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Yeah. All right, So here's the tea aboutthe dining halls on campus and loyal love. I had to get my teeth for it. Basically, if you're a vegetarian, there's not that many options for you. I am not vegetarian, but I gave up meat for Lent. So there wasn't that many options for me at Loyola except for like fish Friday. Yeah, basically like the options are good, but there's not that many options for vegetarian vegan people. But there is like a salad bar and like could make your own sandwich for lunch and dinner for breakfast. He'd have, like a make your own omelet, but I think that's like very common in, like, regular schools now. So, yeah, that's just like the tea that I love. And that's at all three dining halls. I went Teo all three for breakfast, lunch and dinner this week. You don't eat all that often, but like I'LL eat for you guys. And that's dedication. But there also are like some other options on campus. If you don't want to go to the dining home, they have like a bubble tea place on campus. There's this place called Bleeker Street, and you can like you's dining dollars there, tio by your own meal, like they have, like chicken tenders that everyone always gets. And that's like open until, like lays. So if, like you're studying with your friends late on campus, then you're just like, Oh, I'm a little hungry then, yeah, you can go to get, like some food. Also, like those seen like the food scene around. Loyal is not that bad, either. There's a really cheap Indian place that you just have to take the bus to and like, you're right off of the red line, so there's just a lot of places you could get food right off the red line. So hello again. This is the closest dining hall to our dorm birds, which you cannot see my baby home. But it's it's really nice personally. Not as nicest nobly, but like a lot bigger. And so that means like you'll see more of your friends there more often and like, I feel like most people come to this one anyway, um, but it's really nice currently being my girl. We're having pizza, so yeah, this is kind of it's normally packed, like around lunchtime in between, like, eleven thirty classes. Like what? Thirty classes. It is crazy in here, but So now we're going to get into one of the dining hall is personally it's like the nicest woman campus. This isn't the closest one to me, but it's also nothing here is like that big of a walk. I think all of my classes from my dorm take me five minutes or less. Tow walk, tio. So it's fine. And like this dining hall, probably like seven minutes, so it's doable. But it's so nice. No. Get Hello. We got a waffle maker, which is where all no. Fight. Welcome back. Maybe this place really goes from Elise like God. Wei have crossed. It's great. I had a waffle Bruin. Right now we're going Teo, one of my favorite cafes on campus. It's called Tomo, and it's a bubble tea shop. It's like a pop up that they opened up earlier. Okay, when I say this is my favorite spot on campus, it means like Iceland, like ninety dollars at this place since it opened up. And it opened up last week? No, two weeks ago. So, yeah, they're closed. This is the last of our money and spending it on Bobo. Hi. Um, can I get a regular classes? Okay. So, literally after getting this, I have forty eights Slipped my baking apple. I'm so broke. Be. My friends are currently at and Father's, which is a very popular breakfast brunch place. And so, especially in this area, there's a lot of different restaurants that you can go, Teo. So that's super nice that you can kind of escape like chain restaurants and fast food places like I will always love Chicken McNuggets. But, you know, sometimes real food is really nice to have to switch things up. So there's a lot of different restaurants in this area that a lot of people go. Teo and I would say this one is definitely one of most popular, so that's super nice. Out here in Damon Damon dining we love so demon dining is one the main options for dining on campus. It's open all seven days. You can get in whenever your meal plan. There is a five day or a seven a meal plan all access to come in whenever practice function. You can keep talking. You have Natural column. Would you say if instead of doing this because I'm sitting this way this growths, like others, both five day and seventy meal plans. It's unlimited access. Seeing good. Whenever I made a friend for lunch and dinner options, right from the way off course that got a salad bar, I got played like hamburgers, hot dogs, stuff like that. Marlon Rap marks would be nice to make your own. It's on its way for veggies, pasta, everything like that. Easy access. You lied with your eyes and you know