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Meet Kevin, William, and Chandler! And hear about their OSU Experience Ohio State University - Main Campus

All right. So now we're on the oval. This, my friend, ban up on, uh, this is the biggest quad on campus and pretty much serves like a compass A campus. So on my left is all the North alarms and to my right is all the South everything else. And that big guy right there is Mr William Thompson. And that is Thompson Live right behind us started. The oval is way up there and it goes all the behind us, Tom, some library. And it's rumored that you and your lover walk from the start all the way to Tom's without anyone cross your path. You're Dustin to get married. In fact, for you also in the oval. So I think we bye. I don't really know where I think we're in business Campus now. Yep. We're in the business school right now. This is This is Justin, by the way. He does videos, but more importantly, right now he's a business minor. And so he knows a bit more about business campus for me. Yeah. So right now it's raining, which is unfortunate. One of the great things about the business school is that there's tunnels underground connecting every single one of the buildings. So Jesus, raining or snowing, Whatever, Ohio, Whether you get this week, you'll be safe and sound. That was That was where we just were. Yet we're just just not something like underground fissure business schools. One of the newest area of campus. So you get really nice big lecture halls like this and small and amphitheaters. Classrooms like this. But if cafe is not your place to do work, you could come to the library. Thompson Library, which is where we are now, is the largest library on campus. It is eleven floors, which makes for a lot of space to study. We're going up to the eleven for now. I'm not gonna talk. There is quiet for now. But it's probably the coolest place to study on campus because you can great views. Like if you're looking to not really study and just look out the window, I can't recommend this place more. That being said, the eleventh floor is usually pretty crowded. So here's my tip. Go to the tenth floor and just sit by one of those windows, and it's normally not as crowded and you still get fantastic views of campus. So this is a tradition at Ohio State. You rub Thompson's head for good luck. It happens a lot right now because it's finals week. Can you describe the student body? It'll have state. So if I were described a student body, I would say energetic, passionate, coming on Saturday during football season and you will find the whole student body gathered around one team yourself, right kind of world it is. And I'd say one constant working pushed her further and grows grows wells again. So nice to everybody. Organization is actually pretty small, so I'm a I'm a student. Better in here I've been my first year was last year. I was a transfer student and a lot of the orange that I've worked with, our military affiliated. So a lot of the RTC students, a lot of obviously military affiliated Cornyn's like sponsors spots. So a lot of those guys are very, very knowledgeable with everything that you need with helping out with the state. I just love how everybody is. I'm just going to be done. I think somebody is extremely rivers. You can really just find your own people that you really want to be with, make it as unique or, you know, as broad as you really want to make it there. So many people in so many different backgrounds. It's hard to describe the whole student body, right, because we all have our own like groups of friends. But I think that's actually maybe the best way to describe it is that, like I am friends with a bunch of vegan climbers, which is super, not representative of the whole student body. But I think everybody can find This here is the South Oval. It's like the oval. But south, To be honest, I don't really know why they quiet exists like it's right next to the oval. But thesis oval does. How's my third favorite place on campus? Which is mere like, so right here is mirrored. Wait, wait. What? What happened to me? Really? Merely what? What happened to mere lake? All right, in all seriousness, Meer Lake is under construction right now for like a reclamation project or something like that. So the big thing about near Lake is that every year right before the Michigan game, we jump in mere lake because Michigan I got to be honest. I don't really understand it, but it's a tradition. So this is a lecture holiday. Ohio State. That's one of basically the huge places where you'll have, like your Gen Cam or something like that with a class that has like a couple hundred people. So classes at Ohio State or No, it consists of two or three things. You either have lectures and recitations, and you may also have a lab, depending on it's like a science class or something like that. Uh, lectures are usually where the professor stands up in front of the room and like the big lecture hall I just showed you Dan just lectures about material while recitations air, usually with like a smaller group of students with your TA and they go over the material. If you have any quizzes in the class you doing The union is like just over here across the other side of the South Oval, so Well, let's go over there. And because it's so big, there's a ton of things you can do in here. You could study here or you could study somewhere over here. Or you could study anywhere down here. You could even study somewhere over here. There's also a million different places to get food. Here's a coffee shop. Here's a place with a ton of different food, right? Here's a pizza place. This whole area over here is a cafe, and then they hold events here, too. Like this bringing one of the creators of Reddit. There's just like a ton of things that you can do it. The union. There's over fourteen hundred clubs that can host events at the union. The red one is one of the biggest clubs on campus. It's got Oh you Abe for the Ohio Union Activity board, and they always bring really famous people like the Superior. One of the creators have read it Teo, Come and speak Teo, Ohio State students. And that's all again free Okay, this is this is another dorm room. This is a much bigger dorm room than the other one, because this is a sweet. They have this whole common room back here, which is massive in addition to like their bedrooms like this. And then they have their own bathroom. This is their shower. And then this is there toilet and they have their own sinks. It's like Incredible. This is This is if you win the lottery of college dorm rooms, you end up getting Hey, what's up, guys? My name is read and said I'll be showing around my off campus apartment at the Ohio State University. All right. Okay. So, here at a house today, it's pretty common for freshmen sophomores to live in the dorms but want to become a junior senior Gilmore chair. Grow up a little bit, uh, gets more popular, move off campus and off campus housing, off campus, apartments, things like that. So for my senior year, last one, let's go. I chose to live in a studio apartment, Somebodies. And so today I will show you your room just got done. Decorating. Just coming in about three weeks. Yes. Oh, it's finally coming together. But can you see it? So my room's pretty average size for off campus housing. And as you can see, it's pretty big. But if I turn around a circle, he conceived just about all of it. Okay, so in this area, you can obviously see my bed, My nightstand, my lamp. If you were most achieving cable box, a few posters and pictures I've hung out on DH. Luckily enough, I wind over next to my bed. So, Professor, from sleeping into it, but I'm a window solve a few slightly instead of crying over the past few months. And there they lost him pretty well. Yeah, yeah, I just wanna watching grow Kind of as little change up to the room. I got my lucky bamboo right here. Hold this bag along time ago, take exam so far. Should be doing all right. Okay, so next, my But I've got my little living area on ice cream. Couch doesn't match much, but it was free home last week off the table candle. Just make them a little better. Backpacks hung up off Florida's Teo Keep clear off the ground and over here's probably favorite sexual dream in my closet. And as you can see, I have a lot of shoes. That's why I like these clothes. So much like a chance to show him off on DH. I might have a problem. I'm going to cut back a little bit, but hello. She's kind of myself over here. Got my sunglasses. Bunch of other things, all different occasions. The hat's got missing a hat when your hair's been mass before class. When you wake up late and shot throwing on over here, got a few sweater's her up and then my desk. I get almost all my worked on here, and I loved you with much words like Han here, because the library's gets so cluttered, so so, so nice to have your own little workspace. And, of course, the sandbar and SportsCenter owns Washington games. My buddies and I always hang out here, All repeats sit on the beautiful green couch and watching SportsCenter, watching things, movies, okay. And the next to my desk and my little squatter area, My own little kitchen. There's also so nice because I get to call my own food, right my bedroom, and makes it a lot easier to walk from right here after done cooking, hanging out on the couch watching TV. So the kitchens are necessarily massive, but about all you need for living by yourself, and I could almost every single meal here, so it works pretty well for me. And appliances were great. Nice big friends loaded up with course. Bunch of snags who's about to cook dinner tonight so conceded, I can whip up. Yeah, a little oven stores down here where two different types of tonsils, cleaning supplies and on my bowl's little messy right now. Plaids cups. Who came for to show you guys in the Asan completes the room? Yeah, mostly seals this little by area. This beautiful red share that also matches nothing was graciously given to me about by my mother. So I have to use it. You have to make a proud But if I'm not eating there on this couch from a little table and just enjoy the delicious meal I probably burned, to be honest so far burned most of my meals. It's my first year out of my kitchen, so I'm learning as I go. But cooking is hard. Should've paid way more attention. Growing up day by day. I'm getting there. So hopefully by then this year have one meal that hasn't been burned or spilled or left out on attracting flies. Yeah, cooking's heart. Also a great part about these little rooms is we have our own bathroom, which is so nice. Want to share a bathroom with a bunch of guys? Yes, When here, Decorate the place pretty well. I got this fake orchid for two dollars. And if your store beautiful actually sparked my love for succulents this beautiful painting I found on the side of the street I will sink area letterbox for treat have about him yet? He sleep in my bed, but he'll come out. Come on, Mir. So guys, you so much we'll switch back, hears things hung my shower area. Very nice, little dirty but twenty one year old guy. It's kind of hard to keep things immaculate. But what's create about his apartment says we have eight guys living here, and all of us have our own little bathrooms, kitchens. Now, all those promotion look identical to mine. Just I've seen decorated school. All right, So as I was record, that last video I heard little fellow Wake up, everyone. Proud unit is my little kitten, Winston. Somebody. When is the time we called little kidding That I adopted a few weeks back on. He has made my apartment so much better, more homey, more fun to come home to. So if you're able to and you like cats or dogs, I highly recommend it. Not really sure what is getting into over there, but hopefully stays. It'll succulents. He loves the dirt is kind of annoying, but we're training him. Work in progress. This is where I keep his stuff. So, once Avi and cooking up here is pretty much always down here next to me munching as well. He was later over years and cat supplies course got the treats on deck. He loves chicken flavor. A little weird who? One thing I'd rather show you guys all of our beds. We have this little air conditioning unit, a little heater. And it's so nice to have you control your own heat. You're on air conditioning because last year live in a house with a bunch of guys and we're always arguing and it never went well. So yes, if you get off campus apartment A C units are so so, so important. So thanks for checking out, Winston in my room on hope to see you on campus.