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All right, guys, an hour in my neck of the woods. This is Murdock. This is again one of my favorite places on campus. Murdoch is thie biology and chemistry building here at Lynnfield. And obviously, since I'm a biochemistry major, this is the place where I hang out a lot. Right now, I'm standing in the Murdoch atrium, which is surrounded by windows, which makes it one of my absolute favorite places to study. Because there's like, as you can see, there's plants outside there's trees. There's sunlight shining in on one of those late Thursday nights where you're just like dying and studying for a test. His tie. Definitely one of the places where I want to go. Um, but I'm going to show you a little bit more about this building in general because it is a good representation of most of the science but things here on campus. So right now I'm walking into a lecture hall so lecture halls don't get used very often. I just want to point that out. This kind of classroom said it setting is not very common here. It Lynnfield. Our classes are small enough that we don't need tohave big lecture halls like this. That being said, the teachers who teach these classes are very good teachers, and they know what they're doing. So being in a lecture hall isn't the worst thing. It isn't going to condemn you, but just so you know, like there's a lot more like students in classroom setting type stuff, then in lecture halls. But I'm just showing you, like the mainly out of this. There's the blackboard behind us. The teacher will stand up here, do experiments, whatever. Um, and then, yeah. So, like, again, this is one of the biggest rooms on campus for learning and houses. The most amount of students, I guess, um, well, come in here to take tests and that kind of stuff, but it's not very common to be in there. Um, you're also going to peek into the window of one of the labs here. We're going to look in the chemistry lab. I don't actually have access to go into those because there's a lot of chemicals in there that I'm not allowed to touch. But so as you can see, there's a lot going on in there. There's different tables and stuff. All the chemicals are on the back wall. The labs are awesome. The lab is my favorite part honestly, about science classes. You get to, like, connect stuff that you're learning and lecture to real life, which is something that I need I need, like, tangible stuff to understand with actually happening, which that's why I love lab. And I'm actually not in chemistry this semester. But I'm in biology and we did experiments the entire last semester with soil that we collected and collected bacteria. And I'm a total nerd for that stuff. So that was definitely super fun. Um, another thing that I really love about Murdoch is it showcases student work. So all of these posters that you can see, like behind me all the way down the hall, those posters made by students and professors that have been doing research together. One of the biggest things about one field and science is research. There is some research there is during school, your research. There's all kind of research that really puts people ahead in, like, grad school terms from you. I want to go to medical school, so I'm going to be doing research with one of the biology professors this summer and that kind of stuff. So, like when medical schools were looking at my application, they're gonna be like, Oh, you spent a summer at Lindfield doing research and that's really important. So I think that's something that definitely needs to be showcased in most schools and for most grad schools. That's what stuff they're gonna be looking for. Um, I'm actually gonna walk next door to graph Hall, which is another science building. So both of our science buildings out. Lindfield here are connected. So we have Murdock and we have Graff. Graff is more like physics, and there's some, like extra classrooms here that people will use for other stuff. Um, so as you can see, there's classrooms on either side of me, all of the professor's office is Oh, I actually do want to show you this. So, like outside of the professor's office, there's their name. There's like their office hours and their email on stuff. So if you come here in the middle of the day and you're like, I need to talkto Dr Murray about this physics thing like you can email her her e mails out there and if she has their office hours up. And a lot of the times your professors were there even when they're office hours aren't happening. So that's something that's really nice is the professors here are very like they're they're for you. They want to help you. They want you to learn. And so that's definitely one of the nicest things about because I struggle sometimes in class and I needed, like, get clarification on stuff. And my professors are always very helpful in there to help me. I just want to show you guys this little study room. This isn't graft. This is one of the places that a lot of like science students will come and sit in study. Um, there's lots of tables and chairs, so, like there's also tutoring sessions held in there sometimes. Like like I said, everybody here really wants you to succeed. The tutoring sessions for the science classes are actually incredible. What they happen at least twice a week, at least, and they're taught by students and the professors air there sometimes. So like, if you're really struggling with homework or not really understanding what's going on, you can go to the tutoring sessions, and someone will always be there to help you, which is awesome. So, yeah, that was the science department. You guys, I spent a lot of time in here. I really enjoy. Um I can show you guys. Actually, I'm gonna show you guys another lecture hall. So this one is obviously a lot bigger than the other one. I just showed you. But as I said before, not a lot happens in here. Most of the stuff is taught in classes, and I will got show you guys a classroom setting a little later on. But yeah, I hope you enjoy the So I live in Jane Failing Hall. A residence hall here on campus. Um, I actually don't have a roommate. I had a roommate at the beginning of the year, but she ended up transferring to a different school halfway through the year. So I don't have a roommate, but I'm still going to show you what a double room looks like because most incoming freshmen will be in a double room with a roommate. So here it is. So the rooms are pretty big, Like I have, like, my bed and all of my stuff on my shelf, my desk and there's a whole another bed. Ah, wholenother desk all over there. Uh, I have a lot of extra space now that my roommate's gone, so I've kind of been able to spread out a little bit. But being in a room with a roommate is not a big deal at all. Like I was really worried about it. I was really worried that I wasn't going to get along with them that I wasn't gonna We were gonna be able to live together well, like one was going to be messy, and someone else would be clean and like, But honestly, living with a roommate is not a huge deal. We separated the room, so we kind of had our own half of the room. My woman and I weren't like, best of friends, but we could live together well, and we, like, knew each other and it was fine. One of the perks about my room and Jane failing is that we have sinks in our room. Not everybody has a sink in their room, but because Jane is one of the oldest buildings on campus, there are sinks built into most of the rooms in the hall, which is really nice, because then I don't have to, like, leave to brush my teeth or anything. I could fill up my water bottle in my room, so that's really nice. Um, but residents halls or just like one of the living options on campus. They're sweet style, like residence halls, where you and like for five other people, share like a bathroom, and you're in like your own little like spot. You don't have to share with a bunch of other people. There's thie apartments, which are like they're not in residence halls, but there's like the HP is the Reds, the whites and the greens, and they're on, like all different parts sides of campus. But there's most of, like the juniors and seniors living apart. May Ms uhm And then there's even some apartments inside the residence halls. So Jane actually has an apartment where somebody lives inside the hall, which is kind of weird because like there's a bunch of rooms and then there's also apartments. But that's kind of just how it works. Um, when coming to college, I would recommend, like you definitely don't need a cz muchas you think that you need. When I moved here, I brought all of my stuff. I was like, Oh, yeah, I'm going to definitely wear this shirt that I've never worn before. Like when you get here, you're going to be changing. You're going to be growing and doing whatever. So I wouldn't stress on bringing all of your things at the very first like start. If you decide halfway through the year that you're like, Oh yeah, I really need these shoes or I really need, like, send him, get your parents to send it to you or go back and get him But I wouldn't bring everything at first, especially with the roommate. There's not a ton of space, and some people might be used to having bigger spaces, so I would definitely recommend you springing a small amount of stuff, but bringing the essentials and, yeah, that's my room. Okay? Hi, guys. This is Bryan, and he's a freshman here at Lindfield. I'm Robert in here because I want him to talk a little bit about the light like athletic side of Lynnfield. So, Brian, with your major exercise science and physical therapy Okay, what would you say? Your favorite thing about Winfield is probably football. What is that? I mean, because, you know, I really love football is played on my life, and I just want to play at the next level and just be comes to an athlete. Okay, So how do you balance like athletics versus academic life here? Lynnfield? Well, the nice thing is, you could take less credits in the fall when I do play football and kind of overload my spring semester and didn't make most your time because you don't much time. So let's go right to doing practice the homework. Yeah, and like I'm on the women's golf team here. So, like, my athletic life is a little bit different than Brian because I play like, all year round, and he only plays in the fall. But my practice is also aren't as intense is Brian's during the fall time and stuff so it really depends on what sport you're playing. But like coming here, being in athletics doesn't limit you, and you can still graduate in four years and study abroad and do whatever you want to do here. But I just wanted to point out the Athletics are also on option here, and we have a pretty good football program, especially. So what would you say? Your least favorite thing? That lunch, Phyllis. I mean, there's not a ton to do around make mental. I mean, seriously have no buffalo wild Hey, future Wildcats. Right now I'm standing in the middle of Riley Centre. There's a lot located. And Riley, There's the bookstore, which is behind me right now, which I gotta say is one of the best bookstores college brochures I've ever been to. They always have sales, and I could get cool and field swag like my hat, for example. Um, but I wanted to take a moment today to recognize some students here at Lindfield. So this week is actually inauguration week of our president, Dr Miles Davis. He is a new president this year, and this day is a poster session for students to talk about what they do here at Lindfield. So in the middle of Barley center, which is in the middle of like campus, they're students out here making posters presenting their stuff about sorority life, about rez life, about theater, about sports, about science, about so many different things. And people are just out here talking about their lives, talking about what they're doing. A couple of the S L C presidential candidates, We'LL be out in about here too, so you get to meet those people talk with those people, but so as you can see behind me, there's so many people here learning about so many different things, like right here you have. Can a curry who we talked earlier She's actually presenting for his life. Here's one about study abroad. So, like you can come to this thing we learn about the poster is doing about the people that went on these cool adventures, and it's just a really cool experience for all the students around. So this is Dylan. This is our main dining hall on campus way have to food options on campus. We have Dylan, and then we have Starbucks at Starbucks. We spend our flex dollars, which come with our meal plan, and then here we can use wipes. So there's a couple of different meal plans that once filled every freshman starts out with the unlimited plan, which means they could swipe it as many times as they want today. Uh, just to make sure that when you get here, you are getting enough food and you know what you're getting into before you go down to a lower plan. Um, I'm on the twelve swipes a week plan, which means I get about two meals a day. I usually eat breakfast in my room where I stopped by Starbucks for breakfast so I don't really need the unlimited plan, and it's a little bit cheaper. And then there's the third plan, which is one hundred swipes a semester, which is a little bit less than two meals a week, heard two meals a day, and you have a lot of flex money so you can spend a lot more Starbucks like buy sandwiches, that kind of stuff there. Starbucks actually has a lot more food than you would think. It does have sandwiches, has bagels, so that's also definitely a good food option. But doing is open from like a M. Tio. No, it's earlier that it's like seven. Thirty and eight p. M. I think they only like breakfast, lunch and dinner at certain hours of the day. But you can always come in and make a sandwich. Makes a toast, get some fruit salad. Bar is always open, so when you're hungry, you could come in. It doesn't matter what time of the day it is, and it's also a good study space. I come in here and work on my computer and do all that kind of fun stuff. So, yeah, telling is like it's a good central hub for students to come and hang out and study and eat and do whatever they need to do during the Okay, so what a surprise. I know I'm standing And yet another field on campus that's surrounded by trees and green grass. So I just wanted to take a second to talk about life front of one of field. So behind me over there is the president's house, Our president. Right now his name is Miles Davis. He's the coolest. God, I'm not gonna lie like I didn't expect to see this guy around. I know he's got a lot going on, but he'll walk into Starbucks and, like, talk with us and ask us how our days were going and like he knows me by name. And he's just he's a really cool guy. I've been to dinner at his house before, so I just wanted a quick plug about him because he was really like he's the reason I would come to Lynnfield. He's an awesome guy, Um, and then I'm going to turn around and go. So what I'm actually going to be talking about right now? So right behind me is Melrose Hall, which is like the main building that people go to when they come to visit Winfield. Like all the stuff in there, that's important quote quote is in Melrose. It's like financial aid, like career development. Human resource is all. That kind of stuff is in Morrow's on I. I have to go in there a lot of time to go into the Crew Development Center because in there I do like mock interviews and they help me with my resumes and all that kind of stuff. But there's a lot in Melrose, and we're going to take a tour of that and just a little bit. But I wanted to tell you a quick, fun fact about that is that the second president of Lynnfield is actually buried outside Melrose and Miss amid the bushes and stuff over there. And he and his wife were buried there, and they have headstone. So if you have ever come here, you're gonna have to go on the scavenger hunt to find the second Hi, guys. Welcome back. It is an early Saturday morning here at Lindfield, and we are at the track. Me and this is one of our second interviews for the week with Miss Hannah Curry eyes. Hanna Hanna. What's your major here? I feel I am an athletic training, raging spirit filled on. Although we don't have the athletic training program anymore. My costume to the last week. You haven't actually science program, which is fantastic. And you could do a pre athletic training. Okay, So what did you do, like at the track today? So today I walked around the different events, so we were on rotation. So every thirty minutes, we would switch, and I just So they're made sure that no one got injured or no one needed any taping or anything like that. Perfect. Which is really cool that the student body gets doesn't help be involved with that kind of stuff. So what would you say? That your favorite thing About what I feel this I have a lot of favorite things that look field, but I think my favorite is the liberal arts education. Even though I mean after Attorney Major, I am a Theatre Minor, and I get that opportunity to do many different things because of Winfield's liberal. It's a liberal arts college, which is fantastic and getting to do the different classes that were required to do so. Like history and math and creative studies and all that stuff gets you, you're able to defuse tone of much of different things, which is awesome. Yeah, because a lot of people view liberal arts colleges as very like private in Central. And you're just doing, like, artistic stuff, right? But like I'm a biochemistry major and Hannah's athletic training, so like there's a lot of different stuff to do here, and that's something that's really good to focus on. What would you say? Your least favorite part about? Look, feel this. Well, I love it. It's a small school, but because it's a small school, like there's someone you don't like, you're going to see them. So that's probably my least favorite part. But it's really hard to choose the least favorite part because I do love school lot. Yeah, okay. All right. Thank you very much. Hi, guys. Right now, I am walking into Ford Hall, which is the theater department on campus where we're gonna have our first interview with one of the students here at Lindfield. Her name is Maddie. She is a freshman here, and she's just going to tell us a little bit about her life here it Lynnfield and the theater department that she is involved with. So let's go ahead on in. So as you can see, the theatre departments really cool. There's a lot of, um, glass windows for you to see, like all the old stuff that they've done. And there's lots of trophies and stuff, so the theater is really cool. Um, and here's Mattie, So Hi, Mati. Hi, I'm Maddie. What do you major in here? It Lynnfield. I'm a psychology major, focusing in bio psych and a law minor. Okay, so how come you're involved with the theater department? I'm involved in theater because I was really involved with back in high school, and I enjoyed it a lot. And I wanted to stay connected to make new friends here in Lynnfield. So I joined second semester. So right now is my first show. That I'm working on his assistant stage manager. Okay, So what other events and stuff do you do on campus? Ellen feel I'm a part of our day, What you plan, like campus wide events and like all events and I most I think it's just academics, theater and J. Okay, so you are pretty involved in theater, right? So how are you balancing your theatre and your schoolwork and you're outside life together? It's a lot. It's definitely a lot of time management, and it can be difficult at times and some weeks or more stressful than others. But honestly, I think if you really love what you're doing and you want to be a part of something a lot, then it's worth it. And like within the theatre, I've made a lot of your friends and it like it's a really good leadership experience, and it's something I love to do. So it's definitely like something I'm willing to make time for. I usually have class from depending on the day, about eleven to three o'clock to a forty five, and then I rehearsal starts Monday through Thursday from seven to ten p. M. Which is a lot but There's just it's because it's something I really enjoy doing that I'm willing to, like, make time for it and focus on my studies whenever I have that, like small, you know, free time. Totally. What would you recommend for other students coming to Lynnfield that are interested in Yeah, OK, yeah. That interested in theater? I definitely say be involved in it and like you could just try to get involved. I know I got involved because my Ari's were all involved in theatre, and so I had a connection that way. But you could just walk in and, like, come in and talk, Teo, Any one of the people working here and they'LL get you hooked up with someone, like, introduce you to different areas. And if you're not sure what you want to do if you want actor if you want to do crew or like any sort of technical things, that doesn't matter if you get involved. Also, it's an incredible experience, and it's worth it. So me coming in I've never been in theatre before. Is that something that I could do if I was interested? It is okay. Perfect. Thank you, Daddy.