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Thinking about Santa Clara University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Santa Clara University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Santa Clara University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Santa Clara University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Santa Clara University experience. These Santa Clara University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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All right, Here's Lucas, who's a friend of mine from the same floor, and he's now going to talk about his experience here and some tips to seniors in high school. Hello, seniors. My name is Lucas. I'm from Pomona, California, and Santa Clara. I say when it comes to academics, I think it really depends on what you're studying. So I'm doing CSS of right now. But I am like, think about changing it. I don't know. I think the business school's not too bad. People said it's not too bad. I think it just depends on what you're going in studying and how much that you studied that already before. So and then what makes you different? I say they do. You have a good set of values. So I think everyone that's coming in here, they all kind of come from a family that it's really nice. And so everyone here is really friendly. So that's like a really, really nice and over, I think also, it's really cool how well they fit you into dorms, because there are some of the chaos that happens here. A swig. Um, and thank you. Diego and I are here at the one of the main interest is to campus and figured we'd show you the admissions building here, which is where you'll go if you guys come and visit the school. And that's where the tour starts and all that. This is one of the nice views of campus with the fountain and then the mission Church in the back There, um, we're just gonna keep skating their campus here. I thought I'd talk about some of the things there are to do off campus and nearby. So as a freshman, you can't have a car on campus. So there's not gonna be tons of like places that it's going to be easy, just like Dr, too. So I want to talk to us over the places closer by. I actually do have a car on campus as a freshman, but I had to apply for that and explain why I kind of need a car and it is just for my job. I teach guitar and I'd drive to the students homes. So I applied saying that I need my car swept. You need to do that. I've also done delivery driving so things like that and they prove it, me having a car. So that's been cool. But you need a car as a freshman. There's things to do nearby that you can just walk to or take the bus to. First thing I wanted to talk about, or just some of the restaurants nearby. Some of them even accept the flex points, which I've talked about, which is pretty much just like a debit card type system. Just but still using your school ID, which here's an eclair. They're called access cards. So there's some Mexican re restaurants that, except those there's one called AusAID arrows. And then there's a chipotle and accepts there was a seven eleven nearby, not a restaurant. But it's good to know there's also a safe way. Um, there are a bunch of sandwich places you can walk to all really close for the frozen yogurt place. I'm sure there's many more that I haven't even named. I haven't been here for super long, so I haven't. I have definitely not gone to every nearby place. There also is a big mall. It's a bit further. It's about two and a half miles away. I have driven there. It's like a five ten minute drive, and the mall has tons of places to get food there than stores. You can go shopping and get close or whatever, but so that's good to know. That's somewhat nearby, but not as close as, uh, walking more walking distance places that except flex points there. There is even a nearby haircut place that accepts flex points, which is kind of cool, seeking. Just if your parents put money, or if you or your parents put money on tier access card, you can even use that more money to get your hair Hey, my name is August Rose. Dale. I'm a freshman here at Santa Clara University, and I'm from San Francisco, California So San Francisco's only like an hour. So drive. So I decided to say close, but the weather here in Santa Claire is much nicer, so that's great. I am majoring in math, but of trying to transfer to mechanical engineering, which is between school, so we'll see how that goes, but that's the goal. I'm gonna start by just giving you guys a tour of the dorm and different, explaining some of the different dorm and layoffs that we have here to offer a Hey, so I wanted to talk a bit about how the workload has been just with the transition from high school. So, as like I said, I'm a freshman here on this my first quarter. So it's definitely been a big step up school work wise from high school, but it hasn't been unmanageable. I found us with good time management skills. It hasn't been a real issue, and I haven't been like falling behind in my classes or anything because also with the quarter system, he kind of have to, really, to keep up with everything, since you only have ten weeks of classes per quarter, so that definitely takes some getting used to it if he didn't have that in high school. I did have that in high school, so I was kind of already used to the short, quick class schedule. But right now I'm taking four classes. I'm taking English, math, chemistry and mechanical engineering class. And the workload hasn't been too bad with all of those mechanical engineering class I'm taking because, like I said, I'm trying to transfer my major from math to mechanical engineering, which is transferring between schools so it can be a bit harder than if you just want to declare a different major in the same school. That's not a problem of super Easy, but I'm actually trying to transfer from the College of Arts and Sciences to the School of Engineering. So, after applying Get Accepted all that in the spring. So I'm taking a mechanical engineering class to kind of help with my looking, being qualified to kind of transfer to that different schools. SOC attackers. But, yeah, the transition from high school hasn't been too bad. And if you have good time management skills, it's really not a problem. You just don't want to save all your work till the night before, because then you can totally end up staying up super like doing it. But, yeah, not not a problem with good time management Well, it's the next day. And now Nat and I here are off to Benson, which is the main dining hall here on campus. There's only one because campus isn't super huge. It's only about six thousand people in the school, so it's not massive. So there's one main dining hall. Oh, we're off to that has many different options for food. All right, we're at Benson out getting breakfast fences, breaking in on ice. There are a lot of different food options. There's just the standard burger pizza. Garrido. Then we have met a trainee in and some other specialty, one that change up the menu day by day, give you a little view of Benson here. It's usually not too busy here, but it definitely can get hectic, especially over around the burger area and the burrito area. But it's normally not to party food. I thought I'd talk a bit more about the dining hall here, so I showed you guys a bit of the inside of it. And I also want to mention that there's also a cafe that I forgot to point out. And there are other cafes kind of scattered throughout campus, in different buildings. But that is the on ly main dining hall, So I know the library has a cafe. Um, one of the holes has a cafe that I have classes in. I don't have classes in in every hall, so I'm sure there could be more that I don't even know about the letters haven't seen. But the food here is generally pretty good. Some people have criticized it, feeling repetitive. But then there are are also some of the some places out. Benson change the the meal ever every day, so you can always go to one of those if you're not trying to have a burger every day or pizza every day or something like that. Some dorm room essentials here at Swig that I have found to be the most helpful toe have so far. I haven't been here for super long, so I'm sure I'll find more. But some of the biggest things I've found to be really helpful have been fan. Like I was saying, it can get hot, especially more towards the beginning of the year and then the end of the year when I get hot when it gets hard again. Fans been great, like a wave has definitely been a big one. Fridge. Not as much. We don't. We haven't been filling with tons of stuff. Hasn't been a huge thing that we're really happy we brought. But it's good to have. But like a wave can be great just for heating up some food or just making a quick meal. If you don't have time to go to Benson, which the dining area here at Santa Clara, Um, some other essentials, just things like bringing a desk lamp, some pencil holders, just things to stay organized and be able to Something else I figured I'd talk about was that standard. Claire is on the quarter system, which is different from Tom schools that are just on normal semesters. So quarters, you're not from a familiar with that. There's three quarters during the traditional school year than the fourth quarter is. Consider what begins with just the summer, um, quarters. Air cool. I had them at my high school as well, and for me, I'm a fan of them. It feels like the whole year goes by faster, but they're also pretty fast paced. For example, I have my first mid term during Week three of college left his midterm, so it's kind of can be like, Oh, this is crazy. We're doing so much stuff. So fasting, covering so much material and only ten weeks, So that's something to think about. Also, when you're considering applying to Senate Claire and Toe other schools is to look into their own quarters Senate. Claire's escape Born in campus. So my friend Diego and I are skating around campus and figured we show you guys some of the main places on campus. Of since Santa Claire is a Jesuit high school, this is the mission we have here on campus. Santa Clara is known on Nice because even though it is technically a religious college, they don't force any belief beliefs on you, so you never feel like you're Just got back from the first basketball game with season, so I'll show you a video from that. There weren't a ton of people there, but that was just because it was the first game. Sports here. So far it's been semi big. They haven't been huge. They had. There haven't been any huge events, but they have definitely been fun. I've gone to multiple soccer games and this from the first basketball game and basketball season should get exciting, more towards the end so it'll be fun.