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Dorm room tour (cleaned just for this video)! | Dorm Tour 2019

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Gordon College Dorms and Housing Tours at Fulton Hall.


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Hannah Bollacke
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A little tour of my dorm room in Fulton Hall at Gordon! I live in a double, so I have one roommate, but a lot of students live in triples. Each room in Fulton has a sink with a medicine cabinet and a cabinet underneath. Each suite consists of two rooms that share a bathroom. The bathroom has a toilet stall, with cabinets above, and a shower. About half of Fulton has the kind of furniture that my roommate and I have and the other half have different furniture that's about the same in terms of storage space. We each have a desk, a bed, a dresser, and a wardrobe, which has another set of drawers inside (you can move the drawers out of the wardrobe if you want!). My tour will show you around my room, and if you look closely at my desk area, you can see numerous post-it notes with inside jokes that my friend likes to stick around my room.