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I am in the Coke right now, which is the Club Undergraduate Learning Center, and this is basically like a center point of campus for us. There are five floors been building where their classrooms, they're lecture halls. There are labs and just a ton of study spaces. That's what I'm here for right now to study, and I'm gonna just give you a little bit of a tourist that you can see a bit more of what's in the book. So over here, this is one of the private rooms. Five, to be exact. What you can do for the primaries are multiple on each floor, but you can go on a website on, reserve them for up to two hours. And you can do this. I think twice a month, her student account. So then, if you need to be somewhere to work on a project, have a reserve study space just to make sure you got somewhere to go. You can reserve one of these OK on the stairs that are at the bottom of the Coke. If you have seen the movie, that internship with Willingness and Andrew Never and these stairs are the home of Google. So, yeah, that was filming the coke. They also filming a not filming, but they already filmed, uh, Melissa McCarthy, Fee and James Corden may be here somewhere. Which is? I don't know, it's Caldwell put name on the screen. So, yeah, man over here again. On the bottom floor of the coke is where you have more the individual classrooms there to lecture halls right back there and then their classrooms here and basically cholera. And in here is where most of classrooms are upstairs are mostly loves. And office space helped USC's tutoring and all sorts. And here, by the second floor entrance to the cook. There is a Starbucks that is open until really late most days and opens really early seas. So if you ever need caffeine to pick you up, come here. Just perfect time. Top garden. Let's just go really? You can see what? That's my building clear. That was around. Which my building is the electrical interference. But here is my favorite part. You get a beautiful view. Top. I am here in the full Caldwell housing plot. These air both standard style freshmen housing. I actually lived right up there this past summer, and this's on West campus, which is more like Who me feeling? It's less on campus on so fun place to be. I'm here right now. In the eighth Street apartment complex, there are four different Eighth Street buildings north, east, west himself and these are for upperclassmen housing. You can start getting them in your second year, and it is an apartment style where you have individual bedrooms. And then there are is one bathroom for two people. So when the double apartments there's one bathroom and Claude's there's two. And in the sixes there are three. And this is just like a nice little hangout area for everyone who is in these apartments and also on the west side of campus, which there are few. Apartment Complex is on the west side of campus. There's this Nelson Shell ze bar molding, the Centre Street apartments, Christine and there are probably a few more in comparison to on East Campus, which I will show you in a bit. There is only the North Avenue apartments sick, I tell you about later. You'll love it. Right now I'm in coffins. Carrie Harrison and Field Quad, which is the freshman crime, and I actually lived there. Hopkins and this is just a great space, selecting out paper ever behind those bushes. Right there. There's a real sweep. Okay. In case you're wondering, I was able to see production 30 minutes. I'm tired. So tired. It's really put my shirt on inside out. I need to wake up. But enough on that. Today is the day that I feared as a kindergartner. First greater second grader, third grader, fourth grader, fifth grader. But now, man, I love it. The first day of school, we back at it again, timeto learn some Maur and hopefully not feel any classes. In fact, man, I'm so excited. I want to scream from the rooftops about it. Unfortunately, there's no rooftops, but we do have a terrorist school. Behave so much for doing that. Also, my room's looking a little bit nicer. Since the last time you all came around. We did some redecorating. Specifically my roommates fridge, though. Wow. Okay, so I'm going to get ready for the day. I need some cool transition, though. Who's that dapper looking guy right there? I'm gonna start packing back. Theo, This is my backpack for the year. Can't forget the paper. It's very important. Have you got some pencils? I hope you'll realize you just watch me pack a bag. That's quality a lot of confidence. That's William Willis. Great angle. Dude, you're looking so good right now. Bad outside Right now. I'd be a lot hotter, right? So I actually have stuff to do today because I got wait listed for a course that I need to take in order to take more classes next semester. And if I don't get that, then I'm kind of screwed Morty on energy. Otherwise, I only have two classes today. Sorry, I'm very scattered rain that right now. So I don't know if I mentioned it, but I'm going to an academic council. Get my stuff in order that way. Okay. I think I'm in the right building now. I just have to find the right room. Oh, shoot your own building. Five hours late. L c academic advising place. Yeah. Awesome. That's a long line. Is it even worth it? The answer is yes. Okay. I have been sitting in waiting in this chair for, like 30 minutes. Now, don't get me wrong. It's a good chair, but I want to get my issues resolved. Me, Okay. Okay. First day and I'm already academically challenged. I need help. OK, so long story short, we have to register. Look, I can get a first day of school picture. Hell, yeah, I'm gonna do it. Okay. So what I get to do is get to draw on this white board and write something clever, funny and unique. And then I get a free T shirt because I will do anything for a free T shirt, whatever it takes. You know what? Never send my last statement about it being normal weather today. It's still super high. Uh, the only available time slot for math is that Monday Wednesday from 6 to 7. That's such a bad time slide. I'm gonna have to do it, though, because I need this class. Look, it's a wheel. Spin around and win some stuff. I want to spend it. I think that all I can, So I'm gonna head back to the house real quick. All right. Back in the dorm room. I told you, be quick. Change your stand. I got some food. All right, so my first class isn't until three o'clock. It is currently 12 15 so I have about three hours to kill. I don't know what I'm gonna do with all that time, but right now this up Five hours late, tail. So I'm back. I took a little bit of a nap. And now the moment you've all been waiting for, at least I don't know. I think you've been waiting for the first day of school. But I am going to bus called great authors where we're learning about Jane Austen. To be or not to be. I know that's not Jane Austen two Or do not. There is no try. We're just about to read so many Jane Austen books. I'm gonna be so cultured. Professor's name is Karen. Normally, I would be heading the marching band next, but I forgot my clarinet. So I'm gonna have to do Mom back to the frat house. There she is. I need the band. Super quick. Q. True. What can I say? This you get the band. Cue the transition, everyone. I'm here. I'm here. So band happened. Not much else to say they're marching. Band is exhausting. Anyway, I have to run to our math class now, but I signed up earlier today. When I walked in here, I realized I completely forgot 100% about but by the end I finished to the war. Math is done now as a member of a fraternity, I have to go to Rush, which means essentially, we find people that we like and accept him into the fraternity. It's a little bit more complicated than that, but I don't want to go into the details of my rusher, So I'm going to go your high key. My favorite part of Rush is eating their food so close yet so far away. Wait for my day. Thanks for watching. I realized I really enjoyed editing, so I'm gonna make Maur Maur Maura Maura content by Theo the lights in the bathroom or motion activated. That means if no one comes in, the lights go off. Even if someone's taking a shower and let me tell you, shower in the dark, not spooky. Also, a couple other things have happened. I lost my chair. It's not there any more roomy or familiar faces or now rest in peace chair. Sorry, love. I want to say like some ninjas took it and it sounded really cool, like, but really, the previous owner came in. He was like, I want my stuff back. So I'm not entirely sure how the mailing system to the frat house works yet, so I could go to the Amazon store to pick up some stuff. Then I was planning going to the grocery store and get me some sunscreen. You gotta protect yourself from the sun. That was crazy. Aaron. One check. Now it's time to go to the grocery store. I figure I'm just gonna buy as much stuff. I think this is my favorite intersection. Diagonal crosswalk. I can literally be walking in the middle of the street. Bad boy life. You know, Gang Gang Squad Squad. I made the public's shopping Street expert shoppers, by the way. Here we go. Here's the sunscreen. High key. I didn't realize how many different sunscreens work. Pick some of this. This this, this? Yeah, I think that's enough. Sunscreen. Theo, Groceries check. I will say shopping There was. I feel so on top of things today, man. I can take on anything. Okay, So I'm going to get lunch with the front now, and I'll talk to you. But you're wondering what I got. I think you know what time you've got mail. I'll set a nail. Clippers. Cool. Right? I know. And I just finished lunch. Dude, it was pretty good. I had some, like, Italian sausage and some broccoli and zucchini because we're living that healthy lifestyle. You know it, I know it. And to continue on with that healthy lifestyle, I'm about to head my way over to the gym. Also, I picked up a water bottle on the way, which is good, because I lose about five water bottles of semester. You like with this tank top? I'm finally becoming a gym, bro. Also just figure out how to use a lot of bars last night. Made back to the dorm do. Honestly, that was a pretty solid work out here. I also got the smoothie. Oh, I was like, Who the hell are you talking? Camera people also got this peanut butter protein smoothie hiking. But I don't get the rest for that long because I have to move out to class again. In the Jane Austen class, we're reading the Jane Austen project, a time travel book where they go back in time to recover a loss work. I'm a sucker for a good time travel novel. I'm a head out by Peter. Okay, so today we talked about the historical background of when Jane Austen was alive and how that could have contributed to her writing the band. Now I just gotta put on sunscreen. I don't wanna be looking like Larry the Lobster living leg, Larry, except I'm not so good news. Practice ended early so we can play for the football. That can cut out the pause. It's called editing. It's always long time. This is my first time going in this building. Can I interview real quick? Are you? How's the season gonna be here? Really? Yeah. You all right? But do you mind if I do it for you? What are you? But what do you do here? We've got some unbelievable young men in this program that represent this institution. Just every day I get to coach the best band. Oh, it don't get better now. All right, Appreciate it. Thank you. Oh, hi. Key that could not have gone any better. I met a football player, talked to him and talked to the head coach. Brought this is gonna be a great loss to 1000 years later, they'll realize that lost. You look like a frat boy. All right, besides me looking like Friday, make frat. We learned about cross products with vectors today's Wednesday, meaning that it's a chapter day for the fraternity. And so, essentially, this is the day to day operations of how we get the frat running. Most people when they see the parting side. But there's a lot of logistical stuff Thio as well. But also, there's a lot of partying too. Don't get me wrong on that. I'm running late, so I have to kind of, like, sneak my way in there. You sneak. So I'm editing right now, and I realized they already I am up here on the top of the library right now, and I'm gonna give a bit of a new introduction to my academic building to it. So first off, we talked a little bit about the work lewd, um, attack the work. So it's a lot. It definitely does very bit between majors. Any engineering major will be very difficult. Any nature will be very difficult. But you do have a lot of work, and it depends on how many classes you take coming credits. I had a fifteen last Mr Now fourteen. Most people take around twelve or thirteen. Some people take up tio seventeen or eighteen. Wind is doing great things, so it all depends on what you want to do. Additionally, the impact that my major and my building Havel need is Natanya because I'm in my first PC course. So I don't really know yet, but it's my favorite class right now is so much fun. And I just I really love it. Uh, academics. You're tough, but you got If you have a good time and time management, and if you work with it, it's worth it. It's amazing. And now for the tour my building, it was again just like my library. Very quiet. So I'm gonna voice over it because I didn't want to interrupt classes or anything talking throughout it. And it's not the most interesting of buildings. It basically just looks like the inside of a high school because it's been on campus for a very long time. Electrical engineering was one of the first Major is here, So yeah, it's not that renovated in the hallways and such, but inside the rooms, which I I don't have access. Teo is where it gets really fancy. So I apologize for not being able to see most of like the awesomeness of the family are building. But if I can, I can try to find pictures of it for like Internet people could do with access. And then I can happen, isn't there? So, Yeah, thank you. This is the outside of the van lier building. I think that that is the most beautiful part of it because it's gorgeous outside, it just looks kind of old inside. As you can see right now, it literally just looks like a high school. And I mean, that's not necessarily a bad thing because it doesn't really matter to me at least what the buildings look like on the inside. It just matters the facilities that they have and like how you learn there. So you even like the clock on the wall there they all remind me of a high school. Most academic buildings look exactly like this on the inside. So yeah, there are I want to see, like, five. Lose each. That look exactly like this, which just kind of like a circle, um, with classrooms. And then this is one of the labs. I don't actually know what lab it is because it's, like, locked off. Here's another lab where students couldn't work in. When you have to work on computers, we have a statue of Nikola Tesla's. And we have upon the I want to say third floor, a bunch of speakers that students made. I don't know when I didn't know these existed. And jail. Here's just another research lab and For this video, I'm just gonna be going around and showing some of the important landmarks on campus. Just little secret. Not so secret. Important places that when you're coming to tack, you want to make sure that you see. And up there we have Tech Tower, which has been on campus for over one hundred years. And it is just a perfect landmark that shows Georgia Tech behind way. Have Highland Bakery, which is a place on campus that most people don't know about. That as one of my favorite places to go. Whether you want a coffee, a smoothie, a sandwich or even just a little, this is whatever ice cream, because it looks like Swath actually Privation statue, which is from when the Olympics were held in Atlanta and representing City Olympic twitch. Behind me, we have tech green, which is a perfect place on campus. If you want to just chill, hang out, play some Frisbee. Do it everyone. And as you can see back there, we also have a buncha hammocks. We can chill and relax and just enjoy the sunshine, Obviously, right now, because it's winter. It's not necessarily that green, but just wait and like summertime in the spring. It is absolutely beautiful out here. There are always people out here hanging out, playing around, bringing their dogs, which everyone loves just a great place to be. Up here we have the Mickey Mouse clock, which is a mystery on campus as to where it isthe off a while back. A bunch of students just went and put this Mickey Mouse clock up as a prank, and it is just stayed there. So when you come to campus, try to find the Yeah. So in the CRC, when you first walk in, there's an overlook of all of the workout equipment that you have down on the bottom floor. There is a time of cardio equipment, wait, equipment and all the sorts. Also in that area, there are racquetball courts, and on the left of right, down and there there is a rock climbing wall. On the first floor. Like writers, you walk in before you have to swipe your card because this is open to everyone. There is a swimming pool that's more of like a sport swimming, I guess you could say, rather than, like, recreational and fun. Fact is that it was used for the Olympics when Atlanta host the Olympics and I want to say nineteen, ninety two, this whole gym was used for, like practice for the athletes. But that pool was actually used for the events, and it's open to the public. You don't have a bus card to get in. I've been in here. And then again, if you go in and swipe your card and go downstairs, that's where you get thie recreational pool, which is a really fun place to be. It has a slide that, like a water side, that you could go down there is a hot tub and then there is also a sauna, which I did not get any videos of because there was people in SANA and I didn't want to, like, show that on this because they would not have liked. After you, you swipe to get in. If you go up a floor, there is a space where there are multiple basketball courts, volleyball courts. There's a track. If you go a little bit higher. There's a few more cycling equipment. There's ping pong tables. There's like boxing room. There's a bunch of rooms along the side where they dance classes and all of the sorts. Lastly, outside of the gym, there is a bunch of soccer fields and such, which is where the marching band practices. And then behind that, I don't know if you could really see it in the video that I got. But there are, I want to say, three beach volleyball courts, so yeah, there's just another place to be outside