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We are by storm and NASA to haul a completely other side of campus. I hope you guys aren't direction challenge because it might look like a whole bunch of different areas. But I swear it's all connected. Uh, this is a really dope spot to come and get some work done. I like to study here by my lonesome whenever I can, but it's also good to set up meetings and it really more quiet area. I just really wanted to show you guys this view. So over here, we have another soccer field for intramural sports. You can kind of see another study area down there. Uh, and this is a C S U. Another great view. We have a lot of parking. A lot of commuters, a large population, our campus commute, so there's a lot of parking structures and it pays We have a lot of beautiful stuff. This is modern art. So we're still in the library. Believe it or not, it is that this's the second floor. More spaces to study, more suspicious to collaborate, which is excellent. As you can see, we have a very large computer lives. You can always find a computer on campus just so you know, allow living history stories of African American pioneers in San Diego. We had some really cool stuff gone after Black History month. Um, we have water bottle dispenses because we're sustainable. And this is just a bigger view of the computer OK, Sorry. My last video got cut off, But like I said, you can see that it's pretty nice and bright and sunny outside. And this is honestly not even the, you know, hottest down campus at all. And then when it comes to the size of a school SD s he was a really big school. There's thirty five thousand kids here, thirty five thousand students, I should say, because that includes undergraduate, graduate and a lot of the students here, like parents like, you'll be going to class with somebody's grandma, You don't even you don't even know it. So it's a really big place. But that's what I love about state is that there's all these different people from so many different walks of life. And for some reason we're all connected here by this campus by this culture by this educational experience that we all want to attain. So I get a really nice sense of community for that fact that we are so diverse and we are such a large population. But we do all have that in common. Um, but it does affect things like like if you want to commute, there's traffic to campus. There's traffic walking to certain places at certain times around campus, and a lot of times you'll be in really big lecture halls. I'll show you some of those later. So right by East comments, We always have a lot of vendors. Hi. What's your name? Jamal. I'm doing like, a campus riel thing is basically for potential students to show them the cool something's on campus. So I just want to show them like you have your awesome sunglasses for, like, really good prices. And we have incense here. A lot of times we'll have, like, people selling paintball coupons and things like that. Obviously, you need a lot of sunglasses in San Diego. Like I said, Always Sunny. We have an on campus. Florence. Um, this is the bookstore. So right outside, they have some awesome deals for the day on great books and now we're going to go inside. So there's a lot of ass tech gear that you can get here. Uh, all of the Aztecs shops and dining halls are also, you know, employees, employers, all the Aztec dying. Paul's and Aztec market shops are also employers of students. So a lot of times, you know, you'll see, uh, Phil students working behind the registers of these stores and stuff. We have awesome tech. We have, like, people who will diagnose your computer for you. Um, you can get some beets here because as technology. Ha ha. I get it. So this is more like a Barnes and Noble's type. Just a bunch of school supplies, science stuff over there and then all around here, you can buy your text books for school. So, yeah, this is the library. This is not the library. This is the bookstore. Since the weather is always lovely, there's tons of outside city as you can see everywhere throughout campus. Right now, we're next to the library, which I will All right, guys, So we're on our way to the communications building right now, So the communications building is basically on English level course. It's for freshmen and everybody takes it. It's a foreigner person lecture, and you have usually break out class that she'll go. Teo. It's probably one of the funnest classes I have, though, and in my opinion it's It's what really helps me or really helps shape me into being able to give public speeches and and talk about things. I dio and really just be able to meet a lot of people on campus. It's it's a great, amazing class to take. Every freshman has to take it. As far as I know, you can either take it first to master a second semester, said this, the communication building behind me right here. So it's pretty large, pretty wide. And it has several rooms inside where most the professors have their offices and stuff like that. All right, guys. So we are about to enter the love library. Um, San Diego State's library is gigantic. Just like almost everything else on campus. Thank you so much. Um, I'm doing a vlog about S t s u. How do you like it here? I actually love it here. Little people out of here. Beautiful. Thank you. Okay. Welcome to the library, guys. Um, the first thing I want to show you is the twenty four seven. Thank you. Because it is most important. It's open all day, every day. No stays off, grind hard. You have a lot of really cool displays in areas in our libraries is a quiet study area where people have to kind of remain at a certain level of volume. Here's a really great our history display. These change up all the time, so you can always see really cool, different things going on. There's a bunch of fliers all the time who had awesome opportunities. This is where you can go on print, Anything you need for class or otherwise. And so Yeah, this is a library you trying to kind of quiet. All the chairs are pretty comfy in this computer access and a lot of areas. This is only pack during the Thames, but it doesn't So like I said, there's a lot of space at SDI issue for you to sit down. Relax, get some things done. We're really spacious campus, and there's a lot of greenery here. I want to show you guys our community garden. Gorgeous. Uh, students associate with Green Love and other environmental clubs on campus. Volunteer here. It's a plant, plants and food for us. And we actually use these vegetables at one of our dining halls called the Garden, where kids can eat fresh food. So just something to note. And then around here we have this beautiful here. Honestly, the architecture, the scenery S T C was gorgeous inside. It's going to show you the little beautiful look. Hey, guys, what's up? My name is Lizzie. And today I will be showing you around San Diego States. I'm a senior. I'll be graduating this May boom as an inner. Just Mary studies major with a focus and economic psychology in communications. So I'm really excited to show you this campus that I love so much. I've hade the best four years thus far. Andi, I'm sure any prospective students will have Justus good of a time, if not better. So let's go check it out. Okay, so I just got to school. I'm on Campania Walkway. This is the main walkway of us. Yes, you right behind me is the field. So there's just a lot of rack activities out their flag. Football fraud even tried to set up a slip inside a couple years ago, too. But this is just through Main Walk every day to and from class. It goes from the north to south side of campus all the way through. There's a lot of bikers and skateboarders that you have to be careful of in the morning, super packed and easy run into them, actually, but, yeah, this is just So I really just want to talk about how beautiful the architecture here is here on campus. I love the library. I love the lighting in here. There's multiple levels, a lot of different rooms, lot of different areas to study. There's a silent room over here is where you can get circulation and course reserves. Not much, if you have any question about, like text books in the library, stuff like that. So you can kind of faintly hear the bells. That's the cue. That class is over and the hour's up. We have to Starbucks on campus. Believe it or not, you kind of get a sense for how many students go here. This is probably just one lecture hall for one class coming out right now. This is Arts and letters, arson, lettuce department. So there's a lot of big lecture halls here, and people kind of migrate. Um, there's definitely rushes. And there's thirty five thousand people at school, like I said before, so it was definitely waves of people that make movements across campus and really large classes. I'll show you a couple classes later. These are just a couple examples of things we have going on on campus. We have career fairs like once a semester. At least there's a new media studio coming out soon, so if anybody has no music making abilities, that's just good to know. It's open to all students. Thiss study space in the Union for students. Just chill, collaborate, do homework. We have TV way, have three TV's action and and awesome board showing us all the upcoming events and just cool things going on on campus. So it's a really great place way. Have a lot of study space on campus. So here is the seconds turtle and point meat. And Lucas that learning, stretching your blade. So coming up from West Commons, Ambassador Hall is one of my favorite spots on campus of all time. Not only is this place beautiful, but it has quite a dish. That's why people you heard me koi fish. We have a really cool koi pond with turtles in it, too. It's a really great place to relax, meditate, Just chill out. Enjoy the beauty of life. Yes, I know it doesn't look like it's real, but it is so little. Turtle, Do you like it here at S t s U? Oh, my God, are nothing. Court opinion. Okay. Um, so, as we walk up from the Coy Pines Way also have scripts cottage over here, which is a really cool place where people host events. Um, I was just there last week for a really great about it, and we just have a grassy knoll. Honestly, people come here to do homework. They come here to nap, they come here to chill. They come here to sleep in hammocks. You can pretty much do whatever you want. It's really nice. Normally, Sonny, we have great weather here One of my favorite spots to come hang out when I have time in between. Cost is the turtle conned you'll see if there's really life Turtles. Just hang out and chill and I saw the coin. It's really peaceful and pretty, and it's just a good place to de stress during the hustle and bustle of I'm currently standing in front of our student union, which is our most popular destination. San Diego State. We have each bullet. Hey, rabbit having Oh, jeez. I don't really just want to show you guys how big my campus is. Um, we are somewhere around here right now. I'm gonna take you through the union. I'm going to take you through all of this stuff, but just want to let you know, like, it's this really like a Disneyland level Matt from my school. So, um, that's the bridge that I showed you guys earlier. This is the student union from the outside. Uh, there's more housing over there. Trader Joe's and more housing up here. I just want to show you guys that we are very close to a lot of public transportation. So s tissue has really great public transportation. There's a bus that comes straight to our school. There's a trolley that comes straight to our school. If you are commuter, it is good for you. We watching here? Yeah. And now we're gonna head back Over here is the Tony Gwynn Stadium. It's basically CSU's baseball stadium, and over here is University Tower. Is it's the only freshman dorm that isn't connected by the bridge. So a lot of people consider it pretty far away from campus. Over there, you can see the ark building. Um, technically, this is an extension of campus. Like I said, campus is really big, So we have our own police here. Excuse me. Police Department over there. So they give you, like escorts home from the library and stuff like that? Yeah, that's Is the iconic Hefner Hall. You'll see it on a lot of stand your stay pressures. It's located at the centre of the school. This is my walk. Every single Dacian thiss is called Okay, so now start taking tour. Actually, you can hear the bells. That's perfect. So these boats go off every hour. They play for about five minutes. If you can hear me the play for about five minutes. And they're just kind of a little thing on campus just to kind of recognize the time passing, it's a nice old friend. So right here we have. Let's see the hospitality center. These are just some things that I'm naming you familiar with what's around here? The hospitality center student new preparing a center. So these things you more than likely comfort at least once or twice while you're on touring or while you are touring the campus. If you come to tour it in person, and so we have up there is a new office card center. That's where you get your new card. Whenever you come here for your first time, there's the bell tower in the back, and then here is a little. So it's really complex. There's like five levels, and they have everything from counselors in here. TIO career services, which which is actually my favorite. So career services where you go if you want to find a job or wants you kind of get in contact with with people that can help you in your future, so pretty cool place. Okay, so I was with the show. You guys, how big are campus? Really is so we have seven eleven right here. The freshmen dorms are over here, the bridges being hidden by Jack in the box. Also, Trader Joe's broken yolk. We have wings and things over there. Start books right there. Trujillo's is down the street. That's a really awesome Mexican place on Green. Have like food lining all up and down the street for you guys to be. So there's a line, and that's the student union right I just want to show you guys some of the awesome artwork that students put on our school benches every year. It's part of like the creative expressing expression courses here, and you're just a little bit of what makes So right now we're going to head into the S d s U like, So this is where you find your books that you need for academic studies, or this is where you would get most of your supplies to help you class. So the one bad thing about this is that technically need a permit to film in there. And you need a bunch of stuff signed in the bunch crazy stuff. And they'll actually even come find you if you don't have it. But I'll get you a sneak peek in there, so let's take a look, guys. All right, guys. So successfully got some little life I'm gonna be whispering in case you can't hear me. But so this or the stacks, I guess is what you call them is where we keep all of our books and a lot of our academic writing. So we have everything from thesis Teo la journals and old books like this. Let's see what you this is. Well, his book is from the eighteen hundreds. We have, like, really, really old books here, But it's kind of cool just to, like, go around here, kind The third floor of the student union has some really nice views, so I wanted to share. So over here, Student Services West, that's where you signed up for classes. There's class. There's also classes that you take over there. The advising centers over there, right directly down that way. Is the bookstore over there's East Commons. That's more food, more classes, more classes over there. That's what the president works and yeah. Just wanted to give you a circular view from the unions, the student services, less down to the bookstore, Manchester Hall and over to Cal Coast Leader. I wanted to show you guys the art building in case anyone wants to take some art classes. This is a really cool piece done by a student and put up on the wall in front of it. Uh, one thing I really love about state is that they give you a lot of opportunities to make the campus of different after you left. If that makes sense, as in, they give students a lot of chances to showcase who they are, what they're about. And leave an impact on campus. Something like this. So if you literally want to change the way your campus look state is the place for you. Also check out this awesome view. This is probably one of the most important buildings as a freshman because most freshmen coming soon, you see Undeclared. And this is the office you need to go Teo Okay, so I'm currently in a courtyard that is kind of in the center of a lot of important building. So right behind us is helping her haul over here is the little theater. Um, over here is Hardy Memorial Tower. I kind of see it like a very large Yeah, that's the top of the tower. Um, I'm gonna show you guys. This is kind of this is kind of a center This is really just a great place to study. Just want to share its right in front of the media and heading down to the bookstore. There's a lot of chairs here, and people just sit down, get to show in the sun like you can see. It is always sunny in San Diego. That's the weather. That's the report like. It does not change. Often. It might rain. It's spring now, so it's rained a couple times, but Okay, guys. I wanted to show you guys a small gym. This spot is right in front of the life sciences north building, where you can take a lot of anthropology. Ethnic studies stem in bio class is, um it's the fern garden, and it has species of friends from all over the world. But I know we just come here to study. Not that many people know about it. And there's a lot of times and not that many people here. Oh, so that's kind of a nice little area. There's a bunch of hidden gems on campus, great Okay, so this is having their homes. If you goto Estes, you you're very likely to have a least one class here. A lot of fresh movie E classes are held here. Also, you might lecture hall here later. Right now we have elections going on for associating student body president, VP of finance, things like that. So there's a lot of posters up, but it just want to show you guys what the hall looks like. There's more buildings this way. And that, uh, that's a necks tension of the library. A lot of the active architecture here is loosely based off of, like Mexican culture, Mexican architecture, because we are right on the border in San Diego. But I think it really makes our building stand out. And this part of the reason why our Just a quick little ten. If you are ever like finding yourself lost here on campus or you need help finding something, there's two ways you can do this now. During the first week, they usually have people with tense. It'll help you kind of hope you get around campus if you don't know where you're going or even show your classes one way though, if you still don't know where you're going to use these. He's in student union and their little touch that you can touch and you can ask it'll show you events will show you where things are at and I can even help you find a constant so building directory And you type in what you're looking for and it'll take you where you want That's one way. And as we walked down, I'll show you the information center. So the information centre is where you go to meet apart To meet a person to see an actual person that will help you and direct you to tell you where everything will be that is gonna be right behind us. So one of the best parts about coming test? Yes, use. There's just so many places to go so many places to see. It's such a big and beautiful campus. There's so much so as you can see right here, back up. I'm on the third floor right now. Student union and they just have chairs. Just like chilling out. If you want to, you could literally just sit here and take in the views. It's a beautiful day. It's always a beautiful day in San Diego. It's always sunny. San Diego is just amazing place and CSU living here on campus. Or just being at S t s U attending classes. Just amazing experience for anybody. A nice big hole behind us bathroom. It's just so much taking on guys. Okay, So this is the study of Broad Center. This is where you come if you want to apply for any study abroad. Programs we do exchanges. We do Spring break, winter break, summer trips, all of that. You come here, you meet with advisers, you get to know what you wanna do, Where you want to go. Uh, the study abroad process is really easy. I'm gonna show you how close this is. The International Student Center International Soon. Programs right here. And that building right in front of us is where you can go and get your passport from CSU. So all the international stuff is kind of in the same area. A lot of kids study abroad here, so I have to go back inside and show some. Great. Yeah, it's really easy to get started. You just come to this office and it's right past the arc across me tea. So, yes, this is study So right now we're going to go to the garden, me in my room, and Andrew, it's out. So basically the garden is the closest place to eat to Zara. Zara is right there to know Chika is right there and quick was right in front of us. So the gardens, the closest place to eat it's it's okay. But if you really want to go eat, you'll go to conference will say that a little bit later. But the garden is kind of like a buffet style eatery wee girl on food for us. So that's probably coolest part about that. And it's literally like a two minute walk, so I'll show you inside. So we're in. Basically, it takes either swipes if you have one meal plan or it takes money if you have another. It's about nine, fifty feet here, but it's pretty cool over here. We got pizza over there, We got burgers. And then we have our first challenge. Hi, everyone. My name is K Spears. I'm a second year sociology major at S t s U with a maid with a minor in leadership and culture proficiency originally from the Bay Area. And I'm gonna be taking you on a tour of my campus, so let's get going. Okay, So this is the entrepreneurship, so This is real news to work on Collaborated Make Ginger Allen. Okay. So another thing that has become increasingly popular here at Ste. Is the slack line community, as you can see. So this is the president of the slack Lighting. Slackers, Slackers. Okay, So tell me about the soccer's. What is your community like here? So we were just a group of people that all slack line on our own. So we all bring our stuff and set up in the same spot every Tuesday and Thursday and anyone can come try and hang out. But if you don't want to do it, you just hang out here. Just chill for a little bit. Also, really just carefree spot to come spend the middle of our week. So thank you so much, absolutely. Also wanted to show you guys this coffee spot. It's called B C B company have really good bagels and coffee just to let you know that there's a lot of coffee spots, smoothie bars, little kind of seven eleven style markets on campus where you can buy snacks and stuff. That's just one of them. This is a gigantic campus, and it's kind of like a mini town, so you'll find a lot of places where you could grab a cup of coffee, thanks. This is the very first president s t s u. It's a statue of him, uh, name Samuel T. Black and a lot of students during midterms. We rubbed his shoes for good luck. You can kind of see all the friction change the texture. It's pretty much see tradition to just Rob, get some good vibes in there. Hopefully get some good, great. So this is another really clean place to study on campus. Um, little chairs right next to the computer lab in the library. This is a cool place to study Right now, all walking into arts and waters, which is probably one of biggest election, you see. So as you can see, it's a beautiful study. Blue Sky Day. It's always sunny. There's not really any seasons in San Diego, which is awesome. Just son. Occasional rain here in there, but for the most part, blue skies and smiles. As you can see, the lighting is always bomb. Here in San Diego, I want to show you guys this pms field will quick. Oh, by the way, we have these bike lanes everywhere on campus. A lot of people skate. A lot of people, like, so be prepared for that traffic if you're not a shaker in a mover. You know, if you like to keep your headphones like me that happened. So I just keep your eyes open for skaters. Um, just want to show you guys that the N s field is this really great Open space. We have a lot of, like, flag football events, intramural sports play out here when we have, like, our holy Color Festival is out here. Pretty pretty good water fights out here as well. It's right by Baha switches another stadium that we started using my snacks. Another scare you that we have on campus. Besides the one that I showed you before. Um, this is on the way to the ark, which is our gym. There's more off campus students. Had student housing like frat row is more in this area. We also have a baseball field right here. Um, yeah, And so I'm on my way to a lot of the health department on campus. Most of them are over here by Cal Pulley. That building. And we're gonna show you guys some more awesome resources that we have here. This is it. Y'All Are you ready? Hepner call You think sd s u This is the image a lot of people get. Um, we are right smack dab in the middle of Campania, which is one of the biggest walkways from the start of campus to the center of campus. Hepner home. A lot of classes air back here, and this is one of our biggest buildings East. Comments is that way. Student union is that way. Um, more classes or that way. I guess so. Right now we're going to talk about what is important and the campus as faras academic buildings go and the things that were going to be looking out for so right behind me is the experimental theater. So the experimental theater and the drama building, which is up to my left, are what we take into account when we are talking about theatre, film, television and most of us were like should be taking a theatre class when you take your freshman year. And it's just a just a good course to get out of the way. So that's one of the three buildings were going to cover today, and the building is very large and it has, I believe, two theaters in it and these benches right here. Or if you were trying to meet people or want to kind of get involved in the theatrical community, you can meet people out here, and it's really cool to just be able to do so.