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Thinking about Pacific Lutheran University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Pacific Lutheran University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Pacific Lutheran University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Pacific Lutheran University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Pacific Lutheran University experience. These Pacific Lutheran University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello There

James Krick

Hispanic Studies and Sociology, Class of 2019



WELCOME TO PLU!! Pacific Lutheran University

First Floor Library PLU University Archives

3rd Floor Study Room Mortvedt Library

Administration Biulding at Lute Cafe Pacific Lutheran University

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Old Main Market and the Anderson University Center Pacific Lutheran University

Welcome to the Welcome Center! Pacific Lutheran University

The Walk to Names Fitness Center! Rieke Science Center

Intro to Dinner Anderson University Center

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The Commons during dinner Anderson University Center

A Typical First-Year residence hall. Pacific Lutheran University

Class Sizes, our biggest lecture hall, International Honors Pacific Lutheran University

Xavier Hall the Biggest and Smallest of PLU! Xavier Hall

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Morken Center for Learning and Technology Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) School of Business

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Indoor Turf Field Pacific Lutheran University

Leaving Names, off to Olson Audittorium Pacific Lutheran University

Olson Auditorium, Sports at PLU, and DIII Athletics Olson Auditorium

Mary Baker Russel Outdoor Amphitheater Mary Baker Russell Music Building, Lagerquist Hall.

Interview with Patrick Hauge Administration Building

Interview with Christina Mortvedt Library

PLU Bike Coop with Matt! Harstad Hall

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Crave, Cross Cultures, Fruit, and Drinks! Pacific Lutheran University

Weather around PLU Pacific Lutheran University

Debrief and Reflection on PLU Pacific Lutheran University

Closing! Pacific Lutheran University

Hey, so open appeal. Use Welcome center. So if you're coming here for campus visit, this is where going to come to check in. We have all of these different. Resource is available for students, including all of our divisional brochures behind me. A swell is one of my favorite parts of this room, which is the peel you visit WOL. So also is that come to visit campus will be able to sign their name on this wall here includes all the different information about where people are coming from. Sign their name, draw some pretty pictures, etcetera. So if you ever come to visit, make sure that you get a chance to come in here and sign your name on the wall. You see all these different students that have contributed to this visit wall here. So you'll see behind me as well. I hear the welcome center. Another one of my favorite pieces of this little space here is our mission statement which is on the wall. Our mission statement here appeal you is peel you seeks to educate students for lives of thoughtful enquiry, service, leadership care for other people, their communities, and for the year So there's something that I think peel you students, all taken a different way for me. Peel your mission statement really means shows me a way that I can engage with my community and really be able to bring some of these things and skills that I've learned from peel you to the bigger community. So, anyways, is we're moving on. This is located in our admission building. How the administration building also his admin for people that are around here. It's kind of passing out now. We will see some students outside, so if we will get a chance to check out that Luke Cafe that's here is what some of the other offer offerings and classes that are in the area. This is the beautiful afternoon here in Parkland, Man, I'm just heading home after a day on campus, you know, and it was really great to kind of two from different people's perspectives about their experience appeal You. You know, I think it's really important that each person appeal you release different story in a different reason for being here. And, you know, I think everyone should really important insight that's gonna hear that. So yeah, you know, people. You is a pretty small school. We're about three thousand undergraduates, and at that size, it really is a small school field. You know, You really do know people walking across campus way heard Matt say that earlier today. I feel like we've heard that from Christina's. Well, with her connection with professors, you know, there really are a lot of positives about being at that smaller school. Feels well, you know, I think part of it we were hearing from Christine about the funding issues I think is something to be aware of. You know what smaller schools we don't the same funding that something big state schools do. And sometimes that comes from our tuition dollars. So yeah, I think it's important to recognize that schools have, plus a minuses, but hopefully you really get a better idea of what that is here, you know, so it's just great to hear some of those perspectives. All right, So here we are in Liras Lecture Hall. This is the biggest lecture hall that we have here in our natural science building here in Ricky. It's just about the size of the other one that we saw the other day in Javier. But this holds about one hundred seventy five students. It says here. So I guess it is just a little bit bigger than the one in Javier here. But, yeah, I had one class here. Not even the front area was Philip because the two sections there I've never seen this room all the way filled up for different presentations and conferences, different events. We will use this space as well. But for classroom, there's never been a class. That's how one hundred seventy five students and you see the periodic table of the elements here. Behind me, there's two projectors for different presentations and events that happened, but this is another one of the lecture halls that we have on campus. This is very uncommon to see this money chairs in one room. But you saw the other one, that tiny classroom, that we had a swell, but this is kind of a big sense that as well. So we're taking you natural signs, especially of those introduction classes. This's probably warrior class will be. So Yeah. Next. We're gonna head over, take a look at the gym on then also the auditorium. So those other places as well, so stay tuned. All right. So the other day we took a look at Fleagle and Tingle. Stat down on lower campus. Today we're going to take a look at one of the rooms inside of Hong International Hall. So Hyung International Hall eyes home to sits six different wings that each have a different theme. We have international honors wing. We have our Chinese wing or Spanish wing. French, German and Chinese are the six. So if you're studying any of those languages, you can stay there and be immersed with other students who also speak the language. It's also home to our language resource center for students that are looking for a language, tutoring or some other things like that. So what we're gonna do until you look at the show room in here, see what's going on there and All right, so after you get your food, you come on out here to where the main people come to eat. This is our main dining area here on campus as well. And get all your condiments and then lots of different places to sit around when it's nice there seating outside as well. That's available TV with different seating all the way over here are means circle. I don't want to see that. So this time of day, before we get ready for the dinner rush, people come in here and sit and study, maybe snack on some food. Something like that, you know, sell their computer final, quiet spot to sit. So it's a great place to spend some time. You know, one of my favorite places in here is well, especially when the weather is nice. Some of these nice couches here make a great option to kind of come and said so, Yes, it's kind of one of my go to places for foods and was even to study. You know, if I'm not in the library and one of the study room, sometimes I'll come here, hang out with some of the people and get some work done. So we'll see you guys at When we're looking at different class is a lot of classes appeal. You are structure around conversation based classes here in this lecture hall, the biggest Harry Potter lecture hall that we have has a maximum capacity of one hundred sixteen students. But that's so rare for appeal. You, I think the biggest class that we will have will be maybe about half. That would be fifty or so students. The majority of classes here appeal. You are about fifteen or sixteen students. I'm also part of international honors program here. Appeal You what you don't think I mentioned yet on DSO part of those classes, they're all Socratic, seven are based. And so with the Socratic seminar classes, we have different primary text that we read and in discussing class. But for those kind of class is very, very little is actually going to be a lecture base. It's all about having conversations and discussions about the readings that we have for that day, and they're not just text book readings. They're different popular books and indifferent lessons and things like that that are a lot different. Then we'll see what some of the other classes that are more structured around the lecture thing. So this is a class I've never had a class in here, you know, Typically, no classes that I've taken her that big that need to be in this kind of space. But it is a great opportunity to kind of see the higher end of how many students we can fit in one of these house one of these classrooms here peel you because we only have about three thousand three thousand one hundred students. This sort of lecture hall is rarely used. That's one of the biggest advantages of going to a small school like we have here. Appeal. You is a lot close. All right. So here we are in the main dining hall on campus. This's the one dining hall that we have in the area is actually closed right now. We've got to sneak in here so I can show you guys kind of what's all around. But the dining hall's open from four. Thirty two. Thirty PM for dinner is kind of all you care to eat so you can come in, get plates, kind of eat as long as you're here. There's fresh fruit, different options, sandwiches, pizza, everything like that. Someone take a look at some of the different offices that we're gonna have tonight for dinner, and you kind of take a look and see what there's gonna be All right. So here we are in the fitness centre here. Hell, you, This is names. Fitness Centre will seal the workout equipment here. Behind me on the first floor we have all over weight. Both machines is alive three ways. And up here we have all of our machines. Take a look as we go around or different ellipticals, some of those as well. So if you're looking to get a workout on campus this we're gonna want to go. I come here now and then as well. You know, I'm doing some work for the Frisbee team. You know, men, part of men's Frisbee. Well, some of these great new losses here that are all decorated down appeal, You hear? That's a great place if you need a use the company short stuff while you're working out. So Yeah, sir. Fitness center. Working ahead downstairs. We're going to take a look at the little direction that's here as well for other intramural sports. Like basketball dog of all things like All right. So here we are in the Chinese wing of Hong International Hall. We just walk in to take a look here in the showroom. So this is a room that we show for prospective students when they come and visit campus. And what I really like about this room is it's very, very standard for appealing. You know, I feel like some colleges. When it comes to showing showrooms, they'll show the abyss the biggest, the best, a room that we have on campus. This is super standard for what you'll see. What if you do come to peel you? So for some of these sort of rooms, this were in Hong, across is hint early. They have very, very similar layout rooms that we also have our new residence halls in student and Order algae, which is on upper campus as well that have a little bit even nicer rooms in this. But if we take a look at some of the different options and we'll take a look at some of these rooms, all of them look pretty similar. So we have tingle, stat there that we were in the other day. There's Ordell Hall stew in Southall will take a look in one of those apartments a little bit later. Kreidler, sleeker and harsh dad. So harsh that probably the biggest rooms actually harsh Daddy used to be the only building appeal you when it was first PLC as I was mentioning earlier, all appeal, he was actually located on inside of hearts, that all of those resins holes in those rooms were actually buildings and they were classrooms. And then, as we expanded and got bigger, they actually changed from being just a classroom into being a residence hall so harsh and is the only all female residents hall on campus. Every other residence hall on campus is kind of co gender. Typically, they're organized gender Bye bye, Wayne. And so you'll have one wing of like men returning one of female returning or female first year etcetera. But then we also have some special wings. And so, for example, in Hong International Hall, each of the wings are themes for a specific language or international honors in Hindi early, we also have our wing for creative expression, which is our credit expression hall. It was also a gender inclusive wing, and so for gender, non binary or individuals of any gender. They're welcome to stay in that way, actually stayed in the gender inclusive wing and tail staff my first semester, sophomore year. And so I lived with other men, women and non binary individuals and so it was very inclusive on a great space that really didn't worry about gender. In student Ordell, we also have some different wings there as well. We have a wing for first generation students, identifies for generation. We have a lavender wing. That's Richard's, which is explicitly focused on lgbtq community. I mean, other first in the family wings and some other diversity in justice, sustainability out wings that we have there. So there's lots of different options in terms of housing. When you come on campus, there will be one place for everybody, and there's multiple places and tingles. Dad, there's a lot of our sports teams are a lot of our language. Students live here in home, but ultimately there's a place for you to live on campus if you're interested in it. We have two upper division places on campus as well. One is Southall, which is more apartment style living. So we have two, four and six bedroom apartments in South Hall, and we also have our Kreidler Hall, which is more of the sweet style. One bedroom kind of open space. Have a room to yourself kind of location as well. So is living those have to be at least junior standing or twenty years old on to live in any of those upper division counting option. So there is guaranteed housing on campus all four years. Your appeal? You, if you're interested for me after my first couple of years, I did move off campus. So I'm off campus right now. The house will take a look at that price a little later, but yeah, this is kind of what it looks like if you were to live on campus. You know what? This computer is pretty ancient here. You know, this is gonna show him for a while. For some people that do have those desktop, that's the case. But yeah, you know, for if you're looking to kind of coming appeal, you and I want to see some of those options. Yeah, that's what are what a typical room would be like here. So Yeah, you know, I hope you can light. Take a look at what the rooms look like. Kind of see what else is around.