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Muhlenberg College The Wood Dining Commons (Muhlenberg College Dining)

Hey, guys. I'm here in the dining hall. So this is not north. The nausea. It's out there. The two Jewish options on Cam. A lot of us come. I'm not personally Jewish, but I still eat from their super good. Lots of amazing fresh vegetables. Speaking of which, this is the salad bar. So many good options. Me and my friends have been religiously living off sour lately. I've been going to the silent part very often. We also have a pretty good chief pizza sometimes their specialty pieces over there. We also have a pasta bar, which is like super you because you can't go up. You could choose. What kind of pasta do you want? What kind of sauce? One garlic on it or what? Literally, whatever you want and they'll make you their super friendly against super comedy. Probably on then we'll and the other one. Super important designing Poly. Sorry, we have got great one. Um, I'm telling you, I don't know what they put those in those top of temper cookies. You're fantastic. They're so good. Best chocolate chip cookies. I've ever special stuff over here. Great. Whatever. Reception. Cheers. It's all customs, whatever you want. So my gala. Yes, Those usually have different options. So today for lunch, we had lamb sliders with really good saw Super forget one of my favorite meal here. I see my favorite meal here. Walkability, Chef's Table. NBC is you choose your own stir Fry vil. She's whatever you wanted. You want Rice or Yeah, come on. Super good. All custom dining hall. Super nice. So, yeah, Dining hall now. Guys, this is Q. This's a hangout area at Nuremberg, spread in the centre of singers union, which is pretty much in the center of campus. You have the dining hall here. G Q. Obviously Java Jones behind us. The star Starbucks coffee. But it's not that, Starbuck, you can use the dining dollars there. Um, there's mostly French food's my personal favorite ISS, either chicken or cheese. The knows I like those. I usually come here just to hang out with friends. Always come here. Great place to do homework. If you like white noise, which I do. If you don't go to the library, we can go there. Some levels usually study with. We'll go there next to you. Look around, look around. Freak. He's fast with pretty cool stuff happened here. Head to Jinan. Okay, So look like other people already took my idea. There's no more cookies. I told you they're really good. So I usually take two, and then you put ice cream in the middle, and then you put it together. Guys. Welcome to the dining hall. Super pretty. Looks like a live show. I'm a skier. They're on top of being beautiful. There's so much good here. We're number one in Pennsylvania, and I know we're in the top twenty in the country. So a lot of stuff going on here. So many have so many different stations. The staff is super nice, Mary. So we're gonna go all stations on dining hall, Max.