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Thinking about Gordon College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Gordon College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Gordon College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Gordon College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Gordon College experience. These Gordon College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So I live in Fulton Hall, and I am going to show you around my room a little bit. Just a fair warning. We did clean up our room for this. Our room usually is pretty neat, but our beds air never made, so that's kind of fake. But it looks better in the video, I guess. And we did vacuum our floor. That doesn't happen very often. And we wash our dishes, actually. So other than that, our room is pretty neat, so it's not completely fake. But, you know, not usually this knee. So when you walk in my room, you see my roommate, Sam. Right? And this is my son on the left. That is not my room, mate. That is my friend Bethany. My roommate. Julia isn't in here right now. Um, but this is a Fulton Hallways are. No, I'm not. All the rooms are like this. Some of them have different furniture. Also, I'm in a double, but some people are in triples. I like the furniture here. Still, this wardrobe is tall enough that you still get room above it. This is my bed. It's pretty high. But we lifted it anyway. A little higher. Um, you get the dressers, there's another just inside the wardrobe and a shelf up top, which is nice because a lot of storage. Um, this is our sink over here. Ignore the streaking you're sorry about. That's a medicine cabinet. So there's more storage in there, and there's a county underneath and some drawers, I feel get a lot of storage. And then over here, we have our bathroom. Just gonna walk in here really quickly. So this start bathroom, there's a toilet in there shower. And that is the door to my suite mates. Really? Um, so this is our room? Pretty much so for dorm room essentials. You're gonna want some throw pillows. At least that's what I like because I feel like it makes room cozier. It makes it nicer to sit on your bed and do some homework, and you don't feel like you're going to die when you get really stressed out with work. You're also gonna want a friend that doesn't leave your room. Always a homework with you. A good time. You're going to want a good roommate, also a fish. It's pretty nice because you can't have dogs or cats, which is a sad time so you can have a fish. Turtles. I Gordon. Yes, you can have a chronic turtles. So something to keep in mind. Um, but seriously, I would suggest that you get either a coffee machine or a curator or something where you can make to your coffee. You've probably heard it a lot, but is really a lifesaver. I love it. Also water filter. So you can just have nice, filtered water, even if you get it from the sink. Pretty nice. That's pretty much all I can think of. I'm sure there are other things, but those are the big ones for me, at least. So I found my roommate by going random. Some people were in a Facebook group before the year start. A looking for roommates. I decided that was too stressful. Also, I was a little too daisies that didn't happen. Turned out pretty great for me. I have a great roommate. We get along really well. We have the same level of clumsiness which I think is really important. If you have somebody who's a lot cleaner than you, I think that would put a lot of pressure on you, but also, if there are a lot messier, it's probably going to be really hard to study and focus in a room that you feel is too messy. But, yeah, you can always request a roommate if you know who you want to room with, so I can choose whatever method you prefer. I haven't heard of too many people who are upset with their roommates when they went random, so either one's Hey, guys. So we were walking down to dinner and we found this shopping cart right there. I don't really know where that came from. There's no real stories around here like walking distance, so I don't know if they like, put it in their car or what, but it's there. So anyway, Tonto, So this is the pond that you can see towards Lane are dining home, so it's really pretty. You could see it from the inside, too, So when you walk into Lane, this's sunny side. So this is the other side of the dining hall, right? There is where scamming to go inside. Wait. A lot of people study over here. It's really nice. It's really good to your happened to be by yourself eating dinner here. So this is the inside of wings over three station over there like a breakfast things. Over here we have the salad bar. Over there is the conversation that you like an entree of meat that you used overhears a stir fry station you want cried out for you. They've soups over here, the Delhi station even station stations on Keisha and pasta over there. So this is what we call dark side. So that's one side of the dining hall. Come out. There's a ton of flags on the ceilings. It's really pretty. The dining hall's back over. That's where your dishes. That's the dining hall where you come out over there and there's a whole train station. This's the wall with. And there could be, like, two people in here. And somehow all the booths are taken. I don't know how we got one. Honestly, this is like the first time in, like, how long? Like once a month. So Okay, so, um, he's gonna go for their way. I love you. This is the desert station? Yeah. Is my friend Kristen getting some ice cream? The other lovely selection that we have. Not a great selection tonight. Sometimes it's great. Sometimes it's the worst. Also, stay away from the brown. He's just gonna let you know they're more like chocolate cake. Not actually agreed. Okay, guys. So Bethany and I just went to get some desserts. We got some ice cream, but it was marked as you'LL see the legend and it's actually strawberry, so it's not bad, but you better have a problem lately. Things here they do. They mislabeled, but specifically the desserts. They're always labeled wrong. My brother actually got a scone one time and legitimately believed there was a chocolate brownie on the inside. I don't know aboutthe the outside is So the Campus Events Council puts on an event called The Golden Goose every year. And basically it's a comedy show with some video skits and some live skits, and each class is kind of competing against each other. There are three geese from each class, and they were having to make skits. Everything put in this whole event. Andi, it's really fun. And that's what Lena go Well, no, no. What? Barbarians have a message for you? A true ray of sunshine for the Smythe Senior, can you use this? Smooth? I have some too. No. Yeah. You are a player. Yeah, you. So listen, doing there. I'm sorry. What are you doing? He Their goal is clear. Tearing out school with is when you become a shell for them in control. Recent disturbances in the community have been linked back to the aggressive changes in the dining plans. A severe lack of snow days wave also decoded what appears to be in order for a black market happen to decrypt. The Borden College means accounts revealed that there is any conflict reveal their identities will put those students at risk. They made a few notable enemies. Community should you choose to accept it is to infiltrate this meeting and retrieve the decrypted from the courier. Also finding out over about the city we have managed to trip. Both parties are creating true meeting places. If you call president will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Good. This message will self destruct in five seconds. Hey, guys. So we're walking to our am now. Um, I am going to philosophy. Uh, Bethany is with me. Uh, it is too early for this. I don't know why it's so bright this morning. It's actually pretty great. Uh, but yeah, we're pretty tired. So we're waiting here between class. Uh, this is Sarah again. That's there's my brother. None of them have class right now, so I'm leaving, and I'm going to stay here and do not so yeah. Bye, guys. Okay, guys. So I just got out of history, and we're heading over to chapel now. We have chapel on Mondays and Wednesdays. Basically, we have worship. There's a sermon either by, like, a guest speaker or the chaplain, and then on Fridays, we have convocation at the same time. But there's no worship, and it's more of kind of like an academic tong. I guess there's a lot of good group on the quad just gonna warn you. Um, but yeah. So you have to go to, uh, thirty. You get so you get, uh, Chapel. Cut it for going to the chapel sessions, and you have to get thirty of them each semester. So Yeah, we're heading over there now. All the Gorgon students walking in. It's like the great migration. Sometimes it's fantastic. Ministry's under Dr Such a lots of leadership included feeding program that serves more than ten thousand meals a day in the streets and Sloane from Kolkata. Provisional bio sand filters, clean drinking water and free or Subsidized me. Basic health Care. Join me and welcoming Doctor Mike. It is the manner in which the father sent the sun. They determine the manner in which the sun is set by Jesus. It's the church's vision is going on by the manner off his mission that all that to say simply Jesus, once his mission to be that his leg for you, What God has done. Yes, Dave. Today it's a church at the edge of the red light district, where over four hundred people from the district meeting every Saturday and on the outskirts of away fifteen community called the villages for houses that we have center those on the red light district for the truth. Friendship is not an option. Our mission to succeed. It's a non negotiable formation. Sixteen. Okay, I'm not some guys. We just got out of chapel, and now we're heading off to class. This was super late. We got our worship on on, uh, you know. Okay, So Christian has been making fun of my videos all morning. I'm going Tio New Testament right now. And that is where we're walking is my last class of the day. My third and last class. I'm and then I'm done at twelve. Twenty five. So Hey, it's me walking back to class. Just the just the average Gordon students. Wow. What a nice day. So just left my last class of the day. I'm not about to go with Christian and Bethany. Teo. Really super cute cafe in town on Do my homework. You're like, the rest of the day. Here we are, honey comb. So I mean, Gilly's right now Gillies is another place on campus to get food. It is in the downstairs of Lane Student Center and I will show you around. Just feel used there. Some booths and tables over there is even a TV in the corner. See back then, right scream. So even when the main dining hall is closed here, drinks having stuff. Drinks all sorts of things. Even if you are this guys, where are members? And here we have Christian checking his mailbox for the fiftieth time this week, too. That's not nothing. That's a lot of patience. I have left for you to making these videos. If anything, Bethany would be the impatient one because she's in, like all of the persons and like one other So some quick facts about Gordon Gordon has a population of about sixteen hundred students, so it's pretty small. Um, I don't feel like it feels that small. I was actually worried about going to a small school. That was probably my biggest hangup about Gordon. But I actually love it now that I'm here. Originally, I really thought I wanted to go to a big school. Um, but when I got here, I was surprised at how big it felt. I came from a pretty small high school, and I didn't really want to go to to another school. That was small. Um, I really feel like there are tons of people that I still don't know which is nice for me because I feel like there's opportunities to get to know people I don't like feeling like they know everybody already. Um, but also, there's enough familiar faces that, like walking around campus, you'll definitely see people you know, um and honestly, like, it just doesn't feel like super small to me like, and I love the campus. It doesn't. The campus isn't feel small either. I don't feel like I'm stuck in one place. There's enough buildings I love there's a whole like trail system behind in the Gordon Woods, like behind the pond. It's really fun to walk around. It's a really beautiful Um, and I really just I just love Gordon. Um, also, I really like classes that challenge you, and I feel like the academics here are very strong. The professor's really do try to challenge you. It's not. The classes aren't super easy or anything, but you can do well. I mean, if you try hard, Um, but I really I really love, um the stress everybody puts on their academics. I think that's super important. The people here are so nice. That is definitely on my favorite things. Everybody really just wants to get to know you. Everybody is so kind. So in terms of majors, um, I think there are a lot of education majors, a lot of music majors. I think there are a lot of psychology majors, but maybe that's just because I'm a psychology major. Um, but yeah, you definitely meet tons of people from all different majors. Uh, that's actually another super cool thing about Gordon is we actually have a program where you can actually build your own major. So if we don't have when you want, you can build it. It's called the Pike Program. Um, and basically you create a plan. You go before a panel, and you proposed this idea for a major, and you can get it approved. And basically you make your own major, and you can also do it for a minor. If it's something you don't offer, I know. For example, we offer the neuroscience a za minor, but we don't offer it is a major. So in the past, people have made the minor into a major through the pipe program. But also you can propose majors and minor. Is that a crazy different from what we offer you? And you can take classes at nearby schools, which I think is super cool, so you can incorporate that into how you're going to fulfill the requirements for this major that you want to build. So if major offerings are reason you might not be considering Gordon, huh? You should Okay, guys. So we're walking towards bearing Tin Center for the Arts right now. This is my Sweet May and friend Elena. Hi, Ancient Center for the Arts. Thiss what used to be Barrington College. And then Gordon took over and named the Art Center after Ben used to be there. And there's about Megan. So this is the lobby of Barrington Right now. We have all this set up many place that they're putting on. There's a bunch of little ones and they're happening all over the building. So this is one of the sets for it. So right now it's locked. But back here is our cinema classroom, and the storms have classes in there. Also, they do like movie showings and stuff because it's sort of like a mini movie theater. It's super cool. So we have to galleries and banks in a smaller, large salary, and there's usually papers here telling you what it is right now. It's a little empty calories, but that are changing all the time on something sculptures, paintings, all these things. And it's really cool here. We have a large gallery here, just some of the paintings sort of a black box theater is back there. And then over here is our box office. Have some art, as you'd expect from an art center. That's not art but Stephanie. So up here in the second floor is where a lot of people will come up and photography Study rehearse. Here's Bethany and Elena demonstrating, studying up here. It's nice and bright were walking through the hallway of the second floor, and they're a bunch of offices and art studios up here. So on about your left here you have, like paint. So basically there's like imprinting graphic design to kind of be in there and on the studio. Over here. It's a stone studio on the kind of use it. Just Teo, do anything me used for a lot of things. Just kind of cool, though, to see everything when you walk by here. It's really cool because there's so much texture and color. I just like, Hi, guys. Uh, I'm here with Dr Ju. She's one of the professors of our com department, and she's just gonna tell you a little bit about herself and what we have here. Gordon. Hi, guys. Uh, teaching the communication arts department, some of my favorite classes to teach our principles of marketing and cultural communication. My specialty, though, is religion and media. And that's something I think is really special about, uh, some of our course offering. So I teach religion, media and culture. And that's a way to think about all the ways that religion gets mediated through our bodies, through spaces around us and through popular culture. And our religion is represented. So I think it's really important for us to be thinking about those ideas. Religion continues to make us think about what is meaningful in our lives. So I hoped you might have an opportunity to be in my class one day. So back behind Barrington, we have a garden, looks kind of bare and dead right now, but in the fall, Andi, think in the spring to Wei have flowers and vegetables that you can just come and pick for free. If you just bring your own bag and some scissors, you can just take the bodies in the forest. This is the inside of honey home, which is in Hamilton, and it's really close to campus. Um, and it's really cute, and I love it here. Hey, guys. So we're walking to Tartine, which is a cafe and Beverly or a kitchen and eatery, as it says way have never been there before, but we're going to try it out on TV. This is the inside. And after coming, I can't say that it was really good. Food is really good. I got a child that was also so this is part of the rest of Cabot Street in Beverly. It is super cool. There's so many really cool places. I really want to go the Cabot cinema that's over there sometime. But yeah, it's a great place to go if you wanna go off campus. Also in Beverly, we have the castle, which is right there, and it is a board game cafe that's actually run by more than alumni. Hey, guys. So we just got to rock for it. It is so cute here. We're right by the ocean and like and if you could you definitely can't see it. But behind me over there, you can see, like the ocean through the buildings, and it's really cool. This is what I'm talking about. It's right back there. Guys, look at how cute this ice cream stories. I love it. So here you can walk to the end of the street and it pretty much opens up onto the ocean. Um, if you keep walking down, you can pretty much walk out into the water. It's really cool. Look at the rocks and look there. Okay, guys, you can walk out from between the stores and here on this rock thing. I don't actually know what this is called. There's definitely name for it, I don't know, but it's super cool, and it's really pretty. The ocean. So come to Rockford. So there are three hauls up on the hill there to Villa Fulton and an island. Two villas, an apartment building for juniors and seniors, and Fulton and Island are pretty similar, except it is a wind thanks. Fulton has a sweet stall. Bathrooms and island has communal batteries were in Fulton. I think it's better on Ly. Better thing about Thailand is that Nyland has a kitchen on every floor. We're just kind of nice. Fulton only has one in the basement, but still nice. This's Fulton. We're walking right now. That's an island right there. We're walking mean, so full and is organized by floors. The basement. The first, where guys floors in the second and third floors are the girl's floors. So this is our floor right here. This is the East Lounge, and walking down at the end is the West. So this is our West Lounge. Over here, there's Bethany. You're rearranging the furniture like normal. She likes to do that a lot. I don't really know why. Um, there's a microwave over there. Over here, there's a TV. There's a TV and a bunch of our lounges. Microbes in a bunch of them, too. So that's the West that we're passing. That's my aria's sick little look. Oh, look. A bath. And you being a good Christian college student reading Bible. You know me Over here is the laundry room. Some water fountains learns don't home little. So here we are, in a laundry room. I think this is the best part of residents that Gordon, because all the wonder is free to get to do as many loads as you want. Super convenient. Don't have tio harm. You're closed by putting them in with other things that don't belong with them. Never save money. Um, it's pretty great. I love it so much. And if for some reason the Washington jars on your floor are filled, you could go to any other floors. Um, I love it. It's also led one door away from Iran. Terms of super convenient. So here we are. Basement over here. So I actually didn't know this existed for the longest time. Wait thin jeans and oh, my gosh. Is that with people thinking Yes. Okay, so I actually didn't know that was My roommate has taken it out another time. You got it. Oh, there's a recycling guys. Oh, here is the kitchen down here. Bethany and I like to bake a lot. We tend to do it at the most random times. Wade also are really great. Yeah, No, actually. Think the one time it was two thirty. Yeah. Anyway, we baked pumpkin pie ones realized we didn't have the pie crust about midnight. It was a crazy ordeal. Took us, I think, eight and a half hours to make the pie. But it happened, and it was great. So really good. Yeah. So if you ever need to bake pumpkin pies at midnight, you're going to want to come on down here. It's a It's a good time. Technically, the entrance to the jinx is for but second first for that classes. Here. We're on the second floor of Jenks. Over here we have cell, which is the centre for entrepreneurial leadership. And then over here is a career in connection institute, which is new. I think this year if you keep walking along here, there's a ton of classrooms over. There's the registrar's office. So this is one of our classrooms here. Um, a lot of our classrooms look really different. This one is in. Jenks. I'm in this classroom is my history classroom. Um, this classroom sometimes get annoying because he's just thrill around. And then there's no rose, and you never have a normal desk because it just amuse everywhere. But not the desks are comfy. Nice, and you can move, which I like. But yeah, this is my history classroom. So my classes are sort of lecture based, but they're not straight lectures like there's enough kind of participation and discussion, but you still feel like you're participating in the class. I have one class that's pretty much just lectures, but for the most part, I feel like most professors to a really good job. I have not boring you with just lectures, though I think their lectures are interesting. Our costs here are pretty small there, I think our official faculty The student ratio is, well, twelve students to one professor, but most of my classes are around twenty five students. I think I have one class that's about seventy five. And that's my just lecture class. Um, but yeah, I really like the cost is here. I really like the professor's. The professors are really approachable. It's really nice to be able to kind of be able to talk to your teachers whenever you want and really get to learn from them. Um, and they're always willing to help you, and it's really nice. So this is another classroom in the bottom of Jenks. This was the classroom I was in for psychology first semester. So basically my interest, like cost, was in here. Two offices and classrooms on Holly's. Over here, we have some of our featured speaker, just special guest. They're kind of all over Jenks. As you can see, the kree came I don't know when that was way. Have to keep going down this way. He'LL eventually get to Gregory Auditorium, which is over here. So this is Gregory Auditorium and Jenks. Um, this is one of our lecture halls. We have another one in costs in another one of McDonald. Um, I was in this one for Old Testament for a semester with Dr Hildebrandt. And you. This is a typical lecture hall, obviously, for our classes and lecture halls. They are lecture based classes. I have only had I only had Old Testament here, and this semester I have New Testament, another lecture hall for really, like, lecture heavy classes. I think for the work life balance in college is a lot about figuring out how many credits kind of works for you. Obviously, you have to take enough to fulfill all your requirements. But, um, I wouldn't suggest taking twenty credits while having two jobs like I did second semester. Um, that's currently when I'm kind of doing, uh, not the greatest. It's so for this semester. It's been a lot of work, kind of not much life, but I still managed to do stuff with friends which honestly not going. Oh, I have no clue how I did that, but I wouldn't suggest that Also, I've heard I personally do not play sports, but I've heard that being a student athlete while having a job and trying to balance a lot of classes is really difficult. So probably don't do that. Also, in general, I would just suggest that even if you if you have the ability to kind of make your first semester kind of like a trial period, so you kind of ease in tow college and like the transition, because just adjusting to new classes and your professors is kind of difficult if you haven't done it before, so that's definitely helpful. So you can kind of understand what works for you. A sighting habits on DH Then it's easier to bring in more work, I guess. Also, drink lots of coffee or tea. That's what I'm doing. But yeah, I think it's definitely important to make it a priority to have a social life and to do things because it makes your work seem a lot easier and not like it's taking over your whole life. So even if I had a lot of work, I would still make it a priority to spend a little bit of time with friends, or even if it was just when I went for dinner, I would make sure that I went with friends. So I had a little bit of a time, a little bit of time to kind of de stress instead of just doing work all