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It's like Beat him on DH I still in the study, even though you're always the last day for spring break No college Frank. We're going into library. Library. I have four doors each. More viable. One being first floor loudest one. Four. What? Talking car. Yeah, just first. Library. Very nice. Yeah, just Detective connects to me. And then there's like, this little classrooms or rooms to rent NdeR every floor and then lastly, later, hello steps. And harshly. There is the coffee shop towards the end that I have approaching printers. A lot of printers? No. So spiritus, So yeah, that's no agree again. If you want to study and really quite place, go to the fourth floor. And if you don't mind noise, we in the first floor. Anything in between, you know, second floor, over your friends. Pretty quiet space were although Really walking near like the open class instead of camp. We're different. I was treated. Other classrooms are construction going on. And you want to tell you a little bit of a loner here in boxes with figure that's pretty for here. What time you'll be in school? It would be pretty cold because winter and all, I am personally not a fan of cold. I'm not too happy during those times. But if you get like a good winter jacket north face looking like that, you'll be okay to survive. Sprinkle me pretty nice solely with chili. It was one year here in Boston where we still have snow in spring. So, you know, you never really know. This winter has been a little warmer than usual. They're warming, you know. Come, uh, yeah, the weather can be, but really good. It's pretty hot on something so if you like, you know, Sorry. Okay, which is sand Royal Court. It is nestled in between West Village buildings. Again, it's upperclassmen housing. So, so cool for you. So you probably won't see it wasn't the first year, but so it's cold in the winter and space handle level. But if you do go between West Village Beach. Yes. Find it kind of hidden, really. Welcome to Snow Card. That's career, that's libraries, libraries. That's some underground. So library classrooms back there near the construction is first forced. A library, classrooms, and that right there is still engineering. This is the second floor of snow, the first and second floor, both group floors and where you can talk. Ah, sorry about the shaky quality. I think my stabilizer wasn't screwed in right. This is the third floor. It's a quiet floor on the third and fourth floor, which are both quiet flows. You, Khun, book other rooms in order to work with your friends and such. Otherwise, you should be pretty quiet. This's the smell. Library elevator. We're going back down to the first floor. This's the first floors group study for that's where. Information desk. It's over. There's our goatee. And that's a lot of study species. There are also some private studies pieces and room to play with your friends in order to study er. Then there's also printing station, a small computer lab. So I kind of forgot to mention delivery video, but you have a brief renting him and therefore, yes, for And there's also like D like big printers, you can paint a larger size paper for posters. Uncle thing you could do is you can, like, don't let a picture and then put her, like, on file words like their computer. And then you printed in big printer. And then you have, like, your own homemade little poster. Don't you guys remember Mable? Direct, bold and brash squid word in that room. It's made that way. So we're a few posters you know are always nice free stuff in general. What is great and yes. a typical classroom. Teo. Teo. Amazing. Usually video protector up there. We have these funky seats where, you know, it's really nice. I just say I wanted to put my skateboard in there. There. Stick my bag under my chair. Amazing. What? Someone off their sweater? Not smiling. And, you know, it happens. And then, you know, it's a nice hole. No classroom. You can free shares, you know, move that little boy around. Can arrange yourself into groups when you need. It's very practical, really. It comes down to practical. And yeah, if the professor would be sitting right here, You know what's cool is as a student, you can actually log into your student. So if you'd like, I'LL prove it to you right now. Look, I'm in a classroom. The classroom is not in use. I can simply stick in my credentials and as soon as you know it. God, I was getting these issues because I'm filming at the same time area. Yeah, I can just use the video predictor. Whatever. I want to do that. Where is the video productive thing? You check here, Ruth, That is the sound thing. Has this there touched anyone again. I think we are a PC. And as your president, this is actually no, This is, like, probably three months new. Look that I pressed that button boom. Be a protector. Should be on. Oh. Yep. There you go. So if I want presents and friends, do some stuff costumes on and you're going to use it, it's open for students can do what you need. Now we're talking. You know, this is good news. You can do that frickin presentation like I wanted. Okay, so right now I'm just walking through campus, and I'm just gonna show you some of the other things that I see around here. So right over here, this is our Latino student cultural center. You can see it's very painted. It's absolutely beautiful that was actually painted by students here in Northeastern with a professional artist on hands to supervise everything. So it's always and incredibly beautiful building to look at here on campus and right over here we have one of our research centers, Andi, over here, like, right over there is another research center. Keep going. So even though we're right in the middle of a city, campuses actually really walk. I love about our concern is that we're so close to the cities. You have all these different connections, lots of things to dio. But you still feel like you have that real campus field. You know you can't drive through the entire campus. We have lots of quads and green spaces, stuff like that. Thank you. It's part of our law school. It's actually really nice, too. It's in the library sometimes, and then over here is one of our athletic center is its cabin. Jim, we're not going to go inside. But this is where our D warn varsity sports play. And we also have a natatorium, a swimming pool in there that has open swim ours care some more bike racks. And it talked about before. Okay, so right up there is Huntington Avenue, which I mentioned before, and we're actually walking towards Marino, which is our Jim here on campus. So we're gonna go in there in a second. That's right up there. So we're taking the side door to curry student center. So this is the basement area of Curry Student Center, where there's a lot of food and, um, seating options. So this is after hours where there's a lot of events and also a Starbucks. Um, you'LL probably have something there during orientation or welcome week. This is the school books where you can get school of peril as well as school supplies and your textbooks. But everything is pretty expensive. This is curious first floor, and you can see that the followers, um, yeah, there's a lot of study space behind us is the mezzanine. So right now, I'm in the tunnel system. We have a tunnel system here at Northeastern that link some of the buildings around campus underground, and they're really great when it gets really cold out. So sometimes you don't even have to step outside before you know when you're going in between classes and they have different directions on the walls. And we have lockers down here for some of the students that live off campus and they connect. I think it's eleven buildings or something like that. They look like this. They're nice and renovated, and like I said, they're directions on the wall so that you don't get too lost. Definitely takes a little bit of time to navigate, but you wind up getting the hang of it over time, and I really loved the time. It's because sometimes it does get really cold outside, so this is a nice, wayto get around campus. All right, So we've reached the end of our tour. I hope you guys liked it. And, you know, got to understand a little bit more about why I think Northeastern is such a great school. Um, I guess the last thing I'd like to say, it's just a quick advice to some high school students who are applying to colleges right now. Just don't be too deterred by deferrals or rejections. Um, I got rejected from a lot of schools before I came to Northeastern, and I genuinely believed that I wanted up in the right place. So even though it might seem like rejection is really bad, it may just be leading in the right direction. So this is one landmark on campus. It's called Crissman, and if you see over there is the Green Line and beyond. That is a lot of freshmen housing, including a spear. Which is that really this one right there, which holds all of the university's, uh, mailing for all of the housing on the academic building beside of Struggles, which is our Orange Line train station that's Huntington Avenue. Yeah, so that there is actually L Hall, which houses Blackmon Auditorium, which is a place where they have a lot of performances or a lot of important, like meetings and stuff. For example, I had my pre dialogue, which is basically a short summer study abroad So right over here. As I mentioned before, they're building a new playground. They're replacing the old one. It's still under a lot of construction, and I'm not sure when it's gonna be ready. What they're putting in brand new turf fields and tennis courts. So I'm really excited and you can see right over there. That's the main area of the city. So this just shows how close we really are to the city walking to that large building. The Prudential Building probably takes about ten minutes or so, and this is my dorm building right over here. And that right over here is the Northeastern police station. And you can always see the police driving around campus or walking around campus, keeping us safe because we are open campus in the middle of the city and the noises from the construction right over there that I mentioned theta here is the mascot of Northeastern University. Look at this beautiful Husky. That's all you need. And as we go along, this's the Curry Student center. This is where people congregate and their special events and many things happened. It's an amazing place to be. I love the current student center. Let me show you around a bit more. As we go over here. There is the ball. There's no events right now, but you can actually book this for certain events. If you're part of a club, look at all this space. Wow, just amazing. Imagine this for, like career fair or maybe a movie screening or just a tango salsa dance. Always possible right there. Let's continue. We have the piano. Anyone can use the piano. It's very next and let's continue. So I'm going to take you guys through Gallery three sixty. Its this art gallery that we have in the student center on campus, and it displays different artworks from local artists or Northeastern students or nerve the star alumni. It always really cool to walk through. It's very peaceful, and the artwork is just so beautiful. And then when we get to the other side, we're gonna be in Curry Student Center, which is our main student center here on campus. So let's head there. No, no. So it's a nice small art gallery, but they change it up a lot. So this is the newest artwork that we have here right now. And then there's some other displays right over here. And one's return this corner, we're going to see one of the black box theater is that we have Huntsman Quadrangle is a very unique quad here. So there there is the Dodge Hall. This is where all the business people go. There is El Home, where you have, uh, conferences and discussions and meetings in the Black Man auditorium on finally Richard's home, which is mostly just like any class you have, like math classes in there. Something that lets go chicken. Look at all these students who are just chilling and lets on control the sun here quite often. Too. Amazing. How would you know when I go to school and what's cool in Richard? I need some coffee. I can get you some coffee you go to down this hole. Hey, I don't know. Wait, Don't Don't. Between class. I don't know. Good. Stay tuned for other dining places. Right now. Hey, I said no. These village, you get access to section. So this is now a library from name Library. This for our study areas and opportunity are quiet. Study areas support words dead silent and we're gonna walk in right now. This is actually really awesome, because even the campus stories here don't take even a library because you need to have a student ninety to get in. But I'm gonna see if you guys are right now. It's recently renovated, so you're going to see all the nice stuff way. So this is the first floor we've got information desk that last different seating over here on their rooms in that back corner that you can actually run out if you want to do group study sessions. Just have a nice quiet room. And there was a computer lab over there. Honest. Stay here. And then we also have two other libraries. I'm here on campus and we also have a a nice coffee shop. Right over here are goatee. So if you wind up being in here all day like understanding for finals or something, you have, like, right This is the science squad. It's called the Signs Quad because all of the buildings surrounding it are part of the College of Science to that building. Over there is the life sciences building. That building up there has some chemistry labs, and this building has another bunch of classrooms. Even though this quote is really small, it happens to be my favorite because it doesn't get too crowded when it's nice out and you can find, you know, a nice treat it lean up against and do some work. And then right over here, that's our student center. And then you can see over here we have Starbucks right down there where it says after hours. Okay, so right now we're in Ryder Hall, which is the home of the College of Art, Media and design. And I'm in here right now just to show you guys all the different artwork that all the students here working on. And I just completely walked into this one. But that's okay. So you can always see the different exhibits and the different artwork that's going on here from the students. So that's always really cool. Um, and then if we walk this way, we can see the main area really. So it's not open right now, But there's a subway in here, and then, as you can see, you can really tell that it's College of Arts, Media and Design because there's all this artwork here and then up here on the fourth floor, which you can't really see. There is music rooms for people who want to practise music. So yeah, that's that for Okay, so right now we're in a typical lecture hall here, Northeastern. So let me just show you guys what it looks like. Our average class size is around twenty four students or so s. So this is a little bit larger. This is in our health science building. This is my friend Jonah. Too high. Uh, Andi. So, yeah, This is basically just what a So I suck is on Columbus Avenue. So if we turn around, here's Columbus Avenue. Um, it's one of the smaller streets, but it's definitely a main street on campus. My dorm is down there. We have a lot of construction going on in this road because our campus is expanding. So right here is a new dorm project. It's putting up another eight hundred bed spaces for our campus, and I'm really excited to see how that turns out. And then over there you can see it better from you from my window for my dorm. But that's a new playground. But there it is, and over here, they're building a footbridge from this side of campus to the other side of campus so that you have easier access to the different buildings. It's better than any of the ground floor library classrooms, which is like building on campus, because there's a lot of CDs sitting space when you're trying to homework or just talk with friends, you could just come here and hang out while you wait for your, um, there's also printers here as well as offending machines, so everything's very So this is the outside of the A C, which stands for that Asian American sector that we have here on campus on It's pretty smooth programs that I am. So this is the interior of the A C. As you can see here, we have quite a few rooms, and this is just the schedule of what organizations have booked them on. That includes e board meeting or executive board meetings. That is thie NPR Believe which stands for the multi purpose room. This is the office. I don't think this is the kitchen. They're trying on traditional Korean, where that's bathroom. It's all gender. And this is a little wall where graduating seniors take a Polaroid and then they write something that they want to tell the Asian American community. Down here we have the dance studio. Luckily, no one's in here right now. Um, it's actually pretty small, but its really useful if lights will come on the lights coming on. But it's actually really nice for all of the clubs to do, like group dances, costs or the Crane. American Soon Association does quite a few dances. I was in some of them and then work was killing me. So then I stopped appear. This is the third floor. We have some more rooms where people have meetings. Um, yeah, it's really dark because no one's here. Here on the second floor, we have now This year is spear home. Very famous. Freshman going room, usually for business students. A spear west this pier east. Let's go check out with a beer hall. They go down. All these students working. Look at them working so hard. I imagine you can live here. Be amazing. What is it? I would love that. Anyway, what's done? We can get the Whisky Cloud Services. This is where you're gonna print out your car, right? And then great care computer. You go to the rest of Texas. Finally, if ever Ever need a pick up mail. Pick it up here. If you live on campus is where you pick up around, President. You about? Hurry to the center, which is like or the campus study. Now with our place this make your own, Teo. Three dollars only under lustre to on you. Start. Third second war room. Oh, there's rooms are event spaces. Yeah, Pretty cool you? No. is the West Village Choir. There is a face public usually play soft. Father are, of course, west Village. Very a lot of housing. Once you're here, we'Ll Look at that. Once you're a sophomore. Usually tend to live in one of these buildings. You still wanna little campus? Yeah. Computer science building computer, great computer scythe. as you can see. And skateboarding between classics gets quite busy. Guys, look at this. Look at this Class is way, way, way Which bring us next to me. Yeah, Yeah. No, I can't. Uh, Centennial Commons, this is where it is. Here there is the flag of America and some other flag. For some reason. Must be somewhere. And you can go to ***. Minho, which was a very good home. Right or home is over there. That's where all the artists go. The building over there is science building. It's health sciences. I believe it's called Move our Health Sciences way. Go on, then. Here are a couple of doors down there if you're interested. Of course you have to see their brother Jace Ellman Hall with the nice Northeastern little girl right there. And whenever you want to chill, outdoor events have a bunch of the gang of the year. You come here. Look at this amazing patch. A grouse. You know, much stuff. We've been doing this Petrograd. You get that? A lot of, uh that's what I'm talking about. Look at this mural I just got out of this is very recent. When colleague came about last week. He was right here. It was great for in love college. He came to our campus. How many campuses to that, huh? Amazing. So lucky to have him in your school. Wait. It's amazing. Table. We're waiting for class. You just chew it. Sorry if I'm being really quiet. Supposed to be a quiet study place, it's newly renovated too. Check out these crashes. I had a classmate that way. Check out upstairs. Of course. This is where you have special meetings with the professors. Great space. If your computer science student more on that later, As you can see. Look, I just know that there's I just don't think you guys are gonna be some lucky campers if you end up here. you go through. L haul you to the center of spirituality, dialogue and service. I love this place. If you ever wanna meditate, use of Buddhism stuff to all that, you come here. As you can see, there has all the events ever. If you're into this spiritual stuff, let's see who's in the spirituals room. Well, good study space. Hi, my buddy's Hi. Oh, they said hi. Okay, on we go exploring The amazing space of meditation is meditating over there. Okay, we cannot back out. It's absolutely incredible. And right now, I'm going to go see my rabbi. Because I am Jewish after all. So you walk this way to do it. Go here. Let's go. Say hi to Mendy. set up to do work. You have a skateboard, you have my jacket came in a computer. And then you find him. What? Signing real quick. We do that good news. You know, in it is just usually student years and a password. Boom. You get the amazing computer in the computer that players are apples here into that, I don't have a PC kind of going, you know, you gotta do that. Wasn't good, Charlie. And now it will hurt. Hurry also. But my friends are here all the time. Replaced. Hang with his role. I see keep. And then you see now it's good because it's the specs on that. Look at that. You have that. We have all the programs in the world. What you want. What do you want? You got that DUI? We got that adobe. The words that is not swelling with every girl you see looking on this, You got freaking everything. Dobie, we are on our desk because of the *** way. Got mad at me. There's more if you just ask Northeastern too. It's It's quite incredible. Every cent, or you need a whole student needs water cool of an event at Common Centennial. See, it's like a Tuesday. It's around six PM Boom. These guys are playing with this thing. That's I mean, I don't even know what club this is. But way we'LL find out. Let's just find out. It looks like it's fraternity and sorority more Wish a wish. Amazing look at this course way are the freshman flat? That was my cracks. Cracks there. There is a beer, huh? This is Stetson East. That stuff's in East. Both of them are dorms for freshman. Let's go check out one of their doings. Probably good. And, you know, that's the first thing we're So right now, we're in Centennial Circle. It's the main quad that we have here on campus. It's a little chilly out and it's the weekend, so there's not a lot of people out here. But when it's warmer, you can always see people playing Frisbee. Sometimes people bring their dogs out here. Everybody likes to set up hammocks on these trees over here, so it's nice and crowded when it's really nice And now we're walking into the student center. So this is a great place that I like to study and hang out in. It's right in the middle of campus, so if you ever need a break from classes come here. That's, um so it's the weekend. So a lot of the food, they're mainly close. Their restaurants are open, Got pizza plays for stuff like that, pop eyes everywhere. That's always that can yeah. So right now, we're in Fransman Quad. It's one of the main quad is that we have here on campus and I'll show you guys what it looks like, so it looks like this. Um, it's also the oldest part of campus, and it's the weekend. Then it's a little chilly out. But a lot of times you can see people hanging out here. There's a lot of events that go on here, and then you can see there's a main road right over there. That's Huntington Avenue. It's the main road that runs through campus, and it has a lot of public transport stops so that you can get downtown or anyplace in the city. And it has a lot of restaurants on different shopping areas and stuff like that. So it's really great to have this campus area but also be able to go right out into the city. So it's always super convenient. Tohave Huntington Avenue kind of right there. Everyone. My name's Lindsay. I'm a sophomore here at Northeastern University, and I'm studying civil engineering. I'm originally from Long Island, New York, and I'm really excited to be showing You guys were on campus today,