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And here we have the library. This is the LMU library. The place you come when you need Teo Hippa stacks. So this is what it looks like, right when you walk in, and then this is a little bit of the first floor. That information desk and what not you go right up the stairs into the stacks. Here you can find any book you like, including this one. Oh, I didn't see you there. Here at the library, we keep things real quiet. So in your free time, you can choose to study, or you can choose to go out with friends. The workload obviously depends on your major. I know that stem majors have a lot more intensive work than, say, someone in S F TV, which is what I'm in school, film on television, just a little bit more. It really depends on your major, but if you are a lot of your time correctly and don't procrastinate that you could definitely have time to do other fun things that you enjoy. But it's okay if you procrastinate, too, as long as you make time to do both. So you're not stressed all the time. So the first Florida's the loudest floor. That's where the computers are. And that's where a lot of group studying happens. Especially if you're editing for video correction or something like that. And then the second floor is a lot quieter. The third floor is definitely the quietest. So the higher you go, the more focused everyone is most likely. And you have a really full view of the city because the whole library is located on the bluff. So when you're getting your studying done or like sipping your lot, not only do you get a super cool of you of elah because the library's on the bluff, but we have Florida ceiling windows. So you have all this natural lighting, which is perfect for study and a really great view. So pretty great. Last semester, I spent so much time here, it's honestly safe haven. It's just really nice break from your door room because you you're getting this different environment where other people are studying as well, so that kind of like motivates you to do the same. I can't even tell you how many nights I've spent here working on essays. It doesn't even get like that bad, because other people are doing it around you and you have a score to CIA. So I think that something other schools lack, and that's something really unique telling you. Our library also has these really big study rooms where you can study with your friends. If you need to get away from distractions, then you can come to one of these rooms, usually scheduled ahead because they're pretty popular, but I'm able to really focus, especially during exam time. That's what he's gett especially popular. And that's when they're a lot of fun because you're studying your friends. If you need to put a presentation or you just wanna watch a movie, then we have these TV's. You could just your HDL my cord We're on our way to the layer dining hall right now for dinner. Let's go. Right up here is Jamba Juice, where you can get smoothies or smoothie bowls. It's a very good place, especially for breakfast. Here's the layer. So over here we have time and they have, like, more comfort food. Then there's a smoothie place over there, sandwich place. And then if you walk over here, there's sushi and salad, some snacks. Burger is right here. As you can see, it's pretty crowded right now. It's around six o'Clock. So he dinnertime. This is the news. Wait, ready already. There's cost over here fast. We have burrito holes and We're getting Wait tonight, boy. Spicy, please with brown eyes. We got our Asian food. Love Cem, sir Fry The best years at the dining hall looks like actually a lot bigger than this. There's another side to okay. So hollow meal plan works is you can either get the el plan i o r and l is the biggest plan and it's just decreasing from there. So if you were like a student athlete or you just know that you're gonna want a lot of food, a lot of snacks and stuff, then you definitely should go for the whole plan. I is like you don't eat as much, but you still eat quite a bit. O is what I have in my roommate has its pretty much if you want to buy your three meals a day and get some coffee and stuff. Honestly, I was worried at the beginning that it wouldn't be enough, but it actually is. Maybe that's because we also make some of our fruit. We make pasta. Sometimes we have cereal. We have coffee maker to tea maker, but really, the open will suffice. Why? No means Is it difficult to stay within the Oakland? And you're gonna always add more money, too. The end plan is pretty slim. It's where you probably are making a lot of your meals and not getting a lot of coffees, making a lot of stuff by yourself. Basically, if people that complain don't have any community table voice, so every Thursday and Friday night, Saturday mornings, it's just been called community Table, where we function like other dining halls where it's basically a buffet style. You can get as much food as you want from the different stations, and it's pretty good. Saturday mornings are definitely the best. Thursday, Friday subpar and a community table hack is to bring Tupperware, because then you could get extra stuff that you like and save it for later by putting in the fridge at home in your dorm. But they have really good to start that committee table all the time. But definitely Saturday mornings, many table. All right. It's time to check out some que vous landmarks like the bluff, the chapel and sunken gardens. Let's go. This is Sunken gardens where we had our annual fall festival follow Appaloosa. Geremi Caveman performs. So did London on the tracks. Pretty great. It was a really fun time. And this is one of the most iconic news of Ellen you. So this right here is the LMU Chapel. It's a pretty central part of campus, technically in the heart of campus, isn't it? He comes here every Sunday with me. Naturally, the bluff is the most iconic spot of Ellen knew because of this amazing view. Honestly, you can come here whenever you want, beginning of the day to clear your mind. Or if you're stressed out just to humble yourself. Honestly, it's really humbling because it reminds you how small you are in this grand scheme of life. Because you have the entire vibrant city out there and you can come at night with your friends. It's just really great to spend time with people up here or sit by yourself. Especially at night. You could see all the lights of the city, which also show you in just a second. Carter, where we're going now? Yeah, the bluff at sunset lets get it. We're at the bluff at sunset. As you can see, it looks a lot different than in the morning. The sun is still setting. So you can see a lot of people like to come to the bluff at Sunset. Photoshoots are just to watch it happen because it's really beautiful. Here's the moment you've all been waiting for the bluff at night. Take in all of L. A right here. The bluff is honestly the most incredible of you. And I'm so grateful that we have This is also a really good romantic spot. You want to do that? But yeah, I love it. And also aside, no, I've never, ever fallen safe at night on this campus as a girl, so that's great. All right, We're in Playa Vista right now. It's a Friday morning because we don't have class on Fridays. Who so Playa Vista is just like a few miles away from campus. You can take the shuttle or walk here, and it's a pretty rich neighborhood. They have whole foods and, uh, yogurt place and much of restaurant. So it's super fun to come with your friends. Here's a nice cream. The yogurt place. I'm going to Starbucks. Whole Foods is just around the corner. That's a court radical. They have some. Amazing. So I'm so excited to drive us. Look at those macro, they look so good. Macho. All right. We're now outside of Whole Foods. About to dig into our pizza. All right, let's talk party culture. So at L A muse, always something you can find to do on the weekends. But parties are iffy, so generally there is some type of party going on a little bit off campus that you can walk to or something like a lot of. There are a lot of sports parties. Sometimes there are frat parties. However, frat parties are just problematic because you can't really get your guy friends into them. So that's kind of that kind of sucks where they have to pay or something if they even get in at all. But if you want to have a night out with your girls and you could hit up a frat party just like be aware of your surroundings and everything, properties could be really fun. I went to a cocktail night during rush with my friend Dylan. We're on our way to a frat cocktail night right now, and that was very fun. There is a deejay and dancing, and there was a foosball table. Everyone is dressed up was it was amazing. But then I've been to another. I've been to other properties that that's amazing, but going out is always fun just being with your friends, having a good time off campus or, like in a different environment than usual, the way the parties are kind of difficult to locate. Sometimes you have to ask around. They're not just like, heavily advertised because the houses aren't huge. Unlike bigger schools like USC or something where they're enormous, they're usually smaller parties going on in the dorms that you can go, Teo, you just have to be kind of quieter than usual because the IRA's and like people who are trying to sleep or whatever that we call those kickbacks usually, and those are pretty fun. They're a lot more chill, but you still have a great amount of fun with your friends. It's like more talking. You've been dance if you want, even though our rooms are a little small. But parties in other dorms can get very lit your parties are definitely a thing that happens and those air extremely fun. You just gotta be careful because raees air making rounds and everything and you don't want to loud make them come in. Yeah, party culture is available. It's just not that easy to locate all the time. So you gotta ask around for sure, but they're very Yes, the fans. So here L. A new fans are super important, especially at the beginning of the year. It is toasty. So, coming from the Midwest, I need coolness. My remain. I each have a big fan, and then I have my own mini fan, which I put on my bed every night because I tend to get pretty warm, even on the coolest days, because this is California and I'm from Michigan. But either way, the temperature is going to be pretty decent. You'll get used to it. The beds aren't even that bad, like you get used to them. Some people say they're better than their bets at home, which is really great. I guess when you first arrived in the fall, it's super hot. It's been pretty children. Right now. I know it's going to get warmer, but honestly, the temperature hasn't been bad. It doesn't really get cold. You can get a heater if you want. I know my roommate wanted one because she's from California. You know they can't always handle the chills. So as Faras housing goes, there are three options for freshman right now, So I live in DOA. Heaney, which is the honor storm. The rooms are a little bit smaller here, but you do have the perk of a sink in your room. You have to walk to a community bathroom. But honestly, it's kind of like a place of bonding because you see so many people there and you have the showers and everything, so it's not bad at all. I don't mind it. Then we have freshman land. So there are the holes of Desmond, Rosecrans, Whalen, Delray South and don't write North. The Del Rays also have fans, so those ones are not us hot. Those air, the biggest rooms of all time. Like if you want a big place than you'll go to the Del Rays, it's really competitive to get those, Um, and then Rose. Krantz is also called rate France. It's known as like the party dorm. And then does Menendez all girls everything else's coed besides Hughesmen. But that's each squad's and those ones all have very spacious rooms. But they also have no sinks in the room, which is a bummer. Then there's McCay, which is pretty far away. That's where they've suite exile rooms. I heard it's pretty nice. I get those next year in the sophomore housing. Freshmen don't really can't really live in the apartments on campus as Faras I know, so it's pretty chill and you get to know a lot of people. There are two more dorms in East Quad, so my Doremus and he's quad. But they're tearing this down next year, so I don't know if that's relevant to you. But there are two other dorms, so you're not just like alone in East Quad, but freshman land all those other dorms I mentioned. Besides McKay, that's where everyone else is hanging out in dough. Heaney. You don't get to know a ton of people outside of Doki. Ni slash honors unless you're involved in other things because you're not in freshman land all the time. Freshman Land is where there's Pizza Hut in seventeen eighty eight and a convenience store, so it's a pretty show place, and that's closer to the bluff is well, so if you're wanting to get to know a great variety of people, then you'll want to live in one of those storms. But you can still get to know people So this is it, B and this is where production class made a lot of films, green screens and there's different sets proper. So it's superficial spring. But it's nice, no. Good choice, really misty. Is a dressing room with the lines of your act. You are a doctor. And, uh, yeah, posters of all things we've done. Right. And here's the theatre. This is where I have my cinema classic. So I did. Around the world. Hostile work. So what project? Really here. Years. Two. Right? You. Where. No. Don't. I tell you? Well, so one of the cool things school here date is gonna be your home. You he's there filets their spaces, right? Wait. Everything? Yes, everyone you made here, Alan. Festivals of order. Yeah. What's that? Yeah. So it's like that you can actually be in charge. Hey, guys. So now I'm about to show you this sports culture on campus. We're going to a soccer game. Who? All right, we're out here at a soccer scrimmage. Looks like our guys are doing pretty well. Oh. No, Andrew, what can you tell me about this game? Well, it's soccer and you score to like people start to get a job waiting. Wow. Look at the look at that footwork. Soccer coming. Hey. Ever go sports. All right, A manual. What can you tell me about the own use sports culture? It's good. It's good How? Our soccer teams last week pretty well. No one's getting killed. What other fucking balls? Right. What other sporting events have you onto? Water polo? Yeah. Were they good? Did we win? Yes. It's amazing raising, huh? Yeah. Thank you. Students also just like to place for its on the field on a different field than actual sports were being played on for fun. Because we're pretty athletic cure Alam, May I? So let's talk sports culture. So what, Ellen, you sports aren't like a huge deal, but it's so fun to attend games, so basketball men's basketball is very popular. It's a lot of fun to go to those, especially when we play Pepper Dine, which we just recently did. And one subtle flecks. Anyway, um, that was kind of a big W for us. And then the soccer games are fun. Hey, guys, we're on our way to assault. A lot of people here are very into soccer. They either played or they still play. And so if you've done that in the past and a lot of people would just play pick up games, can you say pick up games for talk? No, but essentially, that's what they dio. And then I've also been a hockey games, which are very fun. They take. They have buses that take students out there to watch, and then some players aren't always on the ice all the time, so that'll just be sitting in the audience crowd Theatre Tech might be. We'll sit in the crowd with the students who came, and they will talk to you about what's going on, get everyone hype, which is always a great time. We have, like every sport available except football in tennis. Well, there's club tennis, but we don't have football. However, we do say we're undefeated because we don't have a team pretending you do have a team. Basically, we have never lost a game in football because we're just really undefeated like that. Without a football team at LMU, it's a controversial topic. It's a little bit sensitive, but, yeah, we say we're undefeated, even of shirts. I don't know if that's even funny. It's just what happens. I think it's kind of funny. It's not like big public schools where there are huge tailgate and stuff like that. That doesn't usually happen before the Pepper dine game. There was a tailgate, like a very low key one. Yeah, so it's just like sporting events are, eh? Central factor of Ellen. You. They're pretty big when it's a big event when it's a big rival school that we're competing against. But otherwise it's not like it's not like University of Michigan Gonzaga like, not like big state schools. How they're they have those huge tailgates, but they are very fun. Nonetheless, the students get very into it, and we have this group called the Cage. It's like this really high spirited group of students who are very into the games. They attend most games, and you get some freeze. Well, you pay a fee and then you get a bunch of stuff like cool stuff in, like, three attendance to games and whatnot. This is what East Quad looks like. So that building I showed you first it's tahini. Then panning to your left is Hughesmen Deja Vue Movie lounge. And then on the right is Sylvan. The crowd I'm taking to you next is called Hannon. This is where a lot of the upperclassmen apartments are located. Even though it's a little bit farther away from Main Campus, it's so really nice. Right in the center of Hannan is the loft, and this is an on campus bar for those twenty one and older, and students can also work as bartenders there. There's also a lot of greenery over here, making it really pretty. If you want a nice view as you walk inside, you can see that it's very coined, and it's just like a cute area if you wanna hang out your friends. And it's kind of secluded from campus person. We have been to these apartments when I was going over to another Classman friend's house, because this is where a lot of them live. As I said before, and rooms are really cute. They have a large kitchen and a living room and then the bedrooms. It's pretty spacious. Now we enter MacKay Hall, which is a mostly freshman dorm but also sophomores come up here as well. It is where the habit dislocated, which is a very popular and new burger place on campus, and here we have the very popular habit. McKay also has these really cute tables outside and some couches.