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So this is Coy Pond. We're gonna walk around. It's really pretty. It's a lot bigger than it looks here. We're walking along the road in front of a lot of buildings. There we go. What? Doc? Oh, let's go to the dock. We're gonna go to the doc. This is the koi pond side of Phillips Music Center. That's the recital hall right there with all the windows. You look at the music center video you'LL see from inside. So pretty There's our science center. What's it shaped like a piano. What? Oh, is it? Oh, I didn't know about. Like if Bethany, you learn something new every day Anyway, here's the doc. I guess it's fun to sit on. I've never actually walked over here. Wait here because the wind might blow your papers often, so but you cut if you're feeling like you really want to live on the edge here is so pretty. So Bethany and I are walking around the pond here. Um, there Ton of trails were just walking on the lake Big loop. That just kind of goes around the edge of the pond. But here's the normal trail. Keep walking that way. But if you walk this way, there's Bethany. And also there's another, like, smaller pond off this side. So they're a bunch of shows that Bethany night both having gone on this one of them. I don't know what those two, but this is Gold Palm is like a smaller little fun behind Koi pond. It's like a little beach. Yet you think swimming. They have some canoes, a little shed. It's really cute. Sometimes have bonfires here, and they do worship because people just leave one shoe here. Not really sure what that's from again. We love it. Yeah, this is Gulf Han. We're just going to keep walking around the trail. We do know over there you can see our chapel kind of through the trees. It's really pretty. There's the cute little bridge, so off one of the trails, if you come up this way, is our discovery course. So here, here in the Gordon Woods, where the discovery courses here, just some of her element for the high ropes course they go all the way around. But it's a little hard to see in the video. There's one all the way up there, and around here we have. There's more elements further back, Teo sort of like lower ropes elements on. And there's like, picnic tables over there and you'LL sit over there. Will you come for your class? Yeah. Discoveries and outdoor education class on DH. When you come to Gordon, you're required to take one. So that could either be leave Edo, which is like a twelve day canoeing or hiking trip in the outer on Dex. It's really cool. I never did it, but I heard it's cool. I did discovery. So if you don't do a video, have to Discovery goes to four half of a semester, Um, and also like so higher ups is a big part of it. But also it's about building relationships of people around you and kind of like team building. Kind of sounds cliche, but it's actually really fun. I really loved it. A lot of people bike along these trails. I think if you take the biking P E class, you go on this trip. So I hope I don't fall in right now because we're kind of shoved at the end of this log butt. It's so pretty out here. I love this pond Here's another video clip that looks probably the same to all you guys, but it's pretty, so we're gonna go with it anyway. But of the pond guys, it's actually a lot bigger than it looks when you're walking through any part of campus, because there's like a section that such is really far behind the residence halls, and it goes really far in the other direction, too. So it doesn't look very big in the video either. But it's pretty big once you got here so you can hear the animals. I've been informed by besting, and apparently they're called peepers. I don't really know what that is, but we're just gonna roll with it. Um, we'LL see you hear them? Maybe not a shocker. Guys like another cliche view, but it's so pretty. Go thiss villa. No, it's Davila and there's the fun's Okay, this is even prettier guys. Yeah, she was right. Anyway, you're gonna get a lot of use. Anyone better, But here it is so pretty. Oh, my gosh. I love Koi Pond inside of it, won't you? There's the child wants up. Oh, my gosh, That's the chapel! There's lane. So pretty And here we haven't born literate. so I'm about to show you around. Ken Olson, Science Center, which we call cost on DH. It's obviously our science building, but this is the lobby of cost. And in the basement, there's even a cadaver lab, which is pretty cool ifyou're in anatomy. So this is a typical lab here in cost. Um, I was in this lab first semester for bio. And look there, Sarah. Yeah. So this is a typical lab here. At least a typical fi alive. Over here. We have a bio energetic laboratory. It's pretty cool in there. If you're Chinese, Major, you do get easy. Things likes pretty fun. This is the room ton of the room. It has a really pretty view of the water. And you have a class in there. You're very lucky, because I have class in there yet and I really want Teo. So here we have a fish tank. We like to name the fish. Huh? I've named that one right there. Leonard know that little one time? They're just looks like a wonder to me for solemn you? Yes, that's by following you. So we also have a bee colony. Er here it Gordon and a beekeeping club. So if you want to do that, it's a good time. They make like chopstick and honey. It's pretty cool. This is Walton. So black bear, he's a black bear seems fake because he looks pretty round to me. It says Color variation is extensive in this species. But I mean, I don't think that's correct, because there's there's the quality of the window. It's kind of nice. And right here in this stairwell, there's Bethany staring at this interesting decor choice. This is What's his name? Leonardo. Business. Leonardo. He's amount of mine, Um, pretty great. We love it. So I know there's something about cost is there's a greenhouse up top and it looks really cool because it glows pain, especially at night. Six. Doctor. It's kind of serious, but it's also amazing. So one thing I love about Gordon is its location were only about half an hour from Boston. Esso. I love having access to the city, but not feeling like I'm a part of it. Um, there's no real college town around Gordon. You pretty much have to get a car to get places. But the great thing is that no matter what your you are, you can bring your car to campus. It's really nice. I brought my car. Um, it's really convenient to be able to get around places wherever you want to go. But there are plenty of people here with cars. If you don't have a car, it's definitely easy to find somebody who does. Their plenty will bring their cars. We also have a, um, a shuttle called the Highland Express on. Basically, you can request for to bring you places. It kind of works like an uber pool. It runs on the weekends. It's pretty nice. I really like it together. So many things around Gordon. I just love having access to everything. I really don't feel like there's anything around here that they don't have. Um, it's really it's really fun. And there's always new places to explore new places to So this is Phillips. This is our music centre. It's really great. Obviously, if you're a music major, I am not. So I do not spend that much time in here. But it's a really beautiful building, some really great areas in here. So here we are, inside Phillips there, tons of practice rooms all around here, and I'm going to show you one of them. Here's one of our practice rooms. It's got a piano, some room in here so you can reserve a practice room. But also, if there's no one reserving it, you can just come in here even if you're not a music major in practice. Up on the second floor, there's a cute little lounge area, and there's a really pretty view out the windows. And there's a bunch of offices and practice rooms down the hall walking down the hall. This way. On the second floor. There's like four more practice rooms all around here, So this is the Recital Hall. Sometimes they have a silent and confidence in here, Um, and it's also used for rehearsals. This is one of my favorite rooms, and Gordon, it isthe so pretty in here. My favorite part right here is just the view of the pond. It's so bright in here. The camera really doesn't do it justice, but it's gorgeous. I love the windows all the way up. It got super high ceilings is amazing in here. I love this place. So I did women's choir first semester. So we were in here every time. We practiced in the other choirs practicing here, too. And it's just gorgeous. I love it. We have a men's choir, a women's choir and a college choir, which is our mixed choir. So Gordon is super connected to the community. Because we're so close to Boston and other towns. There's tens of internship opportunities, tens of outreach opportunities. It's really cool. Um, but another thing I think is super cool is pretty much all the students here go to churches off campus. Gordon doesn't offer chapel services on Sundays because they really want you to become a part of the community. I'm around here and almost forced you out of that college bubble. So you're not just knowing the people that are right here. And I personally think it's super cool because you really do get to know people outside of the school and get Teo meet other adults, other students your age on It's super fun. My friends and I personally go to a church in Boston every weekend. Um, it's called renewal. It's a great church if you ever come and want to check out some churches, but they're tons around here. There, tons of great ones. And there are always people willing to take you to another church. If you want to try another one or um, yeah, I just check all the churches around here. Some people Turk shop for a long time, just trying to find when they really like. But they're plenty around here, and I just love how connected to the community, you really have an opportunity to so I'm going to show you a few of my favorite places or things to do on campus. This is the lobby of Frost. Frost Looks like a castle. And that is why it is one of my favorite buildings on campus. So the first half of the year, I actually went. I had a meeting and frost every week on it was a great place to sit. I love Frost. It's honestly one of the coolest. Another place I like to study is sort of the upstairs off lane. If you walk up the stairs, I'm in Sunnyside. You get up here where there are student life offices and also their Sarah. And I love setting up here. You should really quiet. They've got some comfy chairs. I think it's technically called the Cloud mezzanine. Mac. Mac Leon, we are. I don't really know how to say that. Um, I don't really know what to call this place. I just called the upstairs, but it's a nice, quiet place to study. I love it here in terms of things to do. There are tons of clubs that put on events all the time, but those are kind of more random. I guess they happened periodically and there's all different things, and there's no way of knowing sort of what's going to happen. But there's lots of really cool offerings. Um, definitely check them out if you get a chance. Ah, but one thing that happens every week is in the basement of Chase Gordon have what's called the common exchange, and basically it's a free three store. It's super cool Surgeons section for shoes, jackets, first pants, jeans, dresses, shirts, scars. There's all kinds of things in here. It's really cool. Look back again. Um, they even have just kind of like a guest house. Very stuff. There's books in this section, some filled bags, kind of sort of things over here. But anyway, if you get the chance to from the corn and definitely got a common exchange, it's pretty cool. So the common exchanges in the basement of Chase, which we call chase mint and make sure if you call me, check it out. It's really cool, but also if you can donate stuff because obviously it only keeps going for your donations, so they're always bins outside that you can drop off donations that any time some other places that I didn't get a chance to show you guys some other places there, things. We have an improv group on campus called the sweaty toothed madman on. They put on shows a lot and they're really fun on DH. Then we also have seventeen, which is more of us scripted comedy group. Ah, lot of times that they put on joint shows. Eso those air really cool when they do it together. Also, we have. So I've never actually been because it's just kind of been crazy every time I wanted to go, but pretty much every Wednesday, almost in the basement of I Think Rider, which is one of the residents halls. They do waffle Wednesday where if you bring a dollar, you could get a waffle. And I think they also have, like, games and stuff on, and it starts out like I think, nine PM so you can get a waffle tonight if you're still hungry after Lane closes, Um, but also one of my favorite absolutely everything's on campus is the pond on Doll the Trails, which is in another video. If you want to see, I made a whole video just for that? Because I love all the trails. Um, actually, it was looking at a map, uh, yesterday of all the trails and they go pretty far back and there's a bunch of other a bunch of it was like two or three more ponds that are farther back that you can hike. So this is the bell in front of the chapel and this is the chapel. The chapel is so beautiful. I love this building. Obviously have chapel sessions here Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is great. So this is when you walk into the chapel. It's really pretty. I'm up their sisters, the balcony, their offices up there, the chapel offices out there. There's also a prayer room upstairs. This is the chapel. I love the chapel. It is beautiful in here. It gets really bright with the light through the windows. We have our Monday Wednesday Friday chapel sessions in here during the holidays give what's called the Christmas gala. It's always sold out. There's tons of music, tons of people definitely try to come to that if you can. Fire is well, sometimes practice in here. So all the bands, um and we have concerts in here gatherings in here, Uh, basically anything important. But a lot of people come to is going to be in the chapel. And I love this building. This's our chapel office and great Chapel South. This is where they all say, it's really great of you. Hi. I'm Sarah Snodgrass. So Sarah is our director of missions. We have an outdoor education class called Discovery that's required if you don't do La Vida, which is like a twelve day hiking or canoeing trip. Um, and during the first semester, Sarah was my Discovery leader, and she's amazing. Definitely meet her. If you come to Gordon, there's also a really beautiful painting between the second and third force in the stairwell. So up on the third floor, there's a really cute lounge area in the middle. Oh, what a surprise, Stephanie. So on the third floor, there's a prairie. Um, it's really nice up here. So if you walk from a library way over there in that corner is frost and then we have the brought over here. They sometimes have sports games here, the, um, kind of block off a big section and the soccer game sometimes C E. C, which is our campus events counsel. Sometimes we'LL put on movies on the quad, so they set up a big screen and they they provide snacks and everything. And it's really fun. We have movies on the quad, Um, and yeah, you just see a lot of people studying here gets really sunny is a really nice place to study. There is Chase, which is the other sweet style bathroom dorm. And there's some more halls, one that side and there's costs, which is the science center. Also, when it gets warmer, there's lots of students ham making long here. There's also a really pretty good Bebo, and we're here. There is a flower which is the first sign of spring way. Love it. It's so exciting. Look at the floor, guys, update guys, this is like a week later. Oh my gosh! So bright. This is like a week later. But the flowers aren't there so many more now, and I'm so excited to show you. Look at them. There's so many over there. So this is froth bottom. It's for admissions. But then there's tons of offices in here is a lot of people in here. It's really cool. It was like a capsule. I really love this building, so I'm not exactly sure who he waas. He was some rich guy. I guess he this whole state used to be. His was called the Prince Mira State, and this used to be his house, so it's pretty cool. It's basically like an old mansion turned office and admissions building, but it's one of my favorite buildings on campus. It's actually the coolest clothes right now, but the inside's pretty cool. So another fun fact is that up in those trees, right there is another ropes course thing. If you do discovery, one of the final things you do on like the ropes course is you go up in those trees instead of the regular Discovery course and get pulled to the top, and then you pull the string and you swing all way down. Uh, it's pretty fun you down this path. You passed the science center and then all the way at the end of this path is there's chase again. That's the music center. That's Phillips just came from back there. And there we are. We're coming up on the chapel. I really loved the chapel. I really just think it's really pretty, Um, and if you walk there that little piece off the side of the student center, which is also right there, that's Lane, um, is the bookstore. You walk past the chapel over here, keep going down, there's the hill, and that is where all the hill dorms are. So, yeah, I hope that gives you a little bit of an idea of how our campus was laid out, where everything is sort of relative to each other. That's sort of the main part of our campus. But, yeah, I think this campus is really beautiful. It's kind of hard to tell from a video, but I really love it. Also, side note guys campuses really cool at this time, and it's kind of dark enough that is almost night, but still bright enough to see without the lights. It's kind of cool, and also you can see the geese over there. You keep squawking. Oh, they just stopped. But there's tons of them and they're pooping all over the quadrant right now. So, you know, just watch out for goose poop when you come in here, but not So I'm going to show you around. Jenks, which is our library, were walking toward the library right now and trying to avoid this proof. So the top floors of Jenks are mostly like library, so books and just study areas and stuff. But the bottom two or three fourth to force. There are a lot of costumes, so I actually have a ton of classes in there. And here we are in James. So right when you walk in, there are some areas to say I'm here. We have our wonderful founder ribbon. Great pictures. So majestic. So after you walk in, if you go to the left over here in this rather the printer's study areas and that's my friend's highly and and then she's also like, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, way from our computers. I'm in some study areas all along here and then, although in the back into the right there is Mr fifty. So here's further back and there is the beast. You're right there, which is a great place to crap food. If you go to the right, you walk into this hallway and we have a whole DVD collection and all the way along here, which is kind of nice because most of the lounges with TV's have DVD players so you could take him out and which tons of movies. And then there's a little on Jerry over here, and that brings you out to the patio. Outside. There is our Center for Technology Services received, yes, and then, if you walk this way, this is one area of the staff. So there are five layers of Stax. You can go downstairs and upstairs a little more, and I will show you a little bit of the stairs over here. They're also little study areas in the stacks yearly by windows. If you want a nice, quiet place to study, that's a good spot. So throughout the library you confined group study rooms, which can be reserved or their empty. You can just kind of going. So if you go upstairs when you walk into tanks in the back of this room, there's a door to the academics center. But you get to this nice little study large, which overlooks the quad, and it also overlooks the lobby of James. So this is the Academic Success Center. This would be where you would go. If you want to help with writing, they have riding tutors available to help you. Also, if you needed accommodations for testing or for classes, this would be where you go. Um, there's just tons of resource is here to help you if you ever need them.