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A good morning as I've just taken a video here in our lovely union. I actually haven't been around here too much. I'm a sophomore, and I haven't been around the union the whole lot. That's just cause there's so many other amazing places on campus. I thought I'd come here, though, to introduce myself. My name is Jack. I'm a sophomore here in computer engineering. Uh, now, I actually declared as a as a freshman, but now if you go into engineering, you can't declare as a freshman, you have to just be unidentified engineering. And then you kind of, you know, you can take classes as if you're a major, but you don't declare until your sophomore year. So, yeah, thought I'd I I also, I'm not full time this semester. I'm taking just a couple of classes. I'm taking nine hours and I'm working full time, So try to get ahead in the money a little bit. But the last three semesters I was full time. I was seeing between sixteen and eighteen hours, so I definitely know what it's like. I can definitely give you a good to her as if I was full time. Yeah, that's it. I'm also involved in a couple of things. I was involved in Air Force ROTC, so I can I'll talk about that a little bit. I've been involved in some clubs around campuses. I work out a lot, so I know a lot about the wreck. And Yeah, I think this this tour is gonna be fun, I guess. As i'm gonna keep my voice down just kids, i have you significantly louder voice and it tends to carry but this is this the inside the library i'm stamina no, come look for me at their whiteboards i will move all my points thinking bee just dividers really obviously work on him. No, you two are. Holden is. Lots of you go right on there. You can get some help, nelson calling number. And if you go down, there also were untied equipment. So, like i rented a camera last years, i was really nice, you know, professional can. When i rented out for a project that was really cool, that you just walk in there and just basically asked for one. They take all your information, of course, but that was really cool. They have a bunch of free computers over there. Uh, on. So you can just go on there if you don't have a personal computer here, has come to the library. If you're on the engineering side of campus, engineering also has a bunch of open computers that you could just walk into. And then here they also have printers and scanners. They even have a three d printer, which you wouldn't know what you would need that for. But pacing the senior level classes that i'm not in yet. Yeah, they really have, you know, anything you could ever need in terms of school, workman like paper. But yeah, it's ah, really nice. So they also like a tv if you need to, like, go over a presentation with your group. I know that last year in public speaking, i like slides with my speech. And so i came in here, and i used one of the tvs and i, you know, so i could, like, click through the slides and kinda like, pretend that i was giving a presentation. So really, really nice. I love him. And then wait in the that was going to show you, but i can't see it on the other side of the library. They have, like, diesel. Private looks really out? No. Maybe think about some architecture teachers in here, but it just it really castles the sound really well. Absolutely. Right now we're kind of on the commons where you can talk and then as you go further and further back into the private milk soup in this here, less and less, it's pretty great. And i mean, even if he is listening. But not that much. Mother, much talking. So, you know, if i was sitting here is a little quiet mambo. Yeah. Hey, then downstairs is all the all the books. So if you ever need to check Everybody thought I'd just check in with you cause much, much nicer today. And that made me think about the fact that I do live in Kansas. It is Kansas State University, after all. And if you don't know, we have four seasons very much so four seasons. But they also just sort of decide when they want to show up when they don't like. In the middle of February. Uh, about a month ago, we had an eighty degree day where it was hot out, like in shorts and a T shirt. I was hot, and now it's like, really nice. And yesterday it was chilly, You know, it's just, uh, picks and chooses when it wants to be nice and what it doesn't, uh, yeah, and there's lots of wind, uh, good amount of rain. Not not as much as other places, I think. But if you've never been toe Kansas, it's kind of was like, if if the weatherman says it's going not going to rain, it will. If he says it will, it won't just out as but yeah, I don't know. I like it. I like having the Four Seasons. So a lot of my friends go to college in bigger cities. I'm from Kansas City and, well, that, you know, you're not from there. You never been there might not seem like you sound like your big city butt. It is. That's where, um and today, you know, they go to school There they went to school in Chicago, things like that. And so, you know, they asked me, what's it like going to a big school in a really small town? Like when when we leave Manhattan for somewhere, like when all the students leave? I think the town's down to, like, four thousand people means crazy, small, and I actually really like it. I think it's really, really cool. Uh, you know, kind of being the and a life blood for lack of a better term of the town. And there's just something really nice and homey about it all like people always say when they come here that Manhattan feels like a home. I'm actually one of my friends is transferring to Lawrence transferring it k u and they and we cast him why? It's just because they have a have a nursing program and we don't. But she asked what the difference is like between K. U. N. K State. Where and she said that the big, big difference is that case date feels like a home, you know, and maybe you will get there for her. But I absolutely love Kids Day and I totally agree. And I think that the biggest part about K State Funeral Home is really the small town atmosphere with the big school spirit. You know, we definitely have a lot of pride in case date because it's so big, but you combine that with the small town feel of Manhattan, and I think it just combines for one of So something that I thought would be really good to point out is that the travel around campus is really, really easy. There's tons of fight cracks everywhere. We just passed one back there. There's one right on the other side of that one, and there's one right up there. So multiple back by cracks on every single building, and we're passing right by the engineering parking lot. So there's entire parking lot right there. There's a parking lot at the dorms. There's a parking garage at the Union. So if you live off campus really, really easy to get around and get to it from school. Ah, and you know, walking is also obviously an option. I see people walking from off campus all the time and from on campus, obviously, Yeah, so it's really, and it's also a big skateboarding and long boarding. Yes, communities around. If you're into that. I know there's like I see guys out on the weekends like really late at night. There's, like, ten or twenty guys that all just go along boarding around campus. So you know, if you're into that, there's definitely a place for that here, man. People are pretty you know, cooler, respectful about it. You know, if you're on a bike, you can't get out of people's way who are walking and you know this verse. But no, I thought that would be if Hey, guys. So one thing that I really want to talk about but I can actually take you two is the wreck. It's not open right now to students. So I thought I'd tell you a little bit about it because I do go there quite often, Uh, mainly because I'm involved in rock climbing club, and that's one of actually the greatest parts about our wreck. I think, at least is the rock wall. It's open almost all day. I think from like eight to eight. If I'm if I'm correct, I don't know. But it is also, it's just one of the one of the parts. There's also the natatorium, which is actually not part of the main like wreck. It's actually on campus, so if you don't know what a negatory Mrs. Basically a large swimming pool. But it also has like a diving area. It has lanes where you could go and swim. It's like me and my buddy really like to go on, like, do one of our workouts. They're like, do, like, kind of a swimming last workout, and then we go to the wreck, and there's a bunch of weight lifting machines on DH. There are tons of like areas for yoga. They offer all sorts of classes. I've taken a spin class there. I've taken this. I hit fusion class. Don't even know what it was. I've also a little bit embarrassingly. I've been to a Jazzercise class. Look, my friends wanted to go. I said I would, But there are all sorts of things to float your boat there. Ah, and I I think it's absolutely it's completely free to students. Doesn't matter if you live on or off campus. It's absolutely free. It's also free parking. So don't even worry about that. And, yeah, it's it's great. I really love the wreck.