Even if it's just a silly mistake. Do you think it was something and it wasn't? They always think it's right to call. If you see something that worries you, Teo, there would be afraid to call. You always feel safe on campus. On. Yeah. So next I'm going to take you to the quick centre of the arts, show you inside, and So I will walk you through our wreck place. So this is our recreational complex. I'll show you the field house, the weight rooms and the cardio equipment upstairs. I'm just I guess, like concern of everyone here. I will keep my voice down on I'll just walk you through, but we'll start with the field House will move to the weights and an upstairs let just quickly show you. And that will be the wreck plucks here for university. It's. Right? You also have a track upstairs. This's the mark. Reckless running track. Parkfield house has three basketball courts. One is convertible survival. Me and my son friends would come out here. We play basketball practice. There's a basketball, volleyball, all the clubs. Sports. Yeah, if you ever just looking to run inside too hot out, come inside here. You know, basketball games here, your boy ball games here. This is the at the rec clicks. So right now we are in condition conditions building, and this is one of our main academic buildings. So it serves a wide purpose. Mostly the general core classrooms sort of like Bano. But I wanted to stop it and show you guys what one of our lecture hall looks like, so kind of. On the smaller side, this would be half the room for a lecture hall and then the other half. These air not two hundred three hundred person lecture halls. They're much smaller. Fairfield prides itself in having a smaller classrooms, so when they do need lecture halls, they do want to keep them in Small. The basic clash mas, the slides, the whiteboards. There is a teacher's podium come in my history of having a lecture hall, they're usually never full. I had a lecture last semester. Actually, my art history close, and it had about thirty to forty people in it when the classroom could've fit eighty. Um, so it's important to know that if you do get a lecture there, not always going to be massive, and it still gives you the ability. Teo, get to know your teacher on a personal level, rather than just being a number in his classroom. So this is the lecture hall in conditions building. Okay, so just a pit stop along the way. Um, I think I skipped one of the most important things, and that is the stag card. So, like most universities, we have our own little system of swiping in and almost like a debit card. So the stag card upside down, this is your key to everything around the building. It is your keys getting into your building, going Teo, the dining hall's Whether you're paying for it, stack books or your paying for anything. Parents have the option to load money onto this card, and you can use that money for anything local businesses around the town except stag dollars. Basically, this is just like your driver's license for a fair for the university. So you always want to have it with you. I put it on the land. You're to bring it with me wherever I go. And yeah, if you lose it, you gotta pay to get a new one. You have to have one of these at all times out, and it's just in essential