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So Jim on campus that I like to sometimes too sit peacefully. Usually no one's really over here. Step right. Here. People like to do this a lot. It's out weird. Once you're in college and so busy all the times to come stack rocks, that's it. Get him Joe if you find it. Good morning, Ellen. You So today we're going on our rec center tour. Let's go. Not cute in this. Here at the rec center, people go hard. Dylan, What is the rec center mean for you? The rec center is a place where I spend a lot of light. I'm here about three to four times a week, and it's a great way to meet people and stay. It's like What types of workouts are available at the rec center? That's me you want to do. You can do here. You could grab it fast, get the net set up place involved you classes with him Hey, guys. So I'm going to show you freshman land now. So it is a Saturday night, So as you can see, a lot of people are walking around and on our right we have Rosecrans Hall. Then we have Desmond, the all girl storm. Over here by pizza. We have del Rey south. Please forget that this exists. Is there a laundry room which is connected to seventeen eighty eight people. Hood over here. Still right north. Right over here behind. Does mond. We have wait, Lin. So all the dorms are three stories. This is the area where most freshmen lived. So the role that this place on campus is that it's where most of the freshmen are house. So it's a pretty fun place if you're a freshman and they also have seventeen eighty eight and Pizza Hut, which is really nice. So basically, that's the role it plays, that they're just a bunch of freshmen There. A lot of people hang out. You get to meet a lot of other freshman from all different majors and walks of life. So is good place. I usually don't hang out there a ton just because I live in East Quad and I know a lot of people from East Quad, but whenever I do go over there to visit a friend or to get food. So I definitely spent time in both places. Just more time in Mike Watt. Hey, guys, My name's Lauren and I will be your LMU virtual tour guide So a little bit about myself. I am a phone production major from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Although I was born in California and just moved to Illinois over the summer. But I'm definitely a Michigan Midwestern girl at heart, and I'm thinking of adding a sociology double major and a possible theatre minor, but we'll see by the end of freshman year we got time. Um, but anyway, I'm so excited to show you guys all that well, um you has to offer. It's such a great community, such a great place. I feel so at home here and it's only the beginning of second semester. I absolutely love it and not on ly is lmu amazing, but you're located in L. A. You're not directly in the city. You're on a bluff on the outskirts of it. More towards the beach were only about five miles from the beach, Which is amazing because swimming, obviously, tanning, surfing, anything. It's just really great. So we also have two neighboring communities, Westchester and Clive. A step. You're never really bored unless you are consciously board. Like if you don't. If you choose not to do anything, you could be bored. But there's always something to do at Ellen. You always somewhere you can go in L. A so it's really amazing. I can't wait to show you around. Hey, guys, you know I'm gonna tour you around some campus memories right here. We have the fountain outside of fully, which is a pretty iconic view as well. Sometimes for certain events diet different colors. Like for Halloween. It was green. I believe we had a Halloween festival where green was the color and then also what Hispana is. When it's your birthday, your friends will throw you into the sound. It's a lot of fun. Actually, it's not that cold. And it's just a tradition. We'll sing Happy Birthday to you maybe get using Take it. They're nice. Good time. I'm about to take you to a hidden gem spot on campus of Get Hype. These stairs lead to the roof of the life sciences building, which is gorgeous at night, but it's also super pretty during the day. Here we are So this place is kind of like a mini version of the bluff. You overlook all of the school buildings so there's believe my acting class and there's fully annex where I have diversity and oh, look, there's tahini where I live. Simon. As you can see, there's all of L A back there so you can kind of see the blood. And then if I pan this way, you can see the chapel. So the roof of the life sciences building is really pretty during the day. And at night you can come up here to study with friends or by yourself. If you want a quiet place that's outside, so not the library, you get a lot of sun up here. You can also, if you want to come up here at night, it's really pretty, like with your significant other or whatever, But they have security cameras, so don't do anything scandalous. Kids, it's just really pretty and a good place to talk. So, yeah, I come here sometimes if I want to get away from everything, As you can see, there are many stairs leading up to it, so it's quite a hike. People come here to exercise, too, because there's somebody stares over here in the East Quad is the Deja Vue movie lounge. It's actually right next to dokey Me, which is really nice if you live there. They have new movies every week. This week it looks like it's gonna be a mid nineties. So that happens Thursday through Saturday. So there's kind of always the time you could go because it's twice a day from Thursday to Saturday. What's even more cool about having your own movie beat on campus is that all these movies are free. So you come out like a month after the actual movie comes out in the theaters in the city. So it's pretty convenient. You don't really have to pay for a lot of the big movies because they're pretty popular on you. And then they see it's usually fill up. So you want to get there. If it's a popular, maybe like infinity words was hacked. So yeah, it's super fun. Definitely. I kind of tell him you love it. Right over here behind Second Gardens is the lion stone, and the line stone is the student run campus coffee shop. It's great in the mornings there open pretty early every day. And they have pastries hand amazing coffee. Old landmark. The LMU has actually a piece of the actual Berlin. I don't really know why we have this, but it's super cool to walk past and say it's like a piece of history. Yeah, if you come to the campus is right across. I see it every day. Really cool to look at it. So up here. Now we have one of the biggest main part of campus. This area is located right at the intersection in the heart of campus, right across from the main gates. Kinda calls from the church. Thank you. A lot of things happening on this part of campus, and I had to get a reason why the Foley building is right there. Which is a lot of arts and performing arts factors. Education there. Vondra building is chance and administrative things say rods auditorium, which is a bunch of classes right over here on the main church, which stands the center of campus is right over there. She's committed to chill out. Just relax a lot. Bye. Uh, a little building and with the layers, which is one of our main dining all just smells like coming in. And I found a new home going eventually. Just chuck a couple coffees, All these things playing the part of campus on this one. So right here, right in the middle of campus. It's one that was hidden gems. You'll see the campus church. The campus church was founded many, many years ago. It was still used to this day for my services. I was nice about telling you that is a Jesuit university, and that means that they're going to be really important values that from you and some really important things that you gain from being here. It's not always about religion studying all the time about that, but so nice to be able to have this community surrounded by you, where you always have somewhere going. So I'm gonna talk to you. Big nation and Jesuit values mean a lot of this campus, and I've seen everywhere that building right there is called Eggs Eve your hole and is used for a lot of their religious. The ethics of a school, Though it's not very prominent, don't you people know about comes Xavier's help. It's a great place for anyone to come to you with the help and anything Also check out Beautiful is campuses right now and take Our church is right in the middle of everything as a great view and such beautiful area that Sally, there's no one here to celebrate a bowl that doesn't there on Thanksgiving break I'm Jalen. I am a junior film major loyal in my university. I'm currently sitting on the floor in front of my window, my apartment so I can optimize this life video. And I'm excited to give you a tour, a place where I call home. Right now, I'm from Chicago. But being in a way so close to the film industry, it's really a blessing. And, you know, I know has a lot of different film schools there. I really won't know. Like your CIA, you see away well, what element prize itself on is that very small, close knit community where I can get to know my peers. And I could get to know all my teachers, but I'm still getting that high party education. Honestly, this is awesome school, and not just for film, but other majors as well. In this video, learn a lot about what it's like to be a film into So, yeah, element is a jessel school, and this is a chapel behind me. It's called the Sacred Heart Chapel. And so we have masses on Sundays and other days, too. So whenever you're free, if you do practice that religion, you got a choice. And right now I'm sitting in a huge card and that I'll show you and that's what we have graduation way. Have something called Follow Pollux Za, where we have different acts, come to school and perform. Apparently one year Quince to Bonnie was here. Can't believe I missed that a little bit mad about it. That's fine. Um, but, yeah, this is just where people can play Frisbee. It was just a really nice hangout area. And you have to walk through it if you're a freshman to get to class stuff.