Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dining & Food

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Here we have more views of the main lobby area from sitting spaces. And a really well stocked kitchen. All the students have access to that house is a ton of tea, hot chocolate machines and great snacks for mid day breaks. So one of the cool things about a mighty is that freshmen have the opportunity to take part in learning communities, which are essentially smaller groups that exist within the larger university setting. And these groups often have different themes in terms of what they study. So the media lab has one called media arts and sciences, which is basically an introduction. You working with multi media research. So in the spring time, students actually have access teo taking a year off for an undergraduate research opportunity within the media lab and working on actual project in the fall. They also worked on a lot of design studies and learning about what it means to develop design based So during this semester, there are five dining halls open. Each one of them is in a dorm. So the five dorms that have dining halls are Baker Massey McCormick. Next in Simmons, I live in McCormick. A lot of my friends live in Massacre Baker, so anyone who lives in one of those five dining halls has to be on a meal plan. Let me open I'm on is fourteen meals a week, which is actually a lot. I don't think there was ever a week where I ran out of meals, so I would just usually go to breakfast and dinner seven days a week. So it's really flexible. You just get fourteen swipes with your m i t I d and you just They swipe it for you and then you get fourteen of those per week. It's really nice, and it's an all you can eat buffet style, so you just Once you swipe, you can eat as much as you want, as little as you want, and they have dessert every single day. They have ice cream. They have a wide variety of option. I also love to get grab a burrito from Anna's Taqueria which is located in the student center. I'd say I go their way more often than I should. I get a burrito from there almost every single day for lunch. They're so good and again with the mighty idea, you get dining dollars on your meal plan. The meal plan I got fourteen a week comes with one hundred seventy five dining dollars per semester. So each time they swipe my card for burrito, it's maybe seven dollars. So I just get rid of all the time for kids who live in one of the five dorm's with a dining hall and have to be on the meal plan. So I'm on the fourteen meal a week. The other option that I know some people are on is nineteen meals a week, which, honestly, they say it's way too much food. Way of all this pineapple. This is one of the five dining hall's. This is the one in Baker.