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Okay, so right now we're in International village, which is one of the three main dining halls on campus. So I'm just going to show you guys what it looks like. So this is where the seating area is. There's a huge amount of seating and this in the dining hall, so that's always good. And we're just gonna go over to some of the stations so that we can see what they're serving today. But just a quick brief over how dining works. The meal plans are work with swipes. So you basically swipe it and its file, as you see, and you can take as much food as you want. So we've got nice sushi station over here. Kaga soups over there's a vegan station, and there are deserts over here. Uh, this is, like all home cooking style food, and then we've got, like, a stir fry station or something like that. Not like some box over here. We've got a drill station, and then we have pizza over here, and I'm not gonna walk all the way around. But right over here, we got salad station and then on that side, like, if you go out and you turn the corner, we have an allergen free station and a Hispanic station that doubles this sometimes a deli. Over here, we have a kosher station, but it's Friday night, so they're closed. But yeah, so that's basically how are dining Hall works here in northeastern. Too bad, but right literally you are super close and one really like we'll see. Also, it is. I could use your dollars in there too. So you don't actually have to spend your I mean, it is your own money, but it's in your car, so it doesn't really count. And people seem to know that also, Pro Tip, if you have out of dining dollars left towards the end of the school year, you could go to Whole Foods and you can exchange it for a gift which just transfer it to you. Stow. Yeah. Don't don't afterward waste. And you wouldn't have to float any like for claiming forms that you would have otherwise. So just one. Thanks to know. Now. No. Oops. Here in area. So here it is, like a lot of food. Cereal. Cancel everything longest section and their religion there, and that's very good this way. There kind of opening Friday. Take your pick. Great. And they have, like, theme nights. Really? The first day for the money. Be like type of French early. Carrie. Really? Just something that's like Marty driving today. Anything. Surprise. It was. So Yeah, put her stern taken. I love the best. Be good, depending pick it up Now we're Rebecca's, which is dining hall, where you feel life get like future deals. It's a free campus here. Could be a little more hospitable, but here it's great. So, yeah, it can be some lunch now. all the cool kids hang out in between classes. It's called. We're a big Gus. You want to see what's amazing about Rebecca's? I got the best food in town. Look at this. Look at this. Look at this. What you got to grill, right? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. You got to hurry up. Get this amazing food ready for a sandwich. You get special team sanitary issues. Just amazing. What else you want, What else you want us you're seeing with the cool kids. Sort of cool kids. Look at all these. Amazing. What else you want? Cool kids making food also