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So there's always tons of different things going on at St. But on Thursdays we have our very own farmers market. So these are all the boobs behind me. There's type food begins, Japanese food, South African food literally flavors all around the world. It's so awesome. It's a great view. You can see the student union in the back always points throughout the student union right there. And this is the library, Big dome right there. And then there's the second library. So we have two libraries here on campus, and right now I'm gonna take you East Commons. So East comments is right there and East comments is where we get most of our meals. At least comments is where, Sorry East comment is where we want to end up getting subway or some of the more basic foods and he's comin is really good. If you want options or you want to go eat with your friends. So taking East comments were kind of look at some of the restaurants there. And what what? I personally, if I was there all right. So now we are in these comic. So I just went through the door's right there and you find right behind me. Subway review. Out of the most since. Always, probably even most and out of the most popular, probably hand experts. So this is one of the main dining areas on campus. This is East comment. We also the West Commons, but it's pretty small, and there's a lot more options here. So in the morning, three way of this chef station, where are shot set, station and meals are pretty gourmet, usually, and if your freshman with dying in the residence will receive a meal plan, this is a general overview. What's your deal? And you'll just get a bright idea on using, not ready, Daly and please. Thank you. Yeah. It's right now. I'm taking years the dining hall where there's lots of people. Cheers, hang out and study. Cleavers of East Africa are great here. A fresh lot flavors right here. Tell me about your so Yeo Build your own. Yeah. What you have like we have a floor and chicken. No, loaded up my real life with walks a lot And now we're actually a student. That is way launched out of innovation center and start first year here doing No, I just love this sport. So right now we're going to go to the garden, me in my room, and Andrew, it's out. So basically the garden is the closest place to eat to Zara. Zara is right there to know Chika is right there and quick was right in front of us. So the gardens, the closest place to eat it's it's okay. But if you really want to go eat, you'll go to conference will say that a little bit later. But the garden is kind of like a buffet style eatery wee girl on food for us. So that's probably coolest part about that. And it's literally like a two minute walk, so I'll show you inside. So we're in. Basically, it takes either swipes if you have one meal plan or it takes money if you have another. It's about nine, fifty feet here, but it's pretty cool over here. We got pizza over there, We got burgers. And then we have our first challenge. East comments probably one of the most popular dining places This is so coward. Chicken. It's a really good chicken place. These comments. This's a big dining hall. This is where kids go to line up if they have meal plan or they can pay for the meal of the day. Today, it's meatball lemonade. Nine or ten dollars? That's pretty good. There's another shake place because we like to keep it healthy. Here we have Ruby subway, a barbecue spot, hand ex friends and the Pizza Place Village is sold, so this is a good place to eat. Okay, everybody, we're in my favorite place to eat on campus. Oh, geez. I don't know if you guys had Oh, jeez, where you're from? High. But this is a place where you can build your own pizza. They always have a really great soundtrack, and they actually serve beer for people who are over twenty one. This's ods in the student union. So Aisha isn't R a, which means she gets which kind of the flex Flex seven. So she basically gets to eat really good every day. This is the garden you swiped in here. You either get a certain amount of Yeah, we have to talk to you. So we have a talk abo station. We have a salad bar here. Like I was saying your mill plan is connected to this. So you either pay it as some of the credit that you get every day for your milk pen or this is the talk of the station or you have a certain amount of swipes that you can use. So I'm about to eat good right now. And I also just wanted to show you guys is also, like, This is all you can eat, by the way. Sorry. So you swipe in need as much as you can for as long as you can. And then you go home and take a nap. And that's the life I'm about to go eat.