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Thinking about Sarah Lawrence College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Sarah Lawrence College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Sarah Lawrence College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Sarah Lawrence College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Sarah Lawrence College experience. These Sarah Lawrence College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, guy. So this is going to be a war in green tour, You kind of solid, but downstairs and Tony and I are going to help give tours of the bathrooms and her dorm room, So once you come into here, this is one of their bigger bathrooms on the second floor. The bathroom. I am open here is this iconic, iconic of cold blue current because what is life without okay? And then going down the hallway is Antonia's round. Here is the door. Hey, welcome to my room. This is more green B five. It's a normal little single. Some of my favorite parts of this room are this wall that I've gotten to decorate. I put plants and books there, and I love this little window that my cash and there's eating right now really likes to look at. So I have a little desk. This is one of the smaller singles, but I've kind of made the space work. Does it Will? Where is the little closets where most of my stuff? I have some extra storage bins down there and I, like keep my laundry hamper and then under the bed. I have some other storage bins that my cat likes just so just for like, winter clothes or sheets and stuff. But I definitely recommend trying tow live as minimally as possible and not bring a bunch of stuff because it makes it a lot harder. Unlike me, I'm like Reagan, who has a lot. Nobody knows about my Crock pot. Hey, guys, welcome, Teo. Sarah Lawrence College. My name is Reagan Burroughs and I will be your tour guide today a little bit about me. I am a sophomore here, originally from Scottsdale, Arizona. I'm studying mainly theatre and economics, but I also branch off into, uh, politics in psychology as well. You'll see that Sarah Lawrence allows you to do that, which is really, really cool. I understand that on the Sarah Lawrence College chapter of campus Real, there are already some other tour guides. So I'm going to make sure that I specifically on ly shou you guys things that you haven't seen. Things that haven't really been mentioned yet, for example, specifically talk about the way that Sarah Lawrence works here and the academics and how those play out talk a little bit about the community that it provides different students. I think we have to offer here the resource is and show you as much as I possibly can. So it is. It's a little bit chilly right now, so snuggle up. Grab your jacket and your Beanie or whatever you need and come with me through this My half of the room. Char. This is my room, mates. I have a bagel Beyonce So you guys excited to go see a movie? Heck, yeah. Or going to see Bohemian Rhapsody gonna be great. You're gonna get a big popcorn. You're one of those people who eats all of the pop corn before the movie even begins. Because that's how I try not to. I'm really bad that I've really tried a portion it out. Well, so here, here we're at the Cross County E. This's normally where kids come there's, like forever twenty one gunshot. Poli poli is here. Yeah. So basically, if you need to come shopping, this wasn't it's within walking distance. Or if you drive, it's like a five minute drive from campus walking, especially from Hill house. Yes, if you live in her house. Honestly, you can. Really. Plus, you can walk to stop and shop in, like, ten minutes, which is nice if you just need something small. So we're ready to go see this movie, eh? Coke with. That's enough. No. All my life, You here like this. No. You're out in the city. So here we are. Doubly Lawrence with my friend. Well have. Well, it's going to take us on a tour of his rooms. All right. This is because me and my girlfriend got lucky enough to live together. So this is basically just living room where we have the couch, where I put all my laundry that I don't feel like sorting. And then we have a place that I lived. My computer. We have better in the bathroom and the bedroom where we just sleep. Yeah. What? I'm glad to see you have no fire hazards. No, no, no. You got it all, but yeah. So that's what a room. And don't worry. That's like that's not so well has lived in where I've lived in Hill. I lived when I lived in Andrew's east when I lived in McCracken and I looking deadly, Lawrence. On which of those we liked the best, This one next. This one's the best. Did you live in hell of a freshman? Yeah. Yeah, that's why I left. Were you in a double R? I was in a triple, but one of our triple people never lived there, so it was a triple with two people. Nice. Okay. This is Lauren and Sarah, and this is their double in McCracken. Okay, I'm Lauren. I'm studying visual arts, and here is my decorations Street. All right, I'm Sarah. I studied feeder and political science, and these are some of my goals that I made for myself at the beginning of the semester. So where have you guys lived on? So my first year I lived in Hill house, I wouldn't in a double. And then my second year, he lived on the first floor of a year's east and I lived in Hill House for the first year and sophomore and once in a triple second. Of where has been your favorite place? Definitely my crack it. I enjoyed living in Andrew's ease because it was so close to everything, and it was like a nice little sweet. But my door, my dorm was right by the front door and, like, just all the wind would come in. And it was those Clinton Sounds awful, I know, but I would have to seem a cracking, too Is nice having single but the location of packing. It's just amazing. Just want like you always have, like two minutes away, green the rooms to relay It is huge. My mind has been blown here, not even today. It's currently a really ugly day in New York. So I am walking to work at what's Linds, which is the original home of our founders, Sarah Lawrence. And and this is where I work as a tour guide for Sarah Lawrence, and Tina will see, so come on. So this is our original building when Sarah went to start Sound good. And this is the North Juan and the pub, which is our eatery is right there. We'll go there later. So right now we're inside West Linds. This is where I work. Believing Westlund for my one hour free It's a beautiful day Sarah Lawrence College. So I'm gonna walk it's. This is North. This is our G team and that little corner you'll see it is the teahouse. It's not open yet. Or is it open? I don't We might go after lunch. It's really it's like a lo cafe and it all the money goes towards soon Really? Teo. Good. It's weird to video yourself. Go speak well. He's just getting started. Sit So wasting time with a masterpiece to waste on when the masterpiece you should be Roma Me? You should be rolling on me. This is the only annoying thing about eating a face is Bates Hill. It's super steep, but this is how we don't get in the freshman fifteen, because every time you meet, you have to walk up a batch of and really steep help. So here in the pub. This is where you could order a lot of, like, greasy and all that kind of stuff open until about two a. M. So you could get like, a midnight craving for chicken tenders. This is where you want to come, but they also have someone options, and you could make your own sandwich solid, so it's got a lot of Bob. Well, the idea with the meal plan is that depending on the plane that you have, you get one, two or three meals a day, so it's a little weird. So you swipe your card whenever you're going somewhere. So you saif it when you go on debate. So you swipe it when you're about to buy food from the pub. But each meals of breakfast is something like four dollars lunch. I think it's sex in the dinner is eight, so if you're at the pub and you wanna buy a facade, the course on it's like two fifty years and things so you cannot exceed the amount of money that that meal was worth. If that makes sense, Bates told saying. You just swipe to go in whatever you want. The pub is a little more complicated. And then there's also other places that you don't kill us theirs. A cafe in the library, there's a place in hind bowl, so you got a couple places if you want to get some snacks or if you want So we're currently walking the walk transitions, probably about three blocks from my door or three New York blocks. I should say that you owe your friend will depend on how long you think distances. You're just walking when it will pick up from Starbucks and then hop on the train and we'll be in Grand Central are probably about thirty Grand Central Station. I'm waiting for my sister so I can subway. Waiting for a train. Yeah. So we're currently in Times Square at H and No, we don't know what a fair warning. So we're drying New York. I'm currently on the train. It's see. So I just got back from the city. My phone is charged and now I'm on my way to go to dinner at the cafeteria Are crafty. Remain cafeteria here. Aunt Sarah Lawrence is Bates. And the great thing about Bates that we have vegan gluten free England free options. Well, really awesome salad bar. And if Bates doesn't happen to meet your dietary restrictions, the night you show up for the for lunch, whatever lunch or dinner that you come, you can actually talk to one of the chefs, and they'll make you a special meal that fits your restrictions, which is really awesome. So we try our best to be super accommodating here, which I really love. So I'm filming this now because once I get inside Bates, you won't really be able to hear me because it's not a huge, huge Captain Rex for such a small school. So it's going to be a lot of people not think a big space. So you can't really hear. So filming this now gonna walk to Bates and then I'll show you guys the different stations have clarity Station, a vegan station, a entree station of Girl station, a pizza station and a salad bar. So so currently I'm in one of Sarah Lawrence caught earlier in a classroom. And just to give you an example, as you can see, this is not the same as your typical college classroom. We at Sarah Lawrence ten ninety percent of our class or talked seminar sorrow, which are they're taught in the round table discussion, which allows you to have an intimate conversation with your professors and classmates about subject matter at hand. On top of having a round table discussions, we also have this thing called a conference working conference projects. Comets Work is well built on with your professor, and you have a paper, a movie, a book of poems,