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Hey, guys. So, welcome to the Vern. This is the Mount Vernon campus. Ah, of G W. It's a secondary campus. W the main campus down on Foggy. It's called Fucking bottom. I live in this building is called West Hall and, well, in my first class today, it's up on this campus. Every student, every freshman has Teo u w. Which university writing and university writing. It's a requirement it's up here. Number in campus. So you take a shuttle was called. We call it the Virgin Express. The Vex So arm you sold from fucker hall, which is on foggy. And you right up here to Mount Vernon to your class up in Ames. Ames is the building right there. Um, and there's all the classes there, too. So I took you w last semester. I'm taking a comparative politics, and I really like that class. Um, last. Worse things play appear. Tennis, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, open field. Um, we have softball Somerfield over across but yeah. So here we are. Kogan. It's a beautiful afternoon, October, but I'm wearing shorts here. Some people table ing. I don't know what for. I've seen a lot of my friends just walked through it. So nice to sit on this bench and people watch homework, whatever you need to. Dio actually have not made it outside the library yet because they're a bunch of nice tables outside of power outlets. I don't know if you can see I'm just out there because when the weather is nice, I slept work outside. They're giving out free candy. I don't know what their causes. Great. Now I'm munchie w's Mount Vernon campus, which is about a fifteen minute shuttle ride away from Foggy Bottom. The main campus shuttles are twenty four seven service, so you'll never get stranded on one or one campus. The burn is a completely self sustaining campus, so there is a dining hall, residence halls, academic calls, and there's also athletic facilities and a gym. And about a third of the freshman class lives on the burn. Uh, which you either choose to live here or you might be placed here, and a lot of people don't like living here, but, uh, a lot of people really like it. It just depends on your preferences. The Verne is a little bit more like a traditional college campus. Uh, there's Green space quad and everything like that, so I will show you guys around a little bit. Uh, this is the quad area right across from his uncle's library. That's an academic hall. A lot of the club sports teams practice here on the turf. There's also tennis courts over there, there's an outdoor pool here. So. So whether or not you choose to live on the Mount Vernon campus, you will at some point have to come out here because this is for the university. Writing classes are held, uh, and university writing is really the only required class that we have here at U. W. And so there are plenty different varieties on topics of the class. And I'm right now in selling with social media, which is the topic of my writing class. There's also classes on science fiction. There's classes on science and really, whatever you're interested in, Hey, So this is the Mount Vernon campus quad, if you will. This's the Fallon's on during spring. A little crabby. Right now it's raining, you know, frigging D C's northeast, but Midway, like, I don't know, Murphree South, but exerted kind north. But you know, it's the middle of this capital. But, yeah, it's kind of crabby right now, but, well, it's really nice out. It's amazing. So why these buildings are residential buildings so that one is summers. That's the second biggest dorm for Ah, people live out here. This is Echols. That's our library up here. That's in the main one. The main ones. Gilman, which is down Kogan Plaza on Foggy Bottom campus. Um, aim Saul's right cross. That's where the maniac Kendall news. Um, and there's that's the academic building to it's called a secretary building, and that's for labs and also other other classes. Go on over there. There's a few. There's a few dorms on the hillside, which is called Although he is, George is my friend George Well, um this is for campus real man. So, yes, my friend George. He's ah, president person, actually, the campus main campus refreshment. But as I said before, there's three doors on the hillside they called a whole size. We calm, it's cool. Hall Merryweather and, uh, uh, uh, Hensley home. Always forget. But, uh, those were, like, smaller dorms, like thirty kids per building. Ah, lot of the leadership programs in those, uh, like a woman's leadership program And also the others programs in the Western front. Too much that before. And, uh, neither one of us is an honors, but the second floor is mostly honest kids. Yeah, this is the Bern kind sex with the vexes, though. The Bern express the shovels because they come every five minutes on weekdays and so a clock and it goes to fifteen minutes and then on weekends every fifteen minutes until one O'Clock mangoes, Teo, half hour. Let's wait for seven. So that's pretty cool. Yeah. So I actually had no idea what campus Rhea was till. I wanted my Facebook and just found it miraculously on that. But overall, I loved this experience. I actually never really explored my campus that much just because of my involvement with school and a bunch of extracurriculars. But I really think that this project was filling and allowed me to look at my campus in a whole new light. It was amazing to me because I never had this opportunity. When I was going into college, I didn't really get to toward you w that much because of distance, and I couldn't find any engaging video opportunities like campus riel. I think that it was an amazing opportunity and allowed me to explore my campus and do things that I didn't think that I get to Dio I had to put myself out there and be social and go to places I've never been to myself. So I hope this figure is helpful for you and deciding if you want to go to G. W. Worf. You just wanted to look at the campus. But either way, good luck on your application process. Good luck with whatever college that you choose and have So here we have District House. It's one of the newest storms on campus, available sophomores and juniors, and here in the middle is the affinity housing. So there's both affinity and non. If it any housing I know I can see Club Cross country up there and with the creation of District House, we also have all these food options in the basement. And so with W, we don't have a dining hall. But we do use our G W hard, and we have a certain amount of money every semester to spend. I think it's like around one hundred restaurants around the city, so that includes Whole Foods. It's kind of a joke that Whole Foods are unofficial cafeteria. But down here, uh, you He's your year old card everywhere. They have wise guys pizza pretty good. I mean, some people study down, you have no idea how they do it. It's it's kind of loud, but I just come here to get lunch, so just pretty good. Great. Yeah, and then we have chick play, which is closed on Sundays, and I'm going to take you to the G W store, which is are like, pantry that was started recently for students who are food insecure. But I don't know, I go because I don't know when I might eat next, and they usually have really amazing options inside. It's kind of like covered in the back, all right? And you have to. You don't have to, like, cement your financial information or anything today. Top access. It's available for everyone. They're kind of empty now, but you can take anything you want from here. They have serial. They have coffee. Turkey broth. And, yeah, it's pretty empty right now. But here, a lot of deodorant you can pick up, uh, some shirts, JW gear. They also have printing cards here, which is nice to use. Uh, trenching cannot up a little bit. And in the French, it's completely empty. Right now. It's usually not like this, but fine. They recover all the leftover food from on campus events. There's an email sent out saying, We have a ton of Panera sandwiches in the fridge or something like that. Sometimes they have a lacroix, which is always amazing. I think I'm gonna grab some pinto beans for today. Hey. Uh, So this is our hippo. G W has a story about how we got this IPO. And it's our unofficial mascot. So I believe our one president of the school bought this IPO for his wife and she didn't want it in the house, so she sent it to G W And some now is our unofficial mascot. We rub its nose for good luck before ten. And like it was the icon. How'd you? W so they would need good luck on tax attorneys. Come here. Rob. Robin on say, was up This campus has no very good a vegetable place. You have. In whole foods. They have a dining out True. Serve yourself or you can order food. But most students also used this. With. Over here. The Avenue word. It's an off campus living option, but a lot of ways here in their open classman years. This's roading. Um, Editori. Followed by Sweet Green and all these places tape the year old car, which is their dining up dining part. He's also rain for bottom over Good morning and Happy Friday everyone. My name's Aaron. I'm a senior at George Washington University, majoring in marketing, monitoring and sustainability. It is Friday today, so I don't have any classes on Friday, which is pretty typical for a senior. But I know freshman year I have four classes on Friday. All I can say is if you come here trying not to schedule your classes on Friday because Thursday's our big night out here and kind of got a little bit of a late start. But I am headed to do because right now, which is school of business, which I'm in, there's the business technology talk today, and I'm going to go listen to Google present in about five minutes so I can give you a snapshot of what one of our lecture halls look like, as well as what Google has to say. There's a lot of really cool events like this around campus. Uh, there's a lot of good networking. Opportunity is, I can tell you about internships I've had Hey, also, this is you yard. It's another campus quad. The building behind me right here. That's the law school. So if you plan to go into grad school or something, your spotlight time there for law. Um, I don't really been there because, like, exclusive. But in this building, listen, er, home there's labs in there, and there's also really cool dining place Tio. And over this side is Corcoran Just school of art. We have it's Ah, the main building. And there's in our building over by the White House. Actually, I called the flag building corking flag building, which is like super awesome. And then over here is the, uh, media public affair building. So if you're interested in journalism or something, you're probably in there alive. There's no classes. They go there to like I'm a maths politics class in there as pretty building. There's a big auditorium cholesterol, which is, well, they do a bunch of shows on productions over there. Says Awesome on, uh S. So they throw a lot of events here to also, like concerts. And, uh, other loop events that go down here is really pretty place to be. So, yeah. All right, So here is one of the video editing labs. There is also classes that are talking here, such as entered digital media sustainability reporting. All of the students in school in media and public affairs have access to DSLR cameras and X five cameras that they use for projects all free of charge. And I am the person who checks them in and out to you. So be nice to me. Um, school in media and public affairs at G. W is one of the most esteemed journalism schools in the nation. I know people who work here, who major in the school, in media and public affairs, and they're very accomplished. They work at CNN, Fox News, things like that, and they really love the school here. Hey, guys. So this is Kogan Plaza. Our main clause on campus, all right behind me is Gilman Library. There's been a lot of time there. Come here because that's your go to place Overhears District House. The top part of it is residential area for upperclassmen. Just think of the fifties were like, if you live with your club or organization and you apply for that, you're going to yourself for years and around here, we always things out because it's just really nice to hang out here when it's warm. Especially you'll see everyone out on the deck of the Galman or, um, seeing on the clock tower. Um, little ledger here and behind me overhears Lisner Auditorium, Starr Biggest auditorium on campus. There's a big event. We have Ted talks, and they have one of them coming up actually begin April. So I'll be there for that. That's exciting, and behind me, there's actually a couple We are my friend Luke Way, have different pastries and stuff. There's something love, a cinnamon roll Here. Here we have a strong hall, which is a sorority housing. The bottom wars are high. Five top floors or chi omega. Wait here. We are still straight eighty. Very beautiful, very nice. And they're always usually events out here. So today there's histories for the senior class run by one of my good friends, Luke. When you're doing other matter. And this right here is strong Hall. It's senior only dorms. I don't live in a dorm. I live in an apartment building, which I could show What up, Yo, I'm Skye and I'll be a tour guide. You w I'm from Qi for New Jersey. And my major is international affairs of concentration and Latin America with a minor in innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. So let's get to it. This is George. Obviously it's the campus quad, basically of w see, it's pretty awesome, especially was really nice. And we'll be out here over by the clock tower, over here in the middle and scream. I love the sea weather those rain right now but doesn't stop us. So this is the Marmor centers for our stadium is Bassel games. We played their volleyball. Everything goes down there. Um, this finger hall business school, their biggest extra holes in there. But this is where you get the back stop to get the shuttles to go to the birds now burning Hampus. So it's Ah, you'll be waiting here now, then to catch it to go up there. But I'll show you. The other door is over here. So there's This is, uh it's called It's where all the sororities stay thes buildings over here is called Greek row. So there's sororities there in fraternities and buildings on this street. Um, also shakman holes that big calls wasn't home. And right over here is our Health and Wellness Center. Recently, our gym, um, there's vast McCord inside. And also it's called, uh, squash and regular gym equipment. Three coolers, Political South Walker were goes tio. It's in here. Um, and likes movies and protein shakes and make. So it's up here also, Shankman across the street has, uh, restaurants in there, too. That's pretty nice. I'LL take you in here. Yeah, that's happened. Tio, get in, filled in. Thank you. You go through the turnstiles and you're in here. Three nights. Jim Here equipment terminals and you go down to the pool on me upstairs this basket courts So all of the sports fields, Alina's, are located on Hearing about six four. These air usually quiet rooms, I may not be able to talk. Cute experience during the day with Wade. Theo. I was my friend. And you? She's Loki international student because she was in Austin for a while. Last six years. Good. Technically American. She is American. So I'm gonna ask you about D w. Papst feels about it. So it's out. I'm Abigail. I'm freshman school business, and I'm planning on double concentrating in international business and basis economics in public policy with a minor in German, which I already speak. And then I want to go on to law school and do international. So we would you describe, like Activia climate? As far as like actual business classes go, I would do the business. School can be a little competitive with, like everyone wanting to network and like fighting to get the best opportunities. But at the end of the day, everyone's really willing to, like help. Andi, especially some of the older students, really are there to, like answer questions like you can pretty much ask anyone, um, yeah, and as far as like my other classes in the school in general, I would say it's a pretty good mix of, like, competitive. But yet it's not so competitive that people are really like competing ants. You. It's more than everyone just wants to do their best. So you're just around a bunch of people who are constantly striving to be like their own personal best. So what you think about with your body? Uh huh. I would say that the student body is really diverse. That's why I came here, because I knew I would be experiencing a lot of culture shock because I was eleven when I left the country. And I've definitely found a lot of international students or even soon's that aren't international. But they just are very aware of the world around them. And I also think that students at UW really are very not only politically active but also active in the community because it's a city campus, which is great and last question. What do you like this like about you? The thing that I dislike would definitely be the fact that our school really does lack school spirit. Like most of them don't know, being from some of them don't know our mask guy. Some of them think it's the hippo guys. It's not the hippos, George Washington and one thing that I love. Okay, this is I love the burn so much. I'm one hundred percent. I didn't choose the burn. The burn chose me. It was like I only had, like, one burn option on my list. And I got it. And I absolutely love it. And I think that the Vern community is, like its own kind of spirited where we're all just, like a little bit like, uh, next liberty. But then also all really close friends like that's how I met a guy. So I would say that Yeah. I love you. Thank you so much, Alright. I just want to wish you all the best of luck in your college decisions. You guys have amazing futures and so many opportunities, and I know that you make the right one the best decision for you, even if it isn't up to you. So a word of advice is to get to know every school and to choose the one that you really love, whether it's academics of the social life. For the athletics, it's really your choice and at the end of the day, going to college experience and it allows you to grow as a person and allows you to meet new people and to form relationships and get into your major and start your adult So here is the elite schools International Affairs. This's located on E Street. And this is the place where you're gonna go if you're majoring in international affairs. There's some language class, like Spanish here and even some bio classes. Essentially every floors laid out the same, and they contain both large lectures and small classrooms like this one. This is what holes. I think this is what the smaller lecture style discussion based gasim's look like. So there's about twenty or thirty kids in each of these classes and discussions happen about every single week, right Hey, So what? Charles East. There's where all sports. It's like a lion. It's very loud in here. Harriet the water. By all the sports here. Basketball. Bye. Growing gymnastics. Just go with it. Awesome place is brand new. Like everyone awhile. A fastball. The biggest poor here. So here we are. Co again. There's a nice when Lou got some donuts for us today. Are they only for senior? Yes. Wei have them from Astra. Oh, my gosh. I've never been asked your donuts. Go. What's your favorite? I like the maple bacon one. You get people like savory and sweet. Yeah, you do, Mrs Gilman library in taking the side there later. Here's a tour going on and more are All right? We just got some doughnuts. Thank you so much. Lou, Can you describe your position again? If I'm one of the coordinators, you're okay. On what? Majoring in international affairs with you. What do you love most about, uh, everybody like that. There's so many different people from all around the world here. Big common booth finally making great honey. This. You tell me, my berry. And right beyond those gates called Golden Plaza. Yeah, you have to go. Right next to you to academic building the first right but still talk with length. Religion classes are no calling. Building right there. Right. Hold on. That's what you have some discussions in Kong classes. But all these food chuck that also take to you usually open every single day, but one time. Here's the room. Put that. Right across the street. Connected to the library is Starbuck. They also take T world. So you're crap studying and one face to yourself. But in your dorm room. Good. Start backing study. Right there. Another dorm called Madison Hall, available for freshmen. They have a triple. From this beautiful building right here. Signs of engineering for all the fine stones are a lot of labs. We'll definitely be taken some. So that's pretty much all of Mount Vernon. Really. The only downside is that you have to take the shuttle to get foggy bottom, which is where most things on campus are happening. That's most parties are. That's where most of your classes will be. But other than that, it's a really good community. It's much smaller, so you get it's easier to get closer with people who are here. Uh, but overall, it's really just a preference thing, whether you prefer to live in the city or maybe ease into that lifestyle starting here on the Mount Vernon campus. Four. We're playing John Cross. No. All right. So here we are in Gilman, right? Pick up your room. There's also study room's over here that And I love on sunny days just coming out here and work on the benches and tables that they have outside. It's not uncommon to see a ton of students doing that today, so you can see. But over there, the tables of people working it's in the shades. Use a laptop. On benches. There's one of my favorite statues and monuments. I guess my friend and I call it sadder. Whenever we're going to meet up in Kogan, we always say, Need it, sod it. Expounding finches around it, a lecture for It's a very beautiful days. Oh, we're coming up on one more joy's Washington. There's the library. It's not my favorite place. I find it kind of depressing. So I usually find other buildings to do work in business school that showed you how George. This is University Yard yard and you'll find that it's one of the only green spaces on campus. Uh, this is like our quad. People will sit out here on a nice day and do homework e throw Frisbee around. This's also an academic all over here, and there's a cafe in that building. JW is a very urban campus, which means we're also very integrated with the city, just really nice. But this is one of the places on campus where you can actually feel like you're on a So this is like the sorority row, I guess you could call it. It's just a bunch of townhouses. It's on twenty third Street, which is kind of the end of our campus. It goes all the way down. I think there's like five different stories of townhouses, and this is Ivory Hall. It's for sophomores and juniors. It's very nice. I love it a lot. They have doubles and cause here's the town houses and I don't know if you can see here I'll try All right. Here we are. Six for Katie left. Also decorative with pumpkins. Wait, can you tell me about this room? Okay. They happen, Paul. Every single day today is which pickup line is smoother. You must be. This feels like because time stops when I'm with you. You by Einstein, of course. And why Chamber is nearby. Keep care to join me in the pursuit of happiness. Clearly this's the winter, Ben Franklin. Gotta lot yet. You are a who very important. Oh, yes. Many of this goes unnoticed. This's Allison, a sophomore Hannah, a Frenchman who lives with Kay. This is our decorations. Very cute. Great. What? What? I'm making a video. So this is their room is a serious. Yes, that's fine. The stuff on the left and you guys share this between two people, right? Really later. And this is a quad. Here's one of the beds. Another one of Z bets. Which one is yours? This one course. California. Yeah. Just hand. This is your bed. I like this shelf that you got. Thank you. It was built in. Were you one of the first ones here? Is that how you got this school? I was the second one here. Yes. Nice. These deaths all came with the room right here. So it's nicer than the dust that we have fresh from here. And then this's a walk in closet connected to a bathroom, which K is using current.