The esther raushenbush library!

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Virtual Tours by Students


Reagan Burows

Tour Guide

Come explore the library with me as I walk through! This video shows the exterior of the building, our Library Cafe (aka one of my favorite places on campus), our IT services, and some other hidden spots where students love to study! There are also some other resources I forgot to mention! 1. Since SLC is a heavy research school, our librarians are 100% committed to helping you out and making sure you have everything you need. You can navigate books and research through the library's website, but you can also schedule an hour one-on-one research session with a librarian as well! 2. You can book a 3-hour study room session through the website so you can snatch a good quiet place if need be! 3. There is a Music Library for music thirds, but it's located within the Marshall Field Music Building. 4. If you can't find the book you need, Sarah Lawrence will work with other libraries (near and far) just for you!