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Thinking about Ball State University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Ball State University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Ball State University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Ball State University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Ball State University experience. These Ball State University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Would recall is also a food court on the first floor on. I just wanna tell you a bit about our meal plans here. We'll stay there a little funky, and I'm not a spiritist. They could be. I'm so food fans here, you can purchase their meals for a week. Mm. So you can do ten, fourteen, eighteen or twenty one meals for a week? Typically the averages fourteen, because then you get to per day on which, with each meal plan, you also get dining Plus, which is just extra cash on top of the plant. Um, that you can use if you go over whatever your meal planets. So just so you know, breakfast is worth for thirty five, and then lunch and dinner are worth eight. Twenty eight fifty. Excuse. So once you're over that amount, you can either pay in cash. You can use carnal cash. You can use the dining. Plus that came with your meal. Plan those air all options. If you go over your typical a lot of food Right now we're sitting in front of me, huh? A beloved statue of the university. Easily. My favorite. Um she was actually created as a memorial for the Bob Brothers, who founded the university in nineteen. Eighty. She was designed by the same artist that made the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D. C. So that's pretty amazing. I'm in. A lot of people just come to take pictures with her, sit by her, enjoy spending some time, so I'll just give you quick Close it. Right now, i'm at the bell tower, one of the main light landmarks of ball state. You can see it from just about anywhere. It reads every fifteen minutes. College. Now what time? Where you're at, um, and it's pretty much in the dead center campus. So right by the library atrium, david letterman building, architecture building. And then right across the road here is the campus green socially that first. This's the campus screen in nice weather. That's where most of campus events are held. Grief like, does a lot of meets there. Um, and then, of course, the bell tower. Thanks. Let's see where nice signaling adventure takes us. Well, we're talking about housing. Something else I'd just like to bring up is living with a roommate When you live on campus your first year, which you're required. Um, it's more than like that you're going to live with a roommate. And I know that that's a very weird, new, unique experience for most of us. Um, you're living with someone you've never met for a semester or a year. And if you feel little uncomfortable about that, it's totally normal. And it's not something most people are used to. I'm only child, so I definitely had no experience and even sharing a room with someone. Um, and I really did have very growing and a lot of learning experiences living with people in such close quarters. In three and a half years, I've had seven roommates, S o people moving universities, moving buildings, things like that. I've seen a lot of different personalities. And one thing that I just want to offer you as an incoming student living with someone you don't know is not to assume that they're like you. Um, kind of go in knowing they've lived a different life. They have different ways of doing things, saying things living, um, different habits. And whenever something makes you uncomfortable that they do or say because they don't know you, they don't know what your preferences are. You have to say something. I've known a lot of people that have lived with the situations they didn't care for and didn't say anything on DH. Quite honestly, that's on them. If you're not willing to stand up and say what you need or don't want, um in terms of like, maybe someone comes home later leaves the light on our silly little things. Um that my irritate you got to be able to speak up and say what you needed one on DH. It will go a long way in your relationships. Money. And what is your major? I'm a photojournalist. Fashion Merchandising, Fashion. Yeah, s So what are your favorite parts about campus so far for the library study? There really? I think my favorite part. It's like the flick center. I know, Major, but I also think centered. Technically my happy place. I don't know. A lot of so nice get that place, actually. And so what would you say The classrooms are like like your experience in the teachers. My classes are a majority here a. J So, like I think the classes were pretty nice wide, and I think it's within technology. But some other buildings are a little bit. I think it's so has that authenticity my major. What people like you get to be like it close with, like your parents that you sit next to. Nice, all of them. And how would you describe diversity on campus? Right. Diversity is, it's growing. I've seen more people. I've seen you raise this right. I've seen more people of color campus a little bit more, especially this year diversity. Better. What? Yeah, I see dishonestly through. See how President Prince is trying to make step Teo Diversified? Yeah. Obsession with individual, like, No, I'm trying their best. So, like, promote their clubs. Like what? They conclude. Yeah, Yeah. And not just so, like put ourselves into different groups, but by everybody like no. And if you could give one final piece of advice to any incoming freshmen, what would it be? They have a lot. Do you want? Okay. I got. Okay. Okay. Well, I definitely think that you should be open to a lot like activities happening on campus. Get involved as much as you can, because being a freshman, like from my experience fresh mint last year, I'm very quiet and just getting out of my comfort zone and made me a better person and maybe more social myself now. And like, just people around, I heard you been been such a great experience. Afraid like coming in and not knowing anybody. Because I know if everyone's experience everyone is new, No one's gonna have friends. That sounds bad, but like, that's a good time. You're gonna come in as a brand new person, like no one's gonna know you. But it just means like you have to get yourself out there and, like, be confident, just like really I mean, honestly, really, three years older than and I never and I was still intimidated. Like I wantto talk to her. And that's how we became friends. I like it a lot. Think Don't follow the stereotypes that you see on television. College is not like that at all. We're barreling. Very chill. Hair is really? Yeah. Very chill place, and I think I like ball state. It's smaller. I think it's more big campus and I like that. I think Walk around, you could probably run into someone. You know, You know who's also a friend with that first here, but it's like I like it. Over in the village. Select a little local spa, bro. Kind of. You have love bars and areas for students to kind of get books and kind of just wind down from classes. There's like restaurants and art studios and art supplies is apartments. But we're going to go into the college bookstore. This is not our main bookstore, but it has a lot of cute. Uh, excuse me. Has a lot of cute outfits in the corps and stuff. It's. Cute. Like. From that shell, I think. This is Scotty's brew house. A lot of times, if you're involved on campus after you guys do whatever kind of activity you'll go here to. Scotty's really popular. There's Jimmy John's. He's in the apartment. They are extremely expensive, very studio apartment. There is like one thousand Darling, sometimes nine hundred, but it's very expensive. We have it's insomnia, and it's free delivery anywhere on campus or off. This is a new place. I hope I've eaten here before. A smoke shop. Pizza really? And that's a coffee shop that is the cup, probably my favorite place ofthis campus to go get food or fear. And this is Jennifer. It's a local duty. A couple of things. Order. You always have my bicycle OK, so what type of advice would I give to anybody applying to Ball State? Um, if you're applying to ball state for starters, don't be super freaked out by it. You have like, um, about sixty two percent of the people that apply get accepted. So you have a pretty strong likelihood of getting accepted to both day. Um, most students do you get around, I think eight thousand in financial aid. I know that I got more than that. When I applied here, I had a three point nine GP from high school. The average that, um, Ball state has for high school GPS. For those who accepted is about a three point four. So if you're just like a B B plus student, you're definitely fine. You don't need to worry about it. I know plenty of people who didn't have, um who were more like C student got accepted too ballsy as well. If you just show that you have, like you were involved in lots of things, you have really good essays that are not like wrote for what you think they want to hear. But it's just wrote about what you feel and you actually answering that prompted. That really helps to with your application and then the they do composite as a cheese course. So if you take it more than once, we'll take in a sort of a t t a C t as well. They will just take the best one and best of those different rankings and give you the best possible score to get accepted to Ball state, which is really nice as well. Um, I only submitted by a CT because I didn't do great on my S a. T. So you also have that option. Um, I would also just make sure that you, um, visit the school before or use a tour from this website because, um, it's really you want to know what you're getting into and you want to know what the environment of this university is like because you're going to be there for four years, three or four years. So it's important to make sure that you like it and you feel comfortable here because if you don't, then your college experience won't be is great. I know I visited and I loved it. And, um, the tour on Campus Real has is really great. It shows a really good depiction of what Ball state is like if you're unable to come and physically visit, So I would definitely recommend checking that out along So right now, we're in the teacher's college. Um, Ball State was actually found is a teachers college in nineteen, eighteen. So over a hundred years ago. Um, this building. I just want to show you what a lecture hall will look like. Um, you probably won't be in lecture halls very often. Um, depending on your major or not fight, they're mostly going to be used for core classes. I'm so maybe your introductory history class, maybe an intro, math class, something of that nature. You'll probably take most class that will include a lecture hall. Yeah. Your freshman year. Also like p f w. So, Jim, um, is electrical so kind of like this. I'll try to show you in the window. Um and light your house seats around hundred fifty to two hundred fifty people. I know that Khun sound intimidating lecture halls at some bigger universities can hold upwards of five hundred. I'm so that kind of shows you comparison there typically, though class, because as you go through your major, you're going to become more and more specialized, so less and less people will be in those classes with you by your junior and senior year, maybe will have between thirty and forty people in a class, maybe less. I'm so just something to think about for class sizes. All right, guys, I live in Park Hall. It's a primarily upperclassmen dorms, and I'm gonna be showing you around, but a typical double sweet looks like. So when you first walk in, you come through the door and then to your left is our closet is a walk in. Closet has two sides. You've been a lot of stuff in here. I have a little shoe rack down there so you don't have plenty of space. I think I have about one hundred and ten hangers. And here's so definitely don't worry about bringing your stuff you've got pull any of barbecue pit. So then you walk through the hall, this little hallway part and the's court boards come with the room along with the bed. Um, and the beds are loft herbal, and then also it comes with this little drawer. There's two these. There's two of these. We use ours to keep food, and we have one in the closet for toiletries. You to bring your own fridge. We brought a coffeemaker, and we brought the microwave. Sorry about all the dishes, and then this. You bring your own furniture for the most part. But these two desks come with the room along with that middle park, and then we each have it set of wars. And then our beds are large. Bowl this matter, mate, but this is my bed. There are different heights because it just done on your preference. But it's really easy to do. You just need, like a rubber mallet, and you could just pop up these frames really easily. I just store like T shirts, pants, like all that kind of stuff socks and everything in these new people. My hanging clothes in there. I keep a lot of stuff back behind here. I have this little like four dresser thing on DH. Then I also have this to keep stuff into. I just keep stuff or like my clubs or other extracurricular stuff down in there. And this is our view. That's pretty nice. The sun shines in here in the morning, which makes it really easy to wake up. And, um, yeah, so everybody who lives in here is an upperclassman, and there is no LLC in this dorm, but I'll explain more about Elsie's in the next video Right now, we're in Woodbridge Hall, which is a female only housing complex. Um, all housing complexes doing swipe into their holes, but not necessarily into their floors. Um, typically in a housing complex, floors will alternate by gender. I'm so guy, girl, guy, girl. Or maybe, too so guy guy and the girl girl on DH. That's just if the bathrooms are communal style. So there are, like individual shower starts, Saul's. But it's for the whole floor. Um, a semiprivate style back through means that there might be sixty eight rooms using one restroom. Typically, it has two toilets, two showers, two sinks. But they're only cleaned once a week, whereas communal is cleaned every day. Just something to consider for the styles of bathroom preference is that you can have in a room and just know that Woodworth Hall is the only