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Thinking about Scripps College and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Scripps College in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Scripps College’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Scripps College, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Scripps College experience. These Scripps College video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Okay, So now we're at the Matlock Commons dining hall. There's a downstairs seating area that has, like, a found ten and a pool. I mean, not a poor as a fountain and, yeah, like places to eat in tables outside. And here's the mangy quale on. And that is Ellen Tree lan over there that has, like, all these trees. But yeah, basically, like people can sit outside and, like, even talked to their friends. Me and Holly really bring it like a picnic blanket. And yeah, so those heir, the giant stairs where we have matriculation and so basically, like all of the scripts, students, all of us, women, we'll go and stand on the stairs and take pictures. Um, our pressure near and senior year. So I like him a lot a lot, because it has, like, lots of outdoor seating, like I love the sun. And the weather is always like, super nice here, Like right now, it's pretty much the coolest literal ever again. And it's like in the fifties, maybe so, yeah, so let's show you the food so coming. It is always like fruit everyday soups and stews everyday. No, today they have like burgers. And, like regular. Hey, it's wake. Hey, Holly. This is my roommate, Holly. You kind of met her earlier, and so they're like different kinds of pizza. And they always have the labels No and no. I didn't believe it that Yeah. Yeah. So right now we're in the student union, which is right above them. A lot. Dining commons again, More rooftop spaces saying out, but they have like, markers. If you wanna make posters and different kind of craft supplies, there's a lot. And there is the wonderful, beautiful mountains. But yeah. So today's lunch, it is pretty tasty. So I got the tofu Terry got people, but they also had, like, chicken teriyaki and Holly's eating a burrito bowl. But yeah, I have like, a priest that happens often and you can just get the beans and rice or whatever you're so that's one today. And this is the student union. So basically, we just came the main part of the dining hall. But you it's all a continuous stream straight from there. Out deal. And as you can see, these student leaders institute, I'm doing something right here. There's like Accountant and Littlefield. This way you could get your lunch breakfast, dinner whenever it's a really, really nice is the motley coffee houses goes smooth tonight and inside of the motley you have like a space with a few performances. There's like spoken word different events for the club's hold in the motley coffeehouses student and with this are also So here you can see the beautiful Natalie again, Rosie. Run. Is that right? Come here. You. Yeah. It's a great place for everybody, just like So we're heading past Toll, which is one of the dorms. The dorms are also called halls, so probably be like using them interchangeably. But basically I'm gonna show you my favorite little hidden Jim at scripts, which I tried to like really bad at keeping this a secret. But it's like one of my very much favorite things about scripts. So they have Basil, and I love Basil so much you can use it to make pesto, but on your pasta. Not that I cook a lot because scripts has amazing food, but they have, like western basil and like Asian varieties of basil. And then over here they have meant and I wish that I could, like, demonstrate the smell to you. But it really is like a great thing. So you have a lot of these herbs and spices that are, like, basically curated just for you. Um, and you would never, I guess, like assume that a college would provide these things for you, but it really is a great place. So this is the Rose Garden, and basically it's It's not in bloom right now, but what it's in bloom. It literally. It's so intoxicating it's no so good all the time. Yeah. So when you're walking through these arches of the rose garden, it brings youto the graffiti wall. And basically, the graffiti wall was started way back when I believe it was started in the nineteen thirties. But basically every single class we'll pick a design for what they want their class graffiti to be. And then they'll write their names. And so I'll just did you take a look at all the different designs that people have chosen? P ants. It's a really great place because you couldn't look back. It like history and what people were thinking, and it really humanizes the school. And then just again to demonstrate how close we are to other schools. That's Harvey Mud's dining hall right there. So there's another call. It's just right across the street. Thank you. So we're stepping off the shuttle now, and we're right here. Bye. So that right there that's Jim. And basically most students don't live off campus, But because I do, I'm going to show you where I live. And then later on in this tour, I'll show you where some of my friends live as well, but so basically, because it's like a unique here where some of us live here. They gave us a common room in the apartments, and they do little events like last night. They have, like, free smoothies in the common room. Just kind of like build community, which is like a big part of scripts. And it's really important here, So yeah, And so because scripts is a women's college, Um, this is, like, one of the on ly co living experiences that we have here. Listen, I have are good. These are my, um, well, bills. So I ring lease an essay. I'm grateful. And I'm well every time that I enter my room. So with the light on, this is my kitchen and basically kitchen things, uh, afraid toaster Gotta have your toti knows and you're waffles and everything. Um, this is my room to other people. Live in this room and me and Holly live in this one. Holly is clearly asleep. Finally. Who is it? Yeah. So this is a room. It's a little vest here, you know that. Basically, we like to have, like, a lot of light. So we have, like, different color string lights like pictures and posters and lots of things going on here. The door, um, really intimate photos. Oh, and, yeah. You know, user, like all of the little clothes and things we have thiss poster frank collision, which is my personal favorite, and then, yeah. Hey, guys. I'm here today to give you guys a tour, huh? The dorm that I live in now. Last year I lived off campus at CTU Apartments because of the housing crisis. So now actually live on campus. And one of the scripts store so But you're a good look. Let's see. So I live in geo data, which is Gabrielle Jungles Winkler. So But most people call it data, and this is kind of what it looks like from the outside. All the dorms are a little different. Some of them have more balconies. Some of them have less balconies. They're all built a different points in time. But, yes. This right here, Um this balcony is my sweet that I live in with three of my friends. And that is the balcony for my room. So let's head it in. Your own past that you said so. You can use your ID, Teoh. Type in. But then you type in your own pin just so nobody could pick up your idea. Enter. So every dorm has some of the same things, even though they're different. So this is the living room and data. So basically there's in every living room. There's a grand piano, and that's just kind of like a place to hang out. And there's like, Dora meetings in there. A cappella groups will rehearse, But in addition to the living room, every rescue also has a laundry room, typically a kitchen on every level. So this is the data a lot, as you could see, and the lodger is also right next to the courtyard. Uh, but yeah, so there's. There's typically like one or two. Sometimes some of them have more than one or two, but just courtyard. You get, you know, use. Ours has lime and lemon trees. Other people have different kinds of edible trees. So there's also sorry to interrupt you guys. But there's also the rec room. The rec room has a foosball table in here, but in other rec rooms, there's not okay like built in recreation. But the office student engagement will like give you away, your guitar hero or anything. There's also a computer room. Wait, this Everything that you think there's a printer, Every restaurant has a printer. So basically you finish writing a paper and then you can send it immediately down, pick it up and run to class. Yeah, of course. There's direct rooms. What? So let's get upstairs to where my rudeness. So I said computer room, lodging, room, rec room, living room. But there's also something that's kind of unique. Two scripts on, and I've never seen it before. I went to Chris. It's called a browsing room, and all the browsing rooms are different. Julia. No, this is data browsing room. And so, basically, and the browsing rooms. Or just take a book, believe a book situation. A lot of the books were donated by our special collections library. So, you know, people had done with their books for their classes, especially their core classes. Here, it scripts, and then they just leave them in the browsing room. So you're looking for the books for your classes. You, Khun Goto all ten of the rest halls and try to collect all the books? Yeah. You could see the view that we were just down here earlier. Um, a year. So this is really So is it, brother kitchen living room record on DH? No, we haven't seen the kitchen yet. That's a real head right now, so the second floor kitchen is typically. This is where I microwave everything. It's like ten steps away from my room, so, you know, it was a refrigerator and oven and a microwave, and some people leave a lot of spices here, and there's dishes and things like that, like a place to cover this wound. If you're eating, it's a nice little kitchen. And on the second floor. It overlooks the courtyard. So let's go out on the balcony here. Sometimes there's events held in this courtyard and that right there that is, um another staircase that leads to my sweet. Oh, yeah. So this is just like, you know, every every dorm, very different here. But they're all mixed years. It just kind of depends on what you want if you want. Like, about me, if you want full size bathtub, if you don't wantto, if you want your own bathroom, you know all those kind of things. The room's air, all kinds, different. And so this is the outside, my sweet. It's a four person suite. My friends. They're playing something. Yeah, so? Well, you have, like, our little pantry that we make out of a shelf. And that's that's Helen's room and living space. Emily's parents brought a lot of popcorn, So that's what you see on the TV. But we have balconies. At least you're not sorry. And so again, this is the front love. Do you know that we saw earlier these air? My plant? Well, I should say our plans. Everyone so scared when I forget to water them, somebody else does. That's it. That's the balcony for our suite. TV is not included. Way all bought it together. But they did give us, like this TV stand. And so we have a week and we played my part in all that. But this is my room, as you can see, because my face is painted on the front. Come. Yeah, we just got back from winter break, like, literally a few hours ago. So I haven't unpacked yet. So as you can see, I have, like, suitcases and stuff. Yeah. So? So you walk into my door, I have some things hanging on the back. I have one. I have my bed like I kind of went for, like, a plant's theme. I have, like a lot of green, a few plants that I'm surprised that survived this whole month that I've been gone. But one of my friends made me this to go with everything's that's really cool. With that. And again. Like I'm all about the Greeks. No. Hey! Several pictures myself, As you can see and Frida Kahlo for I actually brought some more heart That's on this suitcase from home. Since I've been on a break for this hospital, this's my closet. That's also kind of doubling as a storage space. What? My card with all the arts and crafts and my sewing machine and your good man, all that kind of stuff. And then this is like, this is for lighting with record stuff or if I'm taking pictures and all that kind of stuff. So yeah, um and then we have the balcony in my room. The other rooms in the suite don't have a balcony. But of course we have the sweet, so, yes. Hey, guys. So I hope you enjoyed the tour. I just wanted to give some last minute advice and good bye, my kind of detail, a few things that you might not have seen. One thing that I want to highlight is like for sure the food, some things that didn't happen this week. We're like the special event. Mails select for Chinese New Year. They do like a whole special being, like every dining hall has a different holiday meal for whatever holidays coming up like I'm Thanksgiving like, you might want to use the fixer Thanksgiving dinner. And then the next date like scripts will have a Thanksgiving lunch for Mardi Gras. Seems he had, like, an entire jazz band, No coming like play for the whole meal. So this special event meals, especially Christmas, like all the holidays. I have really great meals. There's also the high. So if you want to do like any creative projects, like whether that has to do with, like wood shopping or sewing, or just building or painting or crafting, you could do it all for free at the high. What they have supplies there for you, like collaborate with people and you could just do work there. Yeah, it's a really great place. Also. Pitzer pasta and dessert bar our Greek food things I like. I really do love you party's here. Great. I didn't really get a chance to like Show, didn't want to bring the camera, you know, crazy parties, but definitely having like, five schools to choose which kind of five you're looking for. Whether that's like a concert like you know with, like student bands, or if you want to go toe like like a like a preacher, you have the choice to all of those things. You pick which colleges eating out more than that. And yeah, I guess like my final piece of advice is that, you know, generally in your college search, look for things that interest you. When I came to scripts, I picked out for things that I wanted to look for in a college. I wantedto study abroad. I wanted t be in a warm location because I hate the cold. Didn't like it makes me sad. I wanted easy research opportunities and easy, I mean accessible to undergrads. And I wanted a rigorous I like academic education that would also provide me with a large alumni network to access for future career opportunities and skips. We just so happen to have all those things for me, especially like all the added bonuses of consortium. So find out what that is for you And, uh, yeah. Good luck. And thank you for joining me. Hey, guys. Many was Janet. I go two scripts college, I'm from Houston, Texas, and I'm going to be giving you a tour today. I want to go into veterinary schools. I'm pre vet, but my major is probably going to be environmental analysis because that's what I like, so Okay, guys. So while we're here, this's the Honnold mud library. And basically this is the first floor. So it has, like, um, bye Connections cafe. And they still like sandwiches and sushi and teas and coffee and anything you could want while you're here studying during finals week, they're open like, basically twenty four hours. It might actually be twenty four hours for the entire week, and this is connections. So you can like male things, and it's always decorated for all the holidays. And, yeah, you could like pretty quick things that you like. Uh, but yeah. So the library has several floors to it, and we're gonna go upstairs. Um, so one of the neat things about the library is that it's also student run. But there's people here. I can help you with the research projects that you have. Like, if you have, like, even a prompter thesis that you just need help with. Like, you could reach out to them and in prison at their office. And they will help you, you know, like work. Do all the props. And they have, like, they're specialists and researching for all their field. So the help you access all of the data bases and help you understand everything that you need to know. So, yeah. And right now, there's not a lot of people here, so it's a little quiet. But the second floors where people can talk a little bit more and you can, like, collaborate and the front desk will have like markers. You can like rent so you can do things, but and they have, like walking down. So you could, like, walk on the treadmill while you're doing your work and like, simultaneously get work done. Well, you know, getting your workout on. Oh, and over here they have like the scenes, there's like. Course reading this thing here. So for like all of your classes, the required readings will be on the shelf so you can check them out for like a day. You need to read an essay and you don't want a by the book. Then they have these little only looks, which, basically you could just like, You don't have to, like, check them out or anything. But you wanna work like with your friends? Really collaborate on a project. You can't just go into one of those. And sometimes, like this circuit classroom, your classes will be held here at the library. And, uh, yeah. So the either just books the classroom that you can like a working produce of studying. Um, the higher you go in the library, it tends to be like we're quiet, so I won't be like talk if I go for the upstairs. Buddy, that is basically the handle. My library. And so it's, uh, seventy resource that's including Keck Graduate University. I am. Claremont Graduate University. So And that's outside of like, the side clear mind colleges. But the other two Caesar. Also right here. Next. Yeah, that's a liberty.