Muhlenberg College Campus

Hey, guys, what's up? My name is Sarah. I'm coming to you from you Lindbergh College. Currently, I'm sitting on the main lawn and this is pretty much the center of campus it as you can see behind me, there's the bell tower and Victor's lament. So I'll be showing you around Muilenburg and telling you all the ins and outs of college and hopefully, one Hey, inside of me. I'm taking you down too. Fish ball and box off soon Consider come in a Speedo looking injured. It takes me a while to go places. Okay. Welcome to the fish bowl. A lot of stuff happened here beginning of the year. There are auditions downstairs for the red doors. A lot. Ten. There's people, always persons would be walking on a sidewalk upside dance for her. Soles are red door missiles, which I'll explain later. Um, Tom is going to come in and explain all the theater department and announce. So now we're gonna go downstairs to the box office. We're gonna go look at that. Hey, guys, Welcome to the box office Over there. You could buy a ticket. There's a dance. You behind me here is a box. Can I go try to speak? So we recently just finished the show. Um, right now it's like they're cleaning up for it. There's always shows happening here, so they're probably getting ready for the next one. Face it, we're walking here on academic road. This is where all of the academic buildings are. I'm really lucky. I I chose a pretty nice data Phil in the winter. It's really pretty cloudy here. Thiss winter's been pretty mild. We haven't really gotten a big snowstorm yet here. I don't really like that, but some people d'oh so in front of Mrs Hall's the Bell Tower, this is probably my favorite building on campus. I don't really go in it a ton. I am a tour guide, so I do come in here, but it's not really somewhere. I go every day because there's not academic buildings in it. But you can see the bell tower from much anywhere on campus and every hour on the hour bell rings and at twelve o'clock and six o'clock, it plays the alma mater, which is really nice. Um, mejust recently fixed it up, so it's looking pretty Hi. So I'm in new side right now. This is the home to all of the science department. I'm not personally inside, so panel a lot about them. I know biology is our second biggest major. Um, so I'm here just to show you one of typical lab class troops. It's actually locked right now, just for safety purposes, but we're gonna look in the window anyway. Is Yes, there is scientific. I'm also gonna show you. Yeah, probably most schools. Pull it. Um, he's kind of random. We're not completely sure why he's here, and we think there might be two of them, but we're not sure.