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So if I'm going to show somewhere, I definitely definitely definitely, definitely, definitely definitely have to show this spot. This is the West cat who has caught fountain, right? It's rain from the Westcott building. And like, it's a nice fella. You know what? Everyone. Everyone goes in for the senior pictures. What? All pictures you have you ever want to take ever and all the clubs always take pictures over here to me? A bit overrated, but, uh, there it is. You know, I don't like it pretty nice over here, but it's like, completely No. People just love to take pictures in front of this thing. It does look nice. Doesn't look nice. But I am saying is that you know, once eighty billion people. I take pictures here. I don't have your pictures somewhere else the same. Here, says Florida State University. The nose knows what I'm talking about. Yeah, this bottle off. Pretty nice. Um, what's again? Everyone takes pictures here like everyone. Last time we see the Ruby Diamond Auditorium over there. Over this way we have a duck and donuts. There's also another shot down there after shoe shop. Selves at issue here is not affiliated with that issue. But you know what kind of it is kind of Hey, guys. So right now way are at a spatter trail made especially for you, Susan in the Majesty situation. So if we walk you by campus, then you can take this trail to a sherry for passage. It's text you straightaway to emphasise campus or you go further on trail. Take you to the Main Street tennis tree straight, where you would go shopping with a target. You go grocery shopping and some bars in some restaurant nearby, so it's really convenient and under there, an emergency button. So anything happens to you any cases, you can push it and someone will come and help you sew. I would take you with me, Ride on the special trail, so stay tuned. So as you can see, I'm biking on secrets Share that told you about I'm going to go saree shopping on the main street tennis history. Yes, Dean. Everything is beautiful enough surrounded by nature. All my myself on the street because I only cyclist and biker you, Khun, go here If you are too afraid to walk home and on a night on any other locations if you want to go running or biking highly recommend that because there are no here, Absolutely no here. So you don't have to sweat a lot, Stan one yet in because it's around a battery. So it's a good place like surviving and for emergency All right, So not right now. I am going through this tunnel. She's used by students that leave pretty nearby on by people that park Premier nearby. Also to see there football games off Florida State University. As you can see here, over there, there's the com Bill Stadium. There's where the Florida State Simula play. All right next to it is where they practice. So they have on inside. How you say it like I'm inside field. I don't also feel on they. What? Yeah, this is a friend. Yeah, This is where they, uh they play on. It's pretty awesome. It's pretty big also, uh, it's a lot of fun when it's full, so go nose. So right now I am in one of my classes. We She's a human being. These the medium sized class, I assure you. So it's nice for a hundred twenty people. Roughly, I think. Yeah, this is a medium sized. He's dead, Robert. A building. So here you will take most off your business classes. I'm seeing the Expedia. Okay, so I figured I'd show you the chemistry part of f s U because I literally spent all my time there. So with my undergraduate research, I'm so lucky to have gotten the Europe opportunity is a sophomore. So you just apply before the next year, and you get to choose whose lab you wanna work in, what kind of research want to do? And it's not just limited to stem. So you could do research and dance. You could do research in social studies. Anything that you're really interested. There's something for you. You also do directed independent studies, which I am doing now. I chose to keep working with the professor. I chose to work within Europe, and I've been working there for about two years now, and we're getting really close to having some really big discoveries. That's really awesome. And then the general chemistry labs I work in, I'm just a lab assistant, so I help mix the chemicals and prepare the labs for the freshmen. The sophomores coming in Teo, take their chemistry labs, so it's really a good experience, and I'll show you what these buildings look like right now. So the legacy walking up issue is like a tour, um, some of the most important spots on campus, starting with the fountain on Landis, which I've already talked about. But maybe I just have the most beautiful of use the most historic spots on campus. So there are a lot of like urban legends about things that aren't actually true, like, uh, yeah, just a lot of minutes. But it's really fun. And if you take a physical campus tour, they'll walk you through the Legacy Walk. It's actually pretty long, but So I'm here at the land is green wish he's a place where you can basically shield. Do whatever you want. Way people come here with their dogs. You can see people come here with their dogs. Um, there's people in bikinis turning, You know, there's people doing a job. Basically, there's people starting into music. Basically, you can't She'll hear hang out with your friends and it's pretty cool. Actually, it's pretty big also. I'm just waiting for the joke has to start because I don't know where they are, but, yeah. morning, guys. Today's video is going to be a college outfit of the week video to his Monday and I'm starting my second week of college. If you didn't know I'm doing the summer semester. So a lot of people are commenting and really confused like, Oh, my God, why are you starting school so early? But basically, I'm just starting here at F s U for the summer, Celester. So I can kind of get used to the campus and just get used to like having a full, like, college course load before it actually starts in fall. So there's your answer. Everybody keeps asking me today's Monday So I'm gonna be showing you like that that I wear every single day. And usually I just wear like likings in a T shirt. But sometimes I just wear like comfy shorts and T shirt. It all depends. So I'm just gonna tell you what Away with week. Um, yeah, So today's Monday. Like I said, I'm just wearing this Los Angeles. Sure, that used to be much longer, but I just cut it because I actually had a stain on it. So I mean it like a little cropped you don't remember It's from, but I'm gonna put right here because it was a place that we all shopped out in, like, six and seventh grade. I don't know if you guys with that weird the lake at my school. It was a sort of everybody shopped out that had, like, a ton of, like, phantom March for, like, one direction, like five sauces and stuff like that. So that's where I got it from. But if I remember the name, I'm gonna put it here. It's like something tops or something like that. Fresh tops. I think it's fresh jobs. Okay, having the shorts are from ready, Melville, they're super cute. I want to get a lot more pairs of these. Could I think they're adorable. And then the White Hart talk farmers that I haven't worn in like years. But I don't know, I was feeling a little bit crazy. Vegas. So this is Mondays. Hope it. And then just I'm gonna be wearing this every day this week, but oh, well, it's on backwards. That's good. Um, hold on. Please hold. Yeah. So I always wear my wishbone necklace. Um, I think it's from Etsy or Nordstrom. I don't really know. I've never taken it off. I've had it for, like five years. But no, this is the fifth. Okay? Today's Tuesday. This is what I'm wearing. Well, my shirts very see through, but it's okay because it's just so brawla. Um, the sure is from Barneys New York, and the BRAWLA is from Urban Outfitters. And my leggings are from T. J. Maxx and my shoes are just f S U Nikes. Hey, guys, haven't seen me in a while. So today I'm wearing a shirt from a random website that I found that some leftist you both and shorts from Marshall's. I know it's like, really good, my boxer from sea. And she has been wearing her Nike shoes black Friday for $40. What a steal Less thank you. Final spin from everybody. Okay, have a good day. Everybody does it. Go organized today's Wednesday and this is my outfit. The shirt is from American Eagle, actually, and I didn't know they had a collegiate line, but they do. So this is an office. You sure it from American Eagle says the house that Bobby and this is just bobbed around field at issue. And then these shorts are for our, um, the curia. Know what collection at dicks, And then these are the same. Thank you. Is that I was reading a story. So they're just like, Nike shoes. I don't know, like style, but their efforts. You, um once that I got angled, and then they have arrows on the back. It says f a c over front right there. So that is what I'm wearing today. Good morning, guys. Today is 30 day, and this is what I'm wearing today. Um, this is like an entire brain email, but I believe you have the shirt is brandy Melville is justice San Francisco crop top that I'd like way, way too often. It's kind of odd, but I have always wear my clothes too often some night. Sorry about it. Um, these pants or these shorts are very wrinkly, but they're also Brandy Melville. Cute. Just some blue and red stripes down the side of very comfy. And then my white and black checkered fans, which are super easy to just slide on it off. This is what I'm wearing to class. And I want to go back to bed. So building that waiter. Okay, Today is Friday, finally time for the weekend. This is what I'm wearing today. I kind of did stripes and drives a leak. It doesn't really matter, right? It's like breaking the fashion laws. But, like, watch me do it. This year is burning Melville. I love it. I think I've worn it way too much already, but it's so comfy and easy to throw in with anything. These leggings are Adidas, and I really like them. I just got them from Marshalls and they have, like, a pocket right here. I love them, and then that's a mesh on the back, which I think is super cute. And then my superb issues that I literally wear in every single outfit of the day that I do. But obviously I'm obsessive, and I either need to wash them or get a new pair because I wear them every day in there a little dirty. But I got going on right now, so that was my college outfits of the week Video. As you can tell, I dress pretty chill the class with whether it's leggings or like company running shorts or whatever it is. Jeff, I dress fairly comfortable. I hope you guys like this video. If you did give, it comes up and calm down below. Any other college related videos you want to see so I can do them for you guys? Thank you for watching. I love you and I'll see you in I've got morning, guys. Today is Tuesday, July 16th. I believe I just woke up. It's like it's 12 10 like I need to leave in like, five minutes. So you're really gonna get the full really morning redeemed his I have class at 12. 30 so I'd leave here at, like, 12 15 so I could go get a seat, and it's like a five minute walk. Whatever. So you just brush my teeth and put my card decks of Rush Murphy's whenever you get dressed and then just kind of usually would make breakfast. But since I don't have time today since I woke up super early, I'm gonna just take your girl over. I think on the go with me Yeah, that's what I'm doing. I'm really sorry that it's so rushed, but now you get the full raw and real T filled Morley routine. So you're welcome for that? I guess so. Now what I'm doing is by the first week of school, I put on my makeup and stuff, but like now we don't do that because wake up five minutes before we leave. So what I d'oh always do is put on sunscreen because my dermatologist yelled at me for not doing that. So I used the nutrition, not clear face Break out free liquid lotion, Sunscreen with SPF 55. I literally just put that on my snoring. And that's the only thing I D'Oh like if I wear makeup that I put this on under it always. But, um, if I don't, I always at least put this on because it is so high and Florida and the sun is like insane. And my dermatologist really was mad at me when I told them I didn't run from screen. So now I d'oh, but I just wear it on my face because I was, like, super sensitive, I guess, Whatever. And then I guess just like chopsticks and my favorite tea is even Look, this isn't Chopstick is the glossy. And I used the birthday bomb dot com woman, but I want to get, like, all of them, so I might have to do that. Um, yeah, And then every morning, I always, like, go through a list. I make this the list at the like the side at the beginning of every week to see what I have today for each day, So I'm just kind of going through what I have today. Just so I know. So I have my class right now, and then I have to film in an upload a video, and then I have to take my notes for my class that I missed and my class that I have today. And then if I have anything else to dio that I'm gonna I think about it today. Emmy nominations came out, so that's kind of part of the reason I'm running late. But I needed to look at those, and I'm not very happy with them. But it's okay. It's okay. We'll be We'll be good. But this is so out of focus. I need a new cameras over. Um, now, I look kind of like a white hill ghost with my sunscreen on, but we're just gonna go with it. And then I cross out my dates on the calendar because I had a little extra today, you know? So, like I said, I'm running super late, so I'm just gonna get a clip for this. My hair tried. It's the banana peanut, peanut butter, banana one. And then I'm gonna get a little lemonade and just take that and eat it with me while I go. Oh, I also I'm putting on deodorant because that would be disgusting if I didn't. I use Old Spice one because it's men's and it smells better and last much longer. So that's what I'm doing. I'm gonna show you my outfit, and then I'm gonna head out to class. So this is what I'm wearing. Glacier is from Rodney Melville. The leggings are from Marshall's pocket, which is the best. And then I'm just gonna throw on some Nike running shoes. So I just go to one of the biggest classroom buildings here. If it's you, it's the Asia CB classroom building. It's three floors. Flute, footwear full. I'm sorry. Full off classrooms on there's glass rooms from like, if you twenty people classes, classrooms, toe classroom for over four hundred people. In the next video, I'm going to show you guys inside ofthe ish, No official like inside of the biggest one on smaller, smaller ones. Yeah, basically, this one is one off the main or the biggest ones here if it's you. So I hope you like these little too, right gave you. Um, if you come here if you decide to come here, that would make me very happy. I will. Gladly. If I'm still here, I will gladly give you a personal tour. Um, yeah. Final piece of advice would be download the writer up. We should stay. I abused to track the buses. That's when I save you a lot of time on a little effort. So see you here. So right now, I am here at the center of the Douglas by junior. I think that's how you say, but he this is like a little blast where always there's music. A speaker here. You have one off the dining rooms, dining holes here. He also have a restaurant here. That's the restaurant on the dining hall is over there. Um, here there are places where you can do some painting, some drawing so photography and show you guys here like there you can do clay. Glasswork. Also pretty cool for me. You have bowling. So if you're the on FX you student, you can get, like, an hour of bowling life for a couple of U. S dollars. Here is the building. See if you can see Here's the bully. I I'm not really sure if it's open today, but, um, I I come here a lot of times with my friends because it's pretty cool going to show you guys. So they're the lanes on the Also here are Wednesdays. They have this thing called Market Wednesdays where he's a little local. Businesses come here like homemade stuff. They come here and sell, sell their their stuff here. There's also like dancing and, um, clubs here. They're looking for people to join them. There's her off activity in these plaza in this place, No. This. Space. It's. You need your ever soup card to access the library, and this is how it looks, right? Imprint, There's a second way could do research. There are a big collection of books and a DVD of famous movies that you can run for three days. There are a lot of computer spaces. And Michael, if you wanna work a multimedia projects and the higher you go up in the library, the mall prior to study spaces be so I will show you the fourth floor. The Southern University study spaces. I have a light, please scrips. April. It will be very easy to fight the seat, since there are so many of them. They have a really cool and conflict couch, and they have created a key recall, like in the offices. Whenever I'm here, I get really project no. I'm studying for my exams at the end of this week. So the Wiberg a's didn't get recused because I can't use it to write out a concept, and both sat together and I find it really have food. So I am right outside of the Health and Wellness Center at issue, which is a great resource for F s U students. So if you have the cold or a flu or strep throat, you can always come here for testing. And they will get you all set up with medicine to take care of you. They also offer STD testing for students, which is a really great thing tohave on campus. And everybody should take advantage of that. Um, they can resource you out if you need diagnostic imaging or dentistry. So there's so much stuff that you can find useful at the health, um, on the center and they also have classrooms in the building, which is pretty sweet. So behind me right now is the Skew Student life center and the Dunlap Success Center, which are both great places for students to check out when they go to f s U. So at the the Dunlap Success Center, they have interviews for potential jobs or internships, and they have resume cafes. You, Khun, Spruce your resume up and at the Skew Student Life Center they have They have a theater and they play movies all the time like Bohemian Rhapsody was just in. They also have like a gaming center. So if you want to play Smash Brose, they have tournaments. And they also have and what I think is the most helpful resource on emphasis. Campus is counseling so you can go in for walking counseling, and they have group counseling is just such a great opportunity for students to take up on that. And I personally used it, and I love it. And it's so helpful and it's free for students. So that's one of the biggest perks. NFS is campus, so I am literally standing outside the future of F S U here at the innovation, huh? So the innovation hub was a really big investment that affects you made, and it allows students to do all sorts of awesome things, like learn how to three D print and it just really motivate students to get into the design world and toe open up their technological experiences. So it's really incredible that they gave us this opportunity and that we are so blessed. I have this innovation hub, so if you're interested in any sort of tech design or three D printing, this is the place to check out little known fact about f s u. We have some house cats. You could kind of see one right there in the background and they just run around campus and sometimes you So this is a classroom in the belly. Bellamy building here at f s U. It's where the College of Social Sciences in public policy is housed. So if you are a political science, major economics major, anything like that, you're gonna be having classrooms in this building. This is a basement, so it doesn't have out of windows. But you're gonna have a lot of classes in the basin. Tell me if you are on in college of Social sciences and public policy. Um, upstairs there are classrooms with windows that are really nice, but actually, like, how this how these rooms look, um you have the projector. The Yeah, that's it up there for the professor. Andi also have these really cool murals there different in every one of the dancers rooms and Bellamy and really cool. You'll have to deal with of its history. So this is let's see. Looks like its heritage. I said bad school is just a bunch of things to do with culture. And you wei have a circus for one of the two public universities in the country with the circus. So I would definitely you get him. You shot a lot of your time enough this year, whether it's going to a show or learning howto copies or whatever, but it's really cool, so I me. What's up? It's me again at Jim every creation. So. And it's best where I arrested over Facebook Group. We made it hello, and it's really cool. Don't have to. Well, I saw you. That's cool and they have very nice. And this booth guard with a car. Over here. We have made by right. It's my right good bike. And we also have a very, very beautiful backyard. This is mine different back to our have over there. Right here. Well, like seeing our side and yours for me, right? Okay, so there are a ton of different greens on campus like Langford Green, which is right outside of the football stadium and Landis Green, which is like the biggest screen on campus that everyone likes to hang out at. You'll see people bring their dogs. They're all you'll see people lar being. You'll see people playing soccer or like any sort of outdoor game, like reading books, just sunbathing, you name it. It's happening. Landis is always busy. There's philanthropies that come out and, like, do bake sales, all sorts of crazy stuff and is totally a great place to hang out, especially if it's a warmer um and it's like, really just beautiful part of campus. I don't get to spend a lot of time there, but I went there to show you what it looks like. So here we go. Here I am at on screen right by the fountain, which you can swim in like I said, and back here is landing. And if we turn all the way around, kind of that's fast. I'm sorry. There's closer one of the popular library, so people tend to come to land us just to hang out, play some games, people play soccer. They bring their dogs like always see a dog on Landis and they come to table for like, full answer peas and stuff. So it's a really cool place to come and just relax and maybe do homework in chill. Hey, guys, I am a Jew. City struck for university. Sent It is a big, big sport building has furlough, exhibition or sports out there. And this really cool bless it had be Pretoria. I'd like two hundred seats, and this is a B big screen trial there. Oratory. Um, right here. Where most of my classes? Hell. So that was really fun, because they spent most of my time. That's a beauty. Is, uh and so. This war is a whole same figuring. Sorry, Steve Knight. It's really awesome. I hoped you inured to tour today. So this right here is the Union Green. I can't get onto it right now because they're setting up for some kind of event. Uh, and they have events here all the time. There's the involvement affair that's here. Uh, they do Little lake at carnival games. Sometimes this locals union, uh, we'll take it towards about later, but, you know, so they're speaking in green there, some trucks over there. They're usually posted up right here. But there is that little Senate. What's going on? Yeah, this is one of the two greens that I go to the most or two of two squads that I go to the most besides Landis Green, which will go too well, but it's really beautiful. It gets a lot of sun. So if you want to, you know, get some sun. This is a good place to do it. Yeah, The weather in Florida is generally pretty mild, king. It kind of cold in there December in January. But other than that, it's like at least in the sixties. So, uh, this is a beautiful day. This is one of those days. It's, like seventy five and and it generally stays like that until it gets really hot in the summer. Hello gain? Well, I'm here with my boy Francis Wells, one of the founders off Florida State University. That's right, one of the founders Say hi to the camera. There you are right now. I mean the most famous, The one and only West got time. You can see there. It's famous because it's like a tradition for graduates. Two. Take a picture. They graduate show pictures like finally come here to take pictures of the day. Also because there's a tradition where when you turn twenty one, like at twelve o'clock, your friends have to throw you inside, he called water. We should never do Sambar is Rico. It's very funny. Uh, seeing next video. So before I take you into the family offto college of engineering, there's a few things you should know. So first of all, it is a shared campus between the two schools, so neither f soon or fam. You has a college of engineering on the main campus, so it's a little far off of their main campus. Is about equity distant, actually. So you can, you know, take the bus. If you have a car, you can drive otherwise, people car pool all the time. Unfortunately, you can't tour it on a regular F s you or family tour. You have to schedule an extra tour, but it's totally worth your time if you're really considering Engineering. I love my college. I love how intimate it is. How many professors to students ratio. You really get to know everyone and create a lot of bonds and connections for the future. So before so I'm going to show you right now. Here we go. Hey, everyone. I'm here at the College of Engineering, shared between fam you and f s U and I'm just in a typical size classroom. So classes here range from anywhere from twenty five to probably one hundred students, one hundred being the largest. So it's a very intimate classroom setting, and you really get to know your professors. So here's just a general. Look at what it looks like. So I am now stepping out of the bus, huh? You know, sometimes the boss, he's a little bit over crowded because it's a big university. It's like thirty five no more than two frozen on their gretz. Uh, you know, some things you can't again ride a bicycle because of right. How many people are working to confront class? Well, yes, like a little. I'm sorry. Just for you to know Hey, everybody. My name is Kelly Harness Man, and I'm a junior majoring in chemical engineering at Florida State University. I'm here with campus real to give you the perfect tour of f s u on your time. So to pull out your phone Pulip campus Riel and you can follow me around FSC for the day. Okay, so a little about me. I'm from Cocoa Beach, Florida, which is about four and a half hours away. So it's kind of a drive, but it's totally worth it because F issues my dream school. I'm also involved in undergraduate research. I work in a pecan laboratory on campus, and it's super fulfilling and an amazing opportunity that I I applied for through Europe. I also work on campus in the general chemistry labs, which is a great position, and I've gotten to learn so much about chemistry and everything that you will get to learn is a freshman. But most of all, I learned that I love, love, love, love, my major chemical engineering and that we share a campus with FAM you. It's a little far off campus, but it's totally worth it, and I love having the option to drive back and forth to study to whatever campus I want. Thank you for choosing to tour with me today. And I hope that by the end of this you'll fall in love with F s u and you'll want to be a No. So to start us off, I'm going to say go So this is college social sciences in public policy here. Nothing where you'll have a lot of classes here. Social sciences. There are a lot of your core classes. Continue. We're gonna be coming up on the the landing area that I think it's really cute. I'm gonna be kind of quiet because people who study be Addison's building them in the most period of us, you and definitely one of my favorites. Here I am outside a floor state university's bookstore. It is the perfect place to come get all your textbooks for classes of Vasu merch for game day, you name. It is also where you will get your ID card, which is really essential to keep hold of during the year. So your ID card will get you to your dorms, dining halls into the library's You really have to hold on tight to that. And if you ever lose it, you can come here. But it's gonna cost you a little money, but come So some people will say it's elsewhere. But right outside of the building and building is what we call the kissing bench. And there's a story that in the day one of the school administrators kissed his future wife on that bench lived happily ever after. Some people say it's like near the stadium are elsewhere, but being a social science major, I think it's outside Hey, So we're in HCV or the huge classroom, as it's called because nobody actually knows what it's called when it's named after. Um, it's right in the middle of every right there is union, the studio. And, uh, there are a lot of activities there. You're absolutely gonna have a class in HCB during your time. It up a few. I personally have two classes. And HCV today. I am game theory class and a, uh, political parties in campaigns, class cans. They're both great. The classrooms are really nice. And there huge. So if you take a big classes or like undergrad classes, they're gonna be in here. Yeah, Agency. Be one of the biggest and best buildings Question. Is and he and I just watch wear well. So I just went to see a movie from the sea askyou since life center and it was very weird. Name is sorry to bother you and I recommend that you not see it good. I don't know. It's really messed up. Bet. However, JSOC have free movies almost every day for every student. So take care of the opportunity. The room is so probie, you have two hundred seats and is really it's a really good experience. So make you something because this is Gray and yeah, I go when we almost every week and most of the movie I see was good except with this one. Barely, but yeah, and the sea. Also, how awesome events like movie, nice working night ping pong and so much more. It's also had like a video being sectioned for you to play your games, which is really cool, and I spent a lot of my time there. Some backing back home. Um, I hope you like this so And you, sir. Okay, So unfortunately, stop isn't too exciting because this is the new site of our union, our student union. So goes the Union just was torn down. This year we're going to build a new one, and it's going to be up and running by twenty twenty. So for all you incoming freshman, you'll have a brand new state of the art union just so exciting for you. So here's a little schematic of what it's gonna look like a super fancy and really nice. There's going to be some dining options like polio trumpet call, and it's just overall gonna be great place. I think there's gonna be some student office is like sororities and fraternities and our SOS on campus. So you could always stop by the union when we have market Wednesday, which is a really big festival where all these different groups come out to showcase what they have to offer to students. And there's like a small like farmers market and all sorts of cool stuff that you could check out. So I'm so excited about this, and I hope you come check it out on a So the gym was a little loud with everyone dropping weight, so I figured I would just give you a little rundown of how it works at home. So the Leeches, the biggest German campus, it's three stories tall, it as an indoor track and indoor swimming pool asana. There's heavy weights. Anything you could think of. We have it. We also host classes like spinning and kickboxing, which is really awesome, so you can sign up for those online before you go. We also do have a smaller gym, and that's at the Health and Wellness Center. It's a little less known. There's less equipment there, but it's still really good facility. Oh, another fun fact. We also have, like racquetball, also, and like tennis, all sorts of cool things that you Thanks. Stand by one back. It's what? Go. Fire. I'm so excited. So good. Hey, it's me again. Um I hope you are liking these tour this personal tour, you know, from me to you on right now in the wellness Center. We she's mission the Wellness Center there even see which is like the mini hospital of campus. Here. People come here for health related issues. Like if you have a fracture, if you have a flu. If you want to come to the dentist, there are a lot of professional people. A lot of specialized doctors too. You also have the smaller gene here, which is the fitness and Movement center. Aunt, You also have classrooms here, which is why I like this is so, so big. He has, like, four floors. It's very big. So if you have anything related to one of those, you are more likely to come here. Well, they they're going to treat. Hey! Thank you. Use transition from an all female no. Man there. It's. University of Florida with the all male. Hey, everyone. So here I am. I'm in one of the biggest lecture halls that we have on FX's campus. It is called HCB. No. No one's here right now, because usually this classroom is really full all the time. So I'll just give you a quick look around after hours. Of course. Just so you know what the typical like three hundred students die. A lecture hall. Looks like I'll show you right now. I want to show you one of the hidden places here. If it's you, not so many people know about it, but it's the meditation room, as you can read there. Um, I'm here with my friend. I think there's nobody here. And there's nobody here. But this is the meditation room. If you want a quiet place to us, relax, Andre meditate. He is a good place. It's in the C G E centre of global engagement Hey, everybody. I'm outside of Strozier right now, which is our library right next to land a screen. It's a little quiet in there, and I don't want to disrupt anyone who's studying. So I'm just gonna give you a rundown of what strange where could do for you as an F C student. So it's an excellent place to study. I will be honest with you. I would not go during finals week. It's really hard to find like seating, so you're kind of you go walk around and you have to leave. So I would suggest finding another place to study over finals. But anyways, you can rent books, laptops can run cameras. You can earn all sorts of equipment you need for any, like editing. You can. You can print there if you don't have a printer. It's just in an excellent resource for all students, and I will suggest coming to check it out sometime. F s u does not have a designated area called a quad, but we have a lot of other beautiful areas on campus. So I figured I just show you around those special areas like whatnot, said the physics building. And there's this one beautiful little garden near some dorms. I just want you to see, like the other options you have. They're not necessarily like a quarter green, but it's it's great places to study. You can, you know, pack up a little hammock and time between two trees and just chill out or you can go, you know, just relax your table outside of the physics building, so I'll give you a really quickly. So I'm not signing this physics building right now. This is the courtyard they was talking about earlier. You. If you take any sort of physics class, specifically, like any physics labs, they're gonna be right over there in that building. And it's just nice area to come sit and study if you're looking for somewhere new hangout So right now I am waiting for my moment to get here, to the seashore, to the game off The Florida State University or Hillary El's House of Games where you want to call it has three floors. It has a pool inside it. Hey, Haas. And inside the building your house I tried on the first floor is full off. Wait, uh, machines. Second floor is more. Like spinning their bikes. Speeding bikes on the third floor is more for like, perhaps section, so it's a pretty big squeeze. Big, actually. Let me show you. All right, So this is one of the when our famous stops here is the integration statue. Right here we have Ah, Maxwell Maxwell. Courtney. Um he was the first African American undergraduate student admitted into four state. All right. Here we have Dolby flowers. The only flowers was the first African American woman to be our homecoming queen. Over here. We have my fraternity brother Flowers his first African American athlete go to St. Well, this, uh, this immigration statue represents a lot to me. A lot. A lot of different people, so it's pretty important. And over there is, uh, Hbcu. So you know, it's very close to that, very close My name is Xiao on. I am a freshman. Here's old study. So why didn't you? Yeah, I think that Florida's they asked my university because education program What's your favorite thing? My favorite thing us. But he is really nice here. I like all my teachers. My face. Us. Town's. So it's kind of not really city life. Thank you. Get it for me. Hey, everybody! I'm outside of West Cop Building at Florida State, which is a really prominent building on campus. If you google Flora State, this is like the first image you'll ever find. And right here is the West got fountain So really cool tradition we have here is when you turn twenty one all your friends throw you into the ground. It's just something special that we d'oh I have something really cool to show you this time. So right here is the sod cemetery, which is a huge Florida state tradition. After we play an away game and our football team wins, we take a piece of the sawed off of their football field and we bury it right here. And each plaque has the game, the location, the date and the score. It's so cool and anyone can walk by to see it. And it's such a really unique tradition. We have one super cool feature of Florida State is that we have son of fountains on campus and they're all registered swimming pools, so you can totally go in them. Stay tuned to see some more. So I'm outside of the integration statuette. F issue, which is a really big monument to NFC, was integrated in the nineteen sixties. It's a really pivotal piece of artwork on FX's campus, and it's right in the middle of the Legacy Walk So Kane. And in this video I'm going to talk about how to get involved in front. So I phrased it is not only back they make. No, it's not sports this also all of those things and so much. If you are interested in fighting someone who share what you seem happy, What thank you that could group of friends with similar interests that you give a hang out one of those craps and association, For example. There is a film community where there are two weekly meetings, poet, where you discuss freeze, what to see, what would be suitable to your target audience and defend that you would anything that received a majority of the votes. We'll be feature senior campus. Asked who? Student Life Center, which is pretty cool because you are contributed to there. Come here, Garrity, and is size of women's committee there. Ace Social Media marketing community Like a subcommittee, like a smarter one and their fees media. No way. You basically make videos, cheers, emotion, material poster so I thought that was pretty cool. Well, with comedian no time. He's very suitable for me. And also in ask you still like center. There is a gaming community when you can be involved in events and organizing defence. Bauer Porky playing react teams of things. I was co videos that brings you back memory. You can always they race ideas of our own, always make your idea and reality are not. Then you can have with the other. It's It was really cool. You want to keep her? She's dancing. There are dance crap. That's crap specifically for Kay. And yeah, Hispanic soon Association there. American, Asian Americans. It's an association. There are an accident Union. So I need to be any of those. Thanks. You. You're interested. Great. Try and thanks. And then there are a lot of sports on campus. Furball band into basketball, all of them all the base anyway. So you can. You're one of those sports craps, and they have out, see play sports, and then we go with the other. So Asis sustainable. Good night. Shit. Where you do like that? Sustainable, green, healthy stuff like you collect food that wasted in that dining halls are kept us grow organic festival and sometimes that s well. And I think that's really cool, Nick. Better for environment. Yeah, I hope you have a bad night can go from campus, he said. Support a state is located in the city of Tallahassee, and this right here is our quiet A plot huge, enormous because quite is usually used for festivals, any actor activities. We have a group here on campus that all they do is just dressed up like maybe will time nights. And they just fight here on the quiet. We do that we have, like, a puppy day thing that goes on here way. Haven't inflatables races that we have here, so it's very important for the outside. This right here is a fountain. One thing that for the state university is that all sounds so cool, all of whom have for reading them to anyone you want. That's pretty cool here in Tallahassee. Also, we have two types of weather. Cole Michael Like November, December, January is cold the rest of times high, hot and sunny. Uh, the only time it's not sunny is when it's So this is land a screen here and f s u. It's one of the most popular places for everybody to hang out. They're usually people doing tightrope walking over there, their hammocks behind those bushes and people bring their dogs here all the time. They're also little fairs. Like there was an entrepreneurship fair here a couple days ago. Yeah, this is where people come to study and hang out. It's huge. There's a whole other half over there. It's really beautiful. And then it's central to a lot of the dorms. So there's a chance that if you live in a dorm, you're gonna be living in one of these ones. Um, everything here is a dorm. Except for William Johnston Strozier library. Um, and then those buildings or dance buildings. So yeah, it's it's gorgeous here, um, on Landis and the landscapers really pride and keeping it up. So this is it. Definitely my favorite place to hang So I am right now at this. Does your library. I have to keep my voice down on us. People are studying the homework. But right now I am in the first floor. This is where all the computers are. Chilling. You can see all the computers here amusing. It's three floors. The second floor. It's more like a study and this war right than this one on DH here. Also, you can buy some coffee. You can also rent cameras that tops go process even. Oh yes, they also have private rooms. If you want us, Tony by yourself or with a group of friends you say with a nice place to Hey, it's your boy Raul. Here. Once again, I hope you're having a good time with these videos. Because I am having a good time making this for you on right now. I am in another off the main buildings. Here are F issue which are the robot. I don't know if you can see. Never better. I'm basically there for the college off business. And since I'm in marketing, most of my classes are here. There are, like classes, like from twenty people to like, forty, sixty people. Well, yeah. Muslim Michaelson here on three floors. So let me show you another off the sports facilities here in F issue on this one is Kenny's guards. So right now there's no one playing, but they usually have good. What games here on, you can play here. You don't have to be a mathlete or anything way here. You just rent some rocket, you have to buy their walls. You can play here on. It's critical. If you want to do something different, it's very cool. Let me show you this. Sarah. There's like six Fair. Like there's six over there on six. Over here. You can sit here like me Hey, so as i told you market wednesdays here at the ugliest union people, local businesses come here or people that want to sell, like a lot of arty san stuff to show you guys there's music too. One thing Spending can get stuff done a favor. This is your study one day here. Really laugh, You dialled Booth your parents for this. I hope you enjoy your weekend. So. Watch it. Nice. Which just don't stress out, right? Yeah. Choices, Honest. It's tch! Awesome. Singing. So much. Great. So. Yes. Just go. Q. When come kidnapped. You are, Mr Yes, go. Yes, as must as you They say some misconception of the freest and the reality of this gaze. Wass. I wish someone had told me before attending Foresti, so let's get started to it. So first of all, Tallahassee is not Miami. So do you often think Miami Big CD? The skyscraper peaches that Frieda has not love does is like a suburban area is a country side, even not even the city, and it doesn't is not asked. That dynamic is not as crowded, and sometimes it's really quiet and peaceful. Was there something that I never thought so? Because it's not, like most part for you. He's like my me. True that the most part of a debt is actually tell Haci so like countries suburban with cars and Creavy houses with the car in the back yard, like you see like farmers. Yes, that's what I thought. But I don't really regret that I come to Tallahassee because now I always sleep in the city. But for now I live in the countryside, suburban area. It really opens up my eye flight, what I thought it would be and what it's actually be. And this actually fun. Actually, a lot of things to do and enjoy. And you don't need to be like crowded second traffic to have fun. It's a good time for a change. For me in the second thing is that the weather is not always so. He's got something for you. Yeah, Sunshine State. But while it's true for most of the scenario, but there is a hurricane coming, too, for death almost every year from life. August October and now is October and we are facing the hurricane. So we have Tio. They evacuated our state in the house and stop off storage with, like a bunch of canned food flashed like like horrible charges for your phone and your laptops. And it can be really scary as nothing happened. Have you? What say you then, is the Hurricane Marco coming to Tallahassee arrived this year and it's considered for is kind of scary. But you're me. It's you who has a lot of cool stuff of the university's might not have one thing that we do have. It's a circus. That's right. We were the only one. I have two schools in the entire US to have our very own circus. Me personally, I'm in the circus. I do trapeze, but this he was going on. That people stretching over here. Policy. What's going on? As you can see, this is a tent right here. It's a beautiful tent, very much. He's always packed. This is the circus, Quincy. She's walking on the wire, practicing or otherwise. Yeah. You see practicing the trap, he's in the background. Practice days are pretty cool here. William our industry. Here. I think it was beautiful. Really quiet in here. During finals week. I love just to be. Study here. They usually go to the library, so it's way overcrowded. Johnston, my favorite building on campus. So you know, I've been here for more than a year and a half, actually. I discovered these like the semester when I came to see Thor. Right Now, look, the movie on it was free. It was free. Because here f issue. We have a student life cinema, cinema, a student center show You got. Great here. I can feel it. Yeah, very what I wass tell you about the student life. Uh, well, I recommend you come here, Shake out there. Times their movie times because it's really worth it. So this is Strozier library. It's the biggest library on campus there. Six floors. I spent the most time, uh, my freshman year here. It's just it has really good vibe. There's a Starbucks inside ton of vending machines, and there are these really cozy study rooms They're impossible to get during finals week, but I wish we could get one of them there. Building. I forgot my idea so I can't go into it. Getting really huge downstairs. Where you going? Talk to people and then are the silent areas. So I lapsed, Rose. So we're coming up on the stadium, which is actually right next to the circus. That's the circus tent right there, actually tailgate outside of in the circus parking lot during football season. It's April right now, so there's really no way to get into the stadium unless you go into like the office rooms, which are in building A, B and C. I think connected to the stadium. There are you can have classes in the stadium. There's some tutoring in there and then football games during the fall in that's a truck. Um, and in the spring, there's like a an office offense versus defense game, which is fun to go to because it's like it's not finished. Playing affects you. So that's that's always cool. But, you know, the stadium is really beautiful and huge and well made. And, uh, in the fall, everybody spends Time. Check out one of my favorite places on campus. The SLC was disturbed in life center and, uh, let's go check out What's this house? Please Quiet. Very serene. Also, a lot of video games, A lot of computers, video games. We also have game Hughes, Whatever you need. It's also a cafe over there. But it was really, really important about this place. Is this right here? Student ID. So we have our own movie theater here on campus. Really? Cool. Would technically have to inside this building. That's the main one over there. So movies, both old and you, you can see here. I saw Justice League here. I saw Rocky horror picture Get behind me. We have tennis courts. On the other side of that is the world Court. I'm on the lawn tennis team like really, really gives being attendance, any volleyball come, come watch them play or you can try to get on the team. Also, if you just like to play in general, they do have a murals. You can also get the court really any time you want to, as long as you sign up for it, so those are pretty cool. We have games here. Those seats, right? I mean, it might not be very much. We'll see they're just field. I just feel people see people like line up, like all around here, just watching a lot of them go pretty hard to I can't play tennis like that. Hello again. How are you guys? Right now? I'm here walking to inside. Actually the main campus off first a university? Well, basically, I'd liketo walk through my classes. Um, sometimes I take the bus when I, um a little bit late to class. And sometimes I get on my bike. Here you can rent bikes here at Tallahassee, but the most, like the most like is walking because the landscape like the twist this old trees, there's a lot off different trees. I'm very beautiful, Like there's a lot of nature inside campus, so ah, a lot of good oxygen and a lot of good energy on Let's So here at F issue, we also have very talented people. One of the places you should go is the efforts you flying circles. They don't use animals if that's one of your concerns. But they do a lot off. Yeah, a courtesy. They do a lot off gymnastics like they do pretty cool stuff. I highly recommend you go You take a left when you enter. Sent up Global engagement in character, Beautiful Decide and vibrant column Group. It's really cool. Half wouldn't go here to relax in between my classes. Yeah. Everybody. So I'm out here at the women's soccer field, which is another really big sport at F s U so big that we just won the national championship in twenty eighteen, so it's really awesome. You can come and see all the women's games in the fall season, and I'm really excited to see what they do next season. Hey, everybody. So I just told you a little bit about our women's soccer team. And right across the way is a women's softball team field, which is another huge sporting campus, considering we also won the national championship in women's softball in twenty eighteen. Um, I'm sure you saw the highlights on ESPN was a really big deal, and we're really proud of these girls and how much work they put into it. So come on out and see women's softball So as I promised you guys, I was going to take you inside off the CB classrooms on This is the largest classroom. There's two like this. I just want to show you So two screens, there's a professor. I'm on the top. Andi, this is like, for for one hundred people, it's very big here. You would take like, here. Business classes. I hear I took financial to marketing. So here's where you would take a life most? No, most. But some off here business class is, uh, well, it's pretty huge. You have two screens being one classroom. It's because it's pretty huge. And also, you have there some speakers you see all the way back here. You're gonna have to listen to those speakers.