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This squad is called Kilian Court. Visitors often paws in front of building ten and take photos and Killian Court with the Great Dome as a backdrop. The four buildings surrounding Killian Court are mostly academic buildings where I had most of my classes freshman year. During the spring and early fall, you might find students playing Frisbee, attending freshman picnics or maybe see rows of tears lined up for commencement activities on the main quad. And although this is the dead of winter here now at M I. T, the quad is still a spectacular This is Building fifty four, also known as the Green Building. It's the tallest building on campus. The architectural committee is one of the things that really sets campus apart, and the architect who designed this building worked around the rule that buildings had a limit of eighteen floors, so it was built on stilts, so it's actually twenty one stories high. One of my classes, first semester differential equations or eighteen o three was held in a lecture hall of the Green Building. This is a view from the eighteenth floor. Thankfully, there's an elevator, so I didn't have to take the stairs. However, it is an Emmett tradition for some students toe hold competitions of who can climb up and down the stairs the most number of times in four With five libraries on campus. Barker, Hayden do we live with music? And Raj? It's incredibly easy to find a quiet study spot at M i. T. Three of them are open twenty four hours. This is the Barker Engineering Library. Library's offer study group rooms for bigger gatherings and smaller rooms if you really need some privacy. This is the Raj Library for Architecture and Planning. My favorite library might be the hate in library along the Charles River, it has huge windows that let light stream in and Khun really improve your mood with long study hours. You can hide away by yourself if you want a small nook where you can meet up with large study groups on the third floor, where rooms have white boards. M. I. T is more than just math and science. At the Louis Music Library. The library has thirty nine thousand musical scores and hosts many music events. Music Library also has an audio lab with editing stations, keyboards and podcast. Mike's students Khun Book a spot in this lab. One of the great things about being a damn it is that you're part of the beautiful Boston area, a vibrant city with a rich history we can use our Emmett needs to read the tea or the subway, and a lot of students walk across the Harbour Bridge to get to Boston. It's a short ten minute walk across the Charles River. Yeah. This is the Museum of Fine Arts and my first semester here at M I. T. I've walked to Boston with friends to eat dinner. I've joined thousands of Red Sox fans for the World Series parade, and I've taken the subway to multiple places at Boston is packed with wonderful sights. You guys. I'm just on my way to go work out with a couple friends, so I'm gonna show you the gym in the rec center. Way to go. There you go. So at this gym, there are bikes with virtual reality headsets that I tested out. I think this Jim also has lockers that you can use free of charge and set with any code that you want. The Z Center also has an ice rink, and at certain times of the day, there's open skate where students can rent ice skates for five dollars and go skating. This is really popular, especially in the winter months. This is the quad outside the static building. Surrounding buildings include the David Coke Institute for Cancer Research at M I. T. As well as the biology building, the Landau Building, which hosts Chemical engineering, the fitness centre and alumni pool in the status center. One important landmark on campus is Crazy Auditorium. Christy was designed by the same architect who designed the Gateway Arch in St Louis, which is my hometown president is an important building because it is the main theater and performance hall at M I. T. It's a great meeting place in a beautiful venue for musical performances, and it's a big part of the cultural core of campus life. This is the quad outside Kresge Auditorium. In this quad, there's easy access to the M i T chapel as well as the student center This is the Ray and Maria Status Center for Computer and Information and Intelligence. Science is more commonly known as the Status center. This is a funky looking building, and you can't miss it. It really stands out, but it's really artsy, and it inspires me every time I walk by. In January, I took a one week computer science class in this building. One fun fact about M I t. Is that in nineteen ninety four M. I T students assembled a prank in which a police car was put on top of the dome. That police car is now in the static building for One cool academic building at M. I. T is Building twelve, also known as the Nano Building, this is a new building as it just opened this fall. According to the NAN, a Web site, this building is for Emmett faculty and researchers to design and manipulate materials, organisms and devices at the nano scale, which is one one billionth of a meter. Here we have the lobby of the mighty Medial up. And I'll be taking you upstairs now. One of my other favorite spots on campus is something I only recently discovered. It is the Reading Pavilion and Building forty six, which is a building that hosts most, of course, nines work course. Nine is brain and cognitive science. You won't find this place on any tours or guidebooks about M i. T. It is, however, one of my go to spots when I want a relaxing getaway or a quiet study space. It has palm trees and towering glass walls that let daylight stream in. It feels like an oasis. It's a place for quiet This is the football field. This year, our football team won the new Mac conference title. This is the soccer field this year. The women's soccer team also won the new Mat conference So here we have a much better view of the green building on top. You can see some of the implementations and instruments are being used by the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. Do weather monitoring and the W. N B. E. R or Emit Radio Club also hosts a lot of equipment on top, a swell so very few students actually have access to the top of the roof. Uh, but the view from even the eighteenth Florida So behind you begin see the Green Building, which is actually tallest building on campus and houses the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department, Or course twelve. As we call it here at night, The reason it's the tallest building is because on the bottom there's actually two stilts that suspend the building. So it's Abel todo over the limit that the city has the number of stories, a building and have a lot of students like to go to the Green Building, either to study, to get free drinks. Hot chocolate, of course, Um, and also to catch a really great view of M. I. T. From obviously the tallest building in Cambridge. Right now, we're inside the student center. Uh, you can see there's a lot of different businesses that are sort of in here. We have a directory of all the I guess, the difference rooms. Sometimes students like Tio request that one of the dining rooms be used for either performances or any other types of student group. Activity is set. Happen back there is Liberty's, our main convenience store, where you can buy anything waiting tonight from coffee to candy of sandwiches. You need it? No. Here's just another view of East campus. As you can see, there are two parallel buildings as well as a courtyard that sort of spans between the two buildings. On one side, we have the Charles River, while on the other side we have building sixty six, which houses a chemistry, uh, engineering department. Cliff if Florida Student Center, which is probably my favorite place, is steady on campus and it just has a lot of a small lounge areas computers read used for Athena clusters, as he called them and critics stations. There's also a few student groups that are hosted here, including city or Information Processing board, which is the main seating group in charge of a mighty servers, websites and The women's basketball team has a game today, so Simone and I decided to go cheer on our friend and